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Brubeck Brothers Quartet - TimeLine (2018)

CHRIS BRUBECK and DAN BRUBECK are extensions of a remarkable jazz legacy. Although they toured and recorded with their father extensively, the immensely popular and influential jazz innovator Dave Brubeck, Chris and Dan have forged their own musical identities. 

Bass player and trombonist Chris and drummer Dan have previously released four albums with their band BRUBECK BROTHERS QUARTET. Along with their musical compatriots, MIKE DeMICCO on guitar and CHUCK LAMB on piano, they are releasing their newest CD, TIMELINE (Blue Forest Records, MARCH 19, 2018) celebrating the 60th anniversary of Dave Brubeck’s seminal State Department Tour as an official jazz ambassador for the United States.   

In 1958, the U.S. and the Soviet Union were engaged in the Cold War, and the U.S. State Department deployed American popular culture as one of the country’s most effective secret weapons. Jazz is one of America's most important cultural exports, and this 80-concert tour took Dave to 14 countries across Eurasia. The tour was designed to promote democracy and build bridges to the artistic and intellectual communities behind the Iron Curtain and throughout the Middle East. Being exposed to new cultures and new musical languages had a big impact on Dave's compositions and consequently on the jazz world as well. TIMELINE includes tunes written by Dave inspired by that 1958 tour which have been freshly re-arranged by the Brubeck Brothers Quartet, as well as some compelling new originals by Chuck Lamb, Mike DeMicco and Chris Brubeck.  

Chris and Dan honed their chops working in Dave’s band for many years, but they also struck out on their own, with each touring and recording in different groups and styles through the years. Dan’s versatile drumming style has led him to tour and record with such diverse artists as The Band, Roy Buchanon, Larry Coryell, Gerry Mulligan and his own groups including The Dolphins (with Mike DeMicco).  As a producer, Dan's projects have been nominated for both a Grammy and a Juno. Chris is an accomplished composer writing in different styles of music -- from symphonic scores to jazz, to innovative rock-n-roll, blues, funk and soul. Like their father, who was influenced by the different types of music he encountered on his journeys, the brothers’ fresh take on their father’s classic tunes as well as their own original compositions reflect the diversity of their experiences and their instinct to incorporate new ideas in their music. 

For example, listen to “Blue Rondo a la Turk,” one of Dave’s most well-known tunes. Dave was influenced by the rhythms of the street musicians he heard in Istanbul. He determined the meter he was hearing was in 9/8, composed a melody in that time signature, applied the classical Rondo form, and then juxtaposed it with the blues. The Brubeck Brothers Quartet's arrangement of the tune starts with Dan playing the doumbek, a type of drum popular in the Middle East, North Africa, and East Asia, and then breaks up the 9/8 melody with exciting hand drumming. Although Dave didn’t use the doumbek in his own version, it is most likely one of the instruments he heard the Turkish street musicians playing in 1958. 

On TIMELINE, the band begins “Far More Blue” in a laid-back 4/4 approach that breaks into a fast 5/4 groove. The tune features a superb polyrhythmic drum solo by Dan. “Easy as You Go” was originally featured in “The Real Ambassadors,” a jazz musical developed by Dave and Iola Brubeck which featured Louis Armstrong. The show, which drew upon experiences the Brubecks had on the State Department tour, was about the important role that musicians play as unofficial ambassadors for their countries. This ballad has a sultry vibe and features Chris’s lush trombone playing. “My dad knew the lyrics to every song he played. He said you can’t play a song well unless you know the words to it,” says Chris. “This tune is really an example of the amazing partnership my parents had and how Dave’s music and Iola’s lyrics really informed each other. That’s why I’m particularly conscious of the phrasing on this tune.” “Since Love Had Its Way” is the most straight-ahead tune on the CD and features a swinging solo by DeMicco on guitar and hip bass/scat solo by Chris. 

