Thursday, June 16, 2016

Miguel Amado - The Long Rest (2016)

Source & Label:
Genre: Contemporary Jazz
GAB's Rating: ★★★★★

“THE LONG REST” é o quarto disco em nome próprio do baixista, contrabaixista e compositor Miguel Amado, depois de “Mensagens de Fumo” (2004), “This is Home” (2010) e “Story to be Told” (2013).

É um disco onde conta com a participação de companheiros habituais como Vicky (bateria) e Ruben Alves (piano). O quinteto base é completado por Desidério Lázaro (saxofones) e Ricardo Pinheiro (guitarra).

Haverá várias participações especiais de outros músicos, o que permite enriquecer o espectro a nível de arranjos e dinâmica, sendo de destacar a colaboração de Lúcia Moniz. 

 “THE LONG REST” is the fourth album released by bassist Miguel Amado under his own name, after “Mensagens de Fumo” (2004), “This is Home” (2010) and “Story to be Told” (2013).

It’s a recording where usual partners like Vicky (drums) and Ruben Alves (piano) are still present. The group quintet is completed by Desidério Lázaro (sax) and Ricardo Pinheiro (guitar).

There are several appearances by other guest musicians, which enhance the dynamic and expressive possibilities.

1. The Long Rest 04:46
2. Breathing Underwater 05:44
3. Something to say 05:49
4. New Song 04:04
5. Don't Panic 06:15
6. Just Notes 02:54
7. Bad Habits 04:27
8. Soul Wine 05:04

MIGUEL AMADO – Baixo, composição
VICKY – Bateria



Joan Claver - Triangle (2016) FRESH SOUND NEW TALENT


TRIANGLE is a contemporary jazz trio from Barcelona that equally attracts lovers of improvised music and fans of pop and rock. The talent of these young musicians creates a new brand of sound, bringing a groundbreaking project to the in the music scene.

Three young talents from the Catalan jazz scene give life to this trio formed by Joan Claver on piano, Pedro Campos on bass, and José Benítez on drums.

Triangle counts with a fresh, contemporary repertoire, full of striking original compositions and carefully picked versions. In this framework we discover the influence of groups and musicians such as the Esbjörn Svensson Trio, The Bad Plus, Brad Mehldau, Robert Glasper et al., music with clear roots in black music and pop.

Joan Claver, born in Vila-seca (Tarragona, 1988) started studying classical music at the age of 7. His teachers include Nuria Ruera and Cecilio Tieles. In 2011 he enters the Superior Conservatory at Liceu to enroll in piano jazz and modern music studies with Iñaki Sandoval, Albert Bover and Roger Mas. He was part of the Liceu Big Band under the direction of Sergi Vergès. He has played in several jazz and rock formations. He’s currently a member of Triangle, Funk Cake, and Distrito Rojo.

Pedro Campos, (Barcelona, 1992) began studying music at the age of 12, and at 16 he took up bass. His teachers include Felix Serra, Horacio Fumero and David Mengual. He’s currently involved in projects like the Barcelona nonet “DO: The Next Generation”, the alternative Big Band of Sergi Vergès (JODR), “BIG MENU” among others. He completed a superior grade in jazz and modern music at the Liceu Conservatory.

José Benítez (Algeciras, 1987) started playing drums at the age of 16. Ever since, he has studied with Aldo Caviglia, Quim Soler and Ramon Prats, among others. He’s now a member of La Canalla, “BIG MENU”, and other projects. He completed his studies in jazz and modern music at the Liceu Conservatory, where he was part of the Liceu Big Band.

01. I Promise You 5:51
02. Hypocrisy 3:26
03. Vertebrados 7:03
04. El Reencuentro 4:05
05. Post Mortem 4:41
06. Gymnopédie Nº1 5:20
07. Bring On The Night 6:30
08. Seventeen Minutes 9:09
09. Red Light 4:10
10. Bermudas 2:32
11. New World 3:46

Total time: 56:40 min.

