Thursday, November 23, 2017

CONCERTOS PORTA-JAZZ: Sex 24 de Novembro :: Demian Cabaud Quinteto + Sáb 25 Nov :: MAP

SEXTA - FEIRA 24/11 (Sessões às 19h e 22h)

Demian Cabaud - Contrabaixo
Ariel Bringuez - Saxofone tenor
Xan Campos - Piano
Jeff Williams - Bateria
Iago Fernandez - Bateria

O grupo está numa tournée de exploração que culminará na gravação do proximo album de Cabaud. Será um registo ao vivo do ultimo concerto. Desta forma convida-se o publico a ser testemunha do concerto anterior á gravação. Irão interpretar composições originais do Demian sempre com uma abordagem cósmica e livre.

SÁBADO 25/11 (Sessões às 19h e 22h)

Paulo Gomes -Piano
Miguel Moreira -Guitarras
Miguel Ângelo -Contrabaixo 
Acácio Salero -Bateria

Há cinco anos e três discos, estreavamo-nos no Festival da Porta Jazz 2012 com este texto. 

Continuamos a acreditar nesta fórmula de insucesso...

"Quatro dos mais importantes e activos músicos Portuenses, liderados por Paulo Gomes, estreiam este grupo dedicado exclusivamente à exploração do repertório escrito pelos seus elementos, e eventualmente por outros compositores e amigos. A incoerência, a falta de um fio condutor, a insinuação da quase ausência de projecto e a falta de diálogo no grupo, são os factores que mais valorizamos. Paulo Gomes "

Robert Lepage, Ex Machina and Betty Bonifassi present SLĀV: a theatrical odyssey based on slave songs (Festival International de Jazz de Montréal)

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Ivo Perelman / Matthew Shipp / Jeff Cosgrove - Live in Baltimore (LEO RECORDS 2017)

Live In Baltimore constitutes one of the very few in-concert recordings in Perelman's huge catalog. Most of Ivo's CDs have been recorded in the studio. This set took place at An Die Musik, a small performance space for jazz, world-music, and classical concerts in an historic Baltimore townhouse. It has an excellent piano and has 75 armchairs for listeners - "velvet armchairs," Perelman points out. "And it was a Sunday afternoon. It was like playing in grandma's living room." And it was with a new drummer Jeff Cosgrove.

01 Live in Baltimore 51:21

Ivo Perelman / Matthew Shipp - Live in Brussels CD 1 (LEO RECORDS 2017)

This concert is a tour de force apart from their wonderful studio albums. It expresses the extraordinary generosity, simplicity, and complicity between these two musicians. The inventive continuity of their travels, over the course of ninety minutes, is the fruit of a rare and unusual capacity to improvise the content of their lives on the spot.

01 Part 1
02 Part 2

Ivo Perelman / Matthew Shipp - Live in Brussels CD 2 (LEO RECORDS 2017)

01 Set 2 (Live)
02 Encore (Live)

Ivo Perelman / Matthew Shipp / Nate Wooley - Philosopher's Stone (LEO RECORDS 2017)

With this recording Ivo Perelman introduces a new member into his circle, the great trumpeter Nate Wooley. The original working title of this album was Alchemy. The revised title Philosopher's Stone refers to the mythic material sought by alchemists of the Middle Ages, who fervently believed that it could turn common metals into silver or gold — and, not incidentally, confer immortality. Here, the materials are anything but common. But the music — thanks to the science of recording, and the magic of these empathetic improvisers — will remain long after the moments in which it first took shape.

1. Part 1 2:31
2. Part 2 3:51
3. Part 3 3:04
4. Part 4 3:26
5. Part 5 5:54
6. Part 6 5:24
7. Part 7 6:00
8. Part 8 7:36
9. Part 9 4:17
10. Part 10 7:31

Ivo Perelman / Matthew Shipp / Joe Hertenstein - Scalene (LEO RECORDS 2017)

First It was Jeff Cosgrove, then Bobby Kapp, and now it is yet another new drummer Joe Hertenstein. Says Ivo: "I'm opening up to every musician on earth. It's not that I have exhausted the musical potential with my favorite gang. But it's time to expand and this will reflect a growth within my gang. If you socialize and talk with other people, it's good for your old friends too." With new friends like Hertenstein, no one's complaining.

1 Part 1 6:44
2 Part 2 4:05
3 Part 3 3:54
4 Part 4 6:42
5 Part 5 4:15
6 Part 6 4:35
7 Part 7 5:55
8 Part 8 5:19
9 Part 9 3:28
10 Part 10 5:23