Wednesday, November 10, 2021

Patricia Brennan releases new music / Headlines Brooklyn Nov. 13

Patricia Brennan & Arktureye

"Maquishti Prismatic"

A 3:50 electronic re-working of segments from Brennan's debut album Maquishti

Brennan to perform at Brooklyn’s Public Records Nov 13

Tangled tranquility…improvising with focus and forbearance, leaving plenty of cloudless space

Unprecedented sounds: warm and sleek, both modern and eternal

Exquisitely sculpted spontaneous compositions

Comfort with long silences and slowly building apexes typify Brennan's masterful touch as an improvisor. But her more conventional performances are just as creative and impactful, and imbue Maquishti with a beautiful revelry
Vibraphonist/composer Patricia Brennan, along with percussionist/turntablist Arktureye have released "Maquishti Prismatic," an electronic re-working of Brennan’s highly praised debut album Maquishti, one of the most highly praised experimental albums of 2021. 

Performed solo by Brennan on vibraphone and marimba and employing unusual techniques and occasional electronics, many of the compositions on Maquishti were borne from improvisations created live in the studio. At times exploring silence and space, stillness and patience the album investigates new sonic territories with an endless sense of curiosity.

Speaking on"Maquishti Prismatic," Arktureye says “Texturally paradoxical, smooth but sharp, Maquishti has been in my ear and part of my life since the compositions were being created. I feel fortunate to have gotten to know Patricia’s musical personality and be around its patient strength. This electronic piece is made up of various samples across her solo record. The collection of phrases chosen are moments on the record floating in time. This piece brings sonic abstractions of an underlying pulse based on each sample's texture.”

Patricia Brennan - vibraphone, prepared vibraphone, effects
Arktureye - electronic composition: ableton, turntable, synth drums

Jimmy Penguin - mix and master
Artwork - Juha Penttinen

Brötzmann / Gustafsson / Nilssen-Love - The Fat Is Gone (November 10, 2021 trost records)

1. Bullets Through Rain 09:57
2. Colours In Action 28:53
3. The Fat Is Gone 22:34

This album was released in 2007 on Smalltown Superjazz

Peter Brötzmann - Alto Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone, Bass Clarinet
Mats Gustafsson - Baritone Saxophone, Flutophone
Paal Nilssen-Love - Drums, Percussion

François Carrier / Pablo Schvarzman / Diego Caicedo / Michel Lambert - Glow (November 15, 2021)

Alto sax, free jazz, improv music, avant-garde, François Carrier was recently selected in the Annual International Critic’s Poll El Intruso 2018, 2017 and 2015. He was also selected in the DownBeat’s Reader Poll 2013 in the Best Alto Sax Players Lists.

1. Glow 11:19
2. Wilderness 09:53
3. Tide of Passion 11:09
4. Heart Core 12:23
5. Inner Sense 04:24

- Live recording at Soda Acústic in Barcelona, Spain, June 5, 2019
- Recorded, mixing, mastering, photos and art work by François Carrier

Sal Burciaga - Helena and the Night (November 11, 2021)

Helena wakes up every day after the sun has gone down, she is acquainted with the night, the solitude and peace it brings... The city and its muffled far away sounds, the glimmers... She is smoke, endless... the moon, lighting her way...

Helena confidently steps into a world that has forgotten her, in a daze, she explores this reality, she traverses the mostly empty streets... Inspiration and realization as she watches the night creatures interact, she retreats fulfilled, to tell herself the stories she's conjured up.

The small hours and their witching ways seduce and embrace... sunrise now their common foe.

Helena and the night is the first part of a Trilogy of concept releases. It will be followed by Helena's Dreams mid 2022 and Helena's Voyage in late 2022.

1. Eight 01:05
2. First Tea 02:39
3. Upcoming Assail 01:47
4. A walk 03:52
5. Wondering Hours 04:14
6. Decisions 03:19
7. A minor Rite 03:09
8. Sunrise 01:53

Ytterlandet - 66°33′48​.​7″ N (November 2021 Barefoot Records)

There is an imaginary line crossing the surface of the earth shaping a circle around the globe. Crossing this line in the winter you leave all daylight behind you, and in the summer you leave darkness, and enter constant light. This you might call outer land - in a similar language as when you talk about outer space. Remote and far away from the roads that mankind usually travels on, and the hectic metropoles where most people are cluttered together.

Ytterlandet means this: a land far away, an outer land. The music corresponds to this in its way of dealing with sounds, lines, textures, rhythms and forms that are remote from ordinary musical grammar. For ears that accustomed to improvised music and free jazz this is not alien music, but the rest of you do have something new to discover here.

The music can shift focus, as unpredictably for the listener as for the players. Sometimes suddenly, sometimes gradually. The focus can be on the sonic textures primarily, or on the way pitches from the instruments talk together - or on both parameters at the same time. The members of the trio extends the possibilities of their instruments soundwise by adding different kinds of objects - as preparations or separately. They also experiment with unconventional techniques of producing sound, be it on guitar, saxophone or percussion. In short, this is an excursion into outer lands for the curious, and another take on freedom for the seasoned travelers. It all takes place in the remote soundscapes,which can oscillate between complete darkness and total light, or everything between. 

