Thursday, May 27, 2021

Marcello Tonolo Quartet (feat. Chris Cheek plus Four) - Crazeology (May 2021 Caligola Records)

After two, among other things excellent, albums of standards recorded at the head of what is now his permanent trio, Marcello Tonolo returns to give breath to his music, emphasizing two of his main qualities: a refined compositional taste and a wise use of arrangements. The core, formed by the proven and solid rhythm section of Marco Privato and Jimmy Weinstein, remains, in continuity with the two previous recordings, but there is more this time: an important and original instrumental voice from the New York jazz scene, that of saxophonist Chris Cheek, real added value of the project, which gives an important contribution of ideas and pathos, besides the already taken for granted technical and professional skills.

The decision to add a wind quartet formed by young people, of great talent and secure future, in four of the nine tracks, makes this already weighty work even more valuable. In these tracks the group becomes an octet, which, according to Tonolo, already has the pleasant taste of an orchestra, a team that has always been congenial to him, as attested by the tenacious efforts made to keep alive until possible the Keptorchestra first, and the Thelonious Monk Big Band after.

Particularly successful are the arrangements of his own compositions like L’albero – among other things, the only song in which Cheek plays the soprano – and the evocative Borderline, but also of a little known jazz standard as When lights are low, by Benny Carter. The Quartet, for its part, runs unbridled, managing to outdo itself in songs like the spirited Evening star, also signed by the leader, the intense final short ballad, Margherita, composed by Jimmy Weinstein, and the personal, compelling reinterpretation of Crazeology, not surprisingly chosen also as the title of the album. 

1. Leo, Lion y Leon 04:53
2. L'albero 07:59
3. Walk Away 08:39
4. When Lights Are Low 06:32
5. Evening Star 06:05
6. Lazy Afternoon 09:28
7. Crazeology 06:41
8. Borderline 05:35
9. Margherita 03:24

Chris Cheek (tenor and soprano sax)
Marcello Tonolo (piano, arrangements)
Marco Privato (double bass)
Jimmy Weinstein (drums)

Pasquale Paterra and Antonello Del Sordo (trumpets)
Federico Pierantoni (trombone)
Mattia Dalla Pozza (alto sax)

Migration (Pablo Pulido & Rui Resende) - Owl & Lark (May 27, 2021)

Migration is a music duo project, created by Pablo Pulido and Rui Resende, based in Barcelona.

We are influenced by different things, and we make the best of those influences.
Improvisation and appropriation are the basis of our sound.

To migrate is to go from one place to the other. Chance is often the true engine of life. This project is the result of the accidental encounter between two people: a drummer from Rosario, Argentina and a pianist from Porto, Portugal. Barcelona is their meeting and resting point.

To migrate also means to travel. In a trip, we always carry some sort of luggage. The musical and cultural luggage we were carrying at the time of our chance meeting was the starting point of this experience: themes written by others or by us. What we made of them is a fusion of sorts, where one can’t tell what was already there and what was added in the process.

A Piano and Drums duet is not the most common format, nor the easiest to approach, musically speaking. But to migrate or travel are never easy. Taking risks is part of the journey. So, not unlike migrating birds who pick up seeds in a place to unwittingly plant them somewhere else, so is this record the result of many seeds we brought from many places, and a humble attempt to make them flourish.

1. Há gente aqui 09:20
2. Tensão 05:25
3. Sama Layuca 06:41
4. Blue in Green 06:50
5. 7 Anéis 09:30
6. Human Nature 04:14
7. Caravan 06:44

Ivan Rakhmanov / Sergey Sokuler - Kaleidoscope (May 27, 2021)

1. NOLA (New Orleans, Loisiana) 05:15
2. Art Chart 03:39
3. Испанская фантазия 01:27
4. Callypsism 05:43
5. Ветряные мельницы 03:57
6. Homestick 03:48
7. Калейдоскоп 06:03
8. Вальс 04:29
9. К Алине 00:38
10. Алхимия 05:04
11. There Is A Way 02:07
12. Colours 03:48
13. Космическая (Ad Astra) 03:32

Ivan Rakhmanov – guitars
Sergey Sokuler – double bass

Dennis Mitcheltree - Brooklyn (May 2021)

The jazz saxophonist & composer released his 5th album, Nevermind the Circus. He’s a mainstay of the tenor saxophone, based in NYC from 1987-2007 & LA 2007 to the present.

He's performed and recorded with masters of the jazz world, a Berklee College scholarship graduate, Artistic Director for the AMG, known for the INFLUENCES series at Carnegie Hall & an award winning saxophonist & jazz teacher. 

1. The Dorian Menace 04:20
2. Trial by Delusion 05:18
3. Missing 06:23
4. Turn the Corner 06:40
5. Felonious 07:25
6. Oppressions 08:19
7. Brooklyn 06:39
8. Solitary 05:49
9. Resigned 04:27
10. Modus Operandi 06:19

Debut album from jazz saxophonist and composer Dennis Mitcheltree, recorded 1994 and 1995 in New York City.

Dennis Mitcheltree - tenor saxophone, composer
Jesse Crawford - bass
Bill McClellan - drums
Andy Milne - piano

Mastered by Louis Servedio-Morales, RAW Music
Photography by Wendy Gordon

Brad Fritcher's MOODS - Live at Mexicains Sans Frontieres (May 2021)

This album was recorded live at Hugo Claudin's Mexicain Sans Frontieres, located in Grand Rapids, MI.

The last stop on a week-long tour, June 2019.

1. Monk's Mood (T. Monk)
2. A Line No One Traces* (B. Fritcher)
2. Lavender and Blue* (B. Fritcher)

MOODS band is:

Ian Thompson - bass
Andrew Szumowski - drums
Travis Swanson - guitar

Sons of Kemet - Black To The Future (May 2021)

Jazz meets Afrofuturism. Formed in 2011. Hypnotic double drums (Tom Skinner, Edward Wakili-Hick) Sax (Shabaka Hutchings) and tuba (Theon Cross)

1. Field Negus (feat. Joshua Idehen) 03:03
2. Pick Up Your Burning Cross (feat. Moor Mother & Angel Bat Dawid) 03:44
3. Think 03:32
4. Hustle (feat. Kojey Radical) 05:19
5. For The Culture (feat. D Double E) 04:01
6. To Never Forget The Source 02:56
7. In Remembrance Of Those Fallen 05:06
8. Let The Circle Be Unbroken 06:30
9. Envision Yourself Levitating 08:23
10. Throughout The Madness, Stay Strong 05:54
11. Black (feat. Joshua Idehen) 02:43