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Free Live Show This Monday!: ARNAN RAZ

Free Live Show!
9/11 11:00PM Rockwood 1

Hello dear friends,

I would like to invite you to my next show. We will play music from my upcoming album "Chains Of Stories".(Details really soon!). 

The show is At Rockwood Music Hall stage 1 (196 Allen ST ,New York, NY 10002). 11:00PM. *FREE*.

I hope you can make it. 



Sept. 25 - Rising star guitarist Ricardo Grilli, Eric Harland, Joe Martin, Kevin Hayes & Mark Turner at Smalls

Mark Turner – Reeds
Kevin Hays – Piano
Joe Martin – Bass
Eric Harland – Drums

"... a post-bop guitarist with a sideline interest in the cosmos and a taste for the ultramodern." 
– Nate Chinen, New York Times 

Rising star guitarist Ricardo Grilli returns to Smalls Jazz Club with an amazing quintet.   The powerhouse rhythm section of Eric Harland and Joe Martin, both members of Grilli's "1954" quartet, is complemented by pianist Kevin Hays, and saxophonist Mark Turner, both leading voices on their instruments.

The repertoire will feature compositions from Grilli's critically acclaimed 2016 album 1954 as well as new pieces from his upcoming album.

"...Grilli's considerable chops are in full effect in each setting.... This is an admirable outing by a new face on the scene." 
– Bill Milkowski, DownBeat Magazine

Sketchbook Quartett - Ottos Mops (2017)

Without a bass, but with a wry sense of humour the band thrives on various forms of musical interaction rooted in the history of jazz, often switching idioms within a single composition; the swift shift between tight arrangements, ensemble playing and excursions into extensive improvisation and soloing – without the presumable backing instruments having the chance to take a nap – being a hallmark of “Sketchbook Quartett.” David Mochida Krispel in FALTER 20/15 

Leo Skorupa (sax), Dan Moser (bass clarinet), Alex Wallner (g) and Constantin “the con man“ Kraeutlerwho form the band give ample proof that they are at home and at ease with quite diverse stylistic approaches – and they really make the most of it. The very distinct sound of Sketchbook Quartet’s debut is rich in variety and texture, but still seems to come quite easily to them without being strenuously cerebral. (…) “Ottos Mops” really turns out to be a quite relaxed and nonchalant, but still highly original and even innovative album, not only to be enjoyed by dedicated jazz aficionados. Michael Ternai in MUSIC AUSTRIA Magazine

1. Solidaritaetslied 04:16
2. Ottos Mops 04:22
3. Tuica 01:41
4. D-Djin 06:45
5. Sleepless Beauty 13:06
6. Fleckerlteppich 03:04
7. Freudscher 50er 05:03
8. Deserteur-Division 06:49
9. Leathal Slap 03:55

Tingvall Trio - Cirklar (SKIP RECORDS 2017)

To claim that the world has plenty of Jazz piano trios on hand is no exaggeration: in recent years the basic classic combo has been experiencing a resounding revival. Yet a searching look among the trios on tour for the essence of this ‘movement’ – when it all comes down to audience acceptance and an unmistakeable sound all its own – the Tingvall Trio from Hamburg stands out on an international scale. With concerts in more than 30 countries, a full measure of accolades including the ECHO JAZZ as “Ensemble of the Year” and “Live Act of the Year”, Jazz awards in gold for each of the trio’s studio albums, No. 1 on the Jazz charts and even high rankings on the Pop charts, their popularity has attained a level usually marked by current Pop bands. Though occasionally branded in Germany as a stigma by those purportedly ‘in the know’, this kind of success tows a beeline path to the listening public. Only recently Tingvall Trio was accorded the honor to play two trial concerts to test the acoustics at the newly inaugurated Elbphilharmonie concert hall. Appearances in 2017 will follow.

