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A tribute to Carla Bley, signed by the Italian guitarist Andrea Massaria and by the American drummer Bruce Ditmas

Instant composition and a new sound universe are the meeting point for two very different artists.

Andrea has "his" sound - unique as it is the result of an exhausting search; Bruce, with the “drums that sound like an orchestra", has many and vivid colors that manage to flourish from his instrument.

Timbre research, instant composition, short and solid musical cells, harmonic spectra of incredible power: that’s how we try to define, in just a few words, that huge sound universe that Andrea Massaria e Bruce Ditmas explore, inspired by the compositions of pianist and songwriter Carla Bley. Composition excerpts, to be precise, that become a meeting point for two very different but complementary artistic personalities. 

Massaria and Ditmas work on very short riffs taken from Bley’s compositions that are characterized by exceptional brevity, great sound significance and impact. That's how the two soloists feel free to wander though their personal improvisational roads and find the direction for a creative streak that is able to transform themes into new original creatures. Massaria with "his" sound - unique as it is the result of an exhausting search; Ditmas with the “drums that sound like an orchestra" - so many and vivid are the colors that manage to flourish from his instrument. It is no coincidence that the symbol chosen for the CD cover, produced by, is an Oriental symbol representing the duality, the union of two figures. 

Without fear of contradiction, the CD can be defined as "unheard of" for the unusual freedom of interpretation together with the exceptional nature of the timbre result. The two artists recorded in Gorizia at Birdland Studio, a recording studio located in the heart of Basaglia Park which is a great green area that houses the former city insane asylum. It is indeed a record designed on the border (though merely illusory) between the world of "normality" and that of diversity. It was also created on a physical border (Slovenia is just beyond the fence of the Eastern wing of the park): there could be no better place for a project and two artists that made exploration and going beyond boundaries their main source of expression. 

The duo has already been called and appreciated by a number of major festivals, including Clusone Jazz, TriesteLovesJazz and Jazz&Wine of Peace in Cormòns (GO).


Andrea Massaria is a musician coming from a "multi-color" path: born a classical guitarist, he then moved on to traditional jazz and finally ended up in the current experimental field (particularly fertile for him). Over twenty recordings, countless Italian collaborations (including Francesco Bearzatti, Arrigo Cappelletti, Giancarlo Schiaffini, Rosario Bonaccorso, Glauco Venier, Danilo Gallo, Paolo Birro, Dado Moroni, Stefano Senni) and foreign ones (Marc Abrams, Oliver Lake, Robert Bonisolo, Jack McDuff, Bobby Durham, Lee Brown, Shawn Monteiro). At the top of several charts of “Musica Jazz” (best CD, best guitarists, record of the month), he now teaches jazz guitar at the Conservatory of Venice.

Bruce Ditmas studied at Indiana University and, still very young, he played for Judy Garland, Barbara Streisand, Sheila Jordan. Moving to New York gave him the chance to meet the leading figures of jazz and to make the best of the endless musical stimuli thanks to his great synthesis capabilities. Gil Evans Orchestra, Enrico Rava’s band with Massimo Urbani, Jaco Pastorius, Pat Metheny, Paul Bley, Chet Baker are just some of the artists with whom he has played during his long career.

Madeleine & Salomon - A Woman's Journey (2016)

A diferencia de los rutinarios ejercicios a dúo que hay en el campo vocal, aquellos que rememoran standards, viene como caído del cielo un proyecto capaz de mirar desde otro lugar y extraer desde ahí otra posibilidad.

Con elementos mínimos la vocalista y flautista Clotilde Rullaud y el pianista compositor y multi-instrumentista Alexandre Saada le dan forma a este cuaderno de viaje sonoro, que pone en primer plano a dos artistas de inusual pedigree regalándonos quince deliciosas miniaturas.

Estupenda unidad signada hacia una estética de sonoridad intima desde un lenguaje enigmático, distante que ejerce una atracción irresistible.

Un buen ejercicio es escuchar la hermosa fragilidad de “Little Girl Blue”, lo mas logrado por lejos y la apagada, casi musitada “The end of silence / Mercedes Benz” que a mitad de camino toma vuelo hacia las raíces spirituals. “No Government / High School Drag” o la cristalina “Les Flaures” son transmitidas con gran impacto emotivo.