Your guides on the trip are three Scandinavian improvisers, known to many audiences around Europe, North America and Japan. Having played in this trio since a number of years, and gaining experiences and perspectives from collaborations with musicians from the worldwide improv scene, you can fully rely on them as your hosts.

1. Korpilombolo 06:16
2. Smälsk 08:14
3. Svullrya 07:00
4. Å 06:10
5. Nävragöl 07:05
6. Limingen 02:44

Sture Ericson - soprano- alto-, tenor- & baritonesaxophone
Henrik Olsson - guitar
Håkon Berre - drums

All music by Sture Ericson, Henrik Olsson and Håkon Berre

Recorded at Christianshavns Beboerhus, June 25th, 2021
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Francesco Toninelli
Cover design by Henrik Olsson & Håkon Berre

Virtual Balboa + Greg Kelley - Petrichor (November 2021)

This is a live recording made in Seattle in 2019, the final show of Virtual Balboa's west coast tour, a bumpy ride full of high highs and low lows, pan flute beatboxers, sadboy rappers, burglary, and unexpected detours into soggy terrain. The Virtual boys (Bennett, Darrup, and Lipson) were joined by trumpeter Greg Kelley for a type of saprophytic music that could only occur in an super-saturated environment.

The artwork, by Vancouver, BC-based artist Woojae Kim, consists of a sequence of a photograph being progressively decomposed by bacteria and fungi that were cultured from the very rock outcropping that the photo depicts.

The liner notes are a tall tale "based on actual events" as reported by none other than the most regular of Regular Guys, Rick Weaver. It's a true story of disintegration - biological, psychological, and societal, giving up the ghost of boundaries and deliquescing into a fertile, Pacific Northwestern humus. It is printed in a font so small that it would be hard to read were it not for the credit-card-sized magnifying lens included in the CD wallet. Now that the credit card companies have jacked up their processing fees to around 4%, it may be time to upgrade to Clear, which could also help you inspect your corpus for parasitoids.

1. Petrichor 29:05

Zach Darrup - guitar
Evan Lipson - double bass
Ben Bennett - percussion
Greg Kelley - Trumpet

Trio de Paulo Curado - Lugar da Desordem (November 2021)

1. Abertura 1 06:25
2. Despe-te E Nada - 30 andamento duma peça para uma coreografia de Mónica Lapa 03:42
3. Primeiros Passos 02:37
4. À Tua Volta 05:10
5. Valsa Coxa 02:51
6. Divertimento 1 01:23
7. Arpejo Partido para Solo de Contrabaixo 01:55
8. De lá Para Cá 02:57
9. Pequeno Solo Para Saxofone Soprano 01:59
10. A Roca do Miguel 03:46
11. Com Esforço 06:55
12. Caos 1 02:01
13.Hesitação 05:54
14. Cinco Acordes Para Solo De Bateria 03:25
15. A Rua Rumo à Ria 06:07
16. Espécie de Morna 03:00

PAULO CURADO Composer and Saxophones

Alon Farber & Hagiga - Reflecting on Freedom (2021 Origin Records)

Alon Farber Hagiga new album "Reflecting on Freedom" will be released on September 17, 2021 under one of the best Jazz labels in the world, Origin Records (Seattle,USA). The instrumentation of Hagiga is exciting- three multi horns players and a rhythm section, and as so the writing is influenced by the works of Wayne Shorter, Dave Douglas and Booker Little. In addition to the sextet there is guest appearance here by wonderful vocalist and percussionist.

The idea for the name comes from Eddie Harris' tune; "Freedom Jazz Dance" which is quoted in the theme song. In our music we take the liberty to experiment in all kinds of moods, grooves and traditions, as the title suggests.
1. Israeli Song 05:15
2. Reflecting on Freedom 07:07
3. Theme for Michal 05:18
4. Ima (Mother) 03:40
5. Fresh Start 04:36
6. More Monkeys, Please 08:58
7. You'll See The Way 07:49
8. Hammouda 05:14
9. Farbalak 06:00

Alon Farber- Soprano and alto Saxes
Yehonatan Cohen- Tenor sax, flute and clarinet
Oded Meir- Trombone
Eden Giat- Piano
Assaf Hakimi- Bass
Roy Oliel- Drums

Special guests:
Sarai Zak-Levi – Vocal (1,3,7)
Rony Iwryn- Percussion (1,2,3,7,8)

Recorded at Bardo Studios Ramat-Gan, Israel on August 2020
Sound engineer and mixing: Bill Tsur
Mastered by Aran Lavi, Tan Tan studios, Tel Aviv, Israel
Cover photo by: Kieren Ridley
Cover design: John Bishop