Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Luís Barrigas - Songs With and Without Words (2016) SINTOMA RECORDS


Luís Barrigas - Songs With and Without Words (2016) 

Para este projecto Luís Barrigas escreveu música que tivesse como ponto de partida um conceito de canções com e sem palavras. Nesta música consegue-se identificar a presença da música clássica, do jazz e da música tradicional portuguesa que encontram um espaço comum. Cada canção é uma viagem de cores e imaginários presentes em lugares e pessoas, de histórias que podem ser de qualquer ouvinte. Música para ser ouvida cantada e pertencer ao público. 

For this project Luís Barrigas wrote music the starting point of which was a concept of songs with and without words. In this music we can identify the presence of classical music, jazz and traditional Portuguese music which come together in a common space. Each song is a journey of colours and of the imagination present in places and people, of stories for any listener. Music that can be heard, sung and belong to the public.

Released April 21, 2016 

01. Just go with it 06:10
02. Song without words I - Les Nymphes 04:49
03. Manhã 06:40
04. Song without words II - Bond Street 04:42
05. Emergir 06:37
06. Song without words III - No song at all 02:11
07. Song without words IV - Dove song 07:50
08. Sweet curly song 05:30
09. Song without words V - O Esotérico 04:57
10. Agora vou-me deitare 04:28

Luís Barrigas - piano 
Desidério Lázaro, João Capinha - saxes 
Guida de Palma, Sofia Vitória, João David Almeida - voices 
Mário Franco - doublebass 
Alexandre Alves - drums


Oscar Alvarez Rifbjerg - ¡Rómpelo! (2016) GATEWAY MUSIC


Oscar Alvarez Rifbjerg - ¡Rómpelo! (2016)

Oscar Alvarez Rifbjerg is about to release his first record “Rómpelo”, which he has made as a tribute to his famous grandfather, the great writer and poet Klaus Rifbjerg. The music is based on Oscar Alvarez Rifbjerg’s childhood in Seville and his upbringing with jazz, flamenco and poetry. The stage is set for an exciting and varied evening of jazz and poetry, tinged with the power and ferocity of flamenco, performed by four exciting and talented musicians.

Oscar Alvarez Rifbjerg udgiver nu sin første plade Rómpelo, som er en hyldest til hans berømte farfar, den store forfatter og poet Klaus Rifbjerg. Musikken tager sit udgangspunkt i Oscar Alvarez Rifbjergs opvækst i Sevilla og hans opvækst med jazz, flamenco og poesi. Der er lagt op til en medrivende og afvekslende aften i jazzens og poesiens tegn, farvet af flamencoens kraft og vildskab – fremført af fire meget spændende og talentfulde musikere.

Gustavo Rey (vocal/SP)
Emil Brun (bass/DK)
Johan Kolsut (drums/SE)

1. Villa Dolores
2. A La Vera
3. El Río, El Castillo, Los Pinos
4. Tu Magia (feat. Juan Manuel Álvarez)
5. Rif (for My Grandfather)
6. ¡Rómpelo!
7. Mírate, Arrímate
8. That Red Profile


Martin Perret's L'Anderer - Don't Try You Are (2016) QFTF


Martin Perret's L'Anderer - Don't Try You Are (2016)

Martin Perret’s music investigates the murder of a mysterious man in an indefinite country just after the war. The location and the time are never explicit. L’Anderer is a stranger, a loner, its the brother Grimm by way of Kafka. It’s the telestic soundtrack to a story of unspeakable evil, darkness and human decay.

Lost In Time I
Seuls Contre Tous
Killer Bees
Lost In Time II
Killer Drones

Martin Perret drums, composition
Marie Kruttli piano
Sebastian Strinning tenor saxophone
Franziska Staubli guitar
Elio Amberg tenor saxophone
Martina Berther bass

Playlist for Tom Ossana / Dane Brewer – The Thin Edge – May 11, 2016 MST 7:00 to 9:00p.m. ~ Use this link to access the show online.