“Bain Libre 1 y 2” son paréntesis musicales que utilizan como versos truncos para distraer engañosamente nuestra escucha y tomar un respiro. “Four Woman” de Nina Simone es recreada desde una esencia espectral, es otro punto de quiebre, un encuentro perceptivo con la voz de crepúsculo invernal de la vocalista y los colores de la aurora boreal en manos de dos artesanos.

Corazones cálidos testigos deseosos de belleza discreta convertida en tierna contemplación celebrarán haberse encontrado con esta música curativa que pasará por la memoria emocional una y otra vez. Los invito a un recorrido que tiene como destino el clímax perpetuo. Altamente recomendable. - Micky Almada (Impronta de Jazz)

Reseña de 'A Woman's Journey' realizada por Micky Almada (Impronta de Jazz). Gracias Micky!

Madeleine & Salomon is the meeting of two artists with well established musical visions : the vocalist and flutist Clotilde and the pianist, composer, multi-instrumentalist, Alexandre Saada.
Long-term friends, they discovered, during a tour of Asia, that they shared a common musical aesthetic and decided to form Madeleine & Salomon with its minimalistic music stamped in impressionist poetry. 

A lonely voice, surveying a minor scale and reciting fundamentally feminist lines. Thus commences this first album of Madeleine & Salomon, “A Woman’s Journey”. A minimalist and delicate duo tackling a humanist and rebellious repertoire. Madeleine sings, Salomon sits at the piano. Madeleine & Salomon, a duo with a natural elegance, “less is more” their essence. 

LES INROCKS - Les 10 albums Jazz de l’été 
« Pas l’ombre d’une folie ici, aucune hystérie non plus, on s’en tient à une classe non feinte et à cet instant de grâce qui nous fait l’obligeance de durer un album entier. » Louis-Julien Nicolaou 

JAZZ MAGAZINE - CHOC Jazz Magazine Juin 2016 / Jazz Magazine’s CHOC June 2016 
« Nous sommes d'emblée saisis. La production est aussi raffinée que discrète, faisant toute la place à l'émotion seule et l'on réécoute à l'envie ce disque ensorcelant. » Franck Bergerot 

'It captures you immediately. The production is as refined as it is discreet, giving full rein to the emotion. You’ll want to listen to this spellbinding record again and again.’ Franck Bergerot 

JAZZ NEWS - Indispensable Juin 2016 / Essential June 2016 
« Dès son premier morceau, A Woman's Journey installe une ambiance incroyable littéralement hors du temps. (...) » Mathieu Durand 

« Leur version de Strange Fruit est exemplaire du souffle qui porte tout ce travail : majestueux, avec une forme de gravité pudique. Un disque fabuleux. » Raphaëlle Tchamitchian 

CULTURE JAZZ - Disque « Oui - On aime » / Their ‘We Love This’ album 
« Attention, chef d’œuvre et je ne mâche pas mes mots ! » Florence Ducommun

‘Look out, here comes a masterpiece, and I’m not mincing my words!’ Florence Ducommun 

« A l’arrivée, on ne se lasse pas du disque ensorcelant, envoûtant, hypnotique, doublé de l’hommage déclaré à plusieurs vocalistes engagées (Nina Simone, Billie Holiday, Mimi Farina, Janis Joplin, Janis Ian). » Bruno Pfeiffer 

‘One is enthralled by this enchanting, captivating, hypnotic album right from the start. It is also a homage to several socially and politically-aware singers (Nina Simone, Billie Holiday, Mimi Farina, Janis Joplin, Janis Ian).’ Bruno Pfeiffer 

FIP - FRANCE MUSIQUE - Album de la semaine du 6 Juin / Album of the week: 6th June 
« La richesse des arrangements du duo nous embarque dans un maelstrom d'émotions pures, ponctuées par de précieux silences. Les albums de reprises sont légion, rares sont ceux qui rendent grâce à des oeuvres aussi fortes, avec une telle inspiration et une telle élégance. » Laurent Valero 
‘The duo’s sumptuous arrangements carry us in a maelstrom of pure emotion, punctuated with precious silences. Cover albums are ten a penny, but few imbue such powerful songs with such grace, such inspiration and such elegance.’ Laurent Valero 