Dave’s original version of “Tritonis” stuck to a 12-bar blues cycle but here the band changes up the structure considerably to give it a more contemporary feel. The BBQ turns “The Golden Horn,” (which originally appeared on Dave’s “Jazz Impressions of Eurasia”) into a high-energy piece featuring nimble and clearly articulated fretwork by DeMicco contrasting with some half-time funk and a dizzying piano performance by Lamb. The band closes the CD with “Thank You” (Dziekuje in Polish), a tune Dave was inspired to write after a visit to Chopin’s house during the tour. Dave played the tune romantically, but the Quartet plays it here as a 5/4 quasi-bossa nova. 

There are also several original compositions on this disc, including “Boundward Home” by Lamb. It’s the only tune on the CD written in 3/4 and evokes the spirit of adventure and travel. Lamb also contributed “Prime Directive,” a title which sounds like the kind of official jargon one would hear from the State Department. It’s a celebratory tune with many influences, including a sizzling Latin section. Chris wrote “3 Wise Men” with a Middle Eastern feel to commemorate Dave’s trip, and DeMicco wrote “North Coast,” a contemporary, straightahead tune with an urban edge. 

On TIMELINE the Brubeck Brothers Quartet explores odd time signatures while integrating the blues, contemporary jazz, and world music with exciting new arrangements of classic Dave Brubeck tunes plus original compositions. As with all truly spontaneous jazz artists, the band is not afraid to take chances and pushes the envelope to create a rewarding and inventive musical journey.

1. Blue Rondo a la Turk  7:29 (Dave Brubeck)
2. Far More Blue   6:56 (Dave Brubeck)
3. Easy As You Go  6:11  (Dave Brubeck)
4. Since Love Had Its Way  5:43 (Dave Brubeck)
5. Boundward Home  6:30 (Chuck Lamb)
6. Tritonis  7:43 (Dave Brubeck)
7. The Golden Horn  4:36 (Dave Brubeck)
8. 3 Wise Men  6:29  (Chris Brubeck)
9. North Coast  4:35 (Mike DeMicco)
10. Prime Directive  7:00  (Chuck Lamb)
11. Thank You (Dziekuje)  6:50 (Dave Brubeck)


Joplin, MO, April 21, 2018 | 7:30 PM

The Brubeck Brothers Quartet is honored to perform in Joplin as part of the Pro Musica series.

Kansas City, MO, April 22, 2018 | 4:00 PM

The BBQ is excited to be playing at The Blue Room in Kansas City for the first time!

Phoenix, AZ, April 26, 2018 | 7:30 PM

The Brubeck Brothers are excited to be returning to MIM - we love this place!

Las Vegas, NV, April 27, 2018 | 7:00 PM

The Brubeck Brothers Quartet returns to The Smith Center in Las Vegas.

Las Vegas, NV, April 28, 2018 | 7:00 PM

Brubeck Brothers Quartet returns to The Smith Center in Las Vegas.

Oakland, CA, May 1, 2018 | 8:00 PM

Portland, OR, May 2, 2018 | 7:00 PM
2 shows: 7 pm & 10 pm

Fort Bragg, CA, May 4, 2018 | 8:00 PM

Gualala, CA, May 5, 2018 | 7:00 PM

The Brubeck Brothers Quartet are excited to be returning to Gualala.

Half Moon Bay, CA, May 6, 2018 | 4:30 PM

We're happy to return to Bach Dancing & Dynamite Society on the beach at Half Moon Bay.

Tarrytown, NY, May 18, 2018 | 7:00 PM

Happy to be playing at The Jazz Forum for the first time! NOTE: Two seatings: 7:00 & 9:30 pm

Tarrytown, NY, May 19, 2018 | 7:00 PM
Note: two seatings: 7:00 & 9:30

Somers Point, NJ, June 20, 2018 | 7:30 PM

Cohoes, NY, June 24, 2018 | 7:00 PM

We are looking forward to our first visit to this beautiful theater!

Rochester, NY, June 26, 2018 | 4:00 PM

náměstí Republiky 3, New Town, Czechia, June 30, 2018 | 8:00 PM

We are excited to be performing in Prague this summer as part of the annual Prague Proms!

