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John McLaughlin & The 4th Dimension / Jimmy Herring & The Invisible Whip - Live in San Francisco (ABSTRACT LOGIX September 21, 2018)

“This recording of the final set at the Warfield Theatre brings to full circle the amazing advent of The Mahavishnu Orchestra In 1971, and its renaissance on this night in San Francisco.” mused the boundary-shattering guitarist John McLaughlin. On his farewell tour of America, which was comprised of 25 concerts, John invited one his favorite musicians, guitarist Jimmy Herring and his band “The Invisible Whip” to explore the timeless music he had created four decades ago.

On September 21, 2018, Abstract Logix issues Live in San Francisco – a souvenir of a sold-out concert at the historic Warfield Theatre, a beloved venue last visited by John McLaughlin thirty six years ago. In the 4th DimensionRanjit Barot (drums, konokol), Gary Husband (keyboards, drums), and Etienne M’Bappé (bass) and in The Invisible WhipKevin Scott (Bass), Matt Slocum (Clavinet and B3), Jason Crosby (Fender Rhodes, Violin, Vocals) and Jeff Sipe (Drums) – The Meeting of the Spirits tour featured a 9-piece orchestra that further amplified the seminal music he created in the 70’s, documented in albums – “Birds of Fire”, “Inner Mountain Flame” and “Visions of Emerald Beyond”.

So connected are the nine members that the interplay approaches telepathic levels, making for powerfully evocative performances without any wasted gestures. Longtime fans will be thrilled to hear favorites like “Eternity’s Breath” (from Mahavishnu’s 1973 Visions of Emerald Beyond) and “Trilogy” (from 1973’s Between Nothingness And Eternity) reexamined through the lens of both the bands’ unparalleled sensitivity and astounding power.

As such, Live in San Francisco offers a tantalizing document of the Meeting of the Spirits Tour. “Playing these timeless compositions with John and The Fourth Dimension was a life changing experience!” said Jimmy Herring .

Jimmy Herring and John McLaughlin

“Live in San Francisco” Track Listing:

⦁ Meeting of the Spirits (8:53)
⦁ Birds of Fire (7:50)
⦁ A Lotus on Irish Streams (7:13)
⦁ The Dance of Maya (10:09)
⦁ Trilogy (13:01)
⦁ Earth Ship (8:59)
⦁ Eternity’s Breath Part 1 & 2 (9:39)
⦁ Be Happy (7:05)

Total Running Time: 73 minutes

New additions to the program

today, from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Sommet Blues Acoustique 2018 avec
Guy Bélanger Trio, Harrison Kennedy et Michael Jerome Browne

December 1, 2018, 8 p.m.

Paul DesLauriers Band, PDB 3

December 7, 2018, 8 p.m.

Nils Frahm

April 2, 2019, 8 p.m.
Salle Wilfrid-Pelletier

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Sábados Porta-Jazz | Demian Cabaud Astah 19:00 e 22:00 - 14 Julho

Continuam os Sábados Porta-Jazz em parceria com a agenda cultural da Junta da União de Freguesias do Centro Histórico do Porto e com o apoio da Porto Lazer.
Sempre às 19:00 e um segundo set às 22:00.
E no Domingo 15 de Julho, o Coreto está no coreto de Matosinhos!

Demian Cabaud - Astah
14 Julho - 19:00 e 22:00

Este projecto é o sexto e mais recente álbum do Cabaud , “Astah”.

É uma experiência intensa e fresca, já que as duas baterias trazem uma grande quantidade de possibilidades, tanto em dinâmicas quanto em direções musicais.

As composições têm sempre aquele fator de abertura que caracteriza a música do Cabaud, deixando espaço para que cada elemento expresse o seu ponto de vista e deixe impressa a sua própria personalidade. O resultado é sempre fresco e nunca se repete .

A essência da música está enraizada no jazz tradicional , com muitos momentos livres / improvisados e um “cheirinho” de música tradicional da Argentina .

João Pedro Brandão - Sax e Flauta
Xan Campos - Piano
Demian Cabaud - Contrabaixo
Iago Fernandez - Bateria
Marcos Cavaleiro - Bateria

Sábados Porta-Jazz - Rua de João das Regras 305, 4000-293 Porto

5€ / 3€ Membros*

* (doação sugerida); Membros: 
quotas válidas por 1 ano: Membro amigo 40 eur; Membro músico/estudante 25 eur.

