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Vitor Pereira Quintet - Somewhere in the Middle (December 5, 2018) + UK Autumn Tour

Vitor Pereira Quintet
“Somewhere in the Middle” album release
and UK tour

“Somewhere in the middle” is the title of the third album of original music by this London based contemporary jazz band.

It embodies an idea which naturally spilt from this music where the audience meet the musicians in a symbiotic middle plane of mutual stimulation.

With a variety of influences from “Vijay Iyer” to “Queens of the stone age”, this compositions are carefully thought to fulfil a mixed bag of particular tastes of a refined but diverse audience whilst at the same time they offer excellent platforms for the musicians to shape and bend the music as they please and feel on the moment.

Being it a thrill for head-banging guitar riffs or the complexity of contrapuntal interweaving melodic lines, this music will induce a comprehensive and contrasting journey.

We live in a polarised world today, both musically and socially and although the fringes can be very trending, this album tends to sit on the idea that there’s plenty of space to be innovative and unique when you navigate in the middle.

The choice of musicians was equally important. All of them are extremely open and versatile musicians which understand the music very well and naturally take a lot of liberties both on the written and improvised material.

This is essential for the music to have the elastic and organic sound it has as well as to produce the cohesive nature of this album’s idea.

Vitor Pereira

Vitor Pereira was born in Porto/Portugal where he studied mainly classical music and classical guitar.
His interest in Jazz took him to participate in seminars and private lessons with the likes of Pat Metheny, Jonathan Kreisberg, Gilad Hekselman or Aaron Goldberg to name a few and ultimately led him to London in 2004 to study at the “Middlesex University”.

Living in London since then he is an active name in the UK and Europe playing with names like: James Allsopp, Asaf Sirkis, Josh Arcoleo, Binker Goldings, Marc Demuth, etc…

Leading his quintet, Vitor has published two albums and had several radio plays, interviews and numerous performances across Europe like the “Portajazz festival” in Porto.

Vitor Pereira Quintet

Chris Williams - alto sax
Alam Nathoo - tenor sax
Mick Coady - bass
Adam Teixeira - drums

UK Tour - Autumn 2018

08/11/2018 - Cardiff - Cafe Jazz
09/11/2018 - Bristol - Bebop Club
10/11/2018 - Shrewsbury - The Hive
12/11/2018 - Manchester - The Whiskey Jar
13/11/2018 - Birmingham - The Spotted Dog
16/11/2018 - Birmingham - Jazzlines
17/11/2018 - Brighton - The Verdict
18/11/2018 - Southampton - Southampton Modern Jazz Club
05/12/2018 - London - The Vortex
Official release date

BRUUT! - V (DOX RECORDS November 30, 2018)

To the surrealism of Quentin Tarantino films, second-hand records and old Westerns… To the vibe of lava lamps and Photoshopped boogaloo… To a 1960s that is as unfocused as the 1960s you see on YouTube…Bruut! swings hard. Bruut! balances the colourful with the unpolished, and the danceable with the listenable. In short: Bruut! is all about super jazz.

Maarten Hogenhuis - alto & tenor saxophone
Folkert Oosterbeek - hammond organ, far sa compact, vox continental, korg polysix, mellotron, piano and harmonium
Thomas Rolff - double bass
Felix Schlarmann - drums

1. Lopez
2. Maestro
3. Phteven
4. Bud
5. Watkins
6. Vox
7. Klets
8. Les
9. Hemiola
10. Peewee

Produced by BRUUT! & Paul Willemsen

All compositions by M. Hogenhuis, F. Oosterbeek, T. Rolff & F. Schlarmann

Engineered & Recorded by Wouter Bude and Paul Willemsen
at Moon Music Studio, Maasbracht
Mixed by Paul Willemsen
Mastered by Bob Olhsson at Audio Mastery

Tambourines by Paul Willemsen

Illustration by Darrin Umboh / Shop Around
Layout and design by Meinder Verheggen

BRUUT! is dressed by Michael & Giso
Maarten Hogenhuis plays a Remy Tenor Saxophone

Benjamin Herman - Bughouse (DOX RECORDS 2018)

Benjamin Herman got his first saxophone at the age of twelve. At thirteen he was already playing on the professional club circuit. By the time he was twenty years old he was appearing with different groups around the world and initiating projects of his own. His fame spread beyond jazz circles in the 1990s when he formed the groundbreaking ensemble New Cool Collective. Having made a name as soloist while still a teenager, Benjamin Herman has appeared on over a hundred records with all kinds of artists, from Candy Dulfer to Misha Mengelberg. Herman has also built a career in The Netherlands and abroad as a composer. With New Cool Collective as well as with his smaller bands. He is a well respected craftsman who’s playing is firmly rooted in jazz tradition. His gigs are strongly influenced by dance floor jazz, surf and punk music, free jazz and traditional music from all over the world, attracting adventurous music fans of all genres as well as straight ahead jazz aficionados.

