Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Don Latarski - D'Trio (2016)

Don Latarski has released a new CD of original music called D’Trio. It features Jason Palmer on drums and long time collaborator Mark Schneider on bass. This trio has been together for 20 years and it shows on this new disc. The eight songs are all instrumental and draw on the wide ranging stylings of the band members and eclectic influences that Latarski incorporates in his music. Jazz harmonies abound, but melody and groove are the glue on these tracks which includes funk, ballad, bossa, and a touch of country. The recording took place at Crescent Studio in Eugene, Oregon in August 2015. This is the first recording of the Trio which captures the live interplay between the players and the give and take is evident throughout the songs.

Don Latarski, guitar
Mark Schneider, bass
Jason Palmer, drums

1. Pepperoo (feat. Mark Schneider & Jason Palmer) 5:35
2. Clakker's Revenge (feat. Mark Schneider & Jason Palmer) 7:41
3. Alpinista Azul (feat. Mark Schneider & Jason Palmer) 5:08
4. More Than Memories (feat. Mark Schneider & Jason Palmer) 4:50
5. Feral Logic (feat. Mark Schneider & Jason Palmer) 5:22
6. Up in the Air (feat. Mark Schneider & Jason Palmer) 5:05
7. Palavras Perdidas (feat. Mark Schneider & Jason Palmer) 4:46
8. Funkity (feat. Mark Schneider & Jason Palmer) 4:25


Playlist for Tom Ossana / Dane Brewer – The Thin Edge – April 13, 2016 MST 7:00 to 9:00p.m. ~ Use this link to access the show online.

"Make it short!" I tell my self before writing a summary. Let's see if I can do it!

Don Cheadle is Miles Davis in Sony's movie Miles Ahead. "Frelon Brun" (Brown Hornet) from the film gets the show started. The cut is notable as it marks an unique moment when Miles moves from bop/post bop/modal to the fusion that characterized his later work. Francesco Ciniglio with Aaron Parks (piano), Joe Sanders (bass) follows with the group's take on Bud Powell's "Dance of the Infidels" from his Fresh Sound Records 2016 Wood. Newcomer Adrienne Fenemor's 2016 Mo' Puddin' Featuring Peter Bernstein (2016) gives us a fascinating cover of "The Boss", penned by the legendary organist, Jimmy Smith. Closing this half-hour we go all the way back to 1948 when George Shearing finally got bop. "Consternation" is the miraculous result with Jimmy Fallon on bass and "Klook"-like bombs dropped by percussionist Norman Burns.


Gonzalo Rubalcaba returns from his 2016 5Passion CD Charlie, a dedication album celebrating the work of the late Charlie Haden with Haden's "Sandino", a reference to Augusto C. Sandino (1894-1934), the leader of a Nicaraguan guerrilla movement. 

Harmonicist Hendrik Meurkens makes his second appearance this month with a cover of Brubeck's "In Your Own Sweet Way" from his 2016 Height Advantage Harmonicus Rex. German pianist Joachim Kühn returns as well covering The Doors "The End" from his new ACT Beauty & Truth. Next, we go to Italy for one of their foremost pianists, Dado Moroni, and his cover of McCoy Tyner's "Contemplation" from his 2014 Five for John, a reference to recordings made by John Coltrane with, in this case, Tyner percussing the piano.


Danny Green Trio's Altered Narratives (Origin OA2 Records 2016) kicks off the third half-hour with his composition "Chatter from all Sides". A 2012 reissue of Germany's clarinetist Rolf Kühn 's 1965 AMIGA release, Solarius, follows with "Sie Gleicht Wohl Einem Rosenstock" ("You Probably Like a Rosebush" - a 1602 folk song) with his younger brother, pianist Joachim Kühn. Rolf, at 86, is still with us. Wayne Shorter's "Tom Thumb" is next as performed by the Ark Ovrutski Quintet - Intersection (Origin Records 2016) featuring Michael Dease's trombone, Michael Thomas' reeds and Helio Alves' piano. The Ukrainian Ark, no relation to Noah, arrived in New York a decade ago. Noah Preminger's 2016 Dark Was the Night, Cold Was the Ground brings this segment to a close with his cover of Richard M. Jones' "Trouble in Mind".

Romance begins with a request from a Salt Lake City avid listener. "Why Don't We Run Away" - a David Zippel tune - comes to us from Nancy LaMott's 1995 Midder Music Beautiful Baby. Newcomer Gonzalo del Val and his piano trio tackle Jobim's "Inutil Paisagem" from his 2016 Koiné. What's up all this intrigue with toes? From several sources I've received requests for Michael Frank's "Popsicle Toes" - this time performed by Diana Krall from her 1999 Verve When I Look in Your Eyes. Guillaume de Chassy & Daniel Yvinec's Songs From The Last Century (Bee Jazz 2009) is next with the piano trio's take on Leo Chauliac and Albert A Beach's "I Wish You Love" sung by one of our favorite male vocalists, Mark Murphy. Quincy Jones joins forces with Amy Winhouse in a performance of "It's My Party". Michal Franks brings us closer to bedtime with his penned "Your Secret's Safe with Me" from his 1985 Skin Dive.

