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Klaus Ignatzek Trio - Airballoon (Remastered) January 31, 2022 Nabel Records

The Romanian singer Anca Parghel, who sadly died much too early, was one of the most remarkable voices in European jazz. Her voice is remarkable for its sureness of intonation, fantastic range (four octaves) and diverse shades in her expressive possibilities. In addition, she had an exuberant temperament.

At the beginning of her international career, she toured the European jazz clubs in the late 80s/early 90s with the German pianist Klaus Ignatzek in various formations. In 1992 she recorded the studio production Airballoon with standards and compositions by Klaus Ignatzek.

On Airballoon, Anca Parghel interprets jazz standards in a very personal and incomparable way.

She pays her masterly reminiscence to the great ladies of jazz. Anca Parghel swings, scats and interprets heartrending ballads - live she infects the audience and fellow musicians with her exuberant cheerfulness.

1. You and the Night and the Music 09:20
2. Airballoon 11:29
3. Come back to me 05:56
4. Too Soon Too Late 07:02
5. Our Blues 04:07
6. Portret de iubire 06:28
7. 'S Wonderful 06:27
8. Everything happens to me 10:57
9. You don't know what love is 02:42

Anca Parghel voc
Klaus Ignatzek p
Jean-Louis Rassinfosse b

Direct to Master Recording • Recorded at Studio 44, Monster (NL),
March 31/ April 1, 1992 by Max Bolleman • Produced by Rainer
Wiedensohler for NABEL • Remastered February 2019 at Nabel Studio
by Rainer Wiedensohler • Cover design by NABEL

Remastered version only for Download and Streaming!

Andy Lumpp · Adelhard Roidinger - Parusia (January 31, 2022 Nabel Records)

For many years, Adelhard Roidinger has been involved in developing new sounds based on micro-tonality. With his 7-string tenor bass and state-of-the-art electronics, he has created an exciting and wide-ranging musical dialogue in partnership with pianist Andy Lumpp, who, with his classic touch and extended harmonies, turns in a performance truely typical of his work.

The five spontaneously composed pieces included on this album showcase a new kind of audio experience, neither free jazz nor within the mainstream tradition.

1. Alpha 09:27
2. Departure 08:43
3. Cosmic Evolution 16:40
4. Mankind's Self Discovery 15:09
5. Omega 10:49

Andy Lumpp piano
Adelhard Roidinger 7-string tenor bass

All tunes composed by Andy Lumpp and Adelhard Roidinger, published by Nabel Music
Produced by Andy Lumpp, Adelhard Roidinger and Rainer Wiedensohler for Nabel
Recorded at Studio Großauer, Dormagen by Holger Siedler (THS-Studio), May 7, 2019
Mastered June 2019 · Highresolution Audio (24 bit, 96 khz)
Front cover artwork by Adelhard Roidinger · Photos by Michaela Krings (p. 7), Ulrike Stein (p. 8) and Rainer Wiedensohler · Cover design by Nabel

Ekkehard Wölk Trio - Pictures in Sounds (January 31, 2022 Nabel Records)

This new trio CD by EKKEHARD WÖLK consists entirely of his earlier compositions. His experience in the field of multistylistic jazz is what lies at the heart of the compositions and arrangements and also the sense of togetherness heard in the band’s improvisational performances.

The trio, having played together over a considerable number of years, successfully manage to connect concepts of modern jazz (tonal-bound or free collective) in a context in which influences from other musical styles are convincingly mingled.

Many of the compositions feature extra-musical ideas and images which appear in the compositional texture and are developed in an improvisationally arresting style. This creates, particularly in a live concert setting, a “jazz programme music” inspired by classic models, seeking to combine poetic musical sequences in the mind of the listener.

One feature of the band’s tried-and-tested concept is to create ever more open sound spaces within the context of the individual compositions, using free improvisation to open up spaces in which the listener's individual associative powers can be released on hearing this music.

This eclectic style is combined with the special powerful vitality and rhythmic finesse of “contemporary jazz”.

1. Circulus Vitiosus 03:57
2. Fairy - Tale Waltz 06:06
3. The Ballad of Mose Harper 04:15
4. Bartleby's Blues 05:24
5. Viaggio 05:52
6. A Child's Belief 05:07
7. Grandparents Garden 05:53
8. Novecento 03:52
9. Master Gepetto's Nightmare 04:33
10. Island's Evocation 06:14
11. Dulzinea 08:16
12. Snowy Landscape 08:10
13. Mourning 04:07

Ekkehard Wölk Piano
Lars Gühlke Bass
Andrea Marcelli Drums
Kristoff Becker Cello, Electronics (track 5,12)
Walter Gauchel Saxophone (track 4,6,8,10)

All compositions by Ekkehard Wölk, published by Nabel Music
Produced by Ekkehard Wölk and Rainer Wiedensohler for Nabel
Executive Producer Andreas Stoffel · Recorded by Christoph Schlimbach and Volker Greve at Greve Studio Berlin, May 29 and 30, 2019 · Mixed by Volker Greve
Photos by Ekkehard Wölk, Andreas Stoffel (Studio) · Cover design by Nabel

SINGLE "Canopy of Trees" from Brian Landrus' RED LIST

"Canopy of Trees” : a SINGLE from low woodwind master Brian Landrus’ upcoming album Red List: Music Dedicated to the Preservation of Our Endangered Species, via Palmetto Records
Brian Landrus © Nick Carter

Landrus’ impassioned manifesto dedicated to bringing awareness to the world’s most endangered species, Red List features Landrus with his all-star band: Ryan Keberle, Geoffrey Keezer, Nir Felder, Rudy Royston, Ron Blake, Jaleel Shaw, Lonnie Plaxico, John Hadfield, Steve Roach and Corey King

Hoping that Red List will help to facilitate “critical yet uncomfortable conversations about changing our global habit of destroying nature for our own gain,” Landrus is collaborating with the organization Save The Elephants and will donate 20% of all proceeds and 100% of profits to the organization, which has been helping to ensure a future for African Elephants for nearly 30 years.