« Un voyage intérieur. Aux tréfonds de la voix d'une femme-femme, grave et vaporeuse, et sur la crête d'un piano qui lui dessine des décors de rêves éveillés. Soleil sombre, sourires fragiles, un souffle de vie à l'heure bleue. Inattendu, in-entendu et juste nécessaire. » Alex Dutilh 
‘An inner voyage, to the depths of a real woman’s voice, deep and hazy, on the crest of a piano which traces a décor of waking dreams. Sombre sun, uncertain smiles, a breath of life at dead of night. Unheralded, unheard-of and totally necessary.’ Alex Dutilh 

« Une aventure musicale grave comme la voix de la chanteuse et délicate comme le piano de son complice. Attention poésie! » Laure Albernhe 
‘A musical adventure as deep as the singer’s voice and as delicate as her partner’s piano. Poetry alert!’ Laure Albernhe 

01. Image 01:55
02. Swallow Song 02:16
03. All the pretty horses 03:19
04. No Government / High School drag 04:52
05. At seventeen 02:23
06. Strange fruit 03:09
07. Save the children 04:32
08. Bain libre 1 00:22
09. Little girl blue 02:19
10. The end of silence / Mercedes Benz 04:25
11. Les fleurs 02:07
12. Bain libre 2 00:51
13. Four women 06:35
14. Vous faites partie de moi 02:39
15. Le jour né de la femme 03:54


Klaus Koenig Seven Things - Seven Things I Always Wanted to Say (2016) MONTREUX JAZZ LABEL

Klaus Koenig, jazz pianist and former sound engineer for the Swiss radio station SFR, made numerous recordings with his Jazz Live Trio for TCB Records. In 1998 he had to stop his musical activity due to an illness in both of his hands. After many years of therapy, the 2012/2013 season with the old/new Jazz Live Trio and the 2013/2014 season with the Seven Things quintet with Dani Schenker, Christoph Merki and the trio meant a return to the music scene.

Klaus Koenig about this album Seven Things I Always Wanted to Know: 
In comparison to our first quintet CD "Piazza Rotonda" (TCB 33 102), (which Steff Rohrbach gave five stars in the same above-mentioned review, well, that did make us happy), I tried to enhance the degree of the simple and the popular even further, to even more consciously avoid the complicated, artificial, even ambitious in the pieces for this second CD, well aware that it is not that easy to evade banality. The degree to which I managed to do this is up to you, the listeners.

1 Der Bachstelzer  03:54
2 Un Po'Di Me  04:38
3 Seven Things I Always Wanted To Say  06:48
4 Fontana Barberini  06:13
5 Old But New And Bold But Blue  05:45
6 Fast For Five  05:22
7 Lied Ohne Worte Nr. 3  05:25
8 Christ Ist Erstanden  08:14

Dani Schenker, trumpet
Christoph Merki, alto sax
Klaus Koenig, piano
Patrick sommer, bass
Andi Wettstein, drums


Attila Fias Trio - Ride (2016)

My intent in making this album was to take you on a ride, a tour of my eclectic musical life! All the music involves my core trio of piano, bass and drums, with guest musicians joining us for certain pieces. We begin with Breakthrough, a jazz tune aimed at emboldening you to keep moving forward, beyond your boundaries. From there, the first part of the Portraits of Canada series is introduced. This suite is a musical homage to the natural beauty of Canada, its waters and forests, things that we must cherish and safeguard. 

The album also makes several Brazilian stops along the way, with a samba (Boas Novas), a bossa nova (Little Bossa), and a chorinho (Cutie) featuring the voice of the chromatic harmonica. The Circle depicts a "roda" - a circular gathering where Capoeira is practiced. This is a martial art from Brazil I have studied for years which integrates music, and the track uses authentic Capoeira instruments. The idea for my arrangement of Chopin's Fantaisie-impromptu for jazz trio occurred to me years ago, as I wanted to highlight the melodic and harmonic beauty of this composition, underscored with a rhythmic Latin jazz approach. I included a Hungarian Folk Song as a nod to my heritage, and this little gem, whose title "Paros csillag" translates roughly to "A Pair of Stars", is a lament over lost love. The title track is a jazz fusion piece meant to make you feel as if you are on your favourite Ride, whatever that may be. Attila Fias

