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Playlist for Tom Ossana – The Thin Edge – February 28, MST 7:00 to 9:00p.m.

http://www.kzmu.org/listen.m3u ~ Use this link to access the show online. 

Fabiano Chagas - Tributum (2018)

Fabiano Chagas is considered one of the most versatile guitar players of the new generation. His influences go from Brazilian Popular Music to Jazz, passing through Classical and Regional Folk Music.

Fabiano has been receiving compliments wherever he goes. His expression, musicality and virtuosity get mix with the maturity of his performances.

Since 2008, this musician has taken part in several shows, concerts and tours around the world, playing at important festivals and specialized Jazz venues. Among the performances, the highlights were : Goyaz Festival - Brasil (2008), The days of Jazz Music – Ucrânia (2011), Odessa Jazz Fest – Ukraine (2011), Basel Jazz Festival – Bird Eyes - Switzerland (2012), Brazilian Festival – EUA (2013) FIGO - Brasil (2014) and Latin American Festival – Utah – EUA (2015). Ukraine, Austria, Germany, England, Switzerland and the United States are among the countries Fabiano has played in.

As an educator, he has given workshops about improvisation, acoustic (nylon) and electric guitar at many Brazilian and foreign universities. Viena Conservatory, University North Texas, Utah State University, Unirio, UFPB, UFRN, UFG are among the institutions Fabiano has visited and given classes.

In 2011, Fabiano established a partnership with the Austrian violinist Rudi Berger, considered one of the top Jazz violin players in Europe. With Rudi, Fabiano went on his first tour of Europe, visiting several countries.

A Master of Music since 2009, Fabiano Chagas is an adjunct professor of acoustic popular guitar, electric guitar and improvisation at the School of Music and Performing Arts of the Federal University of Goias (EMAC - UFG).

For ten years, Fabiano was invited to play in the university band by conductor Jarbas Cavendish. Fabiano was the guitar player for the Brazilian Music Orchestra named Pequi Band. With the Orchestra, he recorded one CD and two DVDs. Many artists with national and international recognition have performed with the orchestra, like João Bosco, Leila Pinheiro, Mônica Salmaso, Arismar do Espírito Santo, Carlos Malta, Nelson Faria etc.

In 2012, Fabiano Chagas started to record his first solo album, entitled “Universo Híbrido” (Hybrid Universe), which was released in 2013.

The album features Toninho Horta, Rogério Caetano and Rudi Berger. Besides his own compositions, Fabiano also interprets classics of Brazilian instrumental music. Below is a review of Fabiano Chagas' recent work by the great musician Hermeto Pascoal:

Great acoustic guitar, Outstanding electric guitar!!! Wonderful! Congratulations Fabiano Chagas  Hermeto Pascoal

In May of 2014 he started to record his second album in New York City. The new project had a special guest, Anat Cohen, who is considered one of the best jazz clarinetists in the world. Since then, some musicians have taken part in the recording, among them are Duduka da Fonseca, Bororó, Eduardo Belo, Hélio Alves, Ricardo de Pina and Chico Chagas. In the same year a music project by Fabiano Chagas, Diones Correntino and Jonhson Machado from Federal University of Goias – Assum Trio received an award from the Government.

In October of 2015 Fabiano Chagas represented Brazil in the International Festival of Latin Music at Utah University - EUA. There he played with the USU Symphonic Orchestra, gave classes and played with the guitarist Corey Christiansen and his trio.