Together he and his ace band create entrancing grooves, lush harmonies, evocative interludes and epic crescendos, all in the service of Landrus’ thoughtful compositions that bring attention to the plight of 13 endangered species on the planet. The Red List was compiled by the International Union for Conservation of Nature, the world’s most comprehensive information source on the global extinction risk of animal, fungus and plant species.

The full album will be released June 17, 2022

Tal Mashiach - Tiyul (March 3, 2022 Anzic Records)

“Tiyul” means travel in Hebrew, was recorded in 7 days at a cabin in the woods of Harashim, Israel, where I grew up. I decided to record this album, and disconnect from the outside world for one week to fully dedicate myself to the music. The music in this album was inspired by my experiences while traveling, each composition was written in a different place in the world. Only when coming back home I was able to reflect, process and document my journeys with the guitar.
Tal Mashiach

1. Sheleg
2. Cachi
3. Kaitz
4. Mirrors
5. Merrengue Mediterráneo
6. Goats
7. Vv & Zaco
8. The Old Guitar

All Compositions by Tal Mashiach (BMI)

Tal Mashiach, Guitar
Oded Shoub, Guitar (6)
Aviva “Vv” Mashiach, Vocals (7) Dana Herz, Vocals (7)
Keren Tenenbaum, Violin (7) Galia Hai, Viola (7)
Maya Belsitzman, Cello (7)

Produced, Recorded & Edited by Tal Mashiach at “Cabin in the woods", Harashim IL, April 2021. Assisted by Dana Herz
Mixed & Mastered by Rafael Cohen at “Raf Recording” Nashville US, April 2021
Artwork & Design by Yitzhak Yitzhaky

*Track 6 recorded at Hemdat Yamim by Tal Mashiach, Mixed by Tomer Cohen
*Track 7 recorded at “Felicja Blumental Music Center” by Ron Gavrieli, Mixed By Alon Lotringer

Julian Anderson-Bowes - Snow Moon (February 18, 2022)

Julian is an acoustic and electric bassist, composer and improviser based in Toronto, Canada.

The work quite literally went underground last winter. Musical explorations from the basement - a look inside my head - a gradual emergence into the sun (the backyard), greeted by sparrows and that blackbird with the sparkles on her chest.

I couldn't forget about these recordings. So here they are, immortalized. And if we lose power, hopefully the feeling stays.

1. Blam de Lam 06:26
2. Braxton Part 1 (23C) 05:08
3. Butterflies 03:24
4. Painting Sounds in Trees 03:51
5. Braxton Part 2 (23C) 06:28
6. Shimmering 04:29
7. Solitude 04:07

Recorded at home February 22nd - 26th, 2021
"Braxton Parts 1 and 2" is from a single performance and is an extrapolation of Anthony Braxton's MDD-3 / 63D (Opus 23C).

Stefan Aeby Trio - Fairy Circus (February 11, 2022 music today)

The fifth album of this longtime working band, recorded at a piano-tuner's workshop in Liestal, Switzerland, in August 2021.

Playing the first concerts after a loooong time, the trio worked on the new repertoire during a week long Résidence at 'Live in Vevey' in spring 2021. A couple of concerts and months later, they invited Sound Wizzard Tobias Stritt to record them in a live setting at René Waldhauser's Klavierwerkstatt.

The album was mixed and mastered at bassist André Pousaz' Pousaz Sound Lab beginning of 2022.

Visual Artist Baptiste Cochard accepted the invitation to create the beautiful artwok of 'Fairy Circus'.

1. Marea alta 06:05
2. Miniature 1 01:18
3. The Wolves Are Waiting 06:08
4. Miniature 2 00:56
5. And Now... 05:19
6. Miniature 3 00:54
7. Ah Lalo Bacha Lalo 02:22
8. L'Alchimiste 04:52
9. Metamorphose 06:28
10. Miniature 4 01:01
11. Fairy Circus 04:37
12. Miniature 5 00:29
13. Annam 05:50
14. Miniature 6 01:04

Stefan Aeby - piano
André Pousaz - bass
Michael Stulz - drums

music composed by Stefan Aeby
.Miniatures 1-6, composed by S. Aeby, A. Pousaz, M. Stulz
.Ah Lalo Bacha Lalo, traditional from Afghanistan, arr. by S. Aeby

recorded at Klavierwerkstatt Waldhauser Liestal by Tobias Stritt.
mixed and mastered at Pousaz Sound Lab by André Pousaz.
Cover-Art by Baptiste Cochard.

Gian Correa - O Abismo Da Prata (January 2022 Anzic Records)

Sao Paulo-based 7-string guitarist and composer Gian Correa and Graffiti artist Apolo Torres join forces in social activism to create a project with recorded and visual components which update Choro music with a new timely and contemporary voice.

Choro, literally to “cry” in Portuguese, is a traditional Brazilian style born in the late 19th century in the urban landscape of Rio de Janeiro. It combines traditional western forms and harmony with African rhythms, in a similar fashion to the North American Ragtime, or the Argentinian Tango. In his latest recording "O Abismo da Prata", Correa updates it with a contemporary cry for social justice, bringing forth social issues plaguing Brazil today, and the world at large.

