Thursday, November 18, 2021

Erik Tengholm - Stories From the Club (November 18, 2021)

1. Brunnsgatan 05:45
2. Lament 08:51
3. Cucu 10:58
4. Song of the Silent People 06:41
5. Moment's Notice 07:14
6. My Foolish Heart 07:52
7. A Drop In the Ocean 06:56
8. Crawfish Blues 06:47

Erik Tengholm - Trumpet & flugelhorn
Johan Christoffersson - Saxophones
Mattias Lindberg - Piano
Johan Tengholm - Double bass
Jonas Bäckman - Drums

Peter Brötzmann / Hamid Drake - The Dried Rat​-​Dog (November 18, 2021 trost records)

1. The Dried Rat-Dog 15:53
2. It's an Angel on the Door 06:58
3. Open into the Unknown 05:24
4. Trees Have Roots in the Earth 11:05
5. The Uninvited Entertainer 16:35
6. Dark Wings Carry Off the Sky 07:26

Peter Brötzmann - Tárogató, e-flat Clarinet, Alto/Tenor Saxophone
Hamid Drake - Frame Drum, Tablas, Drums

Phronesis - Alive (LP Deluxe Version) March 11, 2022 Edition Records

Jasper Høiby's Phronesis, widely recognised as one of the finest piano trios in Europe, will release a limited edition vinyl pressing of their groundbreaking 2010 album ‘Alive’ in March 2022.

Over the last two decades, Phronesis forged a reputation for spell-binding live performances, capturing the imaginations of audiences worldwide. Years of performing, touring and recording gave this trio a matchless rapport that inspired an ever-flowing stream of pioneering new music.

The group’s first album on Edition Records and their first live recording, it was ‘Alive’ that truly catapulted the trio onto the international stage.  Flawless in execution, and driven by some of the most infectious and compelling music written in recent years, this extraordinary recording became one of the most talked-about live piano trio releases.  It was awarded Album of the Year in 2010 by both Mojo and Jazzwise and was voted Jazzwise Magazine’ No.1 Jazz Album of the last 5 years in 2015. It won endless plaudits and praise for its irresistible excitement, skillful flair and expansive compositional craft, and prompted extensive international touring across the world.

At the centre of the band’s sound was bassist and founder Jasper Høiby, the charismatic and dynamic player and composer, and a musician who has been central in shaping the story of Edition Records as a label. On ‘Alive,’ Jasper is joined by Ivo Neame on keys and Mark Guiliana on drums, standing in for Anton Eger on this one-off live recording.

To celebrate over a decade since the album first dropped, ‘Alive’ will be released on vinyl for the first time ever in March 2022 with brand new artwork and liner notes specially written by Jasper.

Get your orders in early – this special edition vinyl album is a must-have collector’s item for fans of the group.
1. Untitled #1 02:14
2. Blue Inspiration 11:05
3. French 08:35
4. Eight Hours 05:32
5. Abraham's New Gift 10:07
6. Rue Cinq Diamants 06:09
7. Happy Notes 10:08
8. Love Song 14:06
9. Untitled#2 07:14
10. Smoking the Camel 13:52

Jasper Høiby  Double Bass
Ivo Neame  Piano
Mark Guiliana  Drums

– Each Vinyl will be packaged in a double album gatefold
– Each LP will be pressed on Ocean Blue Coloured Vinyl
– The first 200 copies sold on the Edition Store will be numbered
– The Deluxe Vinyl package will include sheet music of all 10 tracks as a PDF download

Available as limited edition vinyl, with online-only exclusives, as well as on WAV and MP3

Mars Williams Presents An Ayler Xmas Vol. 5 (December 3, 2021 Astral Spirits)

1. The Divine Peacemaker Plays Dreidel In Frightful Weather
2. The Angels Sing With The Old & New Ghosts In The Manger
3. Did You Hear They Found Light In Darkness

Mars Williams - Sax, Suona, Toy Instruments
Josh Berman - Cornet
Jim Baker - Piano, Viola, Arp Synth
Brian Sandstrom - Bass, Guitar, Trumpet
Steve Hunt - Drums
Peter Maunu - Violin
Kent Kessler - Bass (Tracks 1 & 2)
Krzysztof Pablan - Bass (Track 3)

Track 1 & 2 Recorded by: Dave Zuchowski 7/28/21
Track 3 Recorded Live at Constellation Chicago 12/19/20
Mixed & Mastered by: Hermey at Island Of Misfit Toys Studios
Design by Rich Good

TRACK 1 CONTAINS MUSIC WRITTEN BY ALBERT AYLER (BMI) “Divine Peacemaker” (Railroad Town Music / BMI) Additional Songs: “Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow” By Sammy Cahn and Jule Styne © Imagem Music /Cahn Music and Chappell and Co. / Producers Music Publishing Co.

