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Franck Wolf & Friends - Live 2013-2016 (2017)

Saxophoniste depuis l’âge de huit ans, arrangeur et compositeur, Franck Wolf a étudié le saxophone et les percussions au Conservatoire de Strasbourg.

Membre fondateur des groupes straSax et Triophone, il crée en 2011 le Franck Wolf Trio avec Marcel Loeffler à l’accordéon et Davide Petrocca à la contrebasse. Après l’album « Bol d’Air », ils enregistrent un nouveau répertoire avec André Ceccarelli à la batterie lors d’une résidence à La Castine de Reichshoffen (sortie courant 2014).

Depuis 2004, Franck a participé, aux cotés de Biréli Lagrène, à 4 albums, un DVD parus chez Dreyfus Jazz et Universal, et à plus de 400 concerts à New-York, Montréal, Moscou, Vienne, Marciac, La Haye, Istanbul, Paris ... Il joue actuellement au sein du quartet du guitariste avec Jean-Yves Jung à l’orgue et Jean-Marc Robin à la batterie.

Franck a également joué avec : Didier Lockwood, Sara Lazarus, Dominique Di Piazza, Hadrien Feraud, Andy Narrel, Steve Ferrone, Diego Imbert, Franck Agulhon…

1 Le tombeau de couperin, Prélude (Franck Wolf Trio feat. André Ceccarelli, André Ceccarelli) 04:52
2 Bopin' (Franck Wolf Trio feat. André Ceccarelli, André Ceccarelli) 04:51
3 À la fraîch (Franck Wolf Trio feat. André Ceccarelli, André Ceccarelli) 04:12
4 Zydécoratif (Franck Wolf 5tet) 06:12
5 Eleven to Heaven (Franck Wolf 5tet) 06:42
6 On Again off Again (Franck Wolf Meets Michaël Alizon Trio) 02:54
7 Little Stone (Franck Wolf Meets Michaël Alizon Trio) 07:05
8 Dat Dere (Franck Wolf 4tet feat. Anne Sila) 07:11
9 Demain dès l'aube (Franck Wolf 4tet feat. Anne Sila, Anne Sila) 07:19
10 Dankin (Franck Wolf 5tet feat. Mieko Miyazaki, Mieko Miyazaki) 05:44
11 Invocation (Triophone fête ses 20 ans with Matskat) 08:42
12 Mi fugue mi raison (Triophone fête ses 20 ans) 05:09
13 If the Stars Were Mine (Franck Wolf 2017 with Zoé Lagrène) 04:34

Joan Chamorro presenta Èlia Bastida (JAZZ TO JAZZ 2017)

Èlia Bastida, violinista, saxofonista tenor y cantante, 5 años en la Sant Andreu Jazz Band. Èlia es una persona comprometida con la música, a la cual dedica la mayor parte de su tiempo. Una técnica depurada, resultado de años de trabajo de obras clásicas que forman parte del repertorio clásico del violín.

Expresiva, pasional, creativa, curiosa, sorprendente, buscando su propio camino con un instrumento como el violín, en el cual las referencias son mucho menores que en otros instrumentos más comunes en el jazz.

Búsqueda que le lleva a abrir posibles nuevos caminos, incorporando inconscientemente el reto de aportar algo nuevo, sin pretensiones, pero con mucho camino por delante a explorar.

Enamorada del bebop y del hardbop, pero interesada también en los orígenes del jazz, así como en la música brasileña y, más allá de etiquetas, en la música que le da la posibilidad de expresarse, de aportar su granito de arena en este mundo necesitado de sonidos hermosos y de mensajes que solo la música es capaz de transmitir.

Èlia Bastida, violinist, tenor saxophonist and singer, 5 years in the Sant Andreu Jazz Band. Èlia is a person committed to music, to whom he devotes most of his time. A refined technique, the result of years of classical works that are part of the classical repertoire of the violin.

Expressive, passionate, creative, curious, surprising, looking for their own way with an instrument like the violin, in which the references are much smaller than in other instruments more common in jazz.

A search that leads her to open new paths, unconsciously incorporating the challenge of bringing something new, without pretentions, but with a long way ahead to explore.

In love with bebop and hardbop, but also interested in the origins of jazz, as well as in Brazilian music and, beyond labels, in the music that gives her the opportunity to express herself, to contribute her bit in this world needed of beautiful sounds and messages that only music is capable of transmitting.

Autumn In New York
Sweet And Lovely
Pretty Trix
Eu Sei Que Vou Te Amar
My Ideal
You’d Be So Nice To Come Home To
Lush Life
Weaver Of Dreams
La Rosita
O Pato
Poor Butterfly
Bei Mir Bist Du Schön
The Peacocks
Grand Central

Gary Husband - A Meeting of Spirits (EDITION RECORDS 2017)

“These are tour-de-force piano performances, with effortless technical piano artistry.” MICHAEL GIBBS (arranger, Mahavishnu Orchestra “Apocalypse”)

“Supreme inventiveness, absolute creativity and unique and deeply moving piano music!! Truly inspiring!!” CHICK COREA

Gary Husband has been at the forefront of the international jazz scene for many years. He is that rare breed: a musician equally fluent in expression, and internationally lauded, on two instruments, in this case, drums and keyboard. Even more singular is his ability to bring together the fruits of a career that have included classical training, improvisational versatility and long experience on the pop, rock, funk and blues circuits into a distinctive and influential musical personality.