Each track on the album inspired the creation of a graffiti work on the streets of Sao Paulo painted by Apolo Torres, a leading exponent of the Brazilian contemporary muralism movement. Each work illuminates a different aspect of struggle, from generational discrimination and consumerism to freedom from tyranny and poverty. To realize his vision, Correa gathered a group of young, like-minded Sao Paulo-based musicians, who bring a contemporary edge to the old tradition of Choro, and superstar pianist Shai Maestro as a special guest on Fender Rhodes.
Gian Correa
Gian Correa | 7 string guitar
Cainã Cavalcante | 6 string guitar
Enrique Menezes | flutes
Henrique Araújo | Cavaquinho, Bandolim, Violão Tenor and Tamborim
Rafael Toledo | Panderia, Pandeiro, Adufe, Caixa, Caixeta, Reco-Reco, Pratos

Renato Braz recorded by Mário Gil at Studio Dancape (track 8)
Juliana Amaral recorded by Gian Correa at Usina Telecoteco Studio (track 8)
Shai Maestro recorded by himself (track 4)

Recorded by Thiago Big Rabello at Da Pá Virada Studio, 25th and 26th of November, 2020
Assisted by Frederico Pacheco
Mixed by Gian Correa at Usina Telecoteco Studio
Mastered by Rodrigo Castro Lopes
Artwork by Apolo Torres
Design by Maria Birba
Band Photo by Thamires Mulatinho
Produced by Gian Correa
Executive production by Giovani Correa

John Edwards | Steve Noble | Yoni Silver - HEME (January 2022 Shrike Records)

At an empty Café Oto during COVID Lockdown in April 2021, three of London’s foremost improvisers recorded seven tracks which reflect their inventive approach to free improvisation. Building on Steve Nobel and Yoni Silver’s previous work together as a duo on HOME, they were joined by the inexhaustible talents of double bass player John Edwards. Steve and John are no strangers to each other and, with Yoni’s talents for invention with the bass clarinet, the trio have pieced together a freshly textural and teasingly explorational set of tracks. Noble's powerful and shape-shifting percussion underpinning and interlocking with Edwards’s bass, pushing the sound into fresh territories.; Silver’s masterful and ever innovative clarinet weaving and breaking new ground for the trio to explore.

1. A 13:03
2. Tunica Intima 07:45
3. B 05:26
4. Tunica Media 09:50
5. C 11:26
6. Tunica Externa 11:25
7. O 07:07

John Edwards - Double bass
Steve Noble - Drums/cymbals and percussion’
Yoni Silver - Bass clarinet

Recorded by Shaun Crook at Cafe Oto on 24/4/21
Mixed by Yoni Silver
Mastered by Jeff Ardron of Saint Austral Sound

Steve Beresford | John Butcher | Terry Day | John Edwards | Thurston Moore - Stovelit Lines (January 2022 Shrike Records)

Recorded live at Iklectik Arts Lab in November 2017, Stovelit Lines captures a quintet of well respected improvisers from the wide pool of London talent; what could be labelled a super group. Previously released as a download only, Shrike Records are pleased to make this remarkable session available on CD. Three pieces were recorded, each demonstrating these band members thriving on this rare opportunity to work with each other. As they start to play, the sounds unfold, combine and open up to create new textures and configurations not heard before. It’s a thrilling listening experience, . The possibilities and aural combinations with these musicians are seemingly inexhaustible and full of intriguing playfulness and invention.

1. Part 1 18:42
2. Part 2 11:03
3. Part 3 15:06

Steve Beresford / Piano, objects
John Butcher / Saxophones
Terry Day / Percussion
John Edwards / Double bass
Thurston Moore / Guitar

Recorded live at Iklectik Arts Lab 30th November 2017
Recorded and mastered by Jeff Ardron, St Austral Sound
Mixed by John Butcher

Gordon Grdina's Haram with Marc Ribot - Night's Quietest Hour (February 18, 2022 AttaBoyGirl Records)

Just before the Pandemic hit Marc joined our ensemble for two concerts in Vancouver Feb 28 and Seattle on March 1st, with a recording session on the leap year Feb 29th. This was an incredible experience and Marc blended into the ensemble from the beginning. He played almost our entire repertoire with us and these tracks are the previously unreleased pieces. This album reflects our continued exploration of the Classic Arabic repertoire and new exploration of Sudanese music from the 60's and 70's. An already incredibly dynamic group Marc's presence pushed the group's delicacy, intensity and explosive nature to new heights. The process of creating this album has reliagned the trajectory of the ensemble.

Gordon Grdina's Haram

Juno Award winner Gordon Grdina formed Haram in 2008 as a large ensemble vehicle to interpret classic Arabic repertoire. The group started with Iraqi folk music and the great era of Egyptian radio music in which Oum Khalsoum and Farid Al Atrash reigned. It has since expanded to incorporate the classic Sudanese and Persian repertoire. These pieces are lovingly reinterpreted with an ensemble half studied in the tradition and half in avant-garde improvisation. This blend of traditions is what gives Haram its unique sound.

Through improvisation and arrangement, the band keeps alive the spirit and Tarab inherent within the compositions. These time-tested pieces are blown wide open by the ensemble mixing elements of noise, electronic soundscape, and free improvisation. The music has developed to the state of effortless cohesion mixed with wild abandon conjuring up a sense of respect and homage while being explosively self-expressive. Haram is a powerhouse ensemble playing a repertoire that has been revered by millions. 

