Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Playlist for Tom Ossana – The Thin Edge – July 19, 2017 MST 7:00 to 9:00p.m.

http://www.kzmu.org/listen.m3u ~ Use this link to access the show online

Kris Funn - CornerStore (2017)

At age 23, Kristopher began touring internationally with alto saxophonist Kenny Garrett. Since then, he has traveled to every major jazz festival in the world touching six continents performing with artists including Christian Scott, Kamasi Washington, Sean Jones, Benny Golson, Keyon Harold, Bruce Williams, Nicholas Payton, Warren Wolf, Pharoah Sanders, Jeff Lorber and many others.

Rob Mazurek - Rome (CLEAN FEED RECORDS 2017)

To date, celebrated Chicago musician Rob Mazurek’s solo endeavors have focused on his modular synthesizer and keyboard musings.

On “Rome,” Mazurek’s sensitivity on cornet is at the fore, but we also find him using various electronics, and seated at a piano. Here the presence of the piano is expanded. He plays it conventionally, with preparation, with direct manipulation of the piano’s interior, and as a resonator for his cornet to create ethereal, otherworldly overtones.

“Rome” was recorded and broadcast live for Italy’s Rai Radiotre Suite Jazz. The resulting recording captures the unique sensibilities of this master. Three decades of experimentation in creative improvisation, post-rock, noise and electronic music, and subverted world music lead Mazurek here. This refined solo recording offers listeners access to a new, distilled approach to his sound expression, which at times on this recording resembles contemporary classical music as much as any of these other disciplines. The sound, rich with raw emotion and spiritual contemplation, speaks for itself. Do not miss it.

Rob Mazurek is a composer, cornetist, and improviser, whose broad electro-acoustic palette defies simple categorization. His work has earned him a reputation as a respected figure in the international creative music and avant-jazz scenes. He is known for his expansive vision and vast catalog of over 350 compositions and 65 recordings. He leads and composes for projects ranging in size from solo to orchestra. His work has been featured in The Wire, DownBeat, the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times and the Chicago Tribune.

1. Twombly at New Church 9:23
2. Gazing Through Walls (Two Paintings by Caravaggio) 6:35
3. King of Rome (For Pino Saulo) 15:23
4. Sweet Life in Disrepair (For Fellini) 17:30

Rob Mazurek: cornet, piano, prepared piano, electronics

Rotem Sivan Trio - Antidote (AIMA RECORDS 2017)

Antonio Sanchez 
Rotem Sivan has carved a place for himself in the New York jazz scene through his daring improvisation, astute band leading and technical ability but above all his lyricism and musicality.

“Antidote” is a smartly crafted combination of all these qualities in a beautiful package. The album never gets boring as the trio keeps moving throughout a wide variety of moods and soundscapes with musicality always being the prevalent force. Rotem has been one of the guitar players to watch for sometime now. This album establishes him as a force on the scene.

Peter Bernstein 
"Rotem Sivan is one of the most creative and adventurous guitarists on the scene today. He has a great imagination and the technical abilities to communicate what is inside that imagination. More importantly, he has the courage and confidence to follow his musical ideas and impulses through to create something that is all his own."

Pat Martino  
"When a statement is achieved with such precision, what's captured attains an importance that shall last. Antidote is a special recording, and it shall fulfill many guitar aficionados without question".

Ari Hoeing
"Rotem has remarkable facility and the trio creates a beautiful vibe with some unexpected turns on Antidote."

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01. Shahar 3:14
02. Antidote 2:52
03. Over the Rainbow (feat. Gracie Terzian) 3:18
04. Reconstruction 3:26
05. Aloof 2:39
06. Sun Song 4:47
07. Rustic Heart 2:54
08. Make You Feel My Love 4:41
09. Knives 1:55
10. For Emotional Use Only 6:53
11. Outro / Brochim Ha Nimtzaim 1:14

Haggai Cohen Milo - Bass
Colin Stranahan - Drums

Eric Revis - Sing Me Some Cry (CLEAN FEED RECORDS 2017)

Whether frontier his own ensembles with colleagues like Orrin Evans, Nasheet Waits, Kris Davis, Andrew Cyrille, Darius Jones and Jason Moran, double bassist Eric Revis has established himself as much for his experimentations into the unknown as with mainstream jazz forms (Branford Marsalis Quartet, Betty Carter). On his newest album as a leader, “Sing Me Some Cry” (Clean Feed), he goes a long way beyond anything he’s achieved before. “Sing” is the next step beyond 2013’s “Parallax” (Clean Feed), his first recorded pairing with multi-reedist and MacArthur Fellow Ken Vandermark, the Chicago experimental scion. It shows Revis’ astoundingly flexible range with a huge grounded sound.

Vandermark returns to this session in a quartet with Kris Davis (Revis’ frequent trio partner in a handful of recorded dates with drummer Andrew Cyrille), and a former Chicagoan, Chad Taylor, whom the bassist employed on his acclaimed 2014 quartet session “In Memory of Things Yet Seen.”  Together, they reinforce the idea that the identity of the music is relative to context and shared experience.

The various points of departure sprouting from each player’s unique identity fit within the same context because of a shared willingness to experiment with sound and form. Modern creative music is invariably composed of multiple sensibilities. This recording explores these qualities, confirming what has already been said about Revis’ personal aesthetic — one committed to the “stretching the jazz fabric without ripping it apart.”  So, in “Sing Me Some Cry” you have traditional vocabulary, free-bop and more, with a continued indifference to established aesthetic ideologies.

2. Good Company 8:01
3. Pt 44 5:29
4. Solstice....The Girls (For Max & Xixi) 5:40
5. Obliogo 5:08
6. Rye Eclipse 9:29
7. Rumples 5:45
8. Drunkard's Lullaby 4:49
9. Glyph 5:49

Eric Revis  double bass
Ken Vandermark  tenor saxophone and clarinet
Kris Davis  piano
Chad Taylor  drums