Now Vs Now - The Buffering Cocoon (September, 14 2018)

Jason Lindner, a keyboardist with eclectic musical sensibilities that intermesh to create a unique voice that has served as a key ingredient for numerous projects, including David Bowie's final album "Blackstar", presents his New York-based band's third album (and first for Jazzland), 'The Buffering Cocoon'.

Broad in scope, grand in ambition, and possibly a wormhole to a different musical dimension, the album takes the listener on the musical journey and experience that defies clear classification by any traditional measures. If music is about ideas expressed via the right notes in the best possible configuration using the best sounds, this is what Now Vs Now delivers. The ideas are focused on the future: the future of humanity, society, the planet. The themes of each track are interconnected, and their musical expression is perfectly attuned accordingly: no excess notes in the name of ego-based skill exposition, no scarcity of sounds where the concepts demand them. From the moment you press play, to the final drone and tick-tock of "Buffer Failed. Restart" you are taken on a journey with a perfectly planned and executed itinerary, a journey from an uncertain present to possible futures.

Genres become grist for Now Vs Now's musical mill, stylistic compass points to orient the listener. Chick Corea's description of Lindner as a "musical universe" is shown here to be a truth rather than mere hyperbole. They produce electronic music tinged with jazz, funk and soul, with nods to relaxing vaporwave ("Accelerating Returns"), analog synth-pop (the percolating "Cloud Fishing"), danceable darkwave (the propulsive, '80s-reminiscent "Motion Potion"), and modern electro-R&B ("The Scarecrow"). On other songs, IDM's taut beatkeeping, jazztronica's livewire energy, and elements of the cutting-edge Wonky subgenre popularized by Flying Lotus and J Dilla contribute verve and velocity.

In addition to fronting Now Vs Now - whose lineup also features bassist Panagiotis Andreou and drummer Justin Tyson - Lindner is a sound designer, composer, arranger, and producer. Originally from Brooklyn, he taught himself piano by ear before studying formally, simultaneously finding expression on electric guitar and saxophone. An apprentice of New York's elder jazz masters, his musical career began in jazz and sasla clubs. But he soon proved to be a voracious student of many types of music, eventually leading to synthesizers and electronics. Lindner currently tours and records with saxophonist Donny McCaslin - whose band, including Lindner, was enlisted by David Bowie for the recording of his final album, the Tony Visconti co-produced Blackstar - and is in a particular niche to serve as keyboardist for Angelique Kidjo's Talking Heads Remain in Light project and with Ethiopean Jazz pioneer Mulatu Astatke. He also embarks on solo and collaborative electronic projects under the name Oscillations.

"Rhythm provides more than a heartbeat for Jason Lindner. It also seems to fuel his respiratory functions and digestive activity, and maybe his neurons...What matters to him is groove, however it comes." - The New York Times

"Will this alien music make you want to dance? Absolutely, but be warned: once you step into the group's intoxicating, alternate universe, you may find it hard to leave." - NPR Music

" open minded kid from Brooklyn [Lindner] became one of jazz's most interesting keyboardists, with an identity spanning genres, cultures, formats and technologies." - JazzTimes

1. Buffering 3% 01:08
2. Cloud Fishing 05:26
3. Glimmer 07:21
4. Motion Potion 07:05
5. Silkworm Society 05:26
6. Buffering 43% 00:59
7. Dichotomy 08:32
8. Pergamos 06:42
9. Squoosh 00:50
10. 400 PPM 06:24
11. The Scarecrow (Silkworm Society Remix) 02:33
12. Accelerating Returns 05:52
13. Buffering Failed - Restart 00:38

Denny Seiwell Trio - Boomerang (QUARTO VALLEY RECORDS September 7, 2018)

Master Drummer, Denny Seiwell, best known for his work as founding member, alongside Paul McCartney, of the post Beatles band, Wings, quickly became a legend in the Jazz genre. Qualified to perform anywhere in the world, Denny's roads have led him to realigning with two powerhouses in the Jazz genre that make up the Denny Seiwell Trio. Joe Bagg, who has been called "A masterful organist" by Los Angeles Times, and John Chiodini best known for his guitar work on Natalie Coles "Unforgettable" Tour. They look forward to bringing their new album Boomerang due out September 7th, 2018, to fans which will include 12 songs with a detour to Paul and Linda's tour de force, "Live and Let Die", giving it a preeminent Jazz spin that only the most skilled of players can pull off. This will make up the album that is sure to shake up the Grammys "Best Jazz Album" field, when released by Quarto Valley Records.