Three years after the successful CD entitled “Beat”, listeners’ long-awaited long-player “Cirklar” is ready to be released. Martin Tingvall, pianist, hymnwriter and the man who gave the band its name, comments on the new compositions: “The songs always kick things off for us. With this album I’ve tried to compose in a way that points out new directions to us. We’re testing new forms of expression, but at the same time we naturally want to be recognized as the Tingvall Trio. This time the music is clearly the boss, not the trio.” However the songs may sound as Martin Tingvall pens them – certainty doesn’t emerge until the end of the day when Omar Rodriguez Calvo (double bass) and Jürgen Spiegel (drums) join him in approaching a new composition. Each piece a struggle, a game, a drama that revolves in circles (“Cirklar”) until it’s ‘done’. The guiding lines: the stories that life presents us with and the very personal, very different perception of what has been experienced, depending on the person’s phase in life. Martin Tingvall: One of the pieces on the new album is called “Bumerang”. A song that begins with mighty drumbeats and drives ahead, followed by a musical phrase repeatedly ‘cast’ toward the listener like surf against the shore before finally vanishing. Playing with no end, music going full circuit. “Sometimes the contradictions in perceiving time seem so strange to me,” Tingvall establishes. “My parent’s generation is getting old now. Their clocks tick to a completely different rhythm. In contrast to my hectic everday life, to me it’s like it’s almost unreal.” A perception found in the ballad “Evighetsmaskinen” (‘Eternity Machine’). Not at all typical of the trio, a song comprised of nearly meditative sounds and rhythms that appears to lead straight into eternity. As for “Karusellen”, “Det Gröna Hotellet” and “Skansk Blues”, despite the many spots on this album where the trio’s new sounds are going to surprise listeners: when push comes to shove, distinctively Tingvall.

“Cirklar” might turn out to be the musically most diversified album to date. As early as this summer fans can let themselves be delighted by the new program at festival appearances such as Jazz Baltica, Kulturzelt Kassel or Palatia Jazz before the trio commences an extended tour across quite a few countries. The Netherlands, France, Austria, Switzerland, Poland, Italy and of course Germany are already scheduled.

1 Evighetsmaskinen 04:48
2 Bumerang 05:20
3 Vulkanen 04:49
4 Bland Molnen 05:44
5 Skansk Blues 03:43
6 Cirklar 04:17
7 Sjuan 03:34
8 Det Gröna Hotellet 03:44
9 Tidlös 03:22
10 Psalm 04:34
11 Karusellen 04:15
12 Elis Visa 04:36
13 Labyrint (Bonus Track) 02:47

Incognito Plays Milan Italy + News


Experience Milano ♢ A Funky Night with Mario Biondi & Dirotta Su Cuba
9th Of September Experience Milano
Milan, Italy

Ticket Information

INCOGNITO - The best 2004-2017 
With 5 New Exclusive Songs

Other Incognito related news…

Our soulful brother Najee has released his great new album Poetry In Motion and our collaboration "Let's Take It Back" (feat. Incognito) can be purchased on iTunes.
Check it out!

Our Thames River Soul project featuring the Incognito rhythm section goes from strength after the band played a very successful tour of Japan!

LOOK OUT! Coming Soon!

A house driven tribute EP to the Fender Rhodes

JAZZ PROMO SERVICES 2017 Fall New Releases

Carol Albert – “Fly Away Butterfly” (Carol Albert Music)
MUSICIANS: Carol Albert-vocals
→Street Date: 09/01/2017

Dave Stryker – “Strykin’ Ahead” (Strikezone 8815)
MUSICIANS: Dave Stryker - guitar, Steve Nelson - vibes, Jared Gold - organ, McClenty Hunter - drums
→Street Date: 09/01/2017

Julian Gerstin Sextet – “The One Who Makes You Happy” (self-produced)
MUSICIANS: Anna Patton: clarinet, Don Anderson: trumpet, flugelhorn, Eugene Uman: piano, Nord keyboard, Wes Brown: bass, Ben James: drums, Julian Gerstin: tanbou bèlè, congas, tupan, percussion On “Apprendiendo Como Amar” Juan Stable Perez “Pescao”: lead vocal, clave, chorus, Jesús Gonzalez: tumba, quinto, chorus, Julian Gerstin: segunda, Ricky Aguilar: paila, shekere, Philip Pasmanick: chorus
→Street Date: 09/01/2017

Ken Wiley – “Jazz Horn Redux” (Krug Park Music)
MUSICIANS: Ken Wiley-French Horn and features stellar West Coast musicians including Bob Sheppard, Mike Miller, Chuck Findley, Gary Grant, Dan Higgins, Luis Conte, Kendall Kay, Wally Minko and Trey Henry.
→Street Date: 09/01/2017

