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7º FESTIVAL PORTA-JAZZ +BÓNUS! - The Rite Of Trio, 3 Dezembro, Sábado - 15h00

3 Dezembro, Sábado - 15h00
Natal... À Porta!
Rua Fernandes Tomás (porta do Mercado do Bolhão)

The Rite Of Trio

Por onde andará a ponta perdida do novelo musical a que viemos parar nos dias de hoje? Nos inicios do século XX com as últimas grandes peças da música erudita? Nos anos 70 com a tão anunciada pseudo-morte do jazz? Ou algures na massificação musical dos dias de hoje orientada não pela Arte mas pela dormência cultural que nos apresentam e nos fazem crer como valor?

The Rite of Trio afunda-se no novelo e pega em algumas dessas pontas soltas ainda com as impressões digitais de Stravinsky ou o cheiro estranho de Zappa e abraça a ideia erradamente utópica da criação musical que é altamente cerebral e ao mesmo tempo apaixonadamente emotiva.

GETTING ALL THE EVIL OF THE PISTON COLLAR! é o título de estreia deste trio, editado pelo Carimbo Porta-Jazz em 2015.

Artur Akhmetov - Somewhere on the Other Side of the World (2016)

Artur Akhmetov is a young talented jazz guitar player from Russia, now living and playing in Europe and the US. He was born on the 2nd of December 1985 in UFA, a city in the East of Russia. His mother, who is a pianist, started to teach him classical piano when he reached the age of six. Despite of many intensive classical years, it was already soon that the Jazz music caught his ear. The only LP in that “Sovjet house” (of Duke Ellington) seemed to have some magical effect on him. He listened it over and over again, which made his mother realize that her son might actually be cut out for playing Jazz music. Although Artur eventually made the switch to Jazz and Jazz guitar, his engagement with (Russian) classical music is still influencing in his playing today. At the age of 14 Artur entered the Jazz department at the Music College in Ufa and at the age of 16 he got accepted at the Conservatory in Moscow (Jazz Department). His musical career started off very quickly from here. During this time in Moscow, Artur met a lot of musicians and managed to engage in different Jazz projects. At the same time he was busy with a bunch of Pop projects and Pop studio recordings at companies such as 'Infinity' and 'Soyuz'. He won 2 years in a row the first price for best Jazz guitar player in the national Jazz competition in Moscow and was, in 2007, awarded with a President Grant, for supporting Young Talents.

This Grant provided him the opportunity to study abroad. In the same year Artur was accepted at the Conservatory in Amsterdam and moved to Amsterdam soon hereafter. Here he started to study with great guitar players such as Jesse van Ruller, Maarten van den Grinten and Martijn van Iterson and took private lessons with Kurt Rosenwinkel and Jonathan Kreisberg. In Fall 2011 Artur completed an exchange program at Temple University in Philadelphia (USA). Here he studied guitar and composition with a broad range of teachers (e.g. Dick Oatts, Terrel Stafford, Bruce Barth, John Swana and Craig Ebner). Back in Amsterdam, he continued to work with his band on new material and completed his bachelor program. In September 2012, he was enrolled in the master program ‘New York comes to Groningen’ at the Prins Claus Conservatory (Hanze University) where he studied with David Berkman, Freddy Bryant, Gene Jackson, Robin Eubanks, Alex Sipiagin, Paul Bollenback, Adam Nussbaum, Don Braden and many more. This program also enabled him to live and study in New York. Here he studied privately with Mike Moreno, Nir Felder, Boris Kozlov and Obed Calvaire. He also recorded his album which is coming up soon: “Somewhere on the other side of the world” featuring David Berkman, Boris Kozlov, Gianni Gagliardi, Cory Cox and Adrian Moring.

1. Have a Passion (Dedicated to McCoy Tyner)
2. Train to Swana
3. Iceberg
4. Sleep to Dream
5. Bass Intro
6. Somewhere on the Other Side of the World
7. C.S
8. The Hive

David Berkman - Piano
Boris Kozlov - Bass
Gianni Gagliardi - Sax
Cory Cox - Drums

Swedish Mobilia - It's Not Jazz, It's Worse (AUAND 2016)

"Andrea Bolzoni, Dario Miranda and Daniele Frati share a perfect common view on how to interpret the sounds around jazz in a global way. In their opinion, the idea of an Afro-American sound works as a magnet, attracting a babel of contemporary languages and gestures. Rock, jazz and avant-garde are essential elements of the band’s concept of sound and space, one that pushes the boundaries of any genre. They decorate their music rooms with minimal sounds and turn into lyrics the dynamics of angular and irregular objects. They act in a dimension that is parallel to reality, a kind of a place where white noise, inaudible to most, dwells, thus being their zone of action. Here is where sounds outline the algebraic matrix of an apparently sidereal sequence, that is however nestled in the bowels of the everyday life, in the form of a fake “noise”. All the shrieking and metal clatter is just the melodic translation of ripped surfaces, grazed minerals and hypnotic waterfalls of matter. Expressive freedom and an urge for communication make the project poignant, all-changing, between urban mythology and post-modern narrative. “One needs a non-linear technique, simply because our lives today are not conducted in linear terms” (J.G.Ballard)" 
Testo di Flavio Caprera