TRACK 2 CONTAINS MUSIC WRITTEN BY ALBERT AYLER (BMI) “Ghosts” (Railroad Town Music / BMI) “New Ghosts” © Spurt Music (BMI); Railroad Town Music / BMI) Additional Songs: “Feliz Navidad” By: José Feliciano © BMG Gold Songs / J&H Publishing

TRACK 3 CONTAINS MUSIC WRITTEN BY ALBERT AYLER (BMI) “Light In Darkness” (Railroad Town Music / BMI) Additional Songs: “Do You hear what I Hear” By: Noël Regney and Gloria Shayne Baker (Jewel Music Publishing Co. Inc.)


Matthew Shipp - Invisible Light Live Sao Paulo (Hat Hut Records)

1. Symbol Systems 07:31
2. Angel Eyes 05:39
3. Whole Movement 07:40
4. On Green Dolphin Street 06:54
5. Invisible Light 06:52
6. There Will Never Be Another You 06:40
7. Blue In Orion 12:34
8. Yesterdays 03:28
9. Patmos 03:26
10. Gamma Ray 02:02
11. Summertime 02:17

Matthew Shipp - piano

Satoko Inoue Presents Jo Kondo's New Works For Piano (Hat Hut Records)

1. Gamut 01:05
2. Ritornello 07:59
3. In Nomine 03:29
4. Metamorphosis 09:50
5. Trochaic Thought 05:46
6. Sight Rhythmics 12:52
7. The Shape Follows 10:29
8. Tennyson Songbook 12:31

Satoko Inoue - piano

All compositions by Jo Kondo

Franz Koglmann Septet - Fruits Of Solitude (Hat Hut Records)

1. Fruits of Solitude II 05:59
2. Martians don't go home anymore 03:28
3. For Max 03:34
4. Untitled 03:55
5. Garden with Blue Terrace 04:13
6. Salut Solal! 05:12
7. Fruits of Solitude I 05:18
8. Finger Snapper 03:24
9. Leopard Lady 02:51
10. Fruits of Solitude III 05:46
11. Yellow Tango 04:14

Franz Koglmann - flugelhorn, trumpet
John Clark - french horn
Mario Arcari - oboe, english horn
Daniele D' Agaro - clarinet, bass clarinet, tenor saxophone
Milan Turkovic - bassoon
Attila Pasztor - cello
Peter Herbert - double bass

New York Contemporary Five - Copenhagen 1963 Revisited (Hat Hut Records)

1. Cisum 09:55
2. Trio 15:05
3. Consequences 08:31
4. The Funeral 05:04
5. Wo Wo 05:47
6. O.C. 05:42
7. When Will The Blues Leave 08:35
8. Monk's Mood 02:21
9. Emotions 08:40
10. Crepuscule With Nellie 02:14
11. Mik 07:30

Archie Shepp - tenor saxophone
Don Cherry - cornet
John Tchicai - alto saxophone
Don Moore - double bass
J.C. Moses - drums

John Coltrane - Chasin' The Trane Revisited (Hat Hut Records)

1. Spiritual 13:32
2. Softly As In The Morning Sunrise 06:27
3. Chasin' The Trane 15:57
4. India 13:58
5. Impressions 14:46
6. Spiritual (alternate take) 14:44

John Coltrane - tenor & soprano saxophones
Eric Dolphy - bass clarinet on 1,4,6
McCoy Tyner - piano on 1,2,4,5,6
Reggie Workman - double bass on 1,2,4,6
Jimmy Garrison - double bass on 3,4,5
Elvin Jones - drums

