Saturday, December 11, 2021

Nick Altieri (feat. George Garzone) - The Journey (December 11, 2021)

I’m a saxophonist, a jazz musician, and a storyteller. The music I create is that which honors the music of the past and the rich history of this genre, and of the storytellers before me. But, like those before me, I look to the future for inspiration as well as the present. I believe that as an artist I’m a record keeper as well, allowing my music to serve as evidence of the world around me. I hope to impact the lives of others in a positive way and create music that outlasts me.  

Playing the saxophone and creating music has been the common thread throughout my life. I find myself constantly coming back to music no matter where life has taken me. As I grow older, I understand the deep and powerful role music plays in our daily lives. I believe that it’s my job as a musician to relate my music to the world around me and to inspire others to experience life with my music as their soundtrack. 

- Saxophonist and producer/arranger Nick Altieri

1. Like Someone in Love (feat. George Garzone)
2. The Journey
3. Overnight
4. Crescent (feat. George Garzone)
5. The Nearness of You
6. Square Blues

Jack Davies, Bass
Diego Urena, Guitar
Hidemi Akaiwa, Piano
Harold Charon Cisnero, Piano
Jacob Fleenor, Drums

George Garzone, Saxophone

Pedro Kayat, Recording Engineer
Jose Abner Cabrera, Recording Engineer
Rodrigo Frontrera, Asst. Engineer

Mixed and Mastered by: Nick Altieri
Recorded at; The Record Co., Boston
Photography by: Katerina Ivannikova

Martin Archer - Wild Pathway Favourites (December 2021 Discus Music)

The first Martin Archer album - dubbed from unplayed vinyl and remastered for DL by Dean Honer. Recorded in 1988 and originally released on Ladder, the forerunner label to Discus Music. Recorded with financial assistance from the Arts Council.

"A balance of compositional strength and clarity of execution ..... a labyrinth filled with jewels at every turn"
- Mike King, Coda.

"A document of unbridled imagination and optimism"
- David Ilic, Wire.

"Strong and raw"
- Mark Sinker, NME.

1. Showers 10:13
2. Light Year 10:13
3. Coldest Day Comes Down 02:53
4. Wild Pathway Favourites 05:19
5. New Scientists 14:24
6. Jynjy 01:40

Martin Archer - soprano saxophone, metallophone
Charlie Collins - woodwind
Nick Evans - trombone
John Russell - acoustic guitar
Mary Schwarz - viola
Michael Szpakowski - piano
Tim Cole - cello
Paul Shaft - double bass
Pete Infanti - drums, percussion

Mototeru Takagi​:​ The People United Will Never Be Defeated​! (​Solo Improvisation) December 9, 2021 Chap Chap Records

Mototeru Takagi Live at cafe Amores 1996 ~ solo improvisation

1. Improvisation 1 23:04
2. Improvisation 2 15:05
3. The people United Will Never Be Defeated! 08:30

Choi Sun Bae Quartet​: ​The Sound Of Nature (Live at Shinjuku PIT INN) December 2021 Chap Chap Records

Choi Sun Bae Quartet, Kazutoki Umezu, Nobuyoshi Ino, Shota Koyama live at Shinjuku PIT INN 1995

1. Higher Ground 19:16
2. Higher Place 06:40
3. Holy Ground 20:49
4. My Tribute 27:02

Evan Parker & Motoharu Yoshizawa​:​ Two Chaps (December 2021 Chap Chap Records)

Evan Parker & Motoharu Yoshizawa live at cafe Amores 1996

1. Two Chaps 1 19:26
2. Two Chaps 2 12:11
3. Evan Parker - One Chap 17:09
4. Two Chaps 3 11:10
5. Two Chaps 4 06:41

Han Bennink & Sabu Toyozumi​:​ DADA 打、打 (December 2021 Chap Chap Records)

Han Bennink & Sabu Toyozumi live in Yamaguchi City,Japan. October 01,1995

1. Han Bennink - Han's SOLO 14:31
2. Sabu Toyozumi - Sabu's SOLO 12:29
3. Dadakko 駄々っ子(off the beaten track children) 22:38

Takehisa Kosugi & Mototeru Takagi​: ​Infinite Emanation (December 2021 Chap Chap Records)

1. Takehisa Kosugi & Mototeru Takagi - Emanation No.1 21:32
2. Takehisa Kosugi & Mototeru Takagi - Emanation No.2 40:57

Roman Pokorný - Brazilian Coffee (December 2021)

Jazz&Blues guitarist, singer and composer. Roman started his active career in 1991. He has 10 albums on his name and many as sideman. Roman cooperate with many great musicians around the world. Awards: Zlatý Anděl, 2x Jazzový Kája, Harmonie - Best Guitarist

