Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Matt Mitchell - Matt Mitchel plays Tim Berne: Førage (SCREWGUN RECORDS 2017)

The compositions of iconic saxophonist/bandleader Tim Berne have earned renown for their intensely kinetic, dizzyingly intricate quality as performed around the world by his various groups over the past four decades. With the album førage – available digitally and on CD from Screwgun – listeners have the chance to experience Berne’s music as never before, in versions for solo piano. Virtuoso pianist Matt Mitchell, a member of Berne’s hit band Snakeoil, has explored the full range of the composer’s songbook. In fact, Berne says: “No one knows my music better than Matt.” On førage, Mitchell devises mash-ups of multiple compositions, improvises new angles off the music, and often slows it down to reveal heretofore hidden beauties – limpid harmonies and ruminative melodies, like dark pearls unspooled.

Studio maestro David Torn – a longtime sonic co-conspirator with Berne, as well as producer of Mitchell’s past two albums – helmed the recording of førage. The cover artwork and distinctive CD package is by Steven Byram, who has worked hand in glove with Berne for decades (including the recent Screwgun publication of their joint art book, Spare).

1. PÆNË 04:15
2. TRĀÇĘŚ 09:56
3. ÀÄŠ 13:26
4. RÄÅY 07:09
5. ŒRBS 05:07
6. CLØÙDĒ 13:08
7. SÎÏÑ 04:58


All tūnes tīm bernë pãrty musįc bmï 
Sonic föraging:davîd torñ 
Engineered by dāniel goødwin 
Assistant:Michael Santoli 
Stevę Bÿram/ærty rėnderings 
Fôtos:Tīm Bernę 
Matt's fingérs:Daniel Goodwin 
Recorded at systems two brooklyn

Pauli Lyytinen Magnetia Orkesteri - I (ECLIPSE MUSIC 2017)

1. Revelations 09:10
2. Ljubljana 08:25
3. Will O' The Wisp 04:27
4. Adventurous Plushies 03:53
5. Lonesome Dreamer's Dance 03:45
6. Village Fool 06:13
7. Dawn In The Backwoods 02:32
8. Triangulum 06:42

Pauli Lyytinen - sax 
Verneri Pohjola - trumpet 
Mika Kallio - drums 
Eero Tikkanen - bass 

Compositions by Pauli Lyytinen 

Recorded at Finnvox Studios, Helsinki

Pauli Lyytinen Magnetia Orkesteri - Pauli Lyytinen Magnetia Orkesteri (WE JAZZ RECORDS 2017)

On the fifth release on the Grotto Editions X We Jazz 10" EP series, sax man Pauli Lyytinen steps up with a strong 4-tracker featuring Verneri Pohjola on trumpet, Eero Tikkanen on bass, and Mika Kallio on drums. The leader of the Helsinki-based quartet is known from other projects such as Mikko Innanen 10+ (in which the entire quartet is featured), Raoul Björkenheim eCsTaCy, and Elifantree. "Artist of the Year" at the 2017 Pori Jazz Festival, Finland's premiere jazz event, Lyytinen displays his ability of writing melodic fire music with ever-evolving momentum. 

Each of the group members is currently in the middle of an active period in their respective careers, with Pohjola experiencing well-deserved acclaim for his latest LP "Pekka", Tikkanen working on the new album with the Mopo trio, and Kallio performing lauded shows experimenting with the duo of percussion and a dancer. 

On GROTTO005, the quartet pools together their creative resources, presenting four original compositions by Lyytinen. They rely on their individial soloistic strengths and get a lot of mileage out of the group's strong interplay. Their sound should appeal to fans of Art Ensemble of Chicago, Andrew Cyrille, Byard Lancaster, and the indie label avantgarde movement of the late 60's/1970's, to mention but a few directions on the musical compass. That being said, the quartet shines in creating personal music which has a strong footing in the now.

1. Ljubljana 08:25
2. Lonesome Dreamer's Dance 03:45
3. Triangulum 06:42
4. Village Fool 06:13

Pauli Lyytinen, tenor and soprano saxophones
Verneri Pohjola, trumpet
Eero Tikkanen, bass
Mika Kallio, drums

Andreas Pettersson - Lau Backar, Gotland on Guitar (DO MUSIC RECORDS 2017)

A renowned, respected and exciting performer, Swedish Gibson-sponsored guitarist Andreas Pettersson is today more or less a household jazz name who here explores an alternative facet of his creativity for his tenth album, by reverting to his roots: Gotland, a picturesque island outside Sweden's east coast, is Pettersson's birth place and serves as the foundation for his inspiration to an album that indulges in the various unique localities of the island, accentuated in the booklet by Pettersson's inclusion of photographer Roland Hejdström's inspiring Gotland-visuals.

Pettersson's super-group consists of pianist Daniel Tilling, bass player Josef Karnebäck and drummer Sebastian Ågren, whose musical togetherness provide the requisite lyricism, energy and sensitivity to elevate Pettersson's awe-inspiring improvisational art. By way of Gotland On Guitar, long-term fans of the great Andreas Pettersson will discover a fresh new aspect to his art. Highly recommended.

1. Lau Backar
2. Gotländsk Bröllopssamba
3. You And The Night And The Music
4. Mair Stain
5. Antapology
6. Taking A Chance On Love
7. If You Could See Me Now
8. Bernie
9. Bluesette

Daniel Tilling, piano
Josef Karnebäck, bass
Sebastian Ågren, drums

Richard Strauss: Echoes Through Space & Time

Claudia & Grégory Moulin

"Echoes through Space and Time is a way for us to dream that beyond all the differences that exist between human beings we can always find a path allows us to relate to each other."

Claudia & Grégory Moulin

Few composers have achieved the exquisite balance of Richard Strauss’s lieder: between the creamy melodic lyricism of his vocal lines and the intoxicating harmonies of his piano writing; between his sensual relish of earthly pleasures, and his profound insights into ageing and death. When soprano Claudia Galli first encountered Strauss, it was love at first sight (or, rather, sound). It soon became clear that Strauss should form the foundation of this recital programme, lovingly compiled by Claudia Galli and her duo partner, pianist Grégory Moulin. Together they have chosen music which combines Strauss’s lieder with those by composers who influenced him – whose traits can be heard as echoes in his music – and by composers whom Strauss influenced in turn.

Highlights of the disc include some of Strauss’s most ravishing and voluptuous songs, including Freundliche Vision, with its soaring vocal line and gorgeous harmonies; the ecstatic Cäcilie; the glorious Ich wollt’ ein Sträusslein binden; and, as part of a wedding present to his wife, the exquisite Ruhe, meine Seele! There is also the more rarely-heard Leise Lieder – a gem well worth discovering.

Amid this feast of Strauss songs is a handful of delectable lieder by Robert Schumann, Brahms, Berg and Korngold, each song chosen for its audible relationship with the sumptuous soundworld of Strauss.

Claudia Galli and Grégory Moulin met in 2007 at the Paris National Opera’s Atelier Lyrique and formed a duo soon afterwards, performing lieder around the globe at venues such as Carnegie Hall, New York and the Philharmonie in Luxembourg. They have recently toured the US performing the repertoire showcased on this, their first disc with Odradek.

Claudia & Gregory Moulin will perform the album programme on: 

23rd September: Luxembourg Classical Meeting/ Philharmonie Luxembourg, Luxembourg City.
25th of October: La Quinta de Mahler, Madrid.
9th of January 2018: Goethe Institut, Paris.
3rd of March 2018: neimënster, Luxembourg City.