Thursday, December 6, 2018

Tim Pledger: Bohjass - Beautiful Question (December 2018)

Tim Pledger is a Melbourne musician and the founder and leader of spiritual jazz band Bohjass.
Beautiful Question is the 10th album.

Mick Power - guitar
Daniel Brates - drums
Belinda Woods - flutes
Chris Lewis - percussion
Oscar France - keyboard
Luigi Portararo - percussion
Brae Grimes - trumpet and cornet
Ali Watts - double and electric basses

1. The Dry Idea 10:25
2. O'rother Kissed ér 06:08
3. N.S.W. Jumper 09:35
4. Swimming Pool 07:48
5. The Badness Madrigals 09:38
6. The Beautiful Question 07:15
7. Zafferino Del Aquila 06:19
8. One for G and One for Me 06:24

Music written, mixed and mastered by Tim Pledger
Recorded at Soundpark Stutio by Andrew (Idge) Hehir
Painting by Uncle Damien, Orien Pharoah & Orpheus Pledger
Photo and design by Belinda Woods

Black Acid Arkestra - Sketches (December 6, 2018)

Jake Cleveland - guitars
Alex Arnold - trumpet, synths, fx
Rileaux Marx - alto saxophone
Eric Arnold - rhodes keyboards
Quinn Sternberg - electric bass
Charles Roldan - drumset/percussion

All songs composed by Jake Cleveland/Alex Arnold except "Eric's Groove" composed by Eric Arnold.
Recorded and mixed at Timeghost Studios by Alex Arnold.
Mastered by Aaron Marshall.

1. Sketches 05:46
2. Bat Country 06:08
3. Eric's Groove 05:04
4. Blue Mesa 04:35
5. Ethereum 05:45
6. Black Reef 05:36

Textures such as effected trumpet, blistering sax solos, virtuosic bass lines, prog-rock guitar licks, classic rhodes keys and digital sampling all come together to create the other-worldly sound of Black Acid Arkestra's debut album Sketches, which showcases a concise presentation of the weirder sides of jazz, simultaneously an homage to the past and a step into the future.

The idea for Black Acid Arkestra formed in the winter of 2016 when Alex Arnold and Jake Cleveland decided to create a fusion project encompassing the darker sides of jazz harmony and the more exciting sides of progressive rock. After a few shows and practice sessions, the tunes that became Sketches were written and recorded at Timeghost Studios, a cabin on the outskirts of the southern Indiana town of Bloomington.

Matt Moran Trio - Play Ball (2018)

The debut release of Matt Moran's organ trio featuring Gary Versace (Hammond B3), Tom Rainey (drums), and Matt Moran (vibraphone).

1. Play Ball 06:31
2. Fever Dream Blue Machine 08:00
3. Counterpoint 03:25
4. Dig Your Own Groove 13:51
5. Get Rich Quick 04:00
6. Try 04:04
7. That's What You Think 04:27

Peter Hess Trio - Falling (December 6, 2018)

First record from this trio of tenor saxophone, vibraphone, and drums, building towers out of scaffolds. Diskonife 002.

Peter Hess, tenor saxophone
Matt Moran, vibraphone
Jeff Davis, drums

1. Bluebells 06:06
2. Move to Mars 06:55
3. Falling 05:25
4. Subduction 03:44
5. Earlier 05:23
6. Gone Lights 05:09
7. Call Ahead 04:38
8. Follower 07:09
9. Everything Goes 03:27

Recorded 9/13/17 and mixed by Peter Hess at Fort St Marks
Mastered by Don Godwin at Tonal Park
Photo by Reuben Radding, design by Amy Saidens

James Brandon Lewis - An UnRuly Manifesto (February 1, 2019)

An Unruly Manifesto is an album dedicated to Charlie Haden & Ornette Coleman and Surrealism. Lewis describes this album as a call to action. “ Everyday is a chance to discover the truest version of your self and charge after that relentlessly”.