1. Brazilian Coffee 06:02
2. Down Town 04:24
3. I Remember Jobim 06:49
4. Manulian Grassland 03:56
5. Like in The Cinema 07:06
6. I Miss You 06:22
7. Sixties Beauties 04:40
8. Barney’s Rag 03:49
9. When I Feel You Love Me 05:22
10. Wild Horse 07:23
11. Samba of Mamba 05:29
12. Something Beautiful is Coming 05:22

All compositions written by Roman Pokorný

Roman Pokorný - guitar, vocal
Vít Pospíšil - keyboard
Vladimír Kliment - bass guitar
Michito Sanchez - percussions
Jiří Slavíček - drums
Ondřej Klímek - sax, flute

Produced by Roman Pokorný, Tomáš Frkal and Richard Preisler. Recorded at Sono 9-11.7.2021. Sound engineer: Pavel Karlík. Mix and mastering by Roman Pokorný. Cover design by Revolta. Photo by Bohouš Pospíšil. All songs are protected by OSA and Intergram.
All Rights Reserved. All Rights of The Producer and The Owner of the recorded works Reserved.
Unauthorised copying, public performance, broadcasting, hiring, or rental of this recording prohibited. All use of trademarks and logos prohibited.
Made in Czech Republic  © MyRecords 2021.

Tuesday Quartet - Rain Grey City Noise Nervous (December 2021)

Performed live for the wall of eyes in Room D of the Jamnasium, East Vancouver. A Zoom H2N in our midst.

silence replaced by
rain grey city noise nervous
windchimes cold chatter

Blues to Song-Su Nam and Something in the Swamp recorded 14/1/PN75, Crab Park and Hive Mother recorded 28/1/PN75

1. Hive Mother 09:21
2. Blues to Song Su-Nam 07:44
3. Crab Park 08:57
4. Something in the Swamp 07:04

Chris Gilling - drums
Anthony Grieco - tenor sax
Alex Moor - keys
Eli Wallis - bass clarinet

Tunes composed by Eli Wallis

Tuesday Quartet - A Fat Seagull Cooped (December 2021)

Performed live for the wall of eyes in Room D of the Jamnasium, East Vancouver. A Zoom H2N in our midst.

a fat seagull cooped
on a streetlight inspecting
the traffic below

Sleepy Becca, Something in the Swamp, and The Traffic Below recorded 18/2/PN75, Windfish Ritual recorded 4/2/PN75

1. Windfish Ritual 07:02
2. Something in the Swamp 08:32
3. The Traffic Below 09:03
4. Sleepy Becca 08:22

Chris Gilling - drums
Anthony Grieco - tenor sax
Alex Moor - keys
Eli Wallis - bass clarinet, soprano sax

The Traffic Below composed by Chris Gilling, Anthony Grieco, Alex Moor, Eli Wallis
Other tunes composed by Eli Wallis

Thomas Berndt - Der Berndt (feat. Moses & MC Schippers) Part 2 (December 22, 2021)

This Album is Part 2 of a live recording at Tuchwerk Aachen 05|06|2021.

After a long nonplaying period in 2020 and during a the hard German Corona shut down in March/April 2021 we decided to produce a live concert film with "Der Berndt". We burned for this date to make the thing we love: Music. Now both Parts of the Concert are available as Video or Audio.

1. Skunk
2. Tree Of Knowledge
3. Musica Callada No.1
4. Spongy
5. Erinnerung
6. Verlust
7. Samsara II

Thomas Berndt - Piano,Vox
Johannes Vos - Tuba, Bass
Gerd Breuer - Drums
Moritz Schippers - Synthesizer, Vox
Moses Christoph - Percussion, Sounds, Vox

Recording, Mix and Mastering Tom Engels
Realisation and Production Thomas Berndt, Tom Engels
Recorded LIVE at Tuchfabrik Aachen 05|06|2021
Coverdesign by Frank Hermanns

Thomas Berndt - Der Berndt (feat. Moses & MC Schippers) Part 1 (December 2021)

This Album is Part 1 of a live recording at Tuchfabrik Aachen 05|06|2021.

After a long nonplaying period in 2020 and during a the hard German Corona shut down in March/April 2021 we decided to produce a live concert film with "Der Berndt". We burned for this date to make the thing we love: Music. Now both Parts of the Concert are available as Video or Audio.