Fabiano, you're an excellent guitarist! You always show harmonic integrity and execute very inspired improvisations Jerry Coker

1. Momentum (feat. Duduka da Fonseca, Hélio Alves & Eduardo Belo) 5:34
2. Tributum (feat. Bororó) 3:58
3. Pro Hamilton (feat. Sandro Haick) 3:43
4. Pro Edu (feat. Bororó & Ricardo de Pina) 4:11
5. Limerce (feat. Duduka da Fonseca) 5:03
6. Frevus (feat. Guilherme Santana & Bruno Rejan) 5:15
7. Ballad for Frisell (feat. Bororó, Chico Chagas & Ricardo de Pina) 6:13
8. Baitrane (feat. Mark Turner) 6:28
9. Choranat (feat. Anat Cohen) 2:47
10. Samuel No Choro 1:54

Blicher / Hemmer / Gadd - Omara (2018)

A chance encounter and a shared love of this special kind of music lead Steve Gadd, known for his collaboration with Paul Simon, Steely Dan and Eric Clapton among others, to join forces with saxophone player Michael Blicher and Hammond organ player Dan Hemmer in 2014. 

The band has toured all over Europe and Scandinavia twice and this second album was recorded live in Germany, England, and Denmark during their 2016 tour. These recordings has captured the amazingly charming live energy from four hardswingin' late-night shows in some of Europes best intimate jazz-clubs and Blicher, Hemmer, and Gadd swings with vividness on this brilliant live set that has an engagingly punchy sense of detail and soulfullness and the audience responds ecstatically. 

This album is with no doubt a unique opportunity to experience one of the world's most innovative and highly regarded drummers unfold his talent, playing a kind of music he is very most passionate about – organtrio souljazz. The album contains original music by Michael Blicher and the blues-classic "My Babe" and and the spiritual "Elijah Rock". 

"Omara" will be released on february 15th 2018, which will kick-off the bands release-tour, that will bring the band to Australia, Thailand, Hong Kong and Japan.

1. Omara 06:39
2. Elijah Rock 05:37
3. They Had No Roses 05:50
4. The Colour Red 06:28
5. Three Grains of Salt 05:42
6. My Babe 05:44
7. If I Were A Cow 05:33
8. On The Porch 07:45
9. Korean BBQ 05:42

Michael Blicher sax
Dan Hemmer organ
Steve Gadd drums

Morten Haugshøj Group - The Street Doctor (GATEWAY MUSIC 2018)

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The Street Doctor
She Amazes Me
Waltz for Oskar
Pent-Up House
I Don't Know
Blues for Barney & Wes

Jesper Løvdal: tenor saxophone
Anders Mogensen: drums
Thomas Sejthen: bass
Simon Gorm Eskildsen: piano

Frode Gjerstad feat. Hamid Drake and William Parker - Frode Gjerstad with Hamid Drake and William Parker (4-CD box-set) NOT TWO RECORDS 2018

Featuring Frode Gjerstad on alto sax & clarinet, William Parker on contrabass and Hamid Drake on drums & percussion. Norwegian saxist Frode Gjerstad is one of the most prolific and hard working of all European saxists, a career that stretches back some forty plus years, with upwards of 100 releases during his long tenure. Mr. Gjerstad is forever juggling several bands simultaneously: Detail (with John Stevens & Johnny Dyani), Calling Signals (with Nick Stephens), Ultralyd (Scandinavian noise/rock) and his current trio with Jon Rune Strom & Paal Nilssen-Love. Gjerstad always chooses master musicians from around the world to collaborate with: Bobby Bradford, Louis Moholo, Derek Bailey and Peter Brotzmann. One of the best groups that Mr. Gjerstad has organized is with the amazing rhythm team of William Parker and Hamid Drake. 

CD A:Ultima
1. Ultima part1:  15:29
2. Ultima part 2:  12:22
3. Ultima part 3:  18:48
4. Ultima part 4:  11:48

CD B: Remember to Forget
1. Remember: 38:11
part 1: 12:52
part 2: 11:35
part 3: 13:44
2. Forget:  29:26
part 1: 10:54
part 2: 11:10
part 3: 7:22

CD C: The Other Side
1. First cut: 17:42
2. The duo:  9:46
3. This side:  15:38
4. Williams bass:  6:48
5. The other duo:  5:58

CD D:On Reade Street
1. The street:  21:40
2. The houses:  11:17
3. The people:  23:58

