Wednesday, November 3, 2021

Mark Lockett / Joel Frahm / Orlando Le Fleming - Sneaking Out After Midnight (November 2021)

1. Loose Motion 06:11
2. Disingenuous 05:18
3. Nows Not the Time 03:29
4. Crew Cut 05:27
5. For Heavens Sake 05:24
6. Mr Pickles 06:34
7. Good Day for a Dog 06:33
8. Don't Take the G Train 07:11
9. Sneaking Out After Midnight 06:54
10. Tennis Elbow 05:33

Joel Frahm - Saxophone
Orlando Le Fleming - Bass
Mark Lockett - Drums

Recording engineer - Michael Brorby
Mixed - Michael Brorby
Mastered - Michael MacDonald

Pat Metheny & The Heath Brothers - Live at Midem 1983 (November 2021 Good Time Inc)

1. Guitar Improvisation [Intro] 07:26
2. Move to the Groove 07:19
3. All the Things You Are / Prince Albert 10:45
4. A Sassy Samba 07:54
5. Arthurdoc 04:39

Various Artists - Remixes JID010 (December 3, 2021 Jazz Is Dead)

Remixes JID010

As the final chapter in the initial run of Jazz Is Dead releases, Remixes JID010 continues the creative catharsis of an exhilarating new chapter in jazz music. Adrian Younge & Ali Shaheed Muhammad tapped nine iconic creators to reimagine their personal favorites from Jazz Is Dead’s catalogue to-date, who created striking new versions of songs by Marcos Valle, Roy Ayers, Gary Bartz, Azymuth, João Donato, Doug Carn, Brian Jackson and The Midnight Hour. Holding the line taut like a bass string, Younge & Muhammad only invited those special musical alchemists who have previously participated in Jazz Is Dead happenings, or those who are slated to share that stage soon: Cut Chemist, DJ Spinna, Georgie Anne Muldrow, Akili, Shigeto, Pink Siiffu, Dibiase, Natureboy Flako, and Kaidi Tathum. It’s a family affair.

The album blasts off with Kaidi Tathum’s reinvention of Marcos Valle’s wistful beachside stroll, transforming “Gotta Love Again” into a strutting, pulsating excursion equally at home in the club and headphones. Building off of Valle’s mellifluous vocalizations, Tathum harnesses the composition’s polyrhythms to build a soulful, jazz-house track that floats over ethereal synths and stutter-steps to a propulsive beat entirely unimaginable, yet true to the spirit of the optimistic and effortless original.

On his remix of Gary Bartz’s “Soulsea” Cut Chemist taps into the big-beat atmospherics of his old running partner, DJ Shadow, to craft a moody, echo-laden, percussive down-tempo saxophone meditation. Creating drama over bombastic beats, Cut Chemist layers Bartz’s searching sax refrains over sparse keyboard bars. 

Brian Jackson’s mellow masterpiece dedicated to the recently departed jazz vocalist, “Nancy Wilson”, receives an epic overhaul by producer Shigeto with help from harpist Ahya Simone and DJ Dez Andres. More than tripling the original’s duration while adding layers of new sounds, Shigeto’s remix weaves in and out of movements that alternately showcase Jackson’s soulful flute work, Simone’s sparkling harp and Andres’ bubbling percussion. Imagine if Dorthy Ashby and Hermeto Pascoal dropped in on Miles’ In A Silent Way sessions...

It might have been a foregone conclusion that Adrian Younge & Ali Shaheed Muhammad would give their Jazz Is Dead series the remix treatment, but that doesn’t mean this is your average remix album. Just like Younge and Muhammad fused their aesthetic with the musical masters they invited to collaborate with for Jazz Is Dead, the DJs, producers and musicians tasked with remixing songs from the catalogue tapped into the same jazz ethos, resulting in imaginative and sometimes radically reimagined versions of the originals.

1. Marcos Valle - Gotta Love Again (Kaidi Tathum Remix)
2. Roy Ayers - Soulful and Unique (Pink Siifu Remix)
3. Gary Bartz - Soulsea (Cut Chemist Remix)
4. João Donato - Desejo De Amor (Akili Remix)
5. Brian Jackson - Nancy Wilson (Shigeto Remix Feat. Ahya Simone & Dez Andrès)
6. Doug Carn - Windfall (Natureboy Flako Remix)
7. Azymuth - Quiet Storm (Akili Remix)
8. The Midnight Hour - Jazz Is Dead (Georgia Anne Muldrow Geemix)
9. João Donato - Liaisons (Dibiase Remix)
10. Azymuth Redor Do Samba (DJ Spinna Remix)

Marcos Valle – Gotto Love Again (Kaidi Tathum Remix)
All Instruments by Kaidi Tatham
Mixed by Eric Lau

Brian Jackson – Nancy Wilson (Shigeto Remix Feat. Ahya Simone & Dez Andrès)
Shigeto: drums, rhodes, synth, percussion
Ahya Simone: harp 
Dez Andrés: congas 