All songs written by Joan Claver, except #7 by The Police, #6 by Erik Satie, and #11 by Björk

Joan Claver (piano)
Pedro Campos (bass)
José Benítez (drums)

Recorded at Conservatori Professional de Música de Vila-Seca, June 30 & July 1, 2015

Engineered & mixed by Xavi Moreno (

Cover artwork: Jacint Iañez
Book design: Joan Claver

Produced by Triangle

Executive producer: Jordi Pujol


Ryan Carraher - Vocturnal (2016)

Label: Self Produced
Genre: Modern Creative
GAB's Rating: ★★★★☆

Guitarist and composer Ryan Carraher is blessed with an enormous technique and a fertile and inventive musical mind (having received the Achievement Award from the guitar department of the Berklee College of Music), which is doubly impressive in one so young.

Carraher states that the compositions in Vocturnal "are heavily inspired by the classical composers of the 20th century (Messiaen, Schoenberg, Berg, Stravinsky, etc.) and the expressive freedom of jazz." In this he has beautifully succeeded, but what is especially fascinating is that his music has the sound of familiarity about it (from the point of view of modern chamber jazz) while simultaneously possessing an other-worldliness that sets it apart. It is obviously connected to the jazz happening now and yet sounds resolutely new and fresh.

Supporting Carraher's guitar is the very fine rhythm section of drummer Steve Wilkinson, bassist Greg Toro and keyboardist Evan Waaramaa, plus alto saxophonist Brandon Wilkins. Carraher's light touch and guitar sound is echoed by Wilkins soft-edged saxophone and Waaramaa's Fender Rhodes sounds (which seem to fit much better than piano would), as well the subtle drums and bass of Wilkinson and Toro. Stylistically, Carraher is completely free rhythmically and plays lines which many times sound like two instruments answering each other, with wide interval jumps and directional changes which surprise. His compositions "float" harmonically and can be quite beautiful melodically.

The album consists of eight tracks of which three, "Equuleus," "Sagitta" and "Aquila" (placed first, in the middle and last) are short and more experimental and act as an acidic contrast to the longer pieces which take their time in drawing one into the music in a sort of hypnotic manner. "9 Thermidor" and "Pangolin" could be thought of as the most traditional pieces, since in both melody, harmony, rhythm and structure sound closer to straight jazz, the former a very pretty ballad and the latter having a nice swing.

At over fourteen minutes, "Valantis" is by far the longest track, taking its time to weave its musical web, inviting one to give in to the flow and for time to stop. Exceedingly attractive and subtly sexy with its undulating harmony and rhythm, with no particular structural signals, the piece becomes a major statement in extended melodic sound painting. Both "Vocturnal" and "Gdansk" have Carraher's signature angular lines, with the latter being the record's most overtly subtly burning track.

Definitely someone to watch, Carraher has made a real statement with Vocturnal; there is surely much more music to come from this highly talented player and composer.  BUDD KOPMAN

9 Thermidor

Ryan Carraher: guitar
Steve Wilkinson: drums
Evan Waaramaa: keyboards
Brandon Wilkins: alto saxophone
Greg Toro: bass



Tuomo Uusitalo - Love Song (Digipack) 2016 FRESH SOUND NEW TALENT


Born in Tampere, Finland, Tuomo Uusitalo started to play piano at the age of 6. As a teenager he played different types of music from classical to pop/rock, and soon became fascinated by Jazz and the thrilling possibilities of spontaneous improvisation. 

While studying music in Graz, Austria (University of Music and Performing Arts, the oldest jazz institute in Europe), Tuomo already had the chance to work and perform with many jazz legends including Bob Brookmeyer, Billy Hart, Curtis Fuller, Jimmy Cobb and Jim Rotondi, as well as many other well known jazz artists such as Steve Waterman, Riccardo del Fra, Wayne Darling, Juan Garcia-Herreros, Howard Curtis, Stjepko Gut, Charlie Miklin and many others. Since 2007 Tuomo has played and toured all around Europe (Finland, Estonia, United Kingdom, Germany, Holland, Austria, Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro, Italy) as a solo pianist and with various ensembles ranging from Piano Trio to Big Bands.

