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Only 24 Hours Left to Pre-Order the Art Zoyd Box Set and Receive your Free T-shirt; So Act Now!

Only 24 Hours Left to Pre-order 
Cuneiform Records and Art Zoyd's
First Ever Box Set
Receive a FREE Limited Edition
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The pre-sale for Art Zoyd's 44 1/2: Live and Unreleased Works ends TOMORROW, March 1st at noon/12 pm EST. Now is your last chance to receive a limited edition T-shirt when you order this exclusive box set. The Art Zoyd box set will be released in May 2017, at which time it will be available for sale WITHOUT the pre-sale bonus T-shirt.

Cuneiform Records and Art Zoyd present
Art Zoyd's 44 1/2 : Live and Unreleased Works
A 14-disc Box Set of All Previously Unreleased Recordings

This 14-disc set is an outgrowth of the celebration of the decades of Art Zoyd’s far-sighted musical work.

Every CD is filled to the bursting with nearly 80' of music. There are basically eight CDs of live recordings stretching from the years 1972-2004 and four CDs of studio recordings, sketches and outtakes from 1980-2005.

Of the two DVDs, one is comprised of historical television appearances from the late 70s into the end of the 80s and the other being the entire performance of their celebration at the RIO Festival.This is what is included in the box set...

12 CDs featuring:

• Live in Berlin, The Loft (April 1986)
• Häxan, Live in Copenhagen, European Capital of Culture (February 1996)
• u•B•I•Q•U•e, Live in Maubeuge, La Luna (January 2000)
• Lindbergh (circa 1990)
• Le mariage du ciel et de l’enfer, Live in Paris, with the Ballet National de Marseille (Roland Petit), Théâtre des Champs-Élysées (March 1985)
• Live in Paris, Le Golf Drouot (1972)
• Live in Nancy (1975)   
• Live at Pop Club avec José Artur, Radio France (1974)
• Live in Paris, Théâtre de la Renaissance (1976)
• Live in Mons, with Musiques Nouvelles (2000)
• “La Nuit du Jabberwock,” with members of Musiques Nouvelles, Live in Armentières, Le Vivat (2002)
• Live in Grenoble, 38èmes Rugissants Festival (1990)
• Live in Maubeuge, Art Zoyd with the Orchestre National de Lille (2000)
• Symphonie pour le jour où brûleront les cités (1975/orch. 2000)
• Live in Mexico, Art Zoyd with the Orquesta Sinfónica del Estado de México (1999)
• Armageddon, actes 2 & 3, Live in Lille (2004)
• Musiques Inédites demos (1987-1992)
• Faust  (unreleased, 1992)
• Les Présidents (1980)
• Korbes (1995)
• Live at Pop Club avec José Artur, Radio France (1975)
• Les Escalators mystérieux (2005)
• Globe Arena (1989)
• Musique pour le Six-Centenaire du Beffroi de Bethune (1988)
• Bethune 1789 (1989)
• Les Inattendus de Maubeuge “Spoutnik” (1993)
• Les Trois Mousquetaires
• Flixecourt Tisserands
• La Guerre de Marguerite
• Au nom du Père (1991)  
• Malbodium (1987)
• L'étrangleur est derrière vous (1983)
• Terra Terra! (1986)
• Live in Nancy (1975)
• Live in Reims, Maison de la Culture (1980)
• Live performance (excerpt) for Radio Tonkraft, Stockholm (October 3, 1979)
• Marco Polo (1984)

2 DVDs featuring:

• 44 1/2, the birthday concert, Live at Maison de la Musique, Cap’Découverte, Le Garric, France, Rock In Opposition Festival 2015 (September 19, 2015)
• Live in Berlin, Centre Culturel Français de Berlin (April 14–15, 1986)
• Live on Phase IV / FR3 TV, Hôtel de Ville de Maubeuge (December 1982)
• Nosferatu - Teaser (1988)
• Musique pour l'Odyssée / FR3 Nord Picardie TV excerpt (1979)
• Le mariage du ciel et de l'enfer (excerpts) / Antenne 2 TV (1985)

As a THANK YOU from Cuneiform for pre-ordering this box set now, you will receive a FREE LIMITED EDITION ART ZOYD T-SHIRT featuring the band's logo specifically-designed for this momentous occasion in the size of your choosing.

Art Zoyd's
44 1/2: Live and Unreleased Works

“Art Zoyd is a quartet, but their instrumental arsenal produces the sound of a mighty orchestra.”
– The New York Times

“...the uncompromising classic 1982 opus Phase IV is justifiably considered one of the group's peak accomplishments. The Rock in Opposition co-founders marry dark, unsettling atmospherics à la Univers Zero to precise minimalist constructs with hints of Philip Glass or Steve Reich.”
– AllMusic

“Art Zoyd...is one of the most important collectives in the world - dangerous and challenging.”
– The Absolute Sound

“...a description of Art Zoyd can not be contained in a single adjective.”
– New York Post

Originally founded as a psychedelic / progressive rock band in France in 1969, with the arrival of soon-to-be co-leaders Gerard Hourbette and Thierry Zaboitzeff in 1971 and then with the departure of the band’s founder, the group radically changed direction. By 1975 they were no longer a ‘rock’ band with guitars and drums, the band were now a based around the unique sounds of violins, electric bass and cello and trumpet, with additional instrumentation.