Produced by Swedish Mobilia
Executive Producer: Marco Valente
Recording: HSR Studio, Milano – Italy
Engineer: Swedish Mibilia
Cover Photo: Lorenzo Palmieri

01 Two Nights in Tunisia
02 Don't You Mind
03 We've Been So Kind
04 Coffe to Go
05 Kiss Miss
06 Please
07 Red
08 Fifteen
09 Time for Tea
10 Thanks for Coming


Leandro Cabral Trio - Alfa (UNIVERSAL MUSIC 2016)

In his second album as leader, Leandro Cabral presents a grandious and yet introspective sound. Adding the precious acoustics of the Alfa theater, where the live recording sessions took place, to the well sedimented affinity of his trio and to the original compositions which engage on a brazilian contemporary world, Alfa is a singular album.

Accompanied by young musicians of high notability in their generation – Sidiel Vieira on acoustic bass and Vitor Cabral on the drums and percussion. Leandro proposes an interaction between brazilian music, jazz improvisation and a sort of introspection from the european jazz. On the album’s sole song there is the special attendance of the newly known “revelation” singer Vanessa Moreno and of the great saxophonist Cássio Ferreira.

Counterpoint structures, pulsating ancestral rhythmic claves, spaces and textures give their own colours. The liberty in interpreting each new performance creates a particular identity. A subtle and profound interaction occurs through a dance between the instruments and idioms. His piano has a comtemporary jazz character and some of his compositions have their roots in unusual brazilian rhythms for this ensemble such as the vassi (“O amor que se deu – Vassi n.2” and “Rute e sua grandeza – Vassi n.1”) and the ijexá (“Alfa”), both of them original from the percussive universe of Bahia. There is also space for bold arrangements of brazilian classics like “Rapaz de Bem” (Johnny Alf),  “Inútil Paisagem” (“If You Never Come to Me”) and “Outra Vez” (A. C. Jobim).

With absolute attention to every detail, all in all was carefully selected. The theater, the piano Steinway D Hamburg – which was chosen by Nelson Freire at the german factory – an impeccable audio capture and videos that reveal the essence of the album. Alfa opens a new path.

“Reflecting about the sound properties in an interview, which was later published in the book ‘On Music’, Karlheinz Stockhausen concludes that pitch was overrated during the period when the tonal music was prevalent. On the opposite pole, duration was ill-favored, maybe by the fact that the other properties presuppose it one way or another. Stockhausen denounces the misstep of this judgement, precisely because duration can bear a temporal phenomenon that is impossible for the other properties. The duration is capable of bearing silence. Silence is decisive for music. It confines initially the sound events. However, as soon as the whole of the musical play constitutes itself and intensifies itself by the aesthetical enjoyment, it is not rare for the situation to overturn, and the silences might as well act positively as the work’s kernel, submitting all resound to the function of delimiting its existence. Attentive to the subtleness of this condition, Leandro Cabral allows the emptiness, the spaces and the silence to conduct ever since the composition of his pieces to their incarnation in the album that arrives. For this reason, let us also permit ourselves to be conducted and to be capable of receiving it by it. 

‘Thirty convergent rays build up the wheel, but it is the central emptiness that makes it whirl (…) Walls and doors build up the house, but it is the inner emptiness the makes it habitable (…) The path is empty, so it can be walked, it can never be fulfilled (…); empty as such, similar to a bellows, its music is inexhaustible.’ Tao Te King 4, 5, 11.”

Silvio Moreira – Aesthete and professor M.A. at Souza Lima & Berklee faculty

01. O amor que se deu – Vassi n.2 (Leandro Cabral)
02. Outra vez (A.C. Jobim)
03. Rapaz de bem (Johnny Alf)
04. Rute e sua grandeza – Vassi n.1 (Leandro Cabral)
05. A dança (Leandro Cabral)
06. O grande azul (Leandro Cabral)
07. Valsa do amanhã (Leandro Cabral)
08. Alfa (Leandro Cabral)  
09. Marcela (Leandro Cabral)
10. Inútil Paisagem (A.C. Jobim)

Sidiel Vieira, double bass
Vitor Cabral, drums & percussion

Vanessa Moreno, vocals
Cássio Ferreira, sax

Triebwerk Hornung - Triebwerk Hornung (UNIT RECORDS 2016)

Wanja Slavin, John Schröder und Ludwig Hornung bilden das „Triebwerk“, dessen Bestreben es ist, stets ein hohes Maß an Energie, Abwechslungsreichtum und Dichte zu erreichen, was durch die intime Bestzung unterstützt, beziehungsweise forciert wird. Überbordende Passagen haben ebenso eine Daseinsberechtigung wie lyrische und fragile Momente; die Kommunikation untereinander steht über Allem. Stilistisch dem Jazz verschrieben, finden sich Elemente des Rock, des Drum and Bass sowie der Freien Musik zusammen zu einem homogenen Gemisch, das den Hörer mal fordert, mal einlullt, jedoch nie langweilt.

