Sunday, July 30, 2017

Summersale from Nakama Records

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Even Chick Corea endorsed this album: Dave Kline Band - Shifting Borders (September 1, 2017)

Dave Kline Band
Street Date: September 1, 2017

Dave Kline Band CD Release Party at Blues Alley (8pm Show)

On Monday, September 18th, 2017, the Dave Kline Band will return to Blues Alley for their CD release party. The new CD is titled Shifting Borders. It looks and sounds fabulous and the band is thrilled to be releasing it at this venue. The band sold out the 8 pm show in March and the audience was blown away. (We apologize to those fans who were unable to get into the 8pm show! Please grab your tickets once they are on sale so you will not be disappointed  this time around.) 

They will be playing a 10pm show also and, if you're able, we'd love to see you at that show!

We really want to make a statement at this CD release party, bring your balloons and party favors, we are going to rock out!!

Shows at 8PM & 10PM
Tickets: TBA

de beren gieren - dug out skyscrapers (SDBAN RECORDS 29 September, 2017)

In the space between expectation and surprise, you will find Dutch-Belgian acoustic-electronic piano trio de beren gieren (The Bear Vultures), providing robust evidence that gold can still be mined from the union of piano, bass and drums. Based on the compositions of pianist Fulco Ottervanger, the trio use the power of improvisation on the quest for a new form and create a multi-layered, kaleidoscopic work of art.

de beren gieren has been hailed as one of the hottest acts on the Belgian jazz scene and this September, the band will release their fourth studio album, the highly anticipated ‘dug out skyscrapers’, via Sdban Ultra. Raw energy, impressionist melodies and complex structures are generated via piano, bass and drums provoking polyrhythmic soundscapes with unexpected twists and sudden turns.

With ‘dug out skyscrapers’, the trio trace back the essence of what characterizes their sound. An electro-acoustic approach weaves a spherical world of sound with added dynamism, humour and more than a touch of melancholy, projecting us forward into the future.

de beren gieren hold the unique ability to change mood suddenly in a way that constantly holds the listener’s attention. This is a sound full of joy and vitality and confirms their reputation as one of the most adventurous jazz trios of the Benelux.

Formed in 2009, the band were in-house residents at the prestigious Vooruit Arts' Centre in Ghent for four years and have received three awards at the distinguished International Jazz Hoeilaart competition which promotes young jazz musicians across Europe and the rest of the world.

‘A Raveling’ (2013), the band’s second album, was widely praised and resulted in de beren gieren’s international breakthrough. The follow-up a year later, ‘The Detour Fish’, captured the band’s live sound at the Ljubljana Jazz Festival in Slovenia and featured burgeoning Portuguese trumpeter and improviser, Susana Santos Silva. 2015’s ‘One Mirrors Many’ received widespread recognition with influential jazz magazine Jazzism describing the release as the “most influential album of 2015-16”.

de beren gieren have performed across numerous jazz stages throughout Europe and have collaborated with numerous musicians including Marc Ribot, Louis Sclavis, Joachim Badenhorst, Jan Klare and trumpeter Susana Santos Silva.

de beren gieren are Fulco Ottervanger (piano), Lieven Van Pée (bass) and Simon Segers (drums)

Sdban Records is an independent record label, obsessed with sixties and seventies grooves. It is the youngest member of the N.E.W.S. Records family, based in Ghent, Belgium. The label has recently expanded, focusing on contemporary talent. SDBAN Ultra is the sister label focusing on today’s lively jazz and funk scene, which is simply too exciting not to be explored.

Recently released on Sdban: René Costy ‘Expectancy’, ‘Let’s Get Swinging (Modern Jazz in Belgium)’, ‘Funky Chimes: Belgian Grooves from the 70’s’. Recently released on Sdban Ultra: Black Flower ‘Artifacts’, STUFF. ‘old dreams new planets’. Coming soon on Sdban: V/A – ‘Discophilia Belgica (Belgian Private Press Disco, Synthpop & Oddballs)’ + Jack Sels ‘Retrospective’. Coming soon on Sdban Ultra: BRZZVLL – Waiho.