Incline Village, NV, August 12, 2018 | 6:00 PM

We are SO looking forward to being part of the Classical Tahoe series this summer, in beautiful Incline Village on Lake Tahoe.

Festival Django Reinhardt, le meilleur du jazz du 05 au 08 juillet à Fontainebleau

Festival Django Reinhardt

50 ème anniversaire

Du 05 au 08 juillet au Château de Fontainebleau

avec George Benson, Biréli Lagrène, Marcus Miller, Hugh Coltman, Seun Kuti & Egypt 80. Concert unique en France de Snarky Puppy, et tant d’autres….

Venez fêter les 50 ans du festival Django Reinhardt du 5 au 8 juillet 2018, dans le parc du château de Fontainebleau.

Le festival Django Reinhardt aime les mélanges, les métissages. Depuis cinquante ans, il croise et décroise les générations, les influences, et incarne ce jazz aux frontières sans cesse en mouvement.

Pour sa 50ème édition qui se tiendra du 05 au 08 juillet 2018, le festival Django Reinhardt invite les meilleurs représentants du jazz actuel, avec des stars renommées comme George Benson, Marcus Miller, Biréli Lagrène, mais aussi des découvertes et la relève des jeunes artistes pour une affiche qui réunit tous les talents du jazz d'aujourd'hui, avec Hugh Coltman, Sanseverino, Shabaka Hutchings, Snarky Puppy, Seun Kuti, et bien d'autres artistes à découvrir.

Le festival Django Reinhardt, qui fête cette année ses 50 ans, posera tout d'abord ses valises sur la place du village de Samois-sur-Seine le samedi 30 juin 2018 pour des concerts gratuits avec les meilleurs représentants actuels du jazz manouche en hommage à Django Reinhardt, puis investira le parc du Château de Fontainebleau du jeudi 5 au dimanche 8 juillet prochain.

Pour fêter ses 50 ans, le festival Django Reinhardt propose une édition anniversaire d'exception avec 4 jours de festival, 2 scènes, 25 groupes, 120 musiciens, et un village de luthiers, le tout en hommage au plus célèbre des guitaristes de jazz.

Bon festival, bonnes découvertes, sous l'augure de Django Reinhardt, guitariste aux mille influences, artiste jazzman européen, inventeur d’un jazz unique et intemporel.

Il y a tout juste 50 ans, une joyeuse bande de fondus de jazz gitan ont souhaité saluer la mémoire du grand Django… Autour de son fils Babik, de son frère Joseph, et de la communauté des gens du voyage l’île du Berceau à Samois-sur-Seine a accueilli sur un podium de fortune prêté par la mairie le premier hommage au plus illustre des guitaristes de jazz. Un lieu qui a reçu pour sa première édition le 19 mai 1968 les plus grands noms du jazz venus s’associer à ce premier hommage : Joseph Reinhardt, Babik, Stéphane Grappelli, Eddy Louiss, Martial Solal, Art Taylor, Claude Nougaro, Kenny Clarke, Claude Luter, Marcel Azzola, les frères Ferré…

C’est entre Seine et forêt, sur cette île irrésistible, que s’est déroulé, année après année, le plus petit des grands festivals de jazz Français. Avec les moyens techniques de Radio France, Monsieur André Francis au micro, Patrick Saussois, Gilbert Leroux, Maurice Cullaz et beaucoup d’autres passionnés à la programmation, le jazz a défilé à Samois avec Art Blakey, Chet Baker, Barney Kessel, John McLaughlin, Paco De Lucia, mais aussi Biréli Lagrène qui y a fait ses débuts, Stochelo Rosenberg ou un certain Ibrahim Maalouf.

De concerts magiques en soirées uniques dans un cadre parfait, le festival a pris ses aises. Il a grandi jusqu’à atteindre sa taille critique, l'obligeant à quitter son île pour de nouveaux horizons, se réinventer complètement pour nous proposer en ce 50ème anniversaire un festival plus grand, plus beau, plus long, dans le cadre exceptionnel du Château de Fontainebleau.