It took seven years for Impulse to release Coltrane's "Saturn" from 1974's Interstellar Space, recorded four months before his death. Largely inaccessible to mainstream ears, the outing is a favorite among Coltrane devotees and young gun artists. We'll hear 1:30 minutes from this duet featuring Rashied Ali's drums by way of introducing us to the cover from Brandon Lee Lewis' Lux Hermetica (KemArtS 2016). Next is the most accessible of Coltrane's compositions, "Equinox", from his 1960 Atlantic Coltrane's Sound featuring an unusually subdued solo from pianist McCoy Tyner. Brand new from INTAKT RECORDS In Motion, Richard Poole/Marilyn Crispell/Gary Peacock conclude this half-hour with an easy-to-follow free-jazz rendition of the mutually improvised "Ahzân".

Murray, Allen & Carrington Power Trio - Perfection (Motema 2016) kicks off the second half with "For Fr. Peter O'brien" featuring the leaders' tenor/piano/drums. Brit favorite, Dan Whieldon Trio, follows with a cover of Miles' Nardis (Sidran spelled backwards) from his ASC Records release, Positive Changes. French bassist, Florent Nisse, is next with "H Code" from his 2014 Moose Aux Mages featuring the tenor sax of Chris Cheek and the guitar of Jakob Bro. Miles Davis brings this half to a close with an uptempo take on Raye and DePaul's "I'll Remember April" featuring Davis' muted trumpet, Moffatt favorite Davey Schildkraut's alto and Horace Silver's piano from a 1954 Prestige pressing, Blue Haze.

Aaron Parks, Thomas Fonnesbaek, Karsten Bagge - Groovements (Stunt Records 2016), a piano trio, gets the third half started with a cover of Cedar Walton's "Bolivia". Paolo Fresu & Omar Sosa tackle Peter Gabriel's "What Lies Ahead" from their new Tûk Music release Eros. Paolo's trumpet and Omar's piano are backed by the members of Quartetto Alborada. French percussionist Manu Katché performs the title track from his Anteprima Productions 2016 release, Unstatic, featuring Tore Brunborg's tenor and Jim Watson's piano. Dublin's The Kevin Brady Trio concludes this half with a romantic take on Arnheim and Tobias' "Sweet and Lovely" from the Irish drummer's 2016 LRP Music release, Common Ground. Bill Carrothers' piano is impressive.

The Songbook Sessions - Ella Fitzgerald (Emerald City Records 2016) gets romance started with Jane Monheit's cover of Rodgers and Hart's "Where or When" featuring the retro-sounding trumpet of Nicholas Payton. Thanks to Juan Duran Uña, we'll hear Bill Evans' take on Wright and Lewis' "Baubles, Bangles & Beads" from Bill's 1968 Some Other Time featuring DeJohnette on the drums and Eddie Gomez on the bass. For some unfathomable reason the next number made me think of the British Bulldog, Winston Churchill and his relationship with his wife, Clementine, his "Pussy cat". Giovanni Francesca's Rame from Auand Records last year is that number, and the tune is "Tuba" featuring, along with the guitarist, Fabrizio Bosso on trumpet.

Also from Juan, we'll hear Jobim's Aguas de Março from Getz & Gilberto's '76. Getz plays the tenor and João Gilberto sings and plays the guitar. One of my all-time favorite vocalists was Mary Ann McCall, Downbeat magazine vocalist of the year back in the late forties. She will cover Ellis/Carter/Friego's "Detour Ahead" with Woody Herman's Third Herd. Award-winning vocalist in her own right, Nnenna Freelon brings this half-hour seduction to a close covering Shapiro/Campbell/Connelly's 1929 hit, "If I Had You" from her 2003 Concord Live.

Let's have some fun!

A special thanks to KZMU's Music Director, Serah Mead and the troops @ RoJ for their help putting the show together: Agenor (BRA), Chris do Brasil (BRA), Domi & Victor (SPA), GAB (BEL), JR (SPA), Javi (SPA), Jazzzz61 (SPA), Lira (BRA), Luisa, Menos Que un Perro (ARG), Marcos (BRA), Melokan (VEN), Raz (ISR) and Sonia (SPA). Also friend, Raul Boeira, the Brazilian based in Passo Fundo and Spain's Javier Carrete.