01. Breakthrough 5:46
02. Portraits of Canada - Overture 5:21
03. Boas Novas 5:38
04. Fantaisie-Impromptu in C-Sharp Minor Op. 66 4:10
05. Portraits of Canada - Waters 7:26
06. Ride 5:48
07. The Circle 5:34
08. Little Bossa 5:29
09. Portraits of Canada - Forests 7:50
10. Hungarian Folk Song 3:45
11. Cutie 2:28

Quinta, 13 Outubro, 22h - Alexandre Dahmen Trio

Café Casa da Música (Porto)
Quinta, 13 Outubro - 22h
Alexandre Dahmen Trio

Alexandre Dahmen - piano
José Carlos Barbosa - contrabaixo
José Marrucho - bateria

Revivendo alguns dos temas já conhecidos, Alexandre Dahmen apresenta agora novos temas da sua autoria que constituem um repertório com uma sonoridade singular e ritmicamente arrojado.

Thomas Gimmonprez Trio - Kaleidoscope (2016)

"After a first recording « Bleu » which found in me a "drummer leader" soul, it seemed crucial to continue my writing work to clarify, shape and amplify this side of my personality. If the transition from sideman to "drummer leader" was not immediate, it nevertheless revealed obvious and exciting. I always liked to serve the music of others by performing as a sideman, but one day I wanted to get into a project from which I could assert my own identity, rich of many aesthetics which I feed.

The pleasure of composing naturally led me to bring forth a new sound palette, rich, colorful and infinite, echo chamber of my own emotion. Concerned about my emotional balance and listening to my own body, I decided to set to music the various states which sometimes cross me, grab me, excite me, paralyze me or electrify me. I appreciate the emotions that flow and especially the moments of release known by all musicians, I like to feel these energy balls floating around on stage.

Inspired by sensations already experienced, I conducted a work which prompted me to paint eleven drawings with different sound identities from which an emotional and musical "kaleidoscope" emerges, which is the mirror of my soul. Here a place resonates, there a breath whispers, farther a taste sensation hatches, elsewhere a vibration between two people comes up…

Attracted by the sound of the Fender Rhodes, I have used this instrument to be able to travel my listeners through my harmonic colors. Persevering with the trio playing, I used again the talents of Jeremie Ternoy (piano and Fender) and Christophe Hache (double-bass) to help me shape this new world of sound.

These fluids, impalpable, communicative and lightning get through us and travel in all our concerts and even beyond... intense moments that I like to share with this global community of musicians." Thomas Grimmonprez

01. Morning Running 3:27
02. Deep Breath 4:18
03. Fragile Balance 5:44
04. The Nap 5:45
05. Rain Dance 4:58
06. Peace of Mind 5:17
07. Meeting Place 5:05
08. Spicy Chocolate 4:12
09. Sweet White Wine 5:11
10. Fresh Wind 4:40
11. Unspoken 4:39

Jérémie Ternoy - piano, fender rhodes
Christophe Hache - double bass
Thomas Gimmonprez - drums

Marco Sanguinetti - Cómo desaparecer completamente (2016)

Se sabe que es un gran conocedor y fan de la banda a la que “argentiniza” aquí, neologismo utilizado por él para explorar y llevar a otro escenario las composiciones de Radiohead. Y como no le importan las categorizaciones o etiquetas, lo bien que hace por cierto, nos vuelve a invitar a sondear nuevas relecturas de su grupo fetiche.

¿A ésta altura de los acontecimientos le llama a alguien la atención que el pianista se haya volcado, en esta nueva producción a un terreno conocido? Quienes seguimos su andar sabemos que esta apuesta dista mucho de ser un álbum de covers.

El dream team que eligió despliega habilidad y creatividad compartida, dando lo mejor de sí mismos. Destacaría la relación con Migma que pulsa una fuerte conexión de complemento necesario entre ambos, favoreciendo aún más la interacción, el despliegue de texturas y climas sonoros variados.

Al mismo tiempo, todos los integrantes tienen una idea del carácter que se le quiere imprimir a esta música, que sin ser propia intentan darle sentido autóctono. De existir: ¿Estaríamos frente a una propuesta de "jazz grunge"?. Tal vez desde ese lugar surge el estímulo de explayarse y concretar un programa que siempre estuvo en la longitud de onda de su recreador.