Today Benjamin Herman is one of the most original and productive jazz musicians in the Netherlands exploring influences beyond the confines of the jazz world. After starting his own record label ‘Roach Records’ in 2004 Benjamin Herman produced a string of cd’s and vinyl’s. He recorded and toured with amongst others Paul Weller, Dr. John, Tony Allen, Stan Tracey, Misha Mengelberg, Han Bennink, Peter Maffay, programmed several festivals, played all over the globe and worked on numerous personal projects. Amongst many awards and prizes are the prestigious VPRO/Boy Edgar Award and ‘Best Dressed man’ by Esquire magazine.

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Reinier Baas – Guitar
Peter Peskens – Bass Guitar, Lovetone -?-
Olav van den Berg – Drums

Announcement by Ruth Dreier

1. Announcement 00:38
2. Arrival Of The Swifts 02:26
3. The Rubber Room 02:39
4. One For Xero 01:27
5. 五十 02:03
6. Les Boulevardiers 02:45
7. Lovetone 03:59
8. Merrylegs 02:06
9. Pushhändel 01:20
10. Pipa Club 04:05
11. Steven Norman's True Sax 02:52
12. Lizard Waltz 01:59
13. Treat It Gentle 01:44
14. Gulli Gulli 03:21
15. Zippit 04:05

Recorded by Menno Bakker at Amsterdam Recording Company
Mixed by Joeri Saal at Studio 150
Mastered by Zlaya at Loud
Cover art by Gnot Guedin
Cover design by Meinder Verheggen

Produced by Benjamin Herman for ROACH RECORDS
Executive producer Benjamin Herman

All songs written by Benjamin Herman except ‘Moeder Aller Oorlogen’ by Misha Mengelberg and ‘The Rise And Fall Of the Duke Of Waalwijk’ by Reinier Baas

New Cool Collective - XXV (DOX RECORDS 2018)

September 14th of this year we released a special album to celebrate our 25th anniversary. The album XXV represents a small part of what we have documented as New Cool Collective in the last 25 years and consists of 10 handpicked songs.

Track list
A1. Flootie (NCC Big Band)
A2. Scuzzy Skank
A3. Devastated
A4. Limakwa (Live)
A5. Pachinko (NCC Big Band)
B1. Big Mondays
B2. Perry
B3. Thierno
B4. The Things You Love (NCC & Matt Bianco)
B5. Jules (Live)

The record is available digitally and physically on vinyl (limited edition, numbered and colored). Order now in our webshop.

Jacob Duncan Quintet (feat. JD Allen) - It's Alright To Dream (2018)

Jacob Duncan's It's Alright To Dream is a tour de force, a moment of pure earthy connection. Duncan has created an environment that celebrates some of his personal heroes, as well as the complexity of individualism and place. Duncan and his musical companions put it all on the table, moving through the celebrations with humor, intensity, swinging authenticity, and unencumbered soul.

There are no shortages of risk and conversation in this collection of compositions and improvisations based squarely in the tradition and spirit of jazz, blues, and storytelling. The individualism on display is memorable, abstract, and organic.

JD Allen - tenor saxophone
John Goldsby - bass
Gabriel Evens - piano
Mike Hyman - drums

1. Oomamaboomba Boulevard 06:18
2. Cartoons 05:47
3. Don't Count The Days 07:29
4. It's Alright To Dream 05:25
5. Dear Isadora 05:58
6. Nached Up 06:02
7. Kentucky Mud Shuffle 06:04

Introducing Collective Order, Volume Three (November 23, 2018)

Volume Three marks another important step in the
evolution of Toronto’s Collective Order. Having
released two volumes of music, they have solidified
a vision for the future of the project: “Looking
ahead, Collective Order plans to continue to become
more inclusive and to better reflect the musical and
cultural diversity of Toronto.”

With Volume Three, the band has created a
collection of compositions inspired by individual
band members’ cultural backgrounds and personal
experiences. Toronto is a collection of incredibly
diverse and culturally rich communities, and in this
collaborative project, the band aims to eliminate
imaginary boundaries and establish new musical

In keeping with the collaborative nature of
Collective Order, the opening title is a composition
written to accompany a traditional land
acknowledgement by Indigenous artist Melanie

Collective Order will be releasing Volume 3 on
Friday, November 23, 2018. The release will be
celebrated with a performance at Gallery 345 in

Chris Adriaanse - Bass
Julian Anderson-Bowes - Bass
Jocelyn Barth - Vocals
Mike Campbell - Drums
Belinda Corpuz - Vocals
Ewen Farncombe - Keys
Jon Foster - Drums
Marie Goudy - Trumpet
Murray Heaton - Saxophone
Joanna Majoko - Vocals
Andrew McAnsh - Trumpet
Andrew Miller - Drums
Liam Stanley - Guitar
Emily Steinwall - Saxophone
Laura Swankey - Vocals
Colin Story - Guitar
Sarah Thawer - Drums
Ethan Tilbury - Bass
Joel Visentin - Keys
Connor Walsh - Bass
Nebyu Yohannes - Trombone

1. Land Acknowledgement 2:14
2. Meadow Lane 5:23
3. Theme for Lake Ontario pt. 1 0:21
4. Theme for Lake Ontario pt. 2 6:33
5. Will You Love Me 7:09
6. Tulip 5:18
7. I Hear You 8:18
8. Mileage 4:53
9. Edward 8:04
10. Mis Dos Países 5:48
11. Cascading 4:12
12. Palinoia 5:49
13. Meegwetch 1:38