1. Longa Nahawand 8:58
2. Sala Min Shaaraha A-Thahab (Gold Streamed Down from Her Hair) 10:48
3. Dulab Bayati 9:39
4. Lamma Bada Yatathanna (When She Begins to Sway) 10:18
5. Hawj Erreeh. (Violent Wind) 8:14

Total time: 48:00

Recorded and mixed in 32 bits / 96kHz

Compositions by 1, Kevser Hanim, 2, Salah Ben Al Badiya, 3, Traditional - attr. Muhammad 'Abd al-Rahim al-Maslub 4, Traditional, 5, Ahmad Al Jaberi

Arranged by: Gordon Grdina

Gordon Grdina's Haram with Marc Ribot
-Night's Quietest Hour

Gordon Grdina -Oud
Marc Ribot -Guitar
Emad Armoush -Vocals, Ney
Tim Gerwing -Darbuka
Liam MacDonal -Riq
Tommy Babin -Bass
Kenton Loewen -Drums
Francois Houle -Clarinet
Christopher Kelly -Sax
Jp Carter -Trumpet
Josh Zubot -Violin
Jesse Zubot -Violin

Recorded, Mixed by John Raham at Afterlife Studios, Vancouver, BC
Mastered by Alex DeTurk at The Bunker Studio, New York, NY
Produced by: Gordon Grdina
All Photography by: Genevieve Monro. @genmonrophotography
Design by: Chelsey Maher

AttaBoyGirl Records
Made in Canada

A & P 2022 AttaBoyGirl Records

Gordon Grdina: The Music of Tim Berne / Oddly Enough (February 18, 2022 AttaBoyGirl Records)

1. Oddly Enough 4:26
2. I Don’t Use Hair Products 5:57
3. Trauma one 5:13
4. Lost In Redding 8:44
5. Enord Krad 8:03
6. Snippet 12:11
7. Pliant Squids 7:53

Gordon Grdina Electric/Midi Guitar, Classical Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Oud, Dobro

Recorded and mixed in 32 bits / 96kHz

All compositions by Tim Berne Party Music BMI
Except track 2 by Tim Berne and Bill Frisell Friz-Tone Music, BMI
Party Music BMI

Recorded, Mixed by John Raham at Afterlife, Vancouver, BC
Mastered by David Torn
Produced by Gordon Grdina
Layout and Design: Steve Byram

AttaBoyGirl Records
Made in Canada

MAXXXTET - Chapter 3 (March 25, 2022 Flame Jazz Records)

Maxxxtet releases its long awaited third album called Chapter 3. The compositions and playing of the group continue to tell the unique story of Maxxxtet, which always includes surprise even to the experienced listener. The album consists of ten tunes; the rhythmic entity called the Demons 1-5 plus five melodic and dramatic compositions, each and every one of them made come to life by recognizable voices and sounds of Maxxxtet.

Maxxxtet is an unprejudiced and fresh jazz quartet, featuring alto saxophone/bass clarinetist Max Zenger, trumpeter Tomi Nikku, bassist Eero Tikkanen and drummer Jonatan Sarikoski.

Max, an adventure-seeking, multiculturally interested and multilingual musician writes tunes strongly influenced by his past and future experiences, adventures and encounters. The group relies on Max Zenger's compositions, making them come to life by using their unique voices on their instruments. Maxxxtet is tempting, impressive and explosive. Maxxxtet is telling real and unreal stories with its original music.
Max Zenger

1. Demoni 1
2. Brief of Bawa
3. Demoni 2
4. Echo
5. Demoni 3
6. Defekt Drone
7. Strange
8. Demoni 4
9. Still Strange
10. Demoni 5

Max Zenger - alto saxophone, bass clarinet, compositions
Tomi Nikku - trumpet, cornet
Jonatan Sarikoski - drums
Eero Tikkanen - bass

Design by Kasperi Salovaara
Recorded in January 2021 at Hollywood House Studios, Helsinki by Matias Kiiveri and Kaj Mäki-Ullakko
Mixed by Mäki-Ullakko, mastered by Kiiveri

Addison Frei - Time and Again (January 31, 2022)

Amidst a musical landscape reliant on remote collaboration and new approaches to presenting music, an emerging collection of compositions demanded a return to the format that inescapably calls us back, time and time again: trio.

This session documents the living, breathing connection forged between three musicians in one room, in real time. We embrace the mantra of Counting Sheep and invite a tone row’s movements and Glances, and in song we Remember the voice of Carol Fredette and lament the loss of Frank Kimbrough.

1. Free State 04:41
2. Time and Again 04:23
3. Nothing Like You (Bob Dorough) 04:12
4. Counting Sheep 04:08
5. Ramble for FK 03:56
6. Glances 04:39
7. Winter's Toll 04:44
8. Remember (Irving Berlin) 04:49
9. Relaxin' with Luca 03:29
10. You Broke the Mold 04:45

*All compositions by Addison Frei unless noted

Addison Frei, piano
Ben Wolfe, bass
Terreon Gully, drums

Recorded July 29th, 2021 at Big Orange Sheep in Brooklyn, NY.
Engineered by Michael Perez-Cisneros.
Mixed by Joseph Branciforte at Greyfade Studio in Mount Vernon, NY.
Mastered by Jacob Webb in Haledon, NJ.

Yamaha CFX Piano courtesy of Yamaha Artist Services, New York.

Terreon Gully plays Yamaha drums, Sabian cymbals, Remo drum heads, LP percussion and Vic Firth drum sticks. Ben Wolfe plays Pirastro Chorda strings.

Chieli Minuicci - Renaissance (January 31, 2022)

Renaissance is a celebration for all of us: an expression of new relationships, passion for life, romance, music, and of course, guitar playing! It's my way of expressing it all, through song.