​Frode Gjerstad - reeds
Hamid Drake - drums
William Parker - bass

Keith Jarrett / Gary Peacock / Jack DeJohnette - After The Fall (ECM March 2, 2018)

The group colloquially known as “the Standards trio” has made many outstanding recordings, and After The Fall must rank with the very best of them. “I was amazed to hear how well the music worked,” writes Keith Jarrett in his liner note. “For me, it’s not only a historical document, but a truly great concert.” This performance – in Newark, New Jersey in November 1998 – marked Jarrett’s return to the concert stage after a two year hiatus. Joined by improvising partners Gary Peacock and Jack DeJohnette, he glides and soars through classics of the Great American Songbook including “The Masquerade Is Over”, “Autumn Leaves”, “When I Fall In Love” and “I’ll See You Again”. There are also breath-taking accounts of hallowed bebop tunes including Charlie Parker’s “Scrapple From The Apple”, Bud Powell’s “Bouncin’ With Bud” and Sonny Rollins’s “Doxy”.

CD 1:
The Masquerade Is Over
Scrapple From the Apple
Old Folks
Autumn Leaves
Bouncin' with Bud

CD 2:
I'll See You Again
Late Lament
One for Majid
Santa Claus Is Coming to Town
Moment's Notice
When I Fall in Love

Keith Jarrett: piano
Gary Peacock: double bass
Jack DeJohnette: drums

El Eco & Guillermo Nojechowicz - Two Worlds (2018)

In 1987, Chilean conceptual artist Alfredo Jaar baffled and angered passerby in Time Square with an installation that showed a map of the United Sates with the words “This is not America.” The computer-animated image then changed to show the word “America” and a map of the whole continent. The point, for Latin Americans at least, was rather obvious, but it had to be made. Similarly, in the 1980s, the late, great Cuban trumpeter and band leader Mario Bauza, who knew a thing of two about jazz, Afro-Cuban and Latin American music, used to baffle and anger many of his lesser every time he said that, with the exception of Paquito D’Rivera, no one was playing Latin jazz. What everybody called Latin jazz, he used to declare with a shrug, as if chagrined for having to state the obvious, was Afro-Cuban jazz. He wasn’t being just a proud Cubano, which of course he was, but calling attention o an overlooked, extraordinary world of rhythms and styles. In the decade since, a new generation of Latin American jazz musicians has emerged with an open, pan-Latin approach to Latin Jazz. Musicians such as Panamanian pianist Danilo Perez, Puerto Rican saxophonist David Sanchez and Venezuelan pianist Ed Simon have been drawing from the roots as well as their experiences in the United States and as a result, in the their music, mejoranas meet Monk, blues take a bomba y plena groove and Venezuelan tonadas take on hard swing. Argentine drummer and composer Guillermo Nojechowicz has been there all along, a practicioner and creator, as well, of this new pan-Latin sound. In compositions that range on this debut CD from the dark Chacarera de Paloma to the lyrical bounce of Samba de Maya, Nojechowicz, who has lived in Boston since 1980, reworks rhythms and styles such as Argentine chacareras, Braziian baiãos and Uruguayan candombes with the vocabulary of blues and bop. If the results sound organic, lived-in, it is because they reflect a life experience that is not just bilingual but bicultural. That’s what’s at the heart of Two Worlds. This is music from a place with blurred boundaries, a place of memories, echoes indeed, and startling newness. Café Opinião, for example, is a glimpse at, and a tribute to, a place in Rio de Janeiro, “a sort of Buena Vista Social Club” where musicians used to hang out and play, says Nojechowicz. Chacarera de Paloma is for a friend of his who became one of the “desaparecidos,” the vanished ones, during the Dirty War in Argentina in the late 70s. Time Lost, an easy-on-the ear ballad, was written after a trip to Buenos Aires to visit to his ill father, painter Noe Nojechowiz, who passed away in 1998. It is a meditation on lost chances, about time passed and things not shared. But this is followed by the bright, hopeful Samba de Maya, dedicatied to his seven-year-old daughter. Musically, Two Worlds stretches from a gentle mocking European tango in the title track and the irresistible groove of candombe, an African-rooted rhythm from the Rio de la Plata to a sober version of Sting’s Fragile and the joyful Afro-Brazilian rhythm of partido alto in Partido Final. This may be music that has its roots a continent away, but Nojechowicz’ writing resonates deeply, not just for the culturally curious. Ricky Ricardo yesterday, Ricky Martin today, the names change but every ten years or so mainstream culture in the United States discovers America – the other America that is. And as it turns out, at this turn of the century, it lives next door. Discover it yourself, here. 