The Midnight Hour - Jazz Is Dead (Georgia Anne Muldrow Geemix)
Remixed by Georgia Anne Muldrow for Epistrophik Peach

João Donato - Liaisons (Dibiase Remix)
Remixed by Dibiase for 10thirty records

Azymuth - Quiet Storm (Akili Remix)
Remixed by Akili for BlackTransit Productions

João Donato - Desejo De Amor (Akili Remix)
Remixed by Akili for BlackTransit Productions

Azymuth Redor Do Samba (DJ Spinna Remix)
Remixed by DJ Spinna for Beyond Real Productions
Drum programming and additional synths  - DJ Spinna
Mixed by DJ Spinna @ The Thingamajig Lab2, Brooklyn NY

Roy Ayers - Soulful and Unique (Pink Siifu Remix)
Produced by iiyefor Pink Siifu with additional harp by Ss.Sylver

Gary Bartz - Soulsea (Cut Chemist Remix)
Remixed by Cut Chemist for A Stable Sound. Recorded at The Stable

Doug Carn - Windfall (Natureboy Flako Remix)
Natureboy Flako Remix recorded and mixed at The Healing Place

Claude Cooper - Myriad Sounds (January 28, 2022 Friendly Recordings)

1. Myriad Sounds LP 1Minute Teaser! 01:00
2. Tangerine Dreams 03:15
3. Two Mile Hill 03:06
4. Stan's Plan 03:03

An irrepressible melange of psychedelic-funk, jazz-breaks and end of the century tr*p-h*p collides with punk spirit in free abandon on ‘Myriad Sounds’, the debut album by the illusive Claude Cooper, arriving at the start of a new year on Friendly Recordings, the newly minted record label of Bristol’s renowned Friendly Records shop.

Claude Cooper emerged in the depths of last winter with the saxophone-led whirlpool of cymbal crashes and snaking bass on debut single 'Tangerine Dreams'. With strong support from tastemaker radio and DJs, it sensationally sold out a staggering 800 copies on its 7” vinyl release. With Claude disappearing back into the shadows, it was thought it might be a one off...until they resurfaced with this album, recorded during 2021.

It’s the sort of music one would expect to unearth in the hallowed backroom murk of a record shop where layer upon layer of wax plates periodically shift and reveal lost and long overlooked dusty relics just waiting to be freed into the slipstream of the shop floor. It’s a record in constant motion, much like the city, capturing a nature of individualism often associated with Bristol and typified by a renaissance in the jazz and punk scenes there in recent years. A firm focus on beats and low-end frequencies also pays tribute to Bristol’s drum and bass, dubstep and soundsystem culture. At its heart, ‘Myriad Sounds’ is characteristically friendly but constantly poised on rebellion.

The aforementioned smash single ‘Tangerine Dreams’ is matched by the Lalo Schifrin soundtrack worthy ‘Mongoose’ and ‘Stan’s Plan’, while the flute led ‘Bloomfields’ is a slinky late night jam. The rough and tough ‘Magic Circle’ throws together heavily distorted electric bass with stabs worthy of a 70s slasher-film. A treasure map of evocative local landmarks with tracks titles like ‘Stonebridge’, ‘St Nick's House’, ‘Hardenhuish’, and ‘Two Mile Hill’ alludes to celebrate and mythologise Bristol and the West. Are these merely placeholders or oblique clues that Claude Cooper has purposely teased?

1. Listen To The Sounds
2. Tangerine Dreams
3. Hardenhuish
4. Bloom Fields
5. St Nick's House
6. Magic Circle
7. Stan's Plan
8. Holy Water
9. Two Mile Hill
10. Mongoose
11. Stonebridge
12. Forbidden Fruits

Adrian Younge & Ali Shaheed Muhammad - Instrumentals JID009 (Jazz Is Dead)

1. Hey Lover feat Roy Ayers 02:25
2. Oi feat Marcos Valle 02:51
3. Visions of Love feat Gary Bartz 03:28
4. Aquarius (Bring Her Back Home To Me) feat João Donato 03:19
5. Soulful and Unique feat Roy Ayers 03:05
6. Isso E Que Sei feat Marcos Valle 03:47
7. Nao Negue Seu Coracao feat João Donato 03:15
8. Sunflowers feat Roy Ayers 03:00
9. Queira Bem feat Marcos Valle 04:09
10. Day By Day feat Gary Bartz 04:55
11. Gotta Love Again feat Marcos Valle 03:20
12. Forever More feat João Donato 03:04
13. Synchronized Vibration feat Roy Ayers 03:34
14. Viajando Por Aí feat Marcos Valle 03:59
15. G ravity feat Roy Ayers 03:25
16. Não Saia Da Praça feat Marcos Valle 02:48
17. Sua Beleza e Beleza feat João Donato 03:00
18. African Sounds feat Roy Ayers 03:10
19. A Gente Volta Amanha feat Marcos Valle 03:17