Wednesday, August 11, 2021

Projectwhatever & Julian Anderson-Bowes - Sixteen Ways (August 2021)

Sixteen Ways is a distillation of two days of fully improvised music making by Projectwhatever and Julian Anderson-Bowes. Recorded in a church sanctuary in the east end of Toronto in May of 2021, the album captures the duo spontaneously creating forms, seeking one another as well as looking within, and often arriving together at a place of harmony after many months apart. Here you'll find an array of emotional states, brought on by fresh, open ears and a vulnerability cultivated by almost a decade of collaboration. We hope this music can be at its best, healing; a wave to ride inward and balance the light and dark and funny sides of us. We sincerely hope you enjoy the journey!

1. ... 00:37
2. Ode to Optimism 02:13
3. Messiah 04:23
4. Two Ways, Pt. 1 01:51
5. Two Ways, Pt. 2 04:46
6. Ghibli 02:23
7. NY Pretzels 03:09
8. .... 00:29
9. The Bell Song 04:49
10. Mambo Paupo 02:58
11. Murky Water 01:39
12. Feelings in A Major 02:38
13. Elephantasy 02:40
14. Mediterranean 03:35
15. ..... 00:36
16. Fermentation 03:14

Piano by Projectwhatever (James Hill)
Acoustic Bass by Julian Anderson-Bowes

Engineered, Mixed and Mastered by James
Produced by James and Julian

Album Art by Klara Vanzella Yang

This music was created in the traditional territories of the Anishinaabe, the Haudenosaunee, the Wendat and the Mississaugas of the Credit River. We are grateful to be able to live, work and create on this land.

Futari (Taiko Saito & Satoko Fujii) - Underground Vol​.​2 (August 2021)

Taiko Saito and Satoko Fujii overdubbed each solo on the other's solo to make duo music under the pandemic situation.

1. Air 07:04
2. Meeresspiegel 04:08
3. finite or infinite 08:06
4. One Note Techno Punks 04:13

Misha Mengelberg - Berlin Solo 1987 (August 2021)

When Misha Mengelberg departed in 2017, among the things he left behind was an archive of cassettes and DAT tapes, primarily public performances that had been professionally recorded but never released for one reason or another.

We are working to make these recordings public in as complete a manner as possible, with the acknowledgment that we currently know very little about most of their origins outside of whatever cryptic descriptor is written on the cassette case. This one, for example, simply says: "17-18-4-88 berlijn solo", indicating that this music was recorded on the 17th and 18th of April 1988 in Berlin; however, incoming research suggests that the correct year of this recording is actually 1987. Further research is ongoing, more detail to come.

In terms of the track labelling/credits, the decision has been made to leave the tracks as unedited improvisations despite Misha's brief or extended explorations of composed pieces within those sets.

1. Set 1 Part 1 16:55
2. Set 1 Part 2 23:18
3. Set 2 Part 1 21:23
4. Set 2 Part 2 15:31

Misha Mengelberg piano

Nala Sinephro - Live at Real World Studios with Edward Wakili​-​Hick & Dwayne Kilvington (August 2021)

Caribbean-Belgian composer, producer and musician Nala Sinephro fuses meditative sounds, jazz sensibilities, folk and field recordings. Her musical practice is rooted in the study of frequency and geometry and guided by the premise that sound moves matter. 

1. Live at Real World Studios with Edward Wakili-Hick & Dwayne Kilvington 16:06

Nala Sinephro: Harp, Modular Synths
Edward Wakili-Hick: Drums
Dwayne Kilvington: Synth Bass

Recorded by Oli Jacobs at Real World Studios
Mixed, Produced by Nala Sinephro
Mastered by Rick David
Released by NTS, 2021