Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Jerry Bergonzi - Dog Star (SAVANT 2017)

Jerry Bergonzi has been making records for decades – yet lately, he seems to be finding an even fresher way forward – with a set like this that can grab us right from the very first note, and having us get excited all over again about his music! Bergonzi's tenor sound is tremendous – that raw tone that's been building up right from the start – but maybe the strongest element here is the group, which seems to have this soaring vision that's even more than the sum of its parts – driven on by this excellent presence on bass from Johnny Aman, whose dark notes really color the music, and open up the moodiest side of Bergonzi's music – alongside the excellent Carl Winther on piano, who wrote songs on the record alongside Jerry – plus Phil Grenadier on trumpet, and Anders Mogensen on drums. The trumpet/tenor pairing, quite familiar in jazz, somehow manages to find all these new places throughout – bursting out beautifully on titles that include "Pleiades", "Dog Star", "Darkness", "Live Stream", "Vertigo", and "Repor-Pa-Int".

1. Pleiades 9:56
2. Dog Star 5:27
3. Vertigo 5:59
4. Live Stream 5:51
5. Repore-Pa-int 10:37
6. Darkness 4:10
7. Separated 8:00
8. Darf 4:39

Jerry Bergonzi, tenor saxophone
Phil Grenadier, trumpet
Carl Winther, piano
Johnny Åman, bass
Anders Mogensen, drums

Playlist for Tom Ossana – The Thin Edge – October 11, 2017 MST 7:00 to 9:00p.m.

http://www.kzmu.org/listen.m3u ~ Use this link to access the show online.

Rachel Therrien Quintet - Why Don't You Try (WDYT) 2017

Trumpeter, composer, and bandleader, Rachel Therrien already boasts an enviable CV. Known for her very personal signature, she has developed a reputation as a highly-skilled, versatile and creative artist. Winner of the 2015 TD Grand Prize Jazz Award at the Montreal International Jazz Festival and the 2016 Stingray Jazz Rising Star Award, where she presented her second album Home Inspiration, “an emotionally charged show filled improv and exceptional musical orchestration” -FIJM. Therrien just launched “Pensamiento” her new afro-colombian inspired jazz album recorded with 12 musicians in Bogota, Colombia, and she’s starting the production of a third album with her Montreal Quitet.

Native of Rimouski (eastern Quebec, Canada), Rachel is considered one of the most promising jazz musicians in the Québec music scene, playing in a variety of music styles and enriching her talent through experiences from many different cultures. She has shared stages in clubs and concerts all around North and South America as well as the Caribbean with such world-class musicians as Roberto Fonseca, Tony Allen, DIVA Jazz Orchestra, Claudio Roditti, Ken Peplowski, Paquito D’Rivera, Bryan Lynch, David Buchbinder, Pedrito Martinez, Julie Lamontagne, Frédéric Alarie, Beth McKenna Big Band, La Wey Segura, Tylor Mitchel, Benito Gonzales, Vic Vogel, Yacouba Sissoko, Geraldo Piloto, Achilles Liarmakopoulos, Michel Legrand, Carole Welsman, Alex Bellegarde, and great music groups as Nomadic Massive, Mariachi Flor de Toloache, Marco Calliari, Yves Lambert, Lynda Tali, Wesli Band, The Franklin Electric, Skah Shah, Klimax, Orquesta Anacaona. She also worked for Canadian TV Show “Belle et Bum” which lead her to share the stage with great artist such as Marie-Josée Lord, Alex Nevsky, Mara Tremblay, Daniel Boucher, Stéphanie Bédard, Lisa Leblanc, Joseph Edgar, and New York based famous folk singer Joseph Arthur. READ MORE...

1. Spectrum 02:26
2. Why Don't You Try 04:25
3. Demi-Nuit 06:44
4. Adirondack Jump 05:12
5. Hayde Santamaria 05:49
6. CRS 05:44
7. Omelette Coleman 03:34
8. I Am Alone 06:11
9. Tomber En Cinq 04:08
10. Rocket Launch 05:35
11. Miroé 04:38

Rachel Therrien - Trumpet & Composition (1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 8) 
Benjamin Deschamps - Sax & Composition (3) 
Charles Trudel - Piano & Composition (10) 
Simon Page - Bass & Composition (7, 9) 
Alain Bourgeois - Drum & Composition (11)

Recording: Robert Langlois, Studio 270. 
Mix: Olivier St-Pierre, Studio Tone Bender. 
Mastering: Francois Chauvette. 
Picture Front Cover: Pascale Méthot. 
Picture Back Cover: Nicolas Boulay. 
Design: Gwendal Creurer. 