2. AMBER 05:33
3. LIVE & LET DIE 04:55
4. CURUMIM 05:17
6. APRIL CHILD 05:14
11. BABY MAMA 04:30

Soft Machine - Hidden Details (MOONJUNE RECORDS September 8, 2018)

Hidden Details is a new studio album of Soft Machine, recorded at the late great Jon Hiseman's Temple Studio in Surrey, England, last December 2017, and it will be released in September 2018 on MoonJune Records (North America; on CD and HD Download), on John Etheridge's Dyan Records (UK/Europe on CD, and iTunes), and on Vivid Records (Japan), exactly 50 years since the release of the band's 1968 debut album The Soft Machine. Limited and highly collectible vinyl edition of only 200 coloured vinyl (orange, blue and tour edition orange & blue marbled) will be released on the Dutch label Tonefloat, on September 8, 2018. 

“'Hidden Details' is very much the product of an active, contemporary sounding outfit striking out with its own agenda. Though informed by the past, the music here is neither weighed down nor beholden to it. Animated with the same ineffable and inquisitive spirit that has always made this group throughout its fifty years such a compelling experience, it’' good to have a new Soft Machine with us in 2018. The yearning tenderness of 'Heart Off Guard' and the come-down reveries of 'Broken Hill' and 'Drifting White' showcase the more intimate aspects of Soft Machine's personality while in contrast, 'One Glove' gives the more pugilistic side of John Etheridge's playing an outing. 

The terse angularities of the title track and 'Life on Bridges' highlight a fearless disposition, as does the buzzsaw interplay heard during 'Ground Lift' and 'Flight of the Jett,' both featuring Roy Babbington's decisive interventions. The surging lyricism of 'Fourteen Hour Dream' flirts with an almost popish sensibility, underscoring the sense that this is a quartet that is fundamentally at ease with itself. The return of what some older fans of the band have called 'cosmic tinkles’'– the appearance of layers of cyclical electric piano motifs – is especially welcome. Their brief manifestation on 'The Man Who Waved at Trains' and Third-era, 'Out-Bloody-Rageous,' both stone-cold Mike Ratledge-composed classics, adds an extra spacey dimension to the overall sound.

Travis' use of looping technology with his flutes creates its own beguiling world and can be heard to powerful effect on the beautiful and enigmatic 'Breathe,' where his hovering notes are underpinned by Marshall's oblique yet atmospheric percussion.” - Sid Smith 

Soft Machine is a legend and an institution of British music, a band who included Robert Wyatt, Daevid Allen, Mike Ratledge, Kevin Ayers, Andy Summers (later of The Police), Hugh Hopper, Elton Dean, Roy Babbington, John Marshall, Karl Jenkins, Allan Holdsworth, John Etheridge, Percy Jones, Rick Sanders, Dave McRae and Jack Bruce among others (Jimi Hendrix briefly jammed with the band in 1968!). Since its creation in 1966, this band pioneered Psychedelic and Progressive Rock, led the 'Canterbury' trend, pioneered jazz-rock, and then guitar-led fusion (launching the guitar god Allan Holdsworth in 1974), influenced generations of musicians.

Disbanded in 1978, recreated in few occasions in 1981 and 1984, the band resurfaces in 1999 under the name of Soft Ware. Much was said about this band with a very complex intriguing history of constant personal changes during the 1966-1978 period.

The band resurrected in 1999 under the name of Soft Ware, then as Soft Works 2002-2004 and Soft Machine Legacy 2004-2015. In December 2015, it was confirmed that the band had dropped the “Legacy” tag from their name, as the band featured three of the group's 1970s era members – guitarist John Etheridge, drummer John Marshall and bassist Roy Babbington (from the seminal 1976's album Softs), in addition to flute and sax player Theo Travis – returning to the original name from 2015, and performing numerous concerts all around Europe, South America and Japan.