Marco dice que su cabeza musicalmente es un quilombo. Lo mejor de eso es que hay que saber darle forma, para que la prueba sea más que una aventura desde una búsqueda sincera, y no vampirizar los originales. Para eso se necesita ser un observador lúcido erradicando la idea de copia del imaginario del oyente. La propuesta conquista y seduce por saber vislumbrar una música clásica y moderna, que apoyada en los arquetipos de la banda británica llega por encima de cualquier crítica.

Dos discos que muestran como testigo atento, las impresiones del pianista desde la percepción que le provocó Pablo Honey cuando lo escuchó por primera vez. Un trabajo original y creativo que enriquece con elementos contemporáneos una trama macerada con una gran libertad poética.

La presentación de Marco Sanguinetti ha sido posible gracias a Micky Almada (Impronta de Jazz)

Grabado en Estudio Doctor F. Mezclado en Estudios NN. 
Grabación, producción y mezcla: Mariano Manza Esain. 
Masterizado en Andrés Mayo Mastering & Audio Post. 

Diseño: Laura Vasrky 
Fotografías: Pablo Astudillo 
Objeto de tapa: Marco Sanguinetti 

Disco 1: 
01 Airbag (04:19) 
02 Everything in its right place (04:22) 
03 Scatterbrain (06:22) 
04 We suck young blood (04:53) 
05 Weird fishes / Arpeggi (04:52) 
06 Black star (06:41) 
07 I might be wrong (06:26) 
08 Motion picture soundtrack (03:17) 

Disco 2: 
01 Creep (06:15) 
02 The National Anthem (04:04) 
03 Paranoid android (09:03) 
04 Burn the witch (03:12) 
05 Little by little (05:24) 
06 How to disappear completely (06:27) 
07 Nude (06:07) 
08 Idioteque (04:54) 

Todos los temas compuestos por Thom Yorke, Jonny Greenwood, Colin Greenwood, Ed O'Brien y Philip Selway, excepto "Idioteque", compuesto por Thom Yorke, Jonny Greenwood, Colin Greenwood, Ed O'Brien, Philip Selway y Paul Lansky. Editados por Warner/Chappell Music. 

Marco Sanguinetti (piano y armonio)
Migma (bandeja de vinilos)
Tomás Babjaczuk (batería)
Pablo Butelman (guitarra)
Milena L'Argentiere (voz)

Various Artists - Pink Panther & Friends (2016) FONÈ RECORDS

6 nuove interpretazioni dello storico tema firmato da Henry Mancini, realizzate per fonè da: Fausto Mesolella, Enzo Pietropaoli, Eleonora Bianchini, Riccardo Zegna e Giampaolo Casati, Peo Alfonsi e Salvatore Malore, Scott Hamilton in trio con Paolo Birro e Alfred Kramer.

1) The Pink Panther (Henry Mancini) 2.42
S. Hamilton Sax / P. Birro Piano / A. Kramer Drums

2) The Pink Panther (Henry Mancini) 3.53
P. Alfonsi Chitarra / S. Maiore Contrabbasso

3) The Pink Panther (Henry Mancini) 2.49
R. Zegna Pianoforte / G. Casati Tromba

4) The Pink Panther (Henry Mancini) 2.09
E. Bianchini Voce

5) The Pink Panther (Henry Mancini) 5.20
F. Mesolella Chitarra

6) The Pink Panther (Henry Mancini) 2.30
E. Pietropaoli Contrabbasso

7) Stumpy (Hawkins) 2.31
S. Hamilton Sax / P. Birro Piano / A. Kramer Drums

8) Canyon (Peo Alfonsi) 5.01
P. Alfonsi Chitarra / S. Maiore Contrabbasso

9) Paris Blues ( Edward Duke Ellington) 4.26
R. Zegna Pianoforte / G. Casati Tromba

10) Kashmir (Page/Plant/Bonham) 5.00
E. Bianchini Voce / E. Pietropaoli Contrabbasso

11) O sole mio (Capurro/Di Capua) 3.31
Quando el rey nimrod (Tradizionale) 3.45
F. Mesolella Chitarra /Raiz Voce

12) Redempion Song (Bob Marley) 7.19
E. Pietropaoli Contrabbasso