Jaimie Branch - Trumpet
Luke Stewart - Bass
Anthony Pirog - Guitar
Warren Trae Crudup III - Drums

1. Year 59 : Insurgent Imagination
2. An UnRuly Manifesto
3. Pillar 1: A Joyful Acceptance
4. Sir Real Denard
5. The Eleventh Hour
6. Pillar 2: What is Harmony
7. Escape Nostalgic Prisons
8. Haden is Beauty
9. Pillar 3:New Lived, Authority Died

Allison Au Quartet - Wander Wonder (January 11, 2019)

"...engaging, carefully crafted jazz.”
- Glen Hall, Exclaim! Magazine

"Canada has found a new jazz ambassador!
- Lance Liddle, Bebop Spoken Here

Featured on the list “10 Rising Female Instrumentalists You Should
- Rusty Aceves, SF Jazz

Wander Wonder opens with ‘The Valley,’ a lush sonic amuse-bouche that features keyboardist Todd Pentney front and center on the Prophet Rev2 while the other band mates attentively weave in and out of the background. The following track, ‘Future Self,’ begins with a hypnotic vamp that eventually blossoms into Au’s angular melodic statements on the saxophone. ‘The Rest Is Up To You’ is an amalgamation of influences; a sort of Wayne Shorter-esque composition that also draws much inspiration from Brazilian pop music of the ‘70s. ‘Looking Up’ showcases some of Au’s strongest penmanship as a composer as it highlights the ensemble’s ability to transition seamlessly between rich contrasting sections.

The pensive ballad, ‘Morning,’ establishes an atmosphere of repose and calm as the instruments are slowly, yet thoughtfully layered in. The album continues with ‘The Lie That Saves Us All’, a contemporary swing tune of changing meter and harmonic textures. ‘Red Herring’ emerges as an exploration of asymmetric melodies and equally jagged counter parts deftly executed by the rhythm section. ‘Grounds’ serves as an eloquent interlude to the robust exposition ‘Force Majeure’ that showcases Ragnelli’s apt drumming sensibility in a concluding solo. ‘A Trick of the Moonlight’ is a fitting finale; a introspective ballad that draws inspiration from a novel by British author Zadie Smith.   

Juno-award winning Jazz Saxophonist, Composer and Arranger, Allison Au refuses to be defined. Born to a Chinese father and Jewish mother, and raised in the multicultural metropolis of Toronto, Allison found music as a young child. Exposed to a wide array of musical styles, she was captivated by the unhinged freedom of Jazz. Jazz became Allison’s lab for self-expression, exploration, and musical experimentation. Her work weaves a mosaic of influences into a seamless and soulful sound, a concoction steeped in the tradition of Jazz but skillfully laced with elements of Classical, Pop, R&B/hip hop, Latin, and world music. 

Au’s music transports you to a place where instrumentals ring bold and emotions run free. Melodies cascade and collide, highlighting Au’s gift for layering voices and rhythms. Her writing showcases the color and character of each instrument, while providing ample room for her band mates to push her compositions to new heights.  

Au earned her first Juno nomination for her debut album, “The Sky Was Pale Blue, then Grey” in 2013, and in 2016 seized the Juno for "Best Jazz Album of The Year: Group" for “Forest Grove.” 

Formed in 2009, the Allison Au Quartet has toured extensively in Canada and the US. The group was awarded the TD Jazz Fellowship Scholarship (2011), The Alfred and Phyllis Balm Scholarship (2012), and The Margareta and Benno Nigg Scholarship (2013) for three consecutive artist residencies at the Banff Centre.

Most recently the Allison Au Quartet has won the 2017 Montreal Jazz Festival TD Grand Prix de Jazz, received the 2017 Halifax Jazz Festival Sting Ray Rising Star Award, and was named a 2017 Finalist for Toronto Arts Foundation Emerging Jazz Artist Award.

Allison Au will be releasing Wander Wonder on Friday, January 11th, 2019.

Todd Pentney Piano, Prophet Rev2
Jon Maharaj Bass, Electric Bass
Fabio Ragnelli Drums

Produced by Todd Pentney
Recorded August 6-7 2018 by David Hermiston at
Inception Sound Studios, Toronto
Mixed by David Hermiston
Maststered by João Carvalho

1. The Valley (2:09)
2. Future Self (6:19)
3. The Rest Is Up To You (6:26)
4. Looking Up (5:09)
5. Morning (5:42)
6. The Lie That Saves Us All (6:04)
7. Red Herring (5:07)
8. Grounds (3:02)
9. Force Majeure (8:00)
10. A Trick Of The Moonlight (5:24)