Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Playlist for Tom Ossana – The Thin Edge – May 31, 2017 MST 7:00 to 9:00p.m.

http://www.kzmu.org/listen.m3u ~ Use this link to access the show online.

Clax Quartet - Les Poussieres (LE MAXIPHONE COLLECTIF 2017)

Démarré en trio en 2013, Clax a roulé sa bosse dans des lieux très divers et bien souvent hors des salles de spectacles.

L'envie d'une exploration plus approfondie de cette aventure musicale sans frontières nécessitait une recrue supplémentaire. Clax se fait donc quartet en compagnie d'Anne Colas et de ses flûtes.

Trop jazz pour être trad', trop trad' pour être jazz, trop déjanté pour de la musique de chambre... Une chose est sûre, c'est une musique libérée des cases!

Un répertoire de compositions originales qui marie de façon inédite la vielle électroacoustique, les clarinettes, les flûtes, les saxophones traités avec un dispositif électronique pour un voyage aux confins des musiques traditionnelles, du jazz, des musiques improvisées, du rock...

Fred Pouget
Composition, Clarinettes

Gilles Chabenat
Composition, Vielle électroacoustique

Anne Colas

Guillaume Schmidt
Composition, Saxophones, Electronique

Tritono - Quintessence (2017)

El disco ha sido grabado en enero de 2017, con la colaboración especial de Sergio García un excelente Saxofonista, y ahora mismo se encuentra en la fase de mezcla con el genial Alberto Mendez “Naranja”.

Desde su creación y primeras actuaciones, allá por noviembre 2015, Tritono casi ha cumplido dos años de vida y desde entonces hemos trabajado y compartido muchas experiencias juntos hasta llegar a donde estamos hoy, a punto de lanzar nuestro primer trabajo. Los músicos que formamos Tritono, Santi Bobet (guitarra),  Ruimán Martín (bajo)  y Akior García (batería), ya hemos trabajado antes en otras formaciones. Fue nuestra pasión por la música y en especial por el jazz lo que hizo que nos reuniéramos y creásemos un proyecto juntos para satisfacer nuestra curiosidad, tocar y crear nuestras propias composiciones.

“El Arte tiene que aspirar siempre a ser clásico; es decir, a durar. Ahora, para durar en el porvenir, tiene que servir en el presente. No hay nada clásico para mañana que no haya sido moderno hoy, que no haya sido representativo del hoy” 
Extracto del libro Quintaesencia de Antonio Gala

1. Quintessence 07:26
2. Symmetry Breaking 05:02
3. Al otro lado 08:30
4. Adiós amigo 05:12
5. Cambios 05:48
6. Redes 06:13
7. Closing summer 04:04
8.n Doble o nada 06:59

Special Guest: 
Sergio García (Sax)

Dave Chisholm - Instrumental (Graphic Novel Soundtrack) 2017

In the small hours of the morning, on a headlong collision into history, ambition, and magic, a trumpeter wails in the apocalypse. 

“You are making it happen. All the deaths. All the destruction.”

Tom is a solid, but not great, musician. While his bandmates are happy to play gigs for themselves at their own clubs, drinking free beer and shooting the breeze, Tom aches for the next level, whatever that is. And as musicians are wont to do in magical fables, he meets a mysterious stranger with a seemingly simple offer: take a battered old trumpet for free, and just enjoy it, no exchanges and no strings. Whenever Tom plays it, the extraordinary music blows away his growing throngs of fans, and deadly mishaps start to follow. Tom may not have sold his soul for the music of the heavens, but he seems to have bargained away something much more serious. 

From the critically acclaimed jazz musician Dave Chisholm, Instrumental is a high-spirited, suspenseful, formally inventive, visually musical graphic novel, an epic yet intimate riff on our longing search for what's next. 

Instrumental includes a download of an original jazz soundtrack, composed and performed by author Dave Chisholm.

1. The Void
2. Celebration
3. Costumes
4. Decompression
5. Paranoia
6. Death and the Narrator
7. Best of Luck



Lo Greco Bros - Different Standards (IRMA RECORDS 2017)

The album cover illustrates this concept graphically: a set of songs performed by different singers and played by different musicians as the many colours found in music. The featured guests are: Alice Ricciardi, one of the best Italian jazz vocalists who lives between Rome and New York and has had many releases for prestigious labels such as Blue Note and Inner Circle; Alan Farrington, English singer and guitar player with strong blues roots; Julia St Louis, a singer of English origins that for many years has been performing on the most important Stages in Europe and last but not least, the unforgettable Doctor Felix, who unfortunately has passed away a short while ago, he was one of the most beloved music personalities in Italy, famous for his performances on radio and television and for Its countless features in many Records.

1 Darling 00:04:37
2 It's Wonderful 00:04:03
3 Friendly Pressure 00:04:39
4 Day by Day 00:05:36
5 Jazz Fever 00:06:01
6 You and Us 00:05:22 
7 Invitation 00:06:33
8 Just in Time 00:04:26 
9 Dog Step 00:03:30