When I was a teenager I used to think that the making of an album (CD) would mean the ceasing all regular activities: leaving my home for the country, and completely focusing on the musical creation at hand; like a writer, who seeks complete solitude for inspiration, hunkering down in some small cabin in a remote part of northern Maine. In reality it's been just the opposite for me. (anyway, turns out I prefer to be around people) Turns out that the inspiration that goes into the making of a CD like this comes from familiar settings - too little sleep, a full plate of family life, ongoing tours with the band, other musical side project, friends; in other words, everyday life, with all the ups and downs that go with it. It's all this variety and experience that make the juices flow for creativity: the good, the not so good, the unexpected.

In his book, writer/composer John Stuart (remember the song, 'Daydream Believer'?) scribbled a sketch of a composer at work, an antenna attached to the top of his head. He wrote, '...most songwriters feel they are only radio receivers and the songs are coming from somewhere else...." I suppose all we really have to do most times is keep an open mind..keep that spirit channel open. The sun will always shine for those who choose to let it in... Peace - Chieli Minucci

1. Big Sky Country 04:57
2. Renaissance 05:28
3. Cause We've Ended As Lovers 05:01
4. Come As You Are 05:18
5. Anything and Everything 04:54
6. Shine 04:27
7. In Your Arms 07:24
8. Spirit 00:27
9. The Sun Will Always Shine 04:52
10. Cacoutra 00:19
11. Leilani 05:47
12. Mixomelodia 00:40
13. Reunion 05:07
14. Faith 04:28

Chieli Minucci…….electric and acoustic guitars, keyboards, programming
Steve Skinner……. keyboards, programming
Clint de Ganon……. drums, cymbal overdubs
Jerry Brooks….bass
Fernando Saunders….bass, vocals
David Mann…..sax
Stan Harrison….alto

Produced by Chieli Minucci
Co-Producers: Paul Wickliffe and Steve Skinner
Executive Producer: Danny Weiss

Recorded and overdubs at Horizon Studios, NJ
Pre-Production at Baci Studios and Nervous Music, NYC
additional recording by Hiro Ishihara at Quad Studios, NYC
brass section recorded at Nervous Music, NYC by Steve Skinner
Mixed by Paul Wickliffe at Mystic Studios, NYC
Additional mixing at Horizon Studios
Assistant engineers: Nickos Teneketzis

Edited by Mike Landy at The Review Room, NYC
Mastering by Ted Jensen @ Sterling Sound, NYC

Special EFX (featuring Chieli Minucci) - Without You (January 2022)

I’m proud to announce the release of the new Chieli Minucci & Special EFX CD, “Without You”. This comes at a very significant time in our long concert career, our 25th anniversary! Containing 22 brand new tracks, including new arrangements of familiar Special EFX favorites, the featured vocal work of longtime bandmember Philip Hamilton, as well as guest vocalist Will Brock, plus a tribute to my late, great partner, percussionist George Jinda, this new release finds our famously eclectic music evolving towards fresh, contemporary world jazz-fusion sounds. Rounding out the regular EFX lineup are guest musicians, keyboardist Jeff Lorber, violinist Karen Briggs (ex-Yanni group member), as well as NYC stringman Alan Grubner. West-coast pianist Lao Tizer makes a special appearance as well.

Over the last few years our compositional approach has steadily shifted towards a global, high energy fusion experience, sometimes even mixing in cinematic ‘sound-design’ textures. Not one to be shy of variety, I've packed this release with all kinds of music - jazz fusion, world-beat, world-pop vocals, contemporary melodies, rock-tinged versions of EFX classics, and even our first ‘straight-ahead jazz’ piece. I'm sure new listeners, as well as our longtime fans will feel exhilaration as they listen to this unusual mix of new music! 

1. Quivering 03:30
2. Healing Waters 01:02
3. Lakeside 04:53
4. You Make Me Blue 04:59
5. Prelude 00:23
6. Love's Lost in Translation (radio version) 04:26
7. Hushabye 03:42
8. The Night is Ours 06:00
9. Indelible 01:33
10. Wonderboy 05:35
11. Ballerina Rocks 06:51
12. Mountina Jamerooni 05:38
13. Man With a Drum 02:46
14. Afterglow 01:34
15. Bacchanalia 07:14
16. Gathering Wind 03:25
17.You Make Me 05:01
18. Electraglide 05:26
19. July 06:18
20. Twilight 05:43
21. Love's Lost in Translation (full version) 06:14
22. Undeniable 03:19

Chieli, keyboards, arrangements
Jerry Brooks............bass
Lionel Cordew.........drums
Jay Rowe.................acoustic grand piano, keyboards
Philip Hamilton........percussion, vocals

additional musicians

Lao Tizer
Acoustic grand piano on Afterglow, Bacchanalia

Karen Briggs
Violin on Wonderboy, Lakeside

Jeff Lorber
Keyboards on Mountina Jameroon

Will Brock
Vocals on Hushabye

Dave Anderson
Fretless bass on Man with The Drum, Love's Lost In Translation

Alan Grubner
Violin on Bacchanalia, You Make Me, Man With the Drum, Quivering, Ballerina Rocks

Voision Xi - 欲言又止 Lost for Words (January 2022)

“My whole life I’ve had too many people describe me as calm and cool-headed. This kind of ‘compliment’ perhaps shines a light on some of the obstacles and conflict I experience when trying to express myself through music. Will this temperament of being lost for words come across as the ‘me’ in my music?”

From this moment of self-doubt comes Voision Xi’s remarkable statement of self-expression, Lost for Words. The result is a diverse record that weaves together spoken word poetry, improvised jazz, and earworm funk, blending moments of vulnerability and uncertainty without coming across as timid as the title - or the spiritual starting point for the record - may suggest.

