Monday, October 11, 2021

Nicolas Meier World Group / Magnificent - Live - Stories (3 albums bundle) October 2021 MoonJune Records

Nicolas Meier's brand new TRIPLE CD album on his own label MGP Records (UK). Promoted and marketed by MoonJune Music.

Nicolas had the chance to tour the world with guitar legend Jeff Beck, he been busy making 4 albums with jazz guitarist Pete Oxley, record and tour with Indonesian guitarist and composer Dewa Budjana, project which included bassist Jimmy Halsip, producing singer Gabrielle Ducomble, and experimenting in the instrumental metal world with his project (My Dark Side). He also had the chance to record his album “Infinity” with Vinnie Colaiuta on drums and Jimmy Haslip on bass, worldwide distribution through Favored Nations (Steve Vai's Label) which led to international touring, Europe and USA tours.

All this gave Nicolas new inspirations to continue working and producing the 2nd album of the Nicolas Meier World Goup. Last alum “Peaceful” received great reviews and feedbacks and the group played a 55 dates tour supporting the album. The band includes: percussionist Demi Garcia from Barcelona, violinist Richard Jones from Wales and bassist Kevin Glasgow from Scotland. The new album “Magnificent” is again music taken from many travels, listening to different folk music… Spanish, Turkish, Balkanic, Middle-eastern, north African, South American all in an improvised music. Enjoy the sound of Nicolas’ guitars (glissentar, fretted and fretless nylon strings, 12 strings) all with the sound of the violin, accompanied with a strong rhythm from Demi and Kevin.

The band played a wonderful concert on February 16th 2020 in Colchester Arts Centre Jazz Club, UK. It was filmed and recorded. A new album is out called “LIVE” and videos are being released from this concert. This Live album is included in the 3CDs package of “Magnificent” which also includes the solo guitar albul “Stories”.

1. Mesudiye (Magnificent) 06:40
2. Semur's Bridge (Magnificent) 06:19
3. Hip (Magnificent) 06:20
4. Stories From The Garden (Magnificent) 07:39
5. Sous le ciel de Fribourg (Magnificent) 05:03
6. Villa Olivio (Magnificent) 07:32
7. The Pond (Magnificent) 06:48
8. Under An Olive Tree (Magnificent) 08:25
9. La Vie en Rose (Stories) 03:16
10. Blues for Alice (Stories) 02:31
11. The Godfather (Stories) 03:42
12. Kismet (Stories) 06:04
13. Mona Lisa (Stories) 03:23
14. Goodbye Pork Pie HatBrush with the Blues (Stories) 03:19
15. My Foolish Heart (Stories) 02:27
16. October In Ankara (Stories) 04:51
17. Nothing Else Matters (Stories) 03:43
18. C'est si Bon (Stories) 02:47
19. Sous le Ciel de Fribourg (Stories) 03:27
20. Night & Day (Stories) 03:06
21. Stories From The Garden (Stories) 04:20
22. Esmeralda (Stories) 04:07
23. Manzanita Samba (Live) 08:19
24. Besiktas Cafe (Live) 05:50
25. Caravan Of Anatolia (Live) 09:45
26. City Of Rivers (Live) 09:06
27. Riversides (Live) 08:45
28. Prince's Island (Live) 07:54
29. Water Lillies (Live) 08:19
30.Tales (Live) 06:14
31. Adiguzel (Live) 09:28

NICOLAS MEIER - Acoustic fretless and fretted nylon string string guitars, glissentar and 12 string guitar
DEMI GARCIA – Percussion

WIZ - WIZ (October 13, 2021 Porta-Jazz)

1. Purple Light 06:05
2. Montaneous 02:57
3. Mola 02:58
4. Amor Radical 05:16
5. Modus Novus 04:32
6. Bilogy 08:49
7. Krafla Friđ 03:33
8. Horizontal 04:33
9. Nov 05:05
10. Nostalia 03:22
11. Bachanela 04:04
12. Minor Mode III 02:55
13. La Vieille Guitare 02:52

Iago Fernández — 1, 4, 7, 12
Wilfried Wilde — 2, 6, 10, 11, 13
José Pedro Coelho — 3, 5, 8, 9

Iago Fernández -drums
Wilfried Wilde - guitar
José Pedro Coelho - tenor sax
Òscar Latorre - trumpet [4,7]

Recorded on the 19th, 20th and 21st of September 2020 at Loumi Records, Hüsingen, Germany.

Mixture: Johan Olsson
Master: Mário Barreiros

Gisela Horat Trio - 2020 (October 2021)

Life is always a challenge, but especially in times when nothing is the way we are used to, and from one day to the next almost all goals fall away. Not to lose creativity completely in such a situation, or to find it again, is fortunate. Our music is a reflection of this time. Sometimes sombre and aimless, impatient, but also wistful and sometimes light-footed and ironic. It expresses the pain and powerlessness that surround us. No easy feelings, but a mirror of life.

1. Leben (part 1) 14:07
2. Angst (part 1) 10:11
3. Warten 06:06
4. Unruhe Ruhe Unruhe 06:53
5. Mit Wehmut 06:21
6. Leben (part 2) 08:49
7. Angst (part 2) 07:41
8. Ohnmacht 06:13
9. Unterdrückte Wut 06:59

Gisela Horat (piano)
Simon Iten (bass)
Samuel Büttiker (drums, percussion)

recorded and mixed by Dominik di Rosa
mastered by Dan Suter, echochamber
graphic design by Anja Wild