1. Motion 08:56
2. Vanishing 10:43
3. Emoplosion 06:46
4. Second Scape 06:27
5. Tack 05:31
6. Little Alien Girl 06:11
7. Samsara I 06:38

Thomas Berndt - Piano,Vox
Johannes Vos - Tuba, Bass
Gerd Breuer - Drums
Moritz Schippers - Synthesizer, Vox
Moses Christoph - Percussion, Sounds, Vox

Recording, Mix and Mastering Tom Engels
Realisation and Production Thomas Berndt, Tom Engels
Recorded LIVE at Tuchfabrik Aachen 05|06|2021
Coverdesign by Frank Hermanns

Lisa Bella Donna (feat. Scotty Böttcher) - Mountains (EP) December 2021

1. While changing hands, Turbulent Times 05:41
2. Entrance, Dusk 05:30
3. Mountains 17:56

Lisa Bella Donna: Drums, Synthesizers, Tapes, Basses
Scotty Böttcher: Keys, Fretless Bass

Special guest on guitar in track 2): Todd Collis

Tania Gill - Bolger Station

Tania Gill is a pianist, keyboardist and composer living in Toronto Canada. She leads the Tania Gill Quartet and plays with the Brodie West Quintet, the Titillators, Rebecca Hennessy, the See Through Trio, Woodshed Orchestra and many others in jazz, improvised, new music, creative and pop circles in Toronto and beyond.

1. Bolger Station 03:47
2. Magpie 03:04
3. By Ear 06:08
4. Paso 04:58
5. On My Sleeve 02:12
6. Maple Leaf Waltz 01:57
7. Bicycle 03:57
8. Prelude to Ah Ti Tah 02:00
9. Ah Ti Tah 03:24
10. Gaggle 00:43
11. Up Down 03:15
12. Lakeshore 04:52
13. It Never Entered My Mind 04:34

Tania Gill - piano, organ, voice
Lina Allemano - trumpet
Clinton Ryder - bass
Jean Martin - drums

All tunes by Tania Gill, SOCAN 2010
except: On My Sleeve by Peter Johnston
It Never Entered My Mind by Rodgers and Hart
Maple Leaf Waltz by Wilf Carter

Mixed and Mastered by Jean Martin at The Farm, Toronto ON Canada
Photos by Sara Gill and Brian Goodwill, Design by Jean Martin

Bastard Jazz Recordings - 20 Years of Bastard Jazz

From its humble beginnings in 2001, the Brooklyn label Bastard Jazz Recordings has trailblazed a unique path in the world of independent record labels. Appealing to both DJs and music fans from all walks of life, BJR has become known for its eclectic sound & community of global artists from Mumbai to Napoli, New York to Kinshasha, who touch on everything from funk to hip-hop, house music to forward thinking beats, soul to jazz and international sounds, along with its unrelenting commitment to the vinyl medium. This November, the label will be celebrating 20 years of operation in various incarnations and are releasing a special compilation and a DJ friendly 4xLP titled ’20 Years of Bastard Jazz’ filled with brand new cuts from its current roster, plus a selection of catalog material, some of it classic, some of it overlooked, and some of it unpressed.

Highlights from the compilation include Australian outfit The Goods, who team up with Steve Spacek (famously of the eponymous British band) on the spacey future soul banger, “FEELS 4 U,” while label stalwarts Potatohead People (who recently teamed up with both De La Soul, Jazzy Jeff, and Kaidi Tatham as well as a host of others on their new album) deliver “Bonzai View,” with its live instrumentation & technical prowess fused with a head-nodding boom-bap beat the group has become known for. Pittsburgh producer Buscrates delivers “Spotlight,” a slinky modern funk / boogie production, while brand new signing POSY gives us “Amai,” a delicate beat construction with gorgeous strings, horns and live bass weaving in and out.

Notable past catalog on the compilation include LA producer Captain Planet’s classic “Un Poquito Mas” featuring Chico Mann (Antibalas, Here Lies Man) which is still being sung along to in clubs worldwide from Mexico City to Berlin 7 years later, and the airy, indie dance vibes of Manatee Commune’s “Majestic Diver.” Los Angeles producer and talkbox wizard B. Bravo’s “Can’t Keep My Hands Off You” featuring Reva Devito goes into more sultry territory, while Rumtum’s “Tropic Air” gives us a fresh splash of wobbly tape synth and relaxed lo-fi drums. Of course, the club is not left out and the catalog includes dancefloor ready remixes from friends of the label like Jimpster, DJ Spinna, Jacques Renault, and the red hot up & coming Brooklyn duo musclecars.