The first full-length release under Voision’s own name, Lost for Words is rooted in the playful jazz that typified her 2018 EP of covers with the Little Happiness Group, Debut. Yet it also pulls together the musical explorations that she’s undertaken since, plucking elements from her work with Eating Music (and in particular her experimental electronic EP Four Loops in Her Way) and seeing her pull in favours and take inspiration from an eclectic cast of talented musicians, rappers and producers who she’s befriended along the way. “I feel so lucky to have been able to work with all the talents involved, but it’s also an affirmation to myself that I can be an ok album producer,” says Voision modestly.

The album was originally put together as a series of ‘chapters’, in part because Voision says, “I am still slow in making things”. Her lingering self-doubt means she professes to “hate” this lack of speed, yet it pays dividends on many of the tracks here, which feel well-rounded and complete without being overly fussy. On others, the frustration also works to her benefit, triggering her to cut loose with improvisation.

That could result in a piecemeal, fragmented record. But Lost for Words works as a cohesive whole. And despite the reticence suggested by the title, the message from this LP comes through loud and clear: Voision is a talented artist with bold ideas - and one who's really finding her voice. (by Jake Newby)
还没学会说话,好像就已经先学会了唱歌,而学习用音乐说话,我只能算刚刚开始。说些什么呢?从小到大被太多人形容淡定和冷静,这种张口而来的“夸赞”似乎可以映射我有时候在音乐表达上的阻碍和冲突,这种欲言又止的气质会不会也是音乐中的“我”?原创专辑的开启,是我对自己更真实的触摸,是2018年发布第一张爵士改编 EP 和之后的一次升级,而正在阅读这些文字的你,从三个分开的章节到现在的完整篇,也是这些声音共同的书写者。

2018、2019年的时候因为一些机会曾多次去往台北。那里淡淡的空气、街道、朋友以及角角落落,都十分令人眷恋,有让我“寄人篱下”的瑛兰、华劲和他们的一双腊肠狗狗,有同我一起写词并曾经是我年少时崇拜的押韵博士老莫以及最好吃的小潘凤梨酥,还有明明刚在纽约西村俱乐部偶遇而又在其家乡一起玩耍的子瑜等等。许多新鲜事贯穿于每次往返的前后发生,许多灵感萦绕在不同的纬度与温度之间,我把这些都留在<星期一的歌 Monday Spirit>, <蝴蝶 Butterfly, A Hyaline Beauty>, <Wolverine (Silent Chaos)> 这三首歌里,和2019年玉成戏院录音室的夏天。

<星期一的歌 Monday Spirit> 歌词中写到过一个词:灵感啼叫。这应该是创作者们都很期待的发生吧。非常庆幸我自己也遇到过此般情况。两年多前,吉他大师 Gilad Hekselman 在上海演出,他的三重奏充满魅力和能量,音乐产生的磁力把我吸了进去,一首 <Stumble> 听完我脑海中便产生故事的开始——We stumble around in this infinite world……回家路上我奋笔疾书一首诗 <Magnetic Field>,试图形容对“磁场”这个词的感知。还有另一个仙子 Becca Stevens,我曾跟她上过一节宝贵的私课,那次经历根本不像是课堂,而是从词汇卡到小王子绘本的激发式聊天实验,我像个被启发的小孩子一样写出了 <Turn On the Planet>,它是我为数不多从刚下笔就感觉很确信的一首。这些音乐所传递的,都想要好好珍藏在我的心球。跟我一起完成这两首歌编曲与演绎的好朋友肖骏说:“如果人生是无常的,希望我们的音乐也是无常的。”<真空垃圾 Vacuum Improv> 是我们这次的共创 Bonus。

与之呼应的另一首半即兴曲目是 <晶澈 Crystalline Improv>,这首和我对话的是大淮(王晨淮),还有他特别好听的合成器,很幸运能把这些充满灵力的声音记录下来。在这张专辑的多首曲目中,我也用上了我自己的“小武器”,虽做不了真正的乐手,但也多了一份实在的参与感,就像自己动手装修着自己家的角角落落。

还没被大众发掘的宝藏制作人 Sdewdent 帮助我一起完成了专辑同名歌曲,他创作的独特敏感最终营造出我们想要的主题氛围。专辑中还记录着他们贡献的声音:Eric Lau、Kaidi Tatham、Toby Mak、杨光、安雨、小黑(刘恒)、周润青、Danny Zanker,这些令我敬佩的佼佼者们。

这几年,音乐人的身份让我认识了很多新伙伴,交流和学习着不同项目,而我也一直保留着以「Little Happiness Group」为名义的爵士演出,我想它会一直存在。三年前陪我记录 <DEBUT> 的张雄关、李世海、Joseph,继续在新专辑中为我的写作加持,我爱不受限制的新奇声响,也爱单纯动人的原声音色,当被熟悉的 LHG 包裹,身上会立刻爆出幸福的鸡皮疙瘩。这次潜力巨大的鼓手俞国俊也正式加入进来,跟我完成了风格迥异的几首歌。<七下烂调 Seventh> 是「爵士与诗歌」的试验,<梯子 Ladders> 是人声与管乐的“再续前缘”,而如果你听过我的 <4 Loops in Her Way> ,肯定就能立刻认出 <催眠师 Hypnotist> 。

在做这张专辑期间,我也进行了一些合作项目,有的是词曲,有的只是加一点 backing vocals,每一次小小的尝试能给我带来对自己声音的加深记忆与多维理解。但着实痛恨自己做东西还是慢,不然也不至于要把一张专辑的发行战线拖成如此这般绵长,在此感谢后期主力胡仕俊老师。如果说每首歌是一个故事,那要怎么把它们串联起来?这对我来说并不容易,有人声的曲子比纯器乐可能会多一些想象的限制,但同时也有了引导的权力,我更享受在音乐里倾诉,哪怕只是在对自己说。