Kenny Millions / Damon Smith / Weasel Walter - Fuck Music... Tell Jokes – You'll Make More Money (BALANCE POINT ACOUSTICS 2018)

Recorded live in the hipster graveyard of Bushwick, Brooklyn, New York, Fuck Music… Tell Jokes – You’ll Make More Money features the diaper jazz/fuck you trio of Kenny Millions, Damon Smith, and Weasel Walter. Millions (aka. Keshavan Maslak), who recorded with the 1970s era free jazz heavy hitters (David Murray, Paul Bley, Sunny Murray) before growing disillusioned with the music industry to become a noisy and more unhinged artist, is in full confrontational mode. He scolds the trust fund kids in the audience, tells them to suck his dick, says “fuck you” a lot, and plays skronk sax and bass clarinet while wearing Depends. A real mature session. Millions is joined by the equally fiery Damon Smith, a Quincy, Massachusetts-based double bassist who has played with the legends (Brötzmann, Cecil, Marshall Allen), and journeyman drummer Weasel Walter, known for this work with The Flying Luttenbachers and Lydia Lunch. The pro-dubbed cassette, manufactured in a limited edition of 100 copies, features photos by Peter Gannushkin. Recorded live at Heck in Brooklyn on February 2, 2018.

1. Fuck Music, Tell Jokes, You'll Make More Money 48:55

Philippe Petit Trio - A Beautiful Friendship (2018)

This album, “A Beautiful Friendship” is, as its name suggests, the result of over 30 years of comradery, both professional and personal. These three exceptional musicians have crossed musical paths is so many different contexts it’s impossible to describe them all. From private parties in improbable venues, to prestigious festivals stages, accompanying a plethora of headliners, the variety of situations and conditions in which they have found themselves has nurtured an inevitable complicity which infuses their music. Their professionalism has always been accompanied by playful banter and jokes, the trio never really taking themselves seriously enough to consider recording an album… until recently! 

In 2014, drummer Eric Dervieu suggested they shout themselves to a studio session… just to have a souvenir. On hearing the raw takes, peers encouraged them to finish the project completely, by releasing an album. Thus, for your listening pleasure the album “A Beautiful Friendship” is now available.

1. A Beautiful Friendship 5:42
2. The Skies Will Clear 5:49
3. Tin Tin Deo 8:43
4. Nuit noire 5:10
5. Elle habite au 21 3:47
6. Later 6:26
7. Calimero's Song 4:43
8. Little One 5:48
9. N'Gor 7:21
10. Come Rain or Come Shine 5:36

Pierre Maingourd – Double Bass
Eric Dervieu - Drums

Recorded by Patrick Chesnais at Studio Aéronef and mixed by “Magic” Vincent Bruley at Studio Picolo (Paris).
CD Artwork - Didier Vaudron
Photographs – Lionel Baunot

Golia / Kaiser / Moses / Smith / Walter - Astral Plane Crash (BALANCE POINT ACOUSTICS August 1, 2018)

"Astral Plane Crash" features almost 80 full minutes of detailed, colorful and communicative free improvisation by a special quintet of veteran musicians including Vinny Golia (reeds), Ra Kalam Bob Moses (drums), Henry Kaiser (guitar), Damon Smith (bass) and Weasel Walter (drums). The core PLANE CRASH trio of Kaiser, Smith and Walter is a long-running unit, having worked together extensively in numerous contexts on releases like "Plane Crash" (ugEXPLODE, 2009) and "Plane Crash Two" (New Atlantis, 2015). Kaiser was amongst the first wave of 1970's US free improvisers and his diverse, endless discography is legendary. Since 2005, the versatile rhythm section of Smith and Walter has collaborated on almost 25 releases together.

Los Angeles-based workhorse mult-reedist Vinny Golia and mythic journeyman drummer Ra Kalam Bob Moses join the fray here in their first time musical meeting. Golia brings a virtuoso articulation to a wide range of woodwind instruments here, multiplying the timbral variety of the group sound greatly. Those more familiar with Moses as a first rate jazz drummer for icons like Gary Burton, Steve Swallow, Pat Metheny & Dave Leibman may surprised at his current advanced free improvisation concept documented here.

The results resound with clarity, as space opens up spontaneously for every combination of the players, all captured in a beautifully transparent studio mix. Although the momentum is constant, this isn't another blaring energy music blow-out - the density crackles with sensitivity, support and mutual respect.

This quintet unleashes an orchestral arsenal of articulated abstraction and explores longer narrative lines, culminating in the two epic forms revealed here. The release comes with a 12 page color booklet featuring the stunning artwork of artist Jordan Belson as a mystical visual counterpart to the sonic mindscapes of the audio.