After graduating with honors from University of Music and Performing Arts in 2012, Tuomo moved to New York City, and has been living in the city since. He is performing regularly around the city at numerous venues including main jazz spots (Smalls, Mezzrow, Fat Cat, Zinc Bar, Cornelia Street Cafe, Cleopatra's Needle, ShapeshifterLab, Garage, University of the Streets, Arturo's etc.). During his time in NYC has worked with several legendary jazz musicians including Curtis Lundy, Tyler Mitchell, David Schnitter, Jeff Hirschfield, Johnny O'Neal, Greg Bandy and Philip Harper as well as many notable musicians in the scene such as Ulysses Owens Jr., Dayna Stephens, Obed Calvaire, Elliot Mason, Peter Slavov, Josh Evans, Brandon Lewis, Gerry Gibbs, Scott Tixier, Jason Brown, Luques Curtis, Tivon Pennicott, Troy Roberts, Russell Hall, Evan Sherman, Alexander Claffy and Kyle Poole, to name a few.

"Trio" is his sparkling 2012 debut CD. The album won the Downbeat Student Music Award in 2012 for the Best Small Jazz Group. At the same year he also won the same price for the Best Latin Group (Marco Antonio Da Costa Group). 2013 he was the recipient of prestigious Sir Roland Hanna Award from City University of New York.

2013 was also a year of his debut as a producer; "Johnny O’Neal, Live at Smalls", which fast became one of the most best selling albums of the label (SmallsLIVE). The album was mentioned and artist highly acclaimed in the New York Times, May 1, 2014 issue.

Tuomo had a chance to bring his original compositions to the Montreal Jazz Festival (Canada), where he was a part of the Jazz Composers-Series. Fall 2014 Tuomo was on the road with The One And Only Tommy Dorsey Orchestra, touring six weeks in US and Canada, and continues working with the band in the near future. At the same year he also started his twice a month - residency at the Smalls Jazz Club, performing his original music and hosting the jam session with his trio.

01. Pannonica (Thelonious Monk) 5:09
02. Long Ago and far Away (Jerome Kern) 5:01
03. I Keep Going Back to Joe’s (Jack Segal) 7:35
04. Untitled (Tuomo Uusitalo) 4:34
05. Just in Time (Jules Styne) 7:43
06. Love Song (Tuomo Uusitalo) 4:31 
07. There’s a Small Hotel (Rogers-Hart) 6:01
08. A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square (Manning Sherwin) 5:02 
09. Benji’s Grip (Tuomo Uusitalo) 5:55
10. Lullaby (Tuomo Uusitalo) 1:20

Tuomo Uusitalo (piano)
Tivon Pennicott (tenor sax on #3,7 & 9)
Myles Sloniker (bass)
Itay Morchi (drums)

Recorded at Acoustic Recording Studios, New York City, September 8 & 9, 2015

Sound engineer: Michael Brorby
Photography & design: Una Stade

Produced by Tuomo Uusitalo

Executive producer: Jordi Pujol


Jason Rigby: Detroit / Cleveland Trio - One (2016) FRESH SOUND NEW TALENT


JASON RIGBY DETROIT-CLEVELAND TRIO combines the creative powers of Detroit natives Cameron Brown and Gerald Cleaver, with Cleveland native Rigby. Hailed as “a truly lyrical musician” and “New York’s rising start of tenor sax” with a “pioneering voice that deftly combines many influences,” Rigby is known for his compelling inside-outside improvising. Cameron Brown is one of the greatest living bass veterans, a driving and creative constant. Gerald Cleaver is an unstoppable modern drummer who consistently dazzles with his creative depth.

01. Dive Bar 6:59
02. Dorian Gray 6:28
03. You Are Too Beautiful 8:09
04. Newtoon 7:00
05. Speak Like a Child 7:19
06. Live By the Sword 4:03
07. Embraceable You 4:26
08. Dewey 7:45

Total time: 52:11 min.

All songs composed by Jason Rigby, except #3 by Richard Rodgers & Lorenz Hart, #4 by George Schuller, #5 by Herbie Hancock, #7 by George & Ira Gershwin

Jason Rigby (tenor & soprano sax)
Cameron Brown (bass)
Gerald Cleaver (drums)
Recorded & mixed at the Bunker Studio, Brooklyn, New York, 2016

Engineering: Aaron Nevezie
Mastered by Steve Fallone at Sterling Sound, New York

Photography & design by Colleen Chrzanowski

Produced by Jason Rigby

Executive producer: Jordi Pujol