Jane Ira Bloom – “Wild Lines Improvising Emily Dickinson” (Outline OTL 143)
MUSICIANS: Jane Ira Bloom (soprano saxophone), Dawn Clement (piano), Mark Helias (bass) & Bobby Previte (drums)
→Street Date: 09/08/2017

Free Radicals – “Outside The Comfort Zone” (RWE Catalog RWE017)
MUSICIANS: Pete Sullivan: bari sax, Jason Jackson: alto sax, Aaron Varnell: tenor sax, Tom VandenBoom: trombone, Matt Serice: trumpet & keys ,Nick Cooper: drums & perc., Al Bear: guitar, Jacob Breier: bass, Nick Gonzalez: sousaphone
→Street Date: 09/15/2017

Nestor Torres – “Jazz Flute Traditions” (Alfi Records 8817)
MUSICIANS: Nestor Torres-flute, Silvano Monasterios-piano, Jamie Ousley-bass, Michael Piolet-drums, Jose Gregorio Hernandez-percussion, Miguel Russell-percussion, Ian Munoz-alto sax, Marcus Grant-drums
→Street Date: 09/15/2017

Paul Moran – “Smokin’ B3 Vol 2 Still Smokin’” (Prudential Records : PRR-0038)
MUSICIANS: Hammond Organ, Trumpet & Flugelhorn- Paul Moran, Electric and Acoustic Guitar- Nigel Price, Electric Bass- Laurence Cottle, Drums- Mez Clough, Percussion- Michael Osbourne, Electric Guitar- Jim Mullen Drums Adam Roman, Percussion- Jeff Scantlebury
→Street Date: 09/29/2017

Chris Parker – “Moving Forward Now” (self produced)
MUSICIANS: Chris Parker, Tenor Saxophone/Drums , Rachel Caswell, Vocals, Jamey Aebersold, Alto Saxophone, Rob Dixon, Soprano/Alto/Tenor Saxophones, Tom Clark, Tenor Saxophone, Pat Harbison, Trumpet, Dave Stryker, Guitar, Craig Wagner, Guitar, Steve Snyder, Organ, Jeremy Allen, Bass, Jesse Wittman, Bass, Jay Tibbitts, Drums UPC: 888295625388
→Street Date: 10/06/2017

Chris Pasin And Friends – “Baby It’s Cold Outside” (Planet Arts 301714)
MUSICIANS: Chris Pasin - trumpet, flugelhorn, vocal; Armen Donelian – piano; Ira Coleman – bass; Jeff Siegel – drums; Rich Syracuse – bass; Peter Einhorn – guitar; Patricia Dalton Fennell – vocal
→Street Date: 10/06/2017

Gabriele Tranchina – “Of Sailing Ships” (Rainchant Eclectic Records RE1001)
MUSICIANS: Gabriele Tranchina, voice; Carlo De Rosa, Bass; Joe Vincent Tranchina, piano, synthesizer; Vince Cherico, drums; Renato Thoms, percussion
→Street Date: 10/06/2017

Lyn Stanley – “The Moonlight Sessions, Volume Two” (A.T. Music ATM3106)
MUSICIANS: All vocals:  Lyn Stanley; Piano: Mike Garson, Christian Jacob, Tamir Hendelman; Bass: Chuck Berghofer; Drums: Ray Brinker, Bernie Dresel, Joe LaBarbara; Percussion:Luis Conte; Guitar: John Chiodini; Trumpet/flugelhorn: Chuck Findley; Tenor Sax: Rickey Woodard; Trombone: Bob McChesney; Harmonica: Hendrik Meurkens; Harp: Corky Hale (That Old Feeling) and Carol Robbins (At Seventeen); Strings: Budapest Scoring Symphonic Orchestra Formats: Audiophile CD, vinyl and reel-to-reel
→Street Date: 10/06/2017