In John Schröder, längst einer der wichtigsten, versiertesten und einflußreichsten Musiker der deutschen Jazzszene, und Wanja Slavin, Innovator und festes Bestandteil des deutschen Jazzgeschehens, fand Initiator und Spiritus rector Ludwig Hornung die geeigneten Weggenossen, seine Klangvortsellungen umzusetzen.

1. Rumtreiber 5:43
2. Sticheleien 4:57
3. Hundstage 8:43
4. Quäl dich du Sau 7:23
5. Immer dömmer 7:32
6. Gelalle 6:05
7. Interview mit Klaus K. 6:12
8. Ausgelaugt 6:05
9. Fahr dich ma hoch 12:58

Ludwig Hornung (Fender Rhodes, Comp)
Wanja Slavin (Sax)
John Schröder (Drums)

All compositions by Ludwig Hornung
Recorded at "Titos Zentrifuge", DE
Recording Date 29.+30. Mai 2015
Studio engineer Tito Knapp, mixed by Marc Fuck, mastered by Klaus Scheuermann

Montreal Jazz Fest Announces 10 Concerts for 38th edition, June 28–July 8, 2017

Valerie Ghent NEXT STOP FRANCE....Paris, Marseille & Radio France Bleu Provence!

Following her Joe's Pub performance, Valerie's *Velours* album release
concerts in France kick off December 4 (Hyères) and December 9 (Paris)

December 4, 2016
Plan B
860, Avenue de l’aéroport, 83400 Hyères, France
+33 4 94 61 15 70

December 9, 2016

What's Jazz?: The Lou Caputo Story

Just wanted to let everyone know that I was the subject of a short documentary, "What's Jazz?: The Lou Caputo Story," made by my son Matt Caputo and his friends from Elmwood Films. This little film is a timeline of my musical career up to now, including The Not So Big Band. It is loaded with old photos, archival footage of me playing and stories from my many years in music; including playing the 50th birthday party of Bill Clinton, performing and recording with legendary conga player Candido, with Tony Bennett at John Mayer's father's birthday party, performing at Ronnie Scott's in London, and also with The Not So Big Band through the years.

Also wanted to let you know that we have launched a Facebook fan page at long last and you can hit like on that here: 

Thank you so much for your continued support.


WHAT'S JAZZ? - THE LOU CAPUTO STORY (2016) - A short documentary film about NYC Jazz multi-instrumentalist, Lou Caputo from Elmwood Films on Vimeo.

Happy Holidays (Sale) from SUNNYSIDE RECORDS!

Happy Holidays from Sunnyside Records!
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Feb. 10 - Davy Mooney - Hope of Home
Feb. 10 - Vitral Saxophone Quartet - Kites Over Havana
Feb. 10 - Gary Smulyan - Royalty at Le Duc
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Dec. 2 - Akron, OH - Jamie Baum Quintet @ BluJazz
Dec. 2 - Carlsbad, CA - Petra Haden/Jesse Harris @ Museum of Music Making
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Dec. 3 - Ann Arbor, MI - Jamie Baum Quintet @ Kerrytown Concert House
Dec. 3 - La Jolla, CA - Camila Meza @ Jazz at the Art Center
Dec. 3-4 - San Francisco, CA - Petra Haden/Jesse Harris @ SF Jazz
Dec. 5 - Seattle, WA - Petra Haden/Jesse Harris @ Jazz Alley
Dec. 5 - Portland, OR - Camila Meza @ PDX Jazz
Dec. 7 - New York, NY - Harriet Tubman @ Nublu 151
Dec. 9 - New Haven, CT - John Hébert Rambling Confessions @ Firehouse 12
Dec. 9 - Oakland, CA - Denny Zeitlin @ Piedmont Piano Co.
Dec. 9-10 - New York, NY - Sara Serpa/Ran Blake @ Kitano
Dec. 15 - New York, NY - Dayna Stephens @ Jazz Gallery
Dec. 16 - New York, NY - John Hébert Rambling Confessions @ Cornelia St. Cafe
Jan. 24 - New York, NY - Vitor Gonçalves CD Release @ Rockwood 3
Jan. 25 - New York, NY - Miho Hazama m_unit @ Dizzy's Club Coca Cola