Thursday, September 6, 2018

Bucher / Countryman (feat. Simon Tan & Isla Antinero) - Extremely Live in Manila (CHAP CHAP RECORDS 2018)

A live concert in Quezon City from the Manila based duo of Rich Countryman on alto saxophone and Swiss drummer Christian Bucher, who are joined on one track by acoustic bassist Simon Tan and trombonist Isla Antinero.

"The performance was our latest evolution and conceptual development of our personal style of abstract music. It was a rare opportunity for us to stretch in the duo format. It wasn't a planned recording, but we both felt it captured and documented some different aspects of our play and progression."
Rick Countryman

Rick Countryman - alto saxophone
Christian Bucher - drums
Simon Tan - acoustic bass
Isla Antinero - trombone

1. Dynamic Range Of Expression 16:24
2. Child Of The Unknown 13:35
3. Dynamic Range Of Expression (For Quartet) 13:45
4. Out Take 0:40

Recorded live in Quezon City, Philippines, on July 12th & 13th, 2018 by Peter Bucher.

UHHM - UHHM (2018)

UHHM was founded in early 2017 with the hopes of creating a sound that both embraced the traditions that its members built their sound upon, while forging something new. The group’s sound draws from a variety of sound worlds - ranging from rock, to free jazz. UHHM believes in creating unique and challenging music without alienating people and drawing in listeners from all genres.

Nick Saia, guitar
Chris Frick, keyboards and horn
Jack Naden, drums

All compositions by Nick Saia except for Track 2 by Jack Naden
Recording and mixing by Eric Kantor
Mastering by Keith Reynaud

1. Ditty 04:34
2. Septagon 04:58
3. Arrival 03:52
4. Too 07:44
5. Very Slow 04:30
6. Paradigm Shift 05:50
7. Frustrations 06:56

Han-earl Park, Catherine Sikora and Nick Didkovsky - Eris 136199 (October 9, 2018)

Noise multiplies via telephone futz, riding the transcontinental signal; a clockwork tight-rope walker dances, navigating (gears shift and gear grind) tension; and, above all, rises the Big Note around which we all fall to orbit.

Formed in New York in 2012, Eris 136199 is the quick-reacting cyborg virtuosity of Han-earl Park (Sirene 1009), the mighty melodic imagination and big tenor sound of Catherine Sikora (Clockwork Mercury), and the diamond-cut precision and grind-meets-experimentalism of Nick Didkovsky (Doctor Nerve).

Recorded during the 2017 European tour, Eris 136199’s eponymous album is the trio’s followup to their debut recording Anomic Aphasia (SLAMCD 559, 2015) which was described as “a beautiful noise” (KFJC 89.7 FM) and “atmospheric as to become almost frightening” (The New York City Jazz Record).

Han-earl Park: guitar
Catherine Sikora: saxophone
Nick Didkovsky: guitar

1. Therianthropy I
2. Therianthropy II 08:55
3. Therianthropy III 03:54
4. Therianthropy IV 06:33
5. Adaptive Radiation I
6. Adaptive Radiation II
7. Adaptive Radiation III
8. Universal Greebly
9. Hypnagogia I
10. Hypnagogia II

Tracks 1–4, 9 and 10 recorded live November 2, 2017, Bryggekælderen, Copenhagen
Tracks 5–8 recorded live November 5, 2017, The Bridge Hotel, Newcastle

Copenhagen performance presented by Jazz Club Loco and Jvtlandt
Newcastle performance presented by Jazz North East
Recording and tour made possible by the awesome support of our Kickstarter backers

Music by Han-earl Park, Catherine Sikora and Nick Didkovsky
Tracks 1–4, 9 and 10 recorded by Troels Bech. Live-mix by Troels Bech
Tracks 5–8 recorded by Charlie McGovern. Mixed by Han-earl Park
Mastered by Richard Scott
Design and artwork by Han-earl Park

Han-earl Park, Catherine Sikora and Nick Didkovsky - Eris 136199: Cryptogenic Animals (2018)

Improviser, guitarist and constructor Han-earl Park (박한얼) has been crossing borders and performing fuzzily idiomatic, on occasion experimental, always traditional, open improvised musics. Ensembles include Mathilde 253 with Charles Hayward and Ian Smith, Eris 136199 with Nick Didkovsky and Catherine Sikora, and Numbers with Richard Barrett.