Michael Moss The Accidental Orchestra – “HELIX” (4th Stream Records ERG 10013)
MUSICIANS: Jason Kao Hwang, Rosi Hertlein, Fung Churn Hwei (violins), Stephanie Griffin (viola), Lenny Mims and Carol Buck (cellos), Steve Swell (trombone), Vincent Chancey (French horn), and Waldron Mahdi Ricks (trumpet), Richard Keene (oboe), Elliott Levin (flute, tenor saxophone), Ras Moshe (soprano and tenor saxophones), Michael Lytle (bass clarinet), and myself, Michael Moss (Bb clarinet), Steve Cohn (piano), Billy Stein (guitar), Rick Iannacone (ambient guitar), Larry Roland (string bass), Warren Smith (percussion, vibraphones), Badal Roy (tabla), Chuck Fertal (drums), and Michael Wimberly (djembe, African bells and percussion)
→Street Date: 10/06/2017

NYFQ – “New York Free Quartet” (4th Stream Records ERG 10004)
MUSICIANS: Michael Moss (tenor and soprano saxophones, flute--western and bansuri), Steve Cohn (piano, shakuhachi, Hichiriki, trombone), Larry Roland (bass, words/poetry), Chuck Fertal (drums, percussion)
→Street Date: 10/06/2017

Roger Davidson Quartet – “MUSIC FROM THE HEART Musica Do Coração” (Soundbrush)
MUSICIANS: Roger Davidson-piano, Hendrick Meurkens-vibraphone/harmonica, Eduardo Belo-bass, Adriano Santos-drums Note: Not Actual Cover
→Street Date: 10/06/2017

Paul McCandless – “Adventures With Oboe” (Living Music LMU-49)
MUSICIANS: Paul McCandless-Oboe With The Paul Winter Consort-A Retrospective
→Street Date: 10/20/2017

Steve Hobbs – “Tribute To Bobby” (Challenge CR73433)
MUSICIANS: Steve Hobbs-Marimba, vibes,   Adam Kolker-soprano and tenor saxes,  Bill O'Connell-piano, Peter Washington-bass, John Riley-drums, Carol Ingbretsen, Maurice Myers and Marvin Thorne-vocals
→Street Date: 01/05/2018

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Hannah Peel - Mary Casio: Journey To Cassiopeia (September 22, 2017)

Metallic Gatefold Vinyl LP (MOP08V), CD (MOP08CD) & Digital Download (MOPO8DD)

‘A great singer and a latter-day Delia Derbyshire’ The Observer

“Peel is a real find, the Delia Derbyshire de nos jours… Mary Casio is the most satisfying live musical event I’ve attended in years” The Arts Desk

The Northern Irish artist and electronic composer’s third album is a seven-movement odyssey composed for analogue synthesizers and full, traditional 29-piece colliery brass band! With only a year following on from the release of her critically acclaimed second album ‘Awake But Always Dreaming’ (Voted No.1 Album Of the Year – Electronic Sound Magazine), ‘Mary Casio: Journey to Cassiopeia’, released 22nd September via My Own Pleasure, explores one person's journey to outer space, by recounting the story of an unknown, elderly, pioneering, electronic musical stargazer and her lifelong dream to leave her terraced home in the mining town of Barnsley, South Yorkshire, to see Cassiopeia for herself.

With artwork by Grammy award winning designer Jonathan Barnbrook (David Bowie collaborator on albums ‘Blackstar’ and ‘The Next Day’) and the complete brass band and rhythm section recorded live on location in The Barnsley Civic Theatre with Peter Gabriel’s Real World studio team, this exclusive album combines Peel’s detailed, analogue synth layered production and her expressive flair for performance with ‘Tubular Brass’, featuring the top UK championship brass band players. It’s a wholly unique, collaborative sound and seemingly, a first of its kind both live and on record.

"We have a hundred billion neurons in our brains, as many as there are stars in a galaxy" Theoretical physicist and author, Carlo Rovelli

Continuing themes from her last record and by delving further into the rabbit hole of the mind, creating parallels between the human brain and space, Peel combines the unearthly sound textures and celestial ostinatos of the analogue synthesizers with the tremendously deep and rich power of traditional ‘British’ brass band to map Mary’s intergalactic passage into another world.

Hannah: “I wanted these huge slabs of planetary sounds to echo the excitement and wonder of our human need to explore and develop. Outer space is where only a select few can reach; yet it is somewhere we dream of going, or perhaps collectively, simply wanting to know what is out there. The unparalleled vastness in our galaxy is as equally melancholy and desolate, as Mary’s lonely voyage away from all she knows”. 