Fernando Gonzalez

1. Two Worlds (feat. Claudio Roditi & Helio Alves) 6:09
2. Partido Final (feat. Dino Govoni) 4:38
3. Time Lost (feat. Romero Lubambo) 5:34
4. Samba de Maya (feat. Kim Nazarian) 4:42
5. Uruguay (feat. Cafe & Helio Alves) 4:32
6. La Bossa Nova de Claudio (feat. Claudio Roditi) 5:21
7. Cafe Opiniao (feat. Romero Lubambo) 5:29
8. Fragile (feat. Kim Nazarian) 4:09
9. Chacarera de Paloma (feat. Donny McCaslin) 5:50
10. Boa Viagem Baiao 4:46

Guillermo Nojechowicz, drums
Kim Nazarian, vocal
Helio Alves, piano
Dino Govoni, saxes
Fernando Huergo, bass
John Allmark, trumpet
Claudio Roditi, trumpet and flugelhorn
Romero Lumbambo, guitar
Cafe, percussion
Nestor Sanchez, background vocals
Donny McCaslin, tenor sax
Brad Hatfield, keyboards
Amaro Laria, congas
Mark Greel, trumpet

Benita Haastrup - Mørkefjell (GATEWAY MUSIC March 1, 2018)

Benita Haastrup, drums & percussion – is formally trained at the Rhythmic Music Conservatory. She has received the Ben Webster Prize 1998, The Sunset Jazz Hornbaek Prize 2007 for “an outstanding effort in Danish Jazz as a drummer, percussionist and composer”. In 2012 Benita was awarded a Danish Music Award, in 2017 the Walter Klæbel Award and also in 2017 she was nominated for two Danish Music Awards: Best Jazz Release and Best Composition.

Benita has played everything from swing to avant garde, african drum music, classical music, soul, folk, latin…and her creative and colorful drumming is inspired by all creative expressions in our world culture. Through the years Benita has performed and toured with many both local and international artists – a.o. Andy Sheppard, Marilyn Mazur, John Tchicai, Anders Jormin, Tore Brunborg, Muhal Richard Abhrams, Fred Hopkins, Marie Bergman, Leo Wright, Teddy Edwards, Buster Cooper, Paolo Fresu, Johnny Griffin, Bob Moses, Bob Rockwell, Idrees Sulieman, Jesper Thilo, Frederik Lundin, Christina Dahl, Marie-Louise Schmidt, Helle Marstrand, Hugo Rasmussen, Pierre Dørge, Irene Becker. Benita was a member of Richard Boone’ quartet (formerly with Count Basie) for more than 10 years and for more than 16 years a member of danish violin player Finn Ziegler’s “Dream Quartet”. Benita is co-leading the danish jazz trio “The Sophisticated Ladies”.

Read more, www.benita.dk

1 Mørkefjell
2 Awakening
3 Tunnel
4 Trees in Potu
5 Sisyfossen
6 Silent Fields
7 Torghatten
8 Niels Klim in Orbit
9 In the Dark
10 Bells in Bergen

Kaare Munkholm Marimba, Vibraphone
Jens Skou Olsen Double Bass
Benita Haastrup Drums