Han-earl Park: guitar
Catherine Sikora: saxophone
Nick Didkovsky: guitar

Performance presented by Xposed Club
Recording and tour made possible by the awesome support of our Kickstarter backers

All music by Han-earl Park, Catherine Sikora and Nick Didkovsky
Recorded by Han-earl Park and Nick Didkovsky
Mixed and mastered by Han-earl Park
Artwork by Han-earl Park

1. Cryptogenic Animals I 05:25
2. Cryptogenic Animals II 06:45
3. Cryptogenic Animals III 05:00
4. Monkey Wrench I 06:09
5. Monkey Wrench II 07:59
6. Spherical Cow I 07:29
7. Spherical Cow II 03:04
8. Dendrobranchiata Murmurationis I 03:17
9. Dendrobranchiata Murmurationis II 05:10

New York All-Stars (feat. Eric Alexander & Harold Mabern) - Burnin' in London (UBUNTU MUSIC September 7, 2018)

"Mabern really is a remarkable talent. At 81, he’s still playing with the passion of a man at least half his age and his ace pupil Eric Alexander continues to grow." Jazzwise

The New York All-Stars feature Eric Alexander on saxophone, Harold Mabern on piano, bassist Darryl Hall and drummer Bernd Reiter.  They play energetic and swinging music on the highest level, presented with the utmost professionalism and uninhibited enthusiasm.

Recorded at the legendary Pizza Express Jazz Club in Soho, London on 20 & 21 November 2017, Burnin’ in London, features six classic tunes including Harold Mabern’s own ‘Nightlife in Tokyo’ and a beautiful interpretation of Gershwin’s classic ‘Summertime’.

“The music on this album speaks for itself.  The interplay between Eric and Harold is magical, supported by the rock solid bass lines from Darryl and the exacting rhythmic underpinning of Bernd’s precision-like drumming,” says Martin Hummel, Ubuntu Music Director.  “…the album captures a moment in time when Eric was anchored in his musical sweet spot while the band – and the audience – hung on and coasted with every note along the blissful, energetic journey.”

MAURICE FRANK New York CD Release "Mad Romance and Love" Fri., Nov. 2nd Jazz at Kitano

New York CD Release
"Mad Romance and Love"
Friday, November 2nd
Jazz at Kitano
66 Park Ave
New York, NY 10016
Reservations: 212-885-7119

Maurice Frank-Vocals
John DiMartino-Piano
Neal Miner-Bass
Mark Taylor-Drums

New CD

Mad Romance and Love
(Jumo Music 1007)
Street Date: July 6, 2018
Maurice Frank-vocals, John DiMartino-piano, arrangements,
Eric Alexander-tenor sax, Aaron Heick-soprano sac, clarinet, alto flute,
Paul Meyers-guitar, Luques Curtis-bass,
Obed Calvaire-drums, Samuel Torres-percussion

Track listing
1. Dream Dancing 4:43
2. How Little We Know (How Little It Matters) 2:393. Slow Hot Wind 4:41
4. Don’t Worry ‘Bout Me 4:31
5. Day Dream 4:41
6. Save Your Love For Me 4:35
7. Yesterdays 3:44
8. Yellow Days 3:43
9. Baubles Bangles and Beads 3:47
10. She’s Funny That Way 4:00
11. In My Life 3:13
12. On the Street Where You Live 5:26

Maurice Frank is a native New Yorker. He grew up listening to the great singers of the 50’s and 60’s and it left its mark on him.

Mad Romance and Love is his debut release. It’s heart felt and striking for its warmth, sensitivity and choice of songs. The musicians are top notch! Featuring the groove tones of tenor saxophonist Eric Alexander and pianist/arranger John DiMartino, who provides a palette of swing and latin colors. Performing on the East Coast and beyond and now residing in Florida, “Moe’s” new release is a sophisticated sound coming from a “new to the scene”, yet seasoned artist, who is a fresh interpreter of both standards and not frequently heard songs.

“What I feel so abundantly from Maurice’s singing is a deep and honest affinity for the ballad, the love song and the swinger.Congratulations for nailing a gem of a recording.”
Benny Green