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Hannah Horsfall, Nick Smith, Mark Wastell & Rhodri Davies - Subdivisions with Morton Feldman (CONFRONT RECORDINGS 2018)

Richard Sanderson asked me to present a piece at his Micro-Classical festival, an annual event that favoured contemporary composed music. I’ve often credited Morton Feldman as a considerable early influence and this was an attempt to assimilate Feldman’s sound world. 

Subdivisions with Morton Feldman was performed once. There was no rehearsal: Nick and Hannah handled the intention of the piece superbly from a few spoken instructions prior to performance. Rhodri was unable to make the concert so we prerecorded his contribution, the harp part from Feldman’s Durations V. Nick, Hannah, and I improvised our parts. The fifth element was a recording of Art Lange reading from Give My Regards to Eighth Street: Collected Writings of Morton Feldman. It is a pleasure finally to make the piece available. 

Phil Durrant performed a live electronics piece dedicated to David Tudor at that same concert. The New York School was celebrated well that sunny afternoon in Stoke Newington, twenty years ago. 

— Mark Wastell

Confront Archives 1: Subdivisions with Morton Feldman (1998)

Hannah Horsfall: flute
Nick Smith: percussion
Mark Wastell: violoncello
Rhodri Davies: prerecorded concert harp

1. Subdivisions with Morton Feldman 16:58

Recorded at Micro-Classical, Stoke Newington Library, London, 1998-04-04.

The Confront Archives are for those who pay more attention to music than to tape hiss. Not every performance that was captured survives in perfect sound. Confront Archives releases tell the story of the music through previously unreleased recordings.

Various Artists - Live @ Sound 323 [Complete] CONFRONT RECORDINGS 2018

1. Derek Bailey and Simon H. Fell - 15 August 2001 (1) 09:24
2. Derek Bailey and Simon H. Fell - 15 August 2001 (2) 11:57
3. Keith Rowe - 29 October 2001 21:02
4. Cremaster (Alfredo Costa Monteiro & Ferran Fages) - 23 November 2002 20:28
5. Sakada (Mattin & Eddie Prévost) - 30 November 2002 21:25

Recorded in concert at Mark Wastell’s Sound 323 record shop and originally issued as a series of four 3" mini-CDs — each in a limited edition of 300 — on Confront’s Sound 323 imprint.

Recorded by David Reid (Keith Rowe) and Tim Fletcher (all others). 
Original CD colour schemes by Damien Beaton.

Nikos Veliotis - β (Beta) CONFRONT RECORDINGS 2018

Nikos Veliotis: cello

1. β1 02:51
2. β2 10:42
3. β3 06:36
4. β4 04:14
5. β5 08:43
6. β6 08:56

Recorded in Athens and Volos in March and April 2001 by Nikos Veliotis and Paolo Boissel, edited and mastered by Coti K, and originally released in a limited edition of CD-Rs as FRONT 08.

Richard Sanderson, Robin Musgrov & Mark Wastell - Scant @ the Club Room (CONFRONT RECORDINGS 2018)

Richard Sanderson: electronics
Robin Musgrove: percussion
Mark Wastell: cello

1. My Blue Ship 11:20
2. Discussions 05:57
3. Polar 03:07
4. Sail Safe 07:55
5. Swoon 24:46

Richard Sanderson: electronics 
Robin Musgrove: percussion 
Mark Wastell: cello 

Recorded at the Club Room in Islington on the afternoon of 1996-11-10 and previously released on cassette as FRONT 02. Audio for this release from an original cassette

Richard Sanderson, Kev Hopper, Dave Pullin & Graham Halliwell - Spook (CONFRONT RECORDINGS 2018)

1. Salt 19:38
2. Plumbline 12:31
3. Pebicular 05:53
4. Scrape 15:22
5. New Scientist 10:45

Richard Sanderson: electronics
Kev Hopper: bass
Dave Pullin & Graham Halliwell: saxophones

Recorded at the Club Room in Islington in February 1997 and originally released on cassette as FRONT 03. Audio for this release from an original cassette.