Let's have some fun! TOM OSSANA

Tom Aldrich - Princes (2016)

Label: Self Released
Source: Tom Aldrich

“Princes” is a cycle of pieces arranged for an electric quartet. The music is a product of several years of analyzing my personal musical influences, and each piece represents my take on a specific set of models. The investigative listener can find hidden tributes to composers such as (among others) Wayne Shorter, Henri Dutilleux, Trey Anastasio, Maurice Ravel, Frank Zappa and David Shea. Taken together, all of the models constitute what, on a basic level, I understand about musical form. At the same time, I used the composing process as a way of working out a personal approach to harmonic and modal theory, which has been a focus of mine for many years.

In arranging the music, I decided on a stripped down approach inspired by the classic popular instrumental groups of the 60’s and 70’s, as well as later developments of this format.   The elegant and earthy sound of Booker T. and the M.G.’s was definitely a touchstone in this regard. I was also inspired in this direction by acquiring a vintage Philipps Philicorda electric organ, which I used throughout the composition and recording of this music. I was very lucky to be joined on the recording by an intensely talented and versatile group of musicians: Dutch new music stalwart Wiek Hijmans(guitar), jazz guitar heavyweight Kurt Rosenwinkel (in an appearance on bass), and the gifted and powerful young drummer Théo Lanau. The result is a kind of personal testimony about my experiences in the world of creative music, but also an organic whole which has a personality beyond the influences that contributed to it.

1. Bar Island Picnic (Partially Cloudy) 02:58
2. Knitting on a Red Bull 04:40
3. The Elusive, Bespectacled Woman in the All Night Donut Shop 04:03
4. Middle Jump 09:44
5. Earth Extended 08:13
6. Hurry Up So I Can Catch Up 02:09
7. Aspirations 05:28
8. Flash-april 06:18
9. Binary Daydream 04:08 

Tom Aldrich, electric organ
Wiek Hijmans, guitar
Kurt Rosenwinkel, bass
Théo Lanau, drums  


Nuf Said - Rise (2016)

R&B / Jazz / Funk - from New York City

Currently based in New York City, 'Nuf Said has been bringing it's unique musical recipe on tour to audiences around the world. 'Nuf Said got it's start in 2011 as an internationally diverse group of like-minded freelance musicians that met in New York, became good friends, and started collaborating together. Since the release of their debut album entitled "My Kind", 'Nuf Said has been featured on concerts, festivals, TV, and radio stations throughout the U.S.A, Europe, Canada, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore. With a style that combines strong influences from Funk, Jazz and R&B, the band has a unique group sound that emphasizes melodic vocals, infectious grooves and spontaneous improvisation. 'Nuf Said will be releasing a second album entitled "Rise", 2/19/16, on the Ropeadope label.

On A Darker Moon
It's Alright
Ring My Bell

Ioana Vintu: vocals
Matthias 'Pedals' Loescher: guitar
DJ Ginyard: electric bass
Peter Kronreif: drums, percussion

Steven Feifke: piano (track 9)
Rozhan Razman: bass (track 9)

Produced by 'Nuf Said 
Mixing and additional production by Wolfgang Schiefermair 
Edited by Johannes Felscher 
All Music composed by Ioana Vintu & Andrew Gould except for Track 1 (Peter Kronreif) and Track 7 (Matthias 'Pedals' Loescher) 
Lyrics by Ioana Vintu (Track 7 partially by Cole Porter) 
All music arranged by 'Nuf Said 
Artwork design by Jose Berrio


Phronesis - Parallax (2016)

Label: Edition Records

Parallax (noun) "the apparent displacement of an observed object due to a change in the position of the observer." This phenomenon is exactly how the listener new to Phronesis' oeuvre would perceive this, their sixth album recorded within the last decade.

"67000 MPH" for example, is a whistle stop tour of musically-defined gravitational resistance. The mad tempo changes and frequent erratic structural modulations characterise this frenetic opening number penned by Anton Eger. But in spite of this wild compositional metamorphosing the music is absolutely gripping. The initial fractured nature of Ivo Neame's "Ok Chorale" is soon resolved with undulating waves of light and shade from all three musicians playing together almost telepathically.