Le Festival Django Reinhardt sera lancé le samedi 30 juin, en plein cœur du village de Django Reinhardt, sur la place de la mairie de Samois-Sur-Seine, avec quatre concerts gratuits. On pourra y découvrir l’essence du jazz avec les meilleurs représentants actuels du jazz manouche (Romane, Lollo Meier, Samson et Dorado Schmitt). Puis ce sera 4 jours de fêtes dans le parc du château de Fontainebleau du 05 au 8 juillet 2018.

Le festival Django Reinhardt aime les mélanges, les métissages. Il croise et décroise les générations, les influences. Ce jazz dont les frontières sans cesse en mouvement repoussent toujours les limites de ses contours.

Pour son édition 2018, le festival Django Reinhardt s'ouvre à la jeune génération si talentueuse (Gismo Graff, Amati Schmitt, Brady Winterstein), propose d'aller voir du côté du French Quarter prendre le pouls de la Nouvelle Orléans avec Hugh Coltman, et accueille George Benson, roi de la guitare jazz. Saluer Django, c’est faire de la place au sax déjanté de Shabaka Hutchings, découvrir les cuivres de Seun Kuti, la corde de Gary Clark Jr. C’est accueillir quelques princes en ce royaume du jazz manouche comme Stochelo Rosenberg ou Biréli Lagrène. C’est aussi confronter le son de Snarky Puppy aux puissantes lignes de basse de Marcus Miller.


L'édition 2018 du Festival Django Reinhardt se déroulera en deux temps
- le samedi 30 Juin : journée de concerts gratuits sur la place du village à Samois-sur-Seine.
- du 5 au 8 Juillet : 4 jours de concerts dans le parc du Château de Fontainebleau, prairie du Bois d'Hyver.

Samedi 30 juin, à Samois-sur-Seine, journée d’ouverture du Festival :
13H00                   Romane et Eric Bouvelle Quintet « Allo Balthazar ? »
15H00                   Lollo Meier Group
18H00                   Pierre Bertrand « Caja Negra »
21H00                   Samson Schmitt, Mayo Hubert, Claudius Dupont, invitent
                              Dorado Schmitt

Jeudi 5 juillet, Prairie du Bois d'Hyver, Fontainebleau
19H00                   Sanseverino «  Montreuil - Memphis »
21H00                   Cory Henry and the Funk Apostles
22H45                   George Benson

Vendredi 6 juillet, Prairie du Bois d'Hyver, Fontainebleau
19H30                   Mathias Lévy
20H45                   Biréli Lagrène, Stochelo Rosenberg, William Brunard
22H30                   Gary Clark Jr.

Samedi 7 juillet, Prairie du Bois d'Hyver, Fontainebleau
16H30                   Romain Vuillemin, vainqueur du Tremplin des Luthiers 2017
17H30                   Hugh Coltman « Who’s happy now ? »
19H00                   Fapy Lafertin & EVan Christopher Quartet
20H45                    Shabaka Hutchings & Sons of Kemet
23H00                   Seun Kuti & Egypt 80

Dimanche 8 juillet, Prairie du Bois d'Hyver, Fontainebleau
17H00                   Gismo Graf, Amati Schmitt, Brady Winterstein Quintet
19H00                   Marcus Miller
20H45                   Snarky Puppy (concert unique en France)

Dimanche 8 juillet 2018, Scène des Luthiers, Prairie du Bois d'Hyver, Fontainebleau
16h00                   Dan Gharibian Trio avec Benoit Convert et Antoine Girard

Infos Pratiques et billetterie sur le site du Festival Django Reinhardt et sur, Carrefour, Géant, Magasins U par téléphone au 0 892 68 36 22 (0,34€/min), Ticketmaster, E.Leclerc, Auchan Virgin Megastore, Cora, Cultura, Galeries Lafayette ou par téléphone au 0 892 390 100 (0,34€/min), Office de Tourisme du Pays de Fontainebleau 01 60 7 99 99.