In 1976, Art Zoyd released their first album, toured with Magma and within a few years were invited to become one of only eight members of the Rock In Opposition Movement, a musician-led organization of some of the most cutting edge bands from Europe who banded together to increase their opportunities for work.

By the early 1980s, they were touring internationally and were a figurehead of ‘new music’ or ‘avant rock’. Beginning in the mid 80s into the mid 90s, they were at their peak renown, collaborating with choreographer Roland Petit, who commissioned them to work with him on a full ballet: Le Marriage Du Ciel et De L’Enfer (The Marriage Of Heaven & Hell) as well as performing live, self-penned soundtracks to classic silent films such as Nosferatu, Faust and Haxan. Concurrent with this period and their work in ballet and with films, the music shifts towards a more electronic, stripped-down and modern sound during this era.

In 2014, after a period of inactivity, Gerard and Thierry began to speak to each other about the idea of performing some retrospective concerts to celebrate their many achievements and performing as much music from the past as was practical in a concert with as many old collaborators as could be included. The first of these events was held in September 2015 at the Rock In Opposition Festival in Carmaux, France.

Playlist for Tom Ossana – The Thin Edge – March 1, 2017 MST 7:00 to 9:00p.m.

http://www.kzmu.org/listen.m3u ~ Use this link to access the show online.

The Amazing Keystone Big Bang - Live Au Crescent 2016 (2017)

Composé des plus brillants jeunes solistes de la génération montante, le Keystone Big Band sillonne l’hexagone depuis 2010. Par leurs créations Pierre et le Loup… et le Jazz (2012) et Le Carnaval Jazz des Animaux (2015), ils contribuent avec enthousiasme à sensibiliser un jeune public aux sonorités joyeuses et jubilatoires du grand orchestre de jazz. En parallèle à cette activité de passeur, l’orchestre a multiplié les rencontres prestigieuses : Cécile McLorin, Quincy Jones, James Carter, Stochelo Rosenberg, Bill Mobley…

Manquait cependant à ce grand ensemble un album plus personnel, qui restituerait à la fois l’écriture sophistiquée des arrangements, l’originalité des solistes mais aussi, et surtout, l’énergie du concert.

C’est chose faite avec ce Live au Crescent 2016, fidèle représentation de ce que Bastien Ballaz, Jon Boutellier, David Enhco et Fred Nardin – directeurs artistiques et membres « fondateurs » de l’orchestre - ont eu en tête lorsqu’ils ont imaginé cette aventure : un grand orchestre formé pour le simple plaisir de jouer ensemblede la musique originale.

01. Speak No Evil
02. Blues in E Sharp
03. Lullaby
04. The Blues Theory
05. Waltzin’ the Pat
06. Green Chimneys
07. Jim
08. The Flintstones

Trompettistes : Vincent Labarre (lead), Thierry Seneau, Félicien Bouchot, David Enhco
Trombonistes : LoÏc Bachevillier (lead), Bastien Ballaz, Aloïs Benoit, Sylvain Thomas
Saxophonistes : Kenny Jeanney (lead), Pierre Desassis, Jon Boutellier, Eric Prost, Ghyslain Regard
Section rythmique : Maxime Sanchez (piano), Thibaut François (guitare), Patrick Maradan (contrebasse), Romain Sarron (batterie).
Ingénieur du son : Erwan Boulay

Ce disque est disponible sur notre site en version CD (envoie dédicacé par la poste) et en version digitale (téléchargement immédiat).

Chris Biscoe - Profiles of Mingus (TRIO RECORDS 2017)

Saxophonist and clarinetist Chris Biscoe has been on the British scene for a long time, but he's made the territory between postbop and free-jazz entirely his own, and his sophisticated tributes to the jazz giants are always distinctive. This varied set offers 10 reappraisals of compositions by Charles Mingus, plus originals by Biscoe, pianist Kate Williams and guest bassist Dave Green (Larry Bartley assumes all the other bass duties). The classic Fables of Faubus unfolds in growls and smears from Biscoe and trumpeter Henry Lowther over the full-on drum tattoos of Stu Butterfield and Paul Clarvis, and Lowther's shining long notes hold the harmonies under the leader's soaring alto sax on the sighing Duke's Choice.

Williams has a gleaming solo meditation, and Biscoe an unaccompanied alto feature deploying his arsenal of bent tones, slithering runs and bluesy multiphonics, but through it all he maintains a rootsy quality that fits the set.