The tentative start to Jasper Hoiby's "Stillness," via sombre arco bass, belies its subsequent robustness propelled by Neame's florid piano and Eger's tumultuous rhythmic pulse. A breathing space is afforded in Neame's delicate ballad, "Kite For Seamus" at odds with the ensuing juddering explosions of Høiby's "Just 4 Now," his bass lines vibrantly percolating through the morass of piano and drums.

There is a considerable staccato element to Eger's "Ayu," emphasised by Eger's driving percussion, but typically there are paradoxical passages of near-tranquillity too. In contrast to the melee, Høiby's ballad "A Silver Moon" exudes sensitive fragility and a keen and haunting melody. The spaces here allow bass and piano in particular to interact magnificently.

In sections of Ivo Neame's aptly titled "Manioc Maniac" his rambunctious piano begins at times to channel Cecil Taylor whereas the concluding number, Eger's "Rabat," gradually resolves into a more coalescent form, centred around repeated chord patterns which permit some release to the built-up tension, finally drawing the piece to a relatively sedate close.

In truth, Phronesis are one of the most exciting jazz trios around. Although initially bassist Høiby's brainchild, the band is democratic both in terms of the prominence of all three musicians, each of whom are virtuosos in their own right, and also by the equal sharing of the composing duties. But crucially, the sheer energy that's generated from this album is simply phenomenal.  

67000 MPH
OK Chorale
Kite For Seamus
Just 4 Now
A Silver Moon
Manioc Maniac

Jasper Høiby: double bass
Ivo Neame: piano
Anton Eger: drums



Julien Alour Quintet - Cosmic Dance (2016)

Label: Gaya Music

Le jazzman originaire de Quimper Julien Alour nous présente son second opus baptisé Cosmic Dance. Succédant à l'excellent Williwaw, il réunit à nouveau François Théberge au saxophone ténor, Adrien Chicot au piano, Sylvain Romano à la contrebasse et Jean-Pierre Arnaud à la batterie. Le quintet mené par le trompettiste à l'écriture subtile et inventive, nous invite à travers 9 compositions originales et un standard à pénétrer dans un jazz acoustique aux couleurs chaudes et aux mélodies rassurantes.

Si le titre éponyme semble être extrait du répertoire d'Ibrahim Maalouf avec ses reflets orientalisant si reconnaissables, "Super Lateef" et son swing hard-bop nous inonde dès les premières mesures de cette lumière radieuse et essentielle qui découle bien sûr d'une formation à l'entente parfaite, mais aussi et surtout du jeu si juste, simple et jouissif de son leader, qui alterne à l'instar de ses illustres aînés, Miles Davis et Freddie Hubbard, trompette et le bugle.
Cette impression d'être au plus près des musiciens et de vivre leur jazz incandescent en live, amplifie cet état de béatitude dans lequel Cosmic Dance nous plonge, il semble être tout entier bâti sur l'idée de partage, d'échange et d'instantanéité, abattant les frontières et les distances, se jouant de l'histoire et des styles.
"Solstice" nous berce avec ses accents latins, "Le Bal des Panthères" nous titille les gambettes avec son afro-groove hypnotique et "Black Hole in D" nous impose son tempo énergique qui déboule à plus de 100km/h manquant de nous provoquer un arrêt cardiaque… "Think Of One" est l'unique reprise de l'album, Julien l'emprunte au répertoire de Thelonious Monk et le fait sonner avec grande classe, sans fioriture ni esbroufe.
Julien Alour et ses fidèles acolytes signent une nouvelle fois un effort de grande qualité que l'on ne se lasse pas d'écouter et de réécouter, tel les grands classiques du genre !

1  Cosmic Dance
2  Super Lateef
3  Chrysalide    
4  Parisian Cocotier
5  Big Bang    
6  Solstice    
7  Le bal des panthères
8  Black Hole in D    
9  Eternel    
10 Think of One

Julien Alour - trompette
François Théberge - saxophone ténor
Adrien Chicot - piano
Sylvain Romano - contrebasse
Jean-Pierre Arnaud - batterie


Jeremy Warren - I Can Do All Things (2016)

"Through being told I wasn't going to make it alive, would be blind, 4 cornea transplants, and in and out of the hospital I've accomplished more than half of my dreams in spite of my circumstances and handicaps." -Jeremy Warren

Street Date: June 1, 2016.  
Jeremy Warren - I Can Do All Things

CD Release Party 
Jeremy Warren & The Rudiment "I Can Do All Things" Album Release Show
Wed, Jun 1 @ 10:00 PM
Rockwood Music Hall, Stage 1, 196 Allen St., New York, NY 

"Jeremy was my student and part of my musical cohort at NYU for a semester. He is a very talented and soulful drummer who has a beautiful feel and a great musical understanding." Lenny Pickett (Saturday Night Live)

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