Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Abbey Rader Quartet - Reunion (2016)

I met Kidd when I was touring with Billy Bang and Frank Lowe in the early 2000s. We were playing in New Orleans at the Zeitgeist Arts Center when he came and sat in. We ended up in a duet and it was really smoking. We vowed to play together again. Being the bad businessman that I am, it didn’t happen until October 2012 when I invited him to join my quartet at PAX in Miami. We finally had our reunion. The other members of my band had never met Kidd before. We set off on a fully improvised journey that resulted in some great moments. Many thanks to Steve Malagodi for booking and recording this date.

1. New Found Spirits (Live) [feat. Kidd Jordan] 17:10
2. Facing the Wall (Live) [feat. Kidd Jordan] 16:00
3. Talkin', Burnin', Prayin' (Live) [feat. Kidd Jordan] 20:27

Abbey Rader - Drums
John McMinn - Horns, Flutes, Piano
Noah Brandmark - Horns
Kyle Motl - Bass


Larry Wilson - No Secrets No Lies (2016) KARI-ON PRODUCTIONS