« Ce projet a été rendu possible en partie grâce au gouvernement du Canada et au Grand Prix TD 2015 du Festival International de Jazz de Montréal ». 

(C) 2017 Rachel Therrien. All right reserved. Unauthorized reproduction, copying, hiring, lending, public performance and broadcasting of this recording prohibited. Made in Canada. 

Toni Vaquer and The Voodoo Children Collective · Volume 1 (FRESH SOUND RECORDS 2017)

The Voodoo Children Collective es una orquestra que nace de la mano de Toni Vaquer en Boston y tiene como objetivo principal la exploración en profundidad del sonido de big band. Abriendo el abanico de influencias e inspirándose en contextos musicales fuera del jazz, la banda busca narrar una pequeña historia en cada pieza. The VCC germina en la primavera de 2014 en Boston fruto de la colaboración entre artistas del New England Conservatory y del Berklee College of Music. Posteriormente, Vaquer traslada el proyecto a Barcelona donde ha grabado el CD “Voodoo Kids Vol. 1”.

01. The Voodoo Kids (Toni Vaquer) 9:48
Solos: Vicent Pérez & Joan Mas

02. Nosferatu (Albert Bover) 11:51
Solos: Albert Bover & Marco Mezquida

03. Preludio (Natsuko Sugao) 9:08
Conducting: Iván González
Solo: Natsuko Sugao 

04. Not Just the Blues (Pau Sala) 10:05
Solos: Pol Padrós, Marcel·lí Bayer, Enrique Olive & Albert Bover

05. La hormiga y las mariposas (Jorge Rossy) 6:46
Solos: Jorge & Félix Rossy

06. Hora Fèrtil (Marco Mezquida) 6:41
Conducting: Julián Sánchez
Solos: Marco Mezquida, Miguel 'Pintxo' Villar & Santi De la Rubia

07. Cincuatres (Jaume Llombart) 5:43
Solo: Jaume Llombart 

08. El mar está agitado (Amaiur González) 11:12
Conducting: Albert Cirera
Solos: Albert Cirera, Ramon Prats & Amaiur González

09. Doni Doni (Toni Vaquer) 5:06
Solos: Enrique Oliver & Santi De la Rubia

Toni Vaquer arranger and conductor

Pep Garau, Julián Sánchez, Iván González, Pol Padrós, Natsuko Sugao (trumpets & flugelhorns), Vicent Pérez, Aram Montagut, Rita Payés (trombones), Amaiur González (tuba), Joan Mas (ato sax), Miguel 'Pintxo' Villar (soprano, alto & tenor sax) Gorka Garay (clarinet, flute, alto flute), Albert Cirera, Santi De la Rubia (soprano & tenor saxes), Marcel·lí Bayer (ato & baritone sax, clarinet, bass clarinet), Luís Rocha (bass clarinet) Jaume Llombart (guitar), Albert Bover, Marco Mezquida (piano, keyboard), Marc Cuevas, Pau Sala (bass), Ramon Prats, Roger Gutiérrez (drums).

Guests: Enrique Oliver (tenor sax on #1,4 & 5), Jorge Rossy (vibes on #1 & 5, drums on #6), Félix Rossy (trumpet on #5).

Recorded at Sala Omega, Taller de Músics, Barcelona, January 4 & 5, 2017

Recording engineer: David Casamitjana
Assistant: Marc Sangés
Mixed & mastered by David Casamitjana & Toni Castaño at Espai Sonor Montoliu, Montoliu de Segarra, June 2017

Artwork: Ana Golobart
Photography: Alexandra Garzón

Produced by Toni Vaquer
Executive producer: Jordi Pujol

George Cables - You Don't Know Me, Vol. 2 (2017)

1 Here's One 4:37
2 Go Down Moses 5:08
3 Going Home 4:42
4 Smoke Gets in Your Eyes 3:46
5 Señorita De Aranjuez 7:44
6 Looking for the Light 7:20
7 Waltz for Debby 5:27
8 Stella by Starlight 4:22
9 Morning Song 6:20
10 Ana Marie 5:20
11 The Way We Were 7:33

George Cables, piano