Matt Davis & Rosa Muñoz - Mute Correspondence (CONFRONT RECORDINGS 2018)

Matt Davis: trumpet
Rosa Muñoz: dance on tracks 1, 7, 9, and 11

Tracks 1, 7, 9, and 11 were recorded at Salamandra Dance Studios in Barcelona in October 2000. Tracks 2 and 8 were recorded at Villavecchia Studios in Barcelona in September 2000. Tracks 3 and 5 were recorded in London in August 2000. Track 6 was recorded in Cap de Creus in June 2000. The album was originally issued on CD-R as FRONT 07.

1. Sing 06:18
2. He Young Yes Come Mock Tread 08:51
3. Sand Yes Rose She 06:24
4. Rich Valley (Subtraction Salamandra) 04:07
5. Water Which Vision Think Myth This (Subtraction All Angels) 02:18
6. Father But Come Man (Subtraction Cap de Creus) 03:31
7. Further Ago Heard 06:27
8. Get Bed It Big Tea Hot Saw Put 07:51
9. You 07:42
10. Fly How There 03:41
11. Day Hear 06:33

Rhodri Davies, Alessandra Rombolà, Matt Davis, & Mark Wastell - Live @ St. Michael & All Angels (CONFRONT RECORDINGS 2018)

In April 1999, I left London and music for a while. In my absence, Rhodri set up a concert schedule at a gorgeous venue in West London, and there I gave my first performance on my return home. As Rhodri mentions in his charming introduction, the group was lent an international flavour by the inclusion of Italian flautist Alessandra Rombolà, then just about to complete her studies at Trinity College, and Matt Davis, who flew in from Barcelona for the concert. This was the only time the group played. 

— Mark Wastell

1. Untitled (Live at St. Michael & All Angels) 30:22

Alessandra Rombolà: flute
Rhodri Davies: harp
Matt Davis: trumpet
Mark Wastell: cello

This concert was recorded in West London on 2000-03-31 by Tim Fletcher and previously released on CD-R in an edition of 50 as Confront London Preservation Series FRONT 10.

Graham Halliwell & Mark Wastell - @ Bonnington (CONFRONT RECORDINGS 2018)

This may have been our debut concert, at the weekly club run by Adam Bohman. We had been rehearsing in the basement of Sound 323 for a few months, and our music had distilled into a very minimal, extreme, fixed aesthetic with specific delivery. Over eighteen months or so, we played London gigs, a mini-tour of Spain, and festivals in Göteborg and Bera in Nafarroa. In Bera, we met Bernhard Günter, ultimately forming the trio +minus with him. 

— Mark Wastell

1. Untitled (At Bonnington 1) 11:21
2. Untitled (At Bonnington 2) 04:20
3. Untitled (At Bonnington 3) 03:15

Graham Halliwell: saxophone feedback 
Mark Wastell: amplified textures 

Recorded at the Bonnington Centre in Vauxhall on 2002-08-26 by Graham Halliwell and previously released without catalogue number in a limited edition of 20 CD-Rs available only at Sound 323.

David Lacey, Paul Vogel, & Mark Wastell - Live @ I & E (CONFRONT RECORDINGS 2018)

Everything derives from a few sources, yet the subtle intersections between Lacey’s EBowed monochord and the computer/mixer feedback activated by Vogel and Wastell soon become nodal points at which the music raises its head like a traveller awakening from sleep by a dusty roadside. The dialogue is reinforced by enthralling halos of ride cymbal by Wastell (courtesy of what Pete Townshend would call “his supple wrists”), while Vogel adds sparse clarinet shapes to a unique architecture. It’s a respectfully profane invocation which culminates in a concluding section where the slowly tolling cymbal becomes the natural substitute of the church bell that would never dare interrupt such intense communion. 

— Massimo Ricci, Touching Extremes

David Lacey: percussion, EBowed monochord
Paul Vogel: computer, clarinet
Mark Wastell: ride cymbal, CD player, mixer

This concert was given at the Unitarian Church in Dublin on 2006-04-01 as part of the I-and-E Festival, was recorded by David Reid, and was originally released on CD-R as Confront Preservation Series 01.