During her teenage years in Yorkshire, Peel played trombone in brass bands: marching at weekends and wearing Dicky Bows at competitions and so naturally the ‘brass’ sound has become very much a part of her creative DNA. Her relentlessly explorative production and love of music made by analogue machines has evolved over the last few years and is now a key element in her solo work.

On this album, she explores two very different worlds – the power of the brass band players combined with the sub-bass impact and air resonating force of the synths but she also creates a very human and intimate, at times fragile sounding record through her collection of ‘breathing’ vintage electronics, found sounds, the nuances of the individual brass instruments and the subtle ambience of her voice combining with the real and raw breathing, shuffling and ‘spit’ of the players themselves.

With her research spanning from conversations between the public Astronomer at the Royal Observatory Greenwich, Marek Kukula, and extensive reading of books on theoretical physics, as well as memoirs on dreams, Peel confirms that no matter where we travel to and what we discover, ‘we are all creatures of the land’ (A Land, Jacquetta Hawkes, 1951). And that “…in all that immensity of black holes, supernovas, galaxies, nebulae, the most astonishing and the most complex natural object we have discovered in the entire universe is right here on earth, it’s in our heads, it’s the human brain” (Marek Kukula, May 2017).

At the close of the album’s final song ‘The Planet of Passed Souls’, tutti brass jostle with the hiss and crackle of a 78rpm record. An emotionally charged, scratchy sample taken from a 1928 recording of Peel’s own choirboy grandfather in Manchester Cathedral leaves the listener questioning the reality of Mary’s connection with the stars… Did she ever make it to Cassiopeia? Is this all a daydream as she sits in a back garden shed tinkering with electronics and her telescope? Or maybe this is her final breath as her mind and body pass into another realm of life? Is this science or fantasy? And how much is there really a division between the two?

As Isaac Newton’s stated on his discoveries in 1692, “…be material or immaterial, I have left to the consideration of my readers”.

The last year has been one of Peel’s busiest: In 2016, in addition to her solo album which shone a hopeful light on the devastating and fragile world of dementia, she collaborated with Beyond The Wizard’s Sleeve (aka Erol Alkan & Richard Norris) on the singles ‘Diagram Girl’ and ‘Creation’ and her band The Magnetic North released their widely praised second album, ‘Prospect Of Skelmersdale’ in March ’16. She has also been a guest panelist on several discussions on the effects of music and the brain.

Her single ‘Tenderly’ from the album was playlisted by BBC 6 Music and in the wake of a sold-out headline show in Shoreditch Church in November 2016 featuring readings by actor Christopher Eccelston and writer Lavinia Greenlaw, Peel was interviewed by Radio 4, The Guardian and Lauren Laverne (who also invited her to play a BBC 6 Music session).

Peel first came to recognition with her modest yet mesmerizing, hand-punched ‘music box’ EP ‘Rebox’, featuring covers of ‘80s bands Cocteau Twins, Soft Cell, & New Order. Having released her critically lauded solo debut album ‘The Broken Wave’, Peel then formed The Magnetic North, a highly acclaimed and expansive collaborative project with long term collaborator Gawain Erland Cooper (Erland & The Carnival) and Simon Tong (The Verve, The Good the Bad and The Queen, Gorillaz).

A handful of special shows in 2017 around the UK with the full 29-piece Colliery band and synths will accompany the release including an appearance at Blue Dot Festival and WOMAD.

1. Goodbye Earth
2. Sunrise Through The Dusty Nebula 
3. Deep Space Cluster 
4. Andromeda M31
5. Life Is On The Horizon 
6. Archid Orange Dwarf
7. The Planet Of Passed Souls

Live shows for Mary Casio: Journey To Cassiopeia

23 Liverpool, Liverpool Philharmonic Concert Hall
30 Stockton, The Arc

21 Barnsley, The Civic Theatre
28 Basingstoke, The Anvil Concert Hall

For tickets to the latest Hannah Peel shows click HERE

New visuals for HANNAH PEEL - Mary Casio: Journey to Cassiopeia - out Sept 22nd