Bastard Jazz started early as so many nascent DJ-oriented imprints come into existence, as founder & president Aaron Schultz just barely out of his teenage years was beginning to find his footing as a DJ in Brooklyn, New York. Culling together a small group of artists early on, the label ran as a side project for many years, releasing a handful of records per year. Following a reorganization & renewed commitment in 2014, the label has experienced exponential growth while moving from a DJ oriented standpoint to an artist focused organization that thrives on signing and nurturing new talent and new sounds, while maintaining a concurrent sonic thread in its music. POC owned with a majority POC artist stable, Bastard Jazz’s story is the slow build of a real indie label with a diverse sound & roster from the ground up, through trial and error, listening, learning, and adapting to the times without becoming jaded or losing its original vision. 20 years on, it’s still here & stronger than ever. 

Liner Notes:

Have things changed that much in the past twenty years? On the surface, it’s a pretty ridiculous question — but let’s examine the evidence. In the summer of 2001, the iPod and Wikipedia were unknown. MySpace and its descendents were years away; The term “social media” was a non sequitur. Shrek ruled the box office and the shiny hip-hop/R&B hybrid pop of Missy, Eve and Usher topped the charts. The world stood on the precipice of an unimaginable future to come in September.

It was into this milieu that a tiny new label made its debut. Taking cues from the burgeoning downtempo movement, a surprisingly vital offspring of instrumental hip hop, dub reggae, and high-grade marijuana, Bastard Jazz was launched with an unassuming track by DJ DRM that wouldn’t have sounded out of place on a Ninja Tune Xen Cuts compilation. DRM, also known as Aaron Schultz, grew up a brown kid in Florida, his melanin inherited rather than sun-induced, and had just relocated to New York City. At that time, Brooklyn was moving resolutely away from its untamed past, headed towards the hipster haven it would become as the decade went on. But in those early days, it was still a place where a kid could throw warehouse parties, make beats, put out his friends’ tunes from time to time, and run a record label — such as it was. Bastard Jazz (the name coined by Florida pal and early label designer Jay Marley), barely qualified in that regard, eking out four or five releases a year from homies like Jugoe but garnering growing attention with beat-oriented DJs and fans.

After a decade of sporadic but solid singles, around ten years after his move to Brooklyn, DRM was firmly entrenched in the local scene. Linking up with Erik Schneider, who was then director of Music Marketing for NYC mainstay Giant Step, brought an influx of business savvy. Coinciding with this was the release of Captain Planet’s Cookin’ Gumbo, the label’s first proper long-player album and a precursor to a greatly increased release schedule and bigger things to come. When Captain Planet’s “Un Poquito Más” and Potatohead People’s Big Luxury album made unignorable splashes in 2014 the label was truly on its way to becoming the indie juggernaut it is today. Progressive new artists like Bad Colours and POSY joined the roster, and remixes from big name collaborators Kaytranada, De La Soul, Ta-ku, Jazzy Jeff, Pink Siifu, Touch Sensitive, Jimpster, Shigeto, DJ Spinna & many more made it clear the little Bastard had matured into adulthood.

But back to our original question — have things really changed that much? Sure, the world is a different place. But what about Bastard Jazz, twenty years on? DRM still steers the ship, providing a POC-piloted vessel for a diverse and expanding crew of artists. The label’s sonic identity has branched with authority into Funk, Boogie, Electronic Soul, House, and Global Vibes, but remains rooted in a “beats” mentality. As long as the diverse collection of Bastard Jazz artists continue to bring their own fresh takes on the vibe, it’s a future-facing sound that has no expiration date. Here’s to another twenty — the more things change, the more they stay the same.

-Andrew “Monk-One” Mason, Brooklyn

1. Bad Colours - Evers' Jam 03:22
2. The Goods - FEELS 4 U (feat. Steve Spacek) 03:31
3. Kumail - Without You 03:09
4. Nick Wisdom - Good Times 05:09
5. Kool Customer - Fastlane 03:12
6. Buscrates - Spotlight 03:17
7. Peter Matson - Roma Norte (Jimpster Remix) 06:42
8. Illa J - Sunflower (feat. Allie & Potatohead People) [DJ Spinna Remix] 05:43
9. The Pendletons - Keep It Working (Jacques Renault Remix) 06:42
10. Chico Mann & Captain Planet - Un Poquito Más 04:29
11. BRISA - Astro Funk 04:00
12. Manatee Commune - Majestic Diver 04:10
13. Potatohead People - Bonzai View 03:32
14. RUMTUM - Tropic Air 03:44
15. POSY - Amai 03:06
16. Bad Colours - Skin to Skin (musclecars Remix) 05:43
17. Captain Planet - Hammock Dreams 03:57
18. Jugoe - Tique Toque 04:45
19. B. Bravo - Can't Keep My Hands Off You (feat. Reva DeVito) 04:03
20. Dead Horse Beats - July 03:23