<欲言又止 Lost for Words> 没有在说什么社会观点,它就是我的生活记录,是另一种时间的刻度,它刻画的是融汇着人声美感与想象力的意境,一种背靠着爵士乐和各种不同音乐的广阔与自由的勇敢,不能说特别完美,但我真的非常爱它,快要做完的时候已经有了不舍的感觉。感谢所有人的帮助,音乐上的和音乐之外的,再一次感谢你们聆听新的小喜。等我们在专辑音乐会时相见,我一定也会欲言又止,让音乐说。

喜辰晨 Voision Xi
于 2022.1 

1. 欲言又止 Lost for Words 04:36
2. 星期一的歌 Monday Spirit 03:38
3. 蝴蝶 Butterfly, A Hyaline Beauty 04:39
4. Wolverine (Silent Chaos) 05:32
5. 真空垃圾 Vacuum Improv 04:06
6. Magnetic Filed 06:09
7. Turn on the Planet 05:27
8. 晶澈 Crystalline Improv 04:14
9. 七下烂调 Seventh 04:59
10. 催眠师 Hypnotist 04:24
11. 梯子 Ladders 03:46
12. Act Like Adults 05:54

作曲 Composed by: 喜辰晨 Voision Xi (1,3,5,6,7,8,10,12), Sdewdent(1), 张瑛兰Ing Lan Chang(2), 张雄关 Xiongguan Zhang(3,9,11), 林华劲 Gin(4), 肖骏 Jun Xiao(5), 杨光 Sunny Yang(12)
作词 Lyrics by: 喜辰晨 Voision Xi, 老莫 ILL MO(3)
专辑制作人 Album Producer: 喜辰晨 Voision Xi
歌曲联合制作人 Co-producer: Sdewdent (1), 肖骏 Jun Xiao (5,6,7)
编曲 Arranged by: Sdewdent(1), 张瑛兰 Ing Lan Chang(2), 林华劲 Gin(4), 张雄关 Xiongguan Zhang(3,9,11), 肖骏(6,7), 李世海 Shihai Li(10), 杨光 Sunny Yang(12), 喜辰晨 Voision Xi(1,3,5,6,8,9,10)
人声 Vocals: 喜辰晨 Voision Xi, 老莫 ILL MO(3), MyBoy(7), 冻柠茶 DNC(6)
钢琴 Piano: Kaidi Tatham(1), 杨光 Sunny Yang(12), 肖骏 Jun Xiao(5)
键盘 Keyboard: 肖骏 Jun Xiao(6,7), 杨光 Sunny Yang(12)
合成器 Synthesizer: 喜辰晨 Voision Xi(OP-1:3,5,6,7,8), 肖骏 Jun Xiao(Moog One:6,7), 王晨淮 Chenhuai Wang(Buchla Music Easel:8)
萨克斯 Saxophone: 李世海 Shihai Li(1,10,11)
长笛 Flute: 张瑛兰 Ing Lan Chang(2,3,4)
大提琴 Cello: 周润青 Runqing Zhou(9)
小号 Trumpet: Toby Mak(12)
吉他 Guitar: 张雄关 Zhang Xiongguan(1,3,9,10,11), 肖骏 Jun Xiao(5,6,7,12), 林华劲 Gin(2,4)
木贝司 Double Bass: Joseph Han(1,11), Danny Zanker(3)
电贝司 Electric Bass: Fred Grenade(6,7), Joseph Han(10), 王晨淮 Chenhuai Wang(12)
合成器贝司 Synth Bass: 李世海 Shihai Li(10)
鼓 Drums: 黄子瑜 Fish Huang(3), 安雨 Ryan An(6,7,12), 俞国俊 Guojun Yu(1,10,11)
打击乐 Percussion: 刘恒 Heng Liu(11)
催眠大师 Hypnotist: Dr Lau
录音 Recording Engineer: 黄志煜 Jason Huang, 徐振程Jason Hsu @台北玉成戏院录音室 Yucheng Recording Studio, Taipei; 曾泽源 Teddy Zeng @ OneMusicDream 一个音乐梦想; 袁祥赫 Dominic Yuan, 林致远 Kaka @ Cashmere Studio 羊绒工作室; 刘芒 Mango Liu @ 55Tec, Beijing
混音 Mixing Engineer: 胡仕俊 Austin Hu, 喜辰晨 Voision Xi(5,8)
母带 Mastering Engineer: Felix Davis @ Metropolis Studios, London
封面设计 ArtWork by: 大蒜糖 Garlicsugar
出品 Presented by: 太合麦田 Taihe Rye/ JZ Music

*感谢奥地利麦克风品牌莱维特为专辑中部分人声录制提供 MTP 940 CM 型号麦克风。

Virtuoso Trombonist ERIC GOLETZ's Large Ensemble "A NEW LIGHT" featuring Randy Brecker, coming January 31, 2022 on CAP Records

Out January 21, 2022 on Consolidated Artists Publications

Virtuoso trombonist ERIC GOLETZ is releasing A NEW LIGHT, his second CD as a leader. After a 30-year career as a studio musician and first-call horn player in New York City, Goletz released his debut CD, Into the Night, in March of 2021. Reviewer Bill Donaldson says, “You have to give Eric Goletz credit for perseverance. And for virtuosity. And for creating music that reaches out to listeners while providing inimitable improvisational excellence. Into the Night is an uplifting, joyous album.”

Brimming with ideas and unstoppable energy, Goletz started working on A NEW LIGHT before his previous project was officially released. And like his previous release, A NEW LIGHT is an exciting, eclectic mix of musical styles that creates an infectious pastiche of sounds and textures.