Manski.Decker.Rousseau - King Sleep (2018)

Dov Manski is a pianist, composer and teacher who has performed professionally for over a decade. Manski has shared the stage with many notable musicians including Bill McHenry, Dave Holland, John McNeil, Cecil McBee, Steve Davis, George Garzone, Bob Moses, and Allan Chase. He has been featured at the Costa Rica Jazz Festival, Mexico City Jazz Festival, Portland Jazz Festival, and Boston Jazz Festival. He received his BMA in jazz piano performance from the New England Conservatory of Music, where he studied with Danilo Perez, Ran Blake, Michael Cain and Frank Carlberg. Dov currently resides in Brooklyn where he performs regularly.

1. King Sleep 05:12
2. Flutter 04:30
3. Mountain 01:44
4. Planet 07:01
5. Lighthouse 01:54
6. Dot 03:43
7. Halflife.Memory 02:43
8. Two Part Question 05:20

Dov Manski - piano
Sam Decker - tenor sax
Matt Rousseau - drums

Erik Friedlander - ARTEMISIA 3 10" LP BOXSET (Arconomx Music / Skipstone Records 2018)

Sparked by viewing Pablo Picasso’s mysterious absinthe glass sculptures at MoMA, renowned cellist Erik Friedlander and his new band Throw A Glass - Uri Caine on piano, Mark Helias on bass, and Ches Smith on drums - spent the next year and a half writing and recording Artemisia (April 11 / SkipStone), a concept album on the murky history of absinthe and its use as a brain-bending hallucinogen.  “I don’t think I’ve ever felt so strongly about one of my projects,” says Friedlander, who composed both hypnotic meditations on obsession and songs that optimistically chase euphoria and the "green fairy."

“That sense of never-ending intrigue and discovery is one of the most redeeming qualities of Friedlander as a person and a player,” writes Pitchfork.   “On first look, the glasses were kind of pretty, innocent,” Erik remembers.   “But as I looked more closely, I saw that Picasso had torn away the fronts of the glasses, revealing their insides.  Was Picasso commenting on the effects of absinthe?  Does it tear away one's exterior?” 

Described as an “ingenious cellist who makes an art of soulful rusticity” (The New York Times), Friedlander formed Throw A Glass for a gig at The Stone in New York City.  “I was blown away by the chemistry,” adds Erik, who got his start in New York City’s avant-garde Downtown music scene and has performed with everyone from The Mountain Goats, Mike Patton and Courtney Love to John Zorn, Dave Douglas and Wynton Marsalis.   The quartet recorded Artemisia in May of 2017, during a productive two-day session at The Bunker in Brooklyn.

Artemisia is a record about inspiration and where it comes from.  “So often we're looking for 'the great revelation' and missing the daily miracle that's there in plain sight,” says Friedlander.  “Moments of synchronicity, miracles of counterpoint, things that have never happened before and will elude you if you try baldly go after them again.  These are things to cherish. The so-called "revelation" is fool's gold."


The exquisite new 3LP boxset of Erik Friedlander's newest project, "Artemsia" has finally arrived and is available now.  Artemisia comes in a jet black slipcover, containing 3 absinthe-green LPs, featuring the amazing performances by Throw A Glass, artwork by Akino Kondoh, and design by Rob Jones.  Pick it up now!

Produced by Erik Friedlander

Engineered and Mixed by Scott Solter

Recorded May 25-26, 2017 at Bunker Studios, NYC

Mixed August 2017 at Orient Street in Durham, NC

Mastered by Steve Berson at Total Sonic Media

Original Artwork by Akino Kondoh

Design by Rob Jones

Project Supervised by Dexter Dine

All Music Composed by Erik Friedlander (ASCAP)

Performed by Throw A Glass: Erik Friedlander, cello; Uri Caine, pno; Mark Helias, bs; Ches Smith, dr

©2018 Arconomx Music LLC