Nick Fraser Quartet - If There Were No Opposites (Hat Hut Records)

1. Improvisation (Part 1) 02:43
2. Sketch #50 03:39
3. Shoe Dance 04:46
4. Table 49, The Rex Hotel, Toronto 09:28
5. The Bulldog And The Capricorn 09:02
6. The Fashion Show 07:38
7. Improvisation (Part 2) 05:08

Nick Fraser - drums
Tony Malaby - saxophones
Andrew Downing - cello
Rob Clutton - double bass

Don Cherry - Complete Communion & Symphony For Improvisers Revisited (Hat Hut Records)

1. Complete Communion 20:39
2. Elephantasy 19:37
3. Symphony For Improvisers mov.1 19:44
4. Symphony For Improvisers mov.2 19:20

Don Cherry Complete Communion:
Don Cherry - cornet
Leandro "Gato" Barbieri - tenor saxophone
Henry Grimes - double bass
Edward Blackwell - drums

Don Cherry Symphony For Improvisers:
Don Cherry - cornet
Leandro "Gato" Barbieri - tenor saxophone
Pharoah Sanders - tenor saxophone & piccolo
Karl Berger - vibes & piano
Henry Grimes - double bass
J.F. Jenny-Clark - double bass
Edward Blackwell - drums

Bear Brother (feat. Mats Äleklint) - Played Freely with Power and Emotion (November 2021 Taragot Sounds)

The hard-hitting and free-spirited group Bear Brother, joins forces with swedish trombone extraordinaire Mats Äleklint on their second outing.

Seven original compositions from Isach Skeidsvoll and Erling Skorpen make up the framework for a joyous journey through the history of free jazz, and their performance couldn't be better described than the title of the album: "Played Freely with Power and emotion".

In Februrary of 2018, we were booked to play at Victoria Nasjonal Jazzscene as part of the Serendip festival in Oslo. Wanting to do something special for that gig, which was also the release concert for our first album, we decided to invite a guest to come play with us. The first and only name that immediately popped into all of our heads was Mats Äleklint, whom none of us knew personally, but whose music we all loved. We thought his powerful playing could elevate our sound and push the music forward, and that was exactly what happended on the gig; it felt like our best concert to date. After the show, we agreed to continue the collaboration in some form, which led to us recording this album in January of 2020. As luck would have it, we were able to capture some of that same energy which made the concert two years prior so special. Thank you Mats, for sharing your powerful sound with us! To be continued... - Isach Skeidsvoll

1. Distilled Spirits 08:40
2. Jyderup 06:42
3. Big Waltz 07:43
4. Lousiana 04:17
5. Woke Up This Evening 06:47
6. Moholo 05:16
7. Freely 07:06

Mats Äleklint - trombone
Erling Skorpen - trumpet
Lauritz Lyster Skeidsvoll - tenor & soprano saxophone
Isach Skeidsvoll - piano
Håkon Nordby Bjørgo – double bass
Martin Mellem – drums

Recorded by Christian Engfeldt in Studio Paradiso, Oslo January 2020
Mixed and mastered by Mats Äleklint
All photos by Peder Skeidsvoll
Cover design by Martin Miguel Almagro Tonne

Johannes Fosse Solvang & Camilla Hole (feat OJKOS) - Hundene i San Francisco (November 2021 Taragot Sounds)

1. Hundene i San Francisco 04:09

Composed by Johannes Fosse Solvang

Camilla Hole - soprano saxophone
Johannes Fosse Solvang - trombone

Siril Malmedal Hauge - voice
Henrietten Hvidsten Eilertsen - flute
Marie Rotevatn - clarinet and bass clarinet
Ellen-Martine Gismervik - cello
Richard Köster - trumpet
Lyder Øvreås Røed - trumpet
Tancred Heyerdahl Husø - trumpet
Andreas Rotevatn - trombone
Kristoffer Håvik - piano
Arne Martin Nybo - guitar
Mike McCormick - guitar
Alexander Hoholm - bass
Knut Kvifte Nesheim - drums

Recorded by Aksel Jensen
Conducted by Magnus Murphy Joelson
Mixed and Mastered by Christian Obermayer at Strype Audio
Cover by Kristine Knapstad