1. Untitled (Live at I & E) 00:00 / 30:01

Chris Burn, Rhodri Davies, Phil Durrant, & Mark Wastell - Assumed Possibilities (CONFRONT RECORDINGS 2018)

It seems that the whole purpose of this group is to create an ensemble sound, not a series of solos or duos. Although one player may emerge into prominence, it rarely lasts long and all four are much more interested in where the quartet can take the music than in making personal statements. Take “Ysbeiliais rifedi’r sêr” (Davies almost always manages to get some Welsh track titles into his projects), with its volcanic opening; “nobody solos, everybody solos” doesn’t even come close. These are intricate, complicated improvisations which demand your undivided attention. 

— Richard Cochrane, Musings

Chris Burn: piano
Rhodri Davies: harp
Phil Durrant: violin
Mark Wastell: cello

Recorded in London on 1998-01-25 by Mark Wastell and Phil Durrant, edited and mastered by Peter Cusack, and previously released in a limited edition of 100 numbered CD-Rs as Confront FRONT 05.

1. For John Latham 02:49
2. Yn Abercuawc yt ganant gogeu 05:27
3. For Patrick Heron 09:06
4. Resources for a journey of hope 07:14
5. For Robert Ryman 07:37
6. Ysbeiliais rifedi’r sêr 05:55
7. For Robert Motherwell 09:26
8. Mwnt 06:58

Marcos Pin —4 on Six— Triangle & Square (feat. Jens Larsen, Virxilio da Silva & Afonso Pais) 2018

"Four Jazz guitarists, two suites, and a whirlwind of wistful longing mark blissful time in Lugo, Spain." 
Carol Banks Weber, A FESTIVAL PICK

"Melodic music, with multiple layers and taken care of, what a deity must take care of city [Lugo] ..." 

"Marcos Pin is a guy with many ideas. Triangle & Square is, again, a magnificent example of his musical imagination. A great album that I have also had the pleasure of listening to —repeatedly— before its release. Congratulations!!!" 

"Wonderful quartet that, with four guitars, create high quality Jazz" 
Juan Cañada - DOUBLE BASIST 

"Good compositions and clear, varied and effective arrangements." 
Pablo Seoane - PIANIST

"New Galaxy found consisting of 24 strings spinnin´around an assortment of glowing pieces. The same behaviors of material and languages in different personalities. Undoubtedly, a guitar to the fullest. You can´t ask for more." 
Narci Rodríguez - SINGER 

Marcos Pin— guitar
Jens Larsen — guitar
Virxilio da Silva — guitar
Afonso Pais — guitar

Mixed & Mastered by Arne Bock

Photography by Rafa Pasadas
Art Design: Rocío Alén

Liner Notes by Kabir Seghal

Music composed & arranged by Malcolm Stilton

1. Suite Triangle: Lugo´s Cold 07:08
2. Suite Triangle: The Smell Of Wet 09:42
3. Suite Triangle: On A Bop NIght 04:20
4. Suite Square: The Eagle Flight 05:50
5. Suite Square: San Marcos 08:10
6. Suite Square: Soledad 09:08
7. Suite Square: Red Wine Fountain 05:52

Ximo Tebar Jazz Music Sheet (September 2018)

«Un improvisateur de aute volée» [Jazz Magazine]

Spanish jazz guitarist Ximo Tebar, teacher, composer and producer, recreates a flavorful fusion influenced by the classics, the art of methodical virtuosity and daring jazzistic innovation. The result of his extraordinary research work on the fusion of Mediterranean music with jazz has led him to be distinguished as creator of "Son Mediterráneo".

JACO OPUS TOWN [Ximo Tebar] Jaco Pastorius Tribute Live in Concert at Galapajazz Jazz Fest 2016 with Dominique Dipiazza, Ricardo Belda, Julio Montalvo and Donald Edwards [INCLUDES BONUS ITEMS] Music Chart, reviews​.​.​. [Download Music Sheet & Audio] 06:13

OMIX RABET [Ximo Tebar] Live in Concert at Vitoria-Gasteiz Jazz Fest 2016 with Dominique Dipiazza, Julio Montalvo, Ricardo Belda and Donald Edwards [INCLUDES BONUS ITEMS] Download Music Sheet & Audio 10:01

TAKE FIVE [Paul Desmond] Al Jarreau Tribute. Arr. by Ximo Tebar Band live at Peñíscola Fazz Fest 2016 with Nathaniel Townsley, Luis Guerra, Cesar Giner, Will Martz, Claudia Tebar, Fernando Garcia [INCLUDES AUDIO + PDF MUSIC SHEET] 09:20

