Sunday, February 28, 2021

Quarte - Ringin' Bells (February 2021 JazZMUD Recs)

Modern mainstream / Hard bop oriented quartet led by the great David Liebman. Please enjoy this burning recording session.

1. Dreszda 06:36
2. Neptune 09:22
3. Magoo 07:01
4. Amaxonia 09:07
5. My Own Blues 06:03
6. Ringin' Bells 12:53
7. Bye Bye Blackbird (live) 19:31

Dave Liebman - saxophones, indian flute
Alessandro Galati - piano
Ares Tavolazzi - bass
Alessandro Fabbri - drums

Makoto Kawashima - 2021​.​2​.​27 (February 28, 2021)

Homo sacer – sacred human. Kawashima's sax is ripe with the spirit of Japanese free jazz, dwelling as it does between the violent and the beautiful. Kaoru Abe, Masayoshi Urabe, Takayuki Hashimoto, Harutaka Mochizuki… all of these altoists live in an area of personal expression rare in the world, one that feels like the body itself is being whittled away at.

1. 2021.2.27 21:27

Makoto Kawashima SOLO

Butch Miles - Straight on Till Morning (February 2021 nagel heyer records)

 Butch Miles, the longtime drummer of the Count Basie Orchestra, leads a hard bop-oriented session on the Nagel Heyer CD Straight on Till Morning. Although Miles is most associated with modern swing, this set is a bit more up-to-date while swinging hard. Trumpeter Bob Ojeda arranged eight of the 11 selections and contributed six originals. Doug Lawrence takes some fine tenor solos, trombonist Bill Porter displays some inventive ideas, pianist Kenny Drew, Jr. plays some powerful improvisations, and Lynn Seaton's bowed bass solos are a highlight. Alex Saudargas guests on classical guitar during "Dreamsville" while Frank Wess is on one song. With Miles pushing everyone, this is a frequently exciting set full of subtle surprises, including a humorous boppish reworking of "When You Wish Upon a Star.“ AllMusic Review by Scott Yanow

1. Hangover Blues 03:45
2. Another Drum Thing 04:56
3. Frank's Blues 04:22
4. Cute 03:51
5. Dreamsville 07:18
6. When You Wish Upon a Star 06:45
7. A Flower Is a Lovesome Thing 08:14
8. Quick Fix 03:20
9. After Hours 05:51
10. Outside Inn 05:57
11. I'm Leavin' 04:09

Butch Miles - drums
Bob Ojeda - trumpet
Bill Porter - trombone
Doug Lawrence - tenor sax
Kenny Drew Jr. - piano
Lynn Seaton - bass

Frank Wess - tenor sax, flute
Alex Saudargas - guitar

Recorded on January 3 and 4, 2003 at Pedernales Studio, Texas.

Marco Grispo - Parques (February 2021)

"Two and a half years have passed since I arrived to New York from Argentina. Through this time, I have had the opportunity of meeting and playing with many heroes of mine, and also found inspiration in great people I met along the way. A lot happened very fast and like everyone, thanks to the quarantine I got the chance to stay still for a moment, reflect, and to write and work on this music.

It was also during quarantine that my bond with Arturo and Fernando got to a new level, both personally and musically. It is a great pleasure and a blessing to make music with people so close to me, and that share a same feeling.

Similarly, a week before we even learnt about lockdown, I moved together with my partner Siewli to our current apartment in Brooklyn. Her warmth and support are not only a key to the realization of this album, but a huge part of the compositions and sounds in it.

Also, I want to express my deep gratitude to Guillermo Klein. All of the compositions were based on concepts he shared with me in a series of virtual encounters we had through the lockdown. I treasure all the advices he gave me and I know they will be part of my process forever.

Finally, I give thanks to my family; specially to my parents for their love, my brother for his advice, and my grandma for her prayers.

I hope you enjoy this music, it is my way to share this love I mentioned. There is a lot more to come."


1. Diabelita 03:49

2. Intro to Fort Greene 01:09

3. Fort Greene 06:06

4. Atardecer con Siewli 03:46

5. Para que no te vayas Nunca 03:33

6. Parques 04:58

7. Go Out and Get It 04:45

Marco Grispo | Guitar

Arturo Valdez | Upright Bass

Fernando Ferrarone | Trumpet

All compositions by Marco Grispo.

Recorded on December 15th, 2020 at Luis Bacqué's Studio in New Jersey by Luis Bacque. Mixed and Master by Luis Bacqué.


Nacho Moze Sexteto - Costanera (February 2021)

1. Pin Pun Boogaloo (ft. Juan Klappenbach) 07:11
2. Capsaicina 07:32
3. Dormir la siesta 07:56
4. Terrazas 08:14
5. Costanera 07:20
6. Gospel para Chiche (ft. Juan Klappenbach) 12:46
7. Yulele 06:10

Todos los temas compuestos y arreglados por Ignacio Mozetic, excepto 4 compuesto por Ignacio Mozetic y arreglado por Gonzalo Pérez, y 7 compuesto por Eduardo Mateo y arreglado por Gonzalo Pérez.

Reimon Lesbegueris Pinillos en trompeta
Gonzalo Pérez en trombón
Augusto Noël en saxo tenor
Alejandro Rosero en piano
Leonardo Valle Figueroa en contrabajo
Ignacio Mozetic en batería

Músico invitado: Juan Klappenbach en saxo alto en 1 y 6

Grabado el siete de diciembre en Estudio Insignio
Mezclado y masterizado por Sebastial Morell
Arte de tapa por Laura Desmery y Julián Rodríguez Fernández

Kevin Kastning // Mark Wingfield: Rubicon I (March, 9 2021 Greydisc Records)

Mark Wingfield
Kevin Kastning

Rubicon I, the long-awaited new album from Kevin Kastning (US) and Mark Wingfield (UK).  Rubicon I is the first in a two-album series.  Worldwide release date 9 March 2021.

Both players have been internationally acclaimed for their unique musical vision and innovative approaches to their instruments. This album invokes new landscapes of imagination and deep introspection using a palette of newly invented acoustic guitar-family instruments and individualistic electric guitar sounds to evoke a stunning beauty. InnerViews magazine said of their previous album, “One of the finest albums of this or any other year.” WFMU radio in New York City named their four previous albums as one of their Favorite Albums of 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, and 2017. named their 2014 release "In Stories" as one of the top 10 albums of 2014. Rubicon I is their ninth album together, and part 1 of a 2-part album project.

Mark Wingfield is an internationally recognized electric guitar virtuoso and innovator.

Kevin Kastning invented the 36-string Double Contraguitar and the 17-string Hybrid Extended classical guitar, both of which he plays on this new recording; along with piano.

1. Event Horizon
2. Comoving Distance
3. Dynamic Horizon
4. The Lensing
5. Loop Quantum
6. Particle Horizon
7. BONUS TRACK: Rubicon I - Artist's Commentary 55:32

Kevin Kastning: 36-string Double Contraguitar, 17-string Hybrid Extended Classical guitar, Piano
Mark Wingfield: Electric guitar, live electronics (software processing)

Rubicon I was recorded at Studio Tramwauld in Massachusetts 16-17 August 2018, the day after Kevin and Mark performed live in New York City for WNYC radio.