Gary’s latest album, and his first for Edition, A Meeting of Spirits is an innovative re-interpretation of the music of legendary guitarist, bandleader and composer John McLaughlin that in many ways demonstrates the totality of Husband’s multifaceted talent. In “…dissecting, reforming and freshly presenting…” the music of the Mahavishnu Orchestra, Husband – a long time collaborator with McLaughlin – pays personal and intimate homage to the iconic guitarist while showcasing his own highly distinctive creativity and personal expression.

And McLaughlin returns the compliment, summing up this beautiful work: “Gary Husband the pianist has long been overshadowed by Gary Husband the drummer. I can personally testify to it. However, here we have a recording which will probably achieve the reverse of what I just wrote. In addition, he has chosen to base this recording primarily on my own compositions. I am honoured. This is a recording that is full of surprises; and the fact that I have difficulty in recognizing one or two of my own compositions is only one of them! But Gary is no ordinary musician: full of invention and surprises, modulations and inversions of melodic, harmonic and rhythmic content abound.”

While the album is a tribute to McLaughlin’s music, it’s no slavish copy. As arranger and composer Michael Gibbs suggests: “I’m not sure that the word interpretations is the right one for these performances – they go so much further – not even close to what the industry calls covers – so individual are they.”

Gary’s now thirteen-year-long involvement with John McLaughlin (and the band The 4th Dimension) has sat alongside tenures with Billy Cobham (most recently in Cobham’s Spectrum 40 band), regular projects with Hamburg’s NDR Big Band, further touring or recording commitments with artists such as Lenny White, Didier Lockwood, Joachim Kuhn and Enrico Rava, in addition to activity in the legendary ground-breaking over three-decades-long association he shared with the late Allan Holdsworth. But despite these fruitful encounters, it’s with this personal and rewarding project that we are placed directly in touch with just how significantly – as an arranger, composer and multi-instrumentalist – Gary Husband has evolved. Of this – the second of his two “Interpretations Of” piano albums – he says “I’m proudest, to date, of this album … actually of both these works.”

1. Spirits Opening (J. McLaughlin)
2. A Meeting Of Spirits (G. Husband)
3. Vision Is A Naked Sword (J. McLaughlin)
4. Are You The One? (J. McLaughlin)
5. Maya Prologue (G. Husband)
6. The Dance Of Maya (J. McLaughlin)
7. It’s Funny (J. McLaughlin)
8. Lotus Feet Reflections (G. Husband)
9. Celestial Terrestrial Commuters (J. McLaughlin)
10. Jazz Jungle (Excerpt) (J. McLaughlin)
11. Joyful (G. Husband)
12. Song For My Mother (J. McLaughlin).

13. Alap (G. Husband)
14. Lotus Feet (Reprise) (J. McLaughlin)
15. Earth Bound Hearts (J. McLaughlin)
16. Development And Closing (G. Husband)

Gary Husband: piano, in-piano percussion, voice, bell

José Lencastre Nau Quartet - Fragments of Always (FMR RECORDS 2017)

Beautifully haunting improvisations played by the cream of Portugals improvisors, Rodrigo Pinheiro on piano, Hernani Faustino on bass , Jose Lancastre Alto Sax and led by wonderful drummer Joao Lancastre The 6 Aphorisms as a suite of many musical directions was recorded on 18th December 2016 at Timbuktu studios in Portugal. Wonderfully inventive free improv group that has its own special 'Sound' lyrical but busy and inventive.

1. Aphorism 1 02:36
2. Aphorism 2 01:42
3. Aphorism 3 02:19
4. Aphorism 4 01:27
5. Aphorism 5 01:16
6. Aphorism 6 02:18
7. Fragments of Always 17:12
8. Peculiar Landscape 05:16
9. Dancing Snake 02:10
10. Visible Wind 07:25
11. All Ways 05:25
12. Axis Mundi 07:24

José Lencastre - Alto Sax
Rodrigo Pinheiro - Piano
Hernâni Faustino - Bass
João Lencastre - Drums

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Jason Stein Quartet - Lucille! (DELMARK RECORDS 2017)

Bass clarinetist Jason Stein's quartet explores a combination of Stein's original compositions as well as uncommonly heard compositions by such luminaries as Lennie Tristano, Thelonious Monk, and Charlie Parker. Stein's work on the bass clarinet is expanding the instrument's comfort zone and capabilities and his quartet uniquely showcases his ability to seamlessly work within both more traditional jazz idioms as well as free improvisation.

1. Marshmallow 04:06
2. Halls and Rooms 07:41
3. Dexterity 03:40
4. Roused About 05:22
5. Ryder's Uncle Dragon 06:29
6. Wow 04:11
7. Little Rootie Tootie 04:55
8. I Knew You Were 05:32
9. April 06:56

Jason Stein - bass clarinet
Keefe Jackson - tenor saxophone and contrabass clarinet
Joshua Abrams - bass
Tom Rainey - drums