CARAVAN [Ellington-Tizol] Arr. by Ximo Tebar Band Live in Concert at Xàbia Jazz Fest 2018 with Nathaniel Townsley, Will Martz and Nacho Mañó [INCLUDES BONUS ITEMS] Download Music Sheet & Audio 03:50

CON ALMA [Dizzy Gillespie] Pseudo-Buleria. Arr. by Ximo Tebar Band Live in Concert at Palau de la Música Valencia Jazz Fest 2018 with Nathaniel Townsley, Will Martz and Victor Merlo [INCLUDES BONUS ITEMS] Music Chart, reviews... [Download Music Sheet & Audio] 04:19

IDRIS [Ximo Tebar] Idris Muhammad Tribute [INCLUDES BONUS ITEMS] Download Music Sheet & Audio 04:21

TRES NOTAS PARA DECIR TE QUIERO [Vicente Amigo] Arr. by Ximo Tebar with Roque Martinez, Jim Ridl, Darryl Hall and Donald Edwards [INCLUDES BONUS ITEMS] Music Chart, reviews... [Download Music Sheet & Audio] 06:49

Alec K. Redfearn and The Eyesores - The Opposite (CUNEIFORM RECORDS October 5, 2018)

For the last two decades, the Providence, RI-based Redfearn has crafted a compelling, uncategorizable sound that is wholly his own but has tendrils that reach into a stunning variety of influences both musical and otherwise. The music is centered upon Redfearn’s arcane rock sensibilities, beguiling vocals and serpentine accordion lines, which lace the music with tinges of everything from Krautrock to minimalism, alternate-universe folk tunes to psychedelic prog. Thematically, his hallucinatory lyrics hint at mind-expanding concepts from his voracious reading and adventurous experiences, with seductive insinuations. 

The Opposite is the Eyesores’ long-awaited follow-up to their wonderful 2012 release Sister Death. Where that album reached toward the epic with a roster of special guests and larger instrumentation, The Opposite pares things down to the core band, with an accompanying intimacy and intensity. The sparse instrumentation is extended with the use of pedals and amplification that blend with the acoustic instruments to offer a unique, alien palette from which to draw. A stream-of-consciousness approach gives the album’s lyrics a feeling of dreamlike imagery and elusive associations. 

As has been the case for their last few releases, the album was recorded by Seth Manchester at Machines With Magnets. For the first time Alec worked with noted mastering engineer Udi Koomran at The Pergola. Both engineers helped to insure that the final release is sonically great. The personal and the universal, the poetic and the prosaic, esoteric explorations and the humorous insanities of daily life – all come together in the hypnotic and pulse-pounding songs of Alec K. Redfearn and the Eyesores. With The Opposite, the band has created a collection of music that is at once their most accessible and mind-expanding to date, the sort of mystery that rewards not solving but getting lost within.

Alec K. Redfearn – Electrified Accordion, Vocal, Realistic MG-1, Loops, Ceremonial Bell, Combo Organ
Ann Schattle – Horn in F
Christopher Sadlers – Contrabass, Loops, Vocals
Matt McLaren – Drums, Cymbal, Riq, Maracas, Frikywa, Giraffe Bells, Ring of Edges

All music and lyrics by Alec K. Redfearn 
Arrangements by Alec K. Redfearn and The Eyesores 
Produced by Seth Manchester and Alec K. Redfearn 
Recorded and Mixed by Seth Manchester at Machines With Magnets | Pawtucket, RI 
Mastered by Udi Koomran at The Pergola | Tel Aviv, Israel 
Cover by Alec K. Redfearn and Kathleen Mahoney-Cobb 
Layout and Design by Kathleen Mahoney-Cobb 
Thanks to Steve Feigenbaum, Cyril Moya, Rose Bannister, Joyce Feigenbaum, Javier Diaz, Machines With Magnets, all Eyesores, past and present, and to Providence, Rhode Island.

1. Soft Motors 07:10
2. Tramadoliday
3. The Opposite
4. Carivore
5. Bat Living In My Room
6. Rend The Veil
7. Possum
8. Pterodactyl

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