Goletz’s multifarious background, experiences, and taste imbue his compositions and arrangements with a joie de vie enriched by his stellar musicianship. He began studying the piano when he was just six years old. His father was a pianist and big band arranger who wanted to share the gift of music with his children, so Goletz’s brother and sister both picked up an instrument at an early age and played with him in his band.

Goletz began studying classical piano, guitar, and music theory from the age of six with private teachers, but at the age of 14, he fell in love with the sound of the trombone in his father’s band, and he knew from then on that music was going to be his life’s work.

Goletz also began composing music at a young age and was soon writing and arranging music for the various groups he was involved with both in and out of school. Although his main focus was jazz, his tastes run the gamut of musical styles. Goletz says, “I think of music as having endless possibilities. It’s a journey where you can never be absolutely sure where it will lead. Although my background is in jazz and classical music, I spend much time listening to other forms of music such as pop, rock, Country, Motown, funk, Latin, and even Heavy Metal. There’s always something new to learn, and I try to keep an open mind to the simple joy of listening to music.”

Goletz grew up in Denver but moved to New York City to pursue his career, where he quickly found work composing and arranging for radio and TV commercials, soundtracks for independent films, album projects for many different singers and ensembles, and as a freelance jazz musician, notably with pianist Mike Longo’s State of the Art Jazz Ensemble, and with Sal Salvador, who was Stan Kenton’s former guitarist. Goletz played and wrote for Salvador’s album, Lorinda’s Kitchen.

Although he had a busy career as a sideman and studio musician, Goletz was brimming with his own creative ideas. He became intrigued with the sound of jazz fused with other styles of music, with the trombone as the lead instrument. There have been many great trombone recordings, but Goletz wanted to incorporate the traditional sound of the trombone in his own original, non-traditional musical setting.
In the ’90s, Goletz began to realize his vision by fronting a group led by both a tenor and bass trombone, that featured his original music and arrangements. He honed and developed his sound over several years, eventually releasing a sampler CD. Based on that release, Jazziz Magazine hailed him as one of the top 10 unsigned jazz artists in the country. The magazine also released a compilation CD that included Goletz’s original composition, “Night Child.”

Goletz wrote Into the Night with concepts that he had been developing for 25 years. Once the floodgate of ideas was opened, he had a torrent of creativity and wrote the arrangements for the new project in less than three months. On A NEW LIGHT, Goletz expands his original ideas with more complex arrangements, an expanded horn section, and a string section.

Goletz also made some changes to the core band. HENRY HEINITSH on guitar, STEVE JOHNS on drums, and JOE MOWATT on percussion appear on both albums. New additions include JIM RIDL on piano, ALLEN FARNHAM on keyboards, and MARCO PANASCIA on bass. A NEW LIGHT also features special guest RANDY BRECKER on trumpet and flugelhorn. Drummer Johns is a regular in Brecker’s band and introduced him to Goletz’s music. Brecker was very happy to participate on the new recording and appears on three compositions, “Dig,” “Greene Street Groove,” and “Don’t Gimme That.”

Goletz wrote all the compositions except for Miles Davis’ “Dig,” “Sunrise, Sunset” by Jerry Bock from Fiddler on the Roof, and “Song for Elizabeth” by Jonathan Butler. All the arrangements are by Goletz.

Goletz opens the album with “Prelude: Before the Light,” a lush jazz/classical composition that is somewhat reminiscent of George Gershwin. The “Prelude” introduces the melody of the opening number and title tune “A New Light,” a high energy, toe-tapping, big band number featuring Goletz’s melodic, beautifully articulated trombone sound. “The Edge of Night” has a driving jazz/rock feel. Goletz turns “Dig” into an up-tempo, Latin influenced number featuring a searing piano solo by Ridl and Brecker’s always hip, always tuneful trumpet playing. “Enchanted” is a romantic tune featuring the full band, while “Greene Street Groove” has a bluesy, funky groove. Goletz manages to keep the nostalgic, tender quality of “Sunrise, Sunset” while featuring a rock guitar solo by Heinitsh. Goletz takes down the temperature a bit on “Song for Elizabeth,” gentle love song, but kicks it into high gear again on “Don’t Gimme That,” featuring solos by Goletz, Brecker, and Farnham on keyboards. “The Mirror,” the penultimate tune, is a highly textured funk/jazz/rock number. Goletz closes the CD with “Postlude: After the Light,” which wraps up the CD with melodies and themes from all the other tunes on the disc.

Goletz’s arrangements are unique. With his solid chops as a musician and decades of working as a composer and arranger in a wide variety of musical venues and situations, it’s no wonder that his music is overflowing with a macrocosm of ideas. You can almost feel his rush of joy as he picks up his pen to get it all on paper.

2. A NEW LIGHT 7:12
4. DIG 9:02
10. THE MIRROR 8:21

Eric Goletz trombone, keyboards | Randy Brecker trumpet, flugelhorn
Jim Ridl piano | Allen Farnham keyboards | Henry Heinitsh guitar
Marco Panascia bass | Steve Johns drums | Joe Mowatt percussion

The Horns
Trumpets: Tony Gorruso, Freddie Maxwell Kent Smith
French Horn: Will DeVos
Alto Sax: Bob Magnuson
Trombones: Erick Storckman, Chris Rinaman
Bass Trombone: Jonathan Greenberg
Tuba: Matt Ingman

The Strings
Violins: Robin Zeh, Paul Woodiel
Violas: Michael Roth, David Gold
Cello: Sarah Hewitt-Roth

All compositions by Eric Goletz except Dig (M. Davis), Sunrise, Sunset (Bock/Harnick) & Song for Elizabeth (J. Butler)