The album's almost worth it for Boogie Stop Shuffle alone, one of Mingus's most deviously funky themes; but tenor saxophonist Pete Hurt is a powerful presence, and just reading the Mingus title All the Things You Could Be By Now If Sigmund Freud's Wife Was Your Mother has a pretty compelling appeal as well. The Guardian

2017 Gigs

March 15th 2017 8.30pm
Chris Biscoe – baritone sax; Allison Neale – alto sax; 
Colin Oxley – guitar; Jeremy Brown - bass; Stu Butterfield – drums
606 Club 
90 Lots Road
London SW10 0QD
Tel 020 7352 5953

Friday 17th March 2017 - 8.00pm
Phil Minton, Kate Westbrook, Chris Biscoe,
Billy Thompson. Steve Berry, Mike Westbrook
London College of Music Choir dir. Paul Ayres
Kings Place
Hall One
90 York Way
London N1 9AG
tickets online £14.50 - £24.50 savers £9.50
box office 020 7520 1490

March 23rd 2017 8.00pm
Chris Biscoe – saxes; John Critchinson – piano; 
Dave Whitford - bass; Stu Butterfield – drums
The Karamel Restaurant
4 Coburg Road, 
London N22 6UJ
Admission £10
Tel 020 8829 8989

May 4th 2017 8.00pm
Chris Biscoe – baritone sax; Allison Neale – alto sax; 
Colin Oxley – guitar; Jeremy Brown - bass; Stu Butterfield – drums
The Karamel Restaurant
4 Coburg Road, 
London N22 6UJ
Admission £10
Tel 020 8829 8989

May 25th 2017
Chris Biscoe – baritone sax; Allison Neale – alto sax; 
Colin Oxley – guitar; Jeremy Brown - bass; Stu Butterfield – drums
Cambridge Jazz Club
Booking 07827 012875

Distances - Venice (GML 2017)

VENICE is the name of the upcoming debut album by the Jazz quartet DISTANCES, that was founded by the Munich bassist Georg Kolb and the Venetian Jazz pianist Marco Ponchiroli in June 2014. They are accompanied by the brilliant young saxophone player Jan Grinbert from Latvia and the virtuoso Bulgarian drummer Nevyan Lenkov.

After successful concerts in Germany and Italy the band is going on a release tour in Spring 2017 (with concerts including Germany, Italy and Latvia) – with a special programme for its live performances: An exclusive modular video installation completes the connection of an intense Jazz performance with fascinating atmospheric pictures to a unique concert experience.

The core identity of DISTANCES is a connection of energetic density and poetic atmospheric sensitivity. The ageless beautiful compositions by Marco Ponchiroli create a unique ambience of Italian flair and explosive improvisation. The name DISTANCES does not only derive from the international line-up, but describes the idea of shaping musical spaces that cross stylistic borders. The compositions (respectively also one by Georg Kolb and Jan Grinbert) are in contrast regarding tempo, character and intensity – from nearly ´classic´ minimalism of chamber music to massiv complexity.

VENICE does not only consider itself as an homage to Marco Ponchiroli´s birthplace, but is an eclectic metaphor for the historic development from glamour and power to decay and demise.

Venice is a city of mystical elegance that holds its place as one of the most beautiful cities in the world, but is in danger of becoming a living museum due to its high dependance of gigantic masses of tourists and more and more inhabitants moving away. Therefore the thematical focus of this conceptional Jazz record lies on the city at night – with all the shadows and shimmering myths of mysterious places, bars, ´palazzi´ and their various aspects.

By implementing subtle musical colors such as mandolin or cello (played by the featured guest musician Eugen Bazijan) Georg Kolb has given the production a subdued Venetian character.

A particular attention is focused on the artwork of the album: the emotional polarity of the music continues with the exceptional design of the front cover by the Italian sculptor and painter Romano Abate.

01. Dangerzone
02. Noblesse Oblige
03. Hercules
04. Quiet Place
05. The Continuous Now
06. And Never Again
07. To Think About
08. Frezant
09. A Moment Of Beauty
10. Elena
11. Toast To Stranger 
12. Venice
13. Dreams To Dance

JAN GRINBERT Saxophone (Alto/Soprano)
GEORG KOLB Bass, Mandolin, Synth, Soundscapes

As guest


28.02.2017: Trattoria Alla Palazzina, Venedig
03.03.2017: Omnibus, Würzburg
04.03.2017: Schloss Wertheim
09.03.2017: Bar Gabanyi, München
10.03.2017: Zeppelin Universität, Friedrichshafen
28.04.2017: Musikfestival Daugavpils, Lettland
03.06.2017: Klangfest Gasteig, München
16.10.2017: B-Flat, Berlin

Arnan Raz Quintet: March 9th At Williamsburg Music Center( WMC)

Hello Dear friends,

I would like to invite you all to my next show at the WMC. March 9th at 9:00. Our record label Rabbit Rabbit Rabbit Records are hosting an event. It's a double bill with the great band name Beekman-they are all a funtastic musicians. It's $10 at the doors and it is totally worth it. Come celebrate music and art with us. 

Where: WMC- 367 Bedford Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211
When: Thursday, March 9th at 9:00 PM
How much: $10

I hope to see you there!