Thursday, April 1, 2021

Akira Sakata & Jim O'Rourke - 5月​(​May)April 2, 2021

1. 早春賦(sousyunーhu) 09:56
2. 5月(May) 10:30
3. ゾウミジンコ(Bosmina) 02:14
4. Air - 爆発(explosion) 09:45
5. 鯉幟(carp-shaped streamer) 14:33

recorded at Lady Jane Tokyo
recorded on May 2013
mixed and mastered by Jim O'Rourke 2021 January

Akira Sakata - doudesyo: How's that​?​! (どうでしょう?!) 2021

1. DANCE 11:39
2. 往き交う人々 00:52
3. 斎太郎節 04:11
4. らくだ (camel) 00:46
5. ずいずいずっころばし(Zuizui zukkorobashi) 02:30
6. とうぞくかもめ(Japanese jaeger) 00:23
7. 顔の中核 (It's on the center of face) 06:45
8. なぜなのか (Why is that so) ?) 00:25
9. 洞窟(a cave) 02:04
10. ゲートボールの歌(A Song of Gate ball 01:25
11. しゃくとり虫 (Inchworm, measuring worm) 00:33
12. 岩燕 (Martin) 01:13
13. どうでしょう?!(How's that) 04:41
14. Chic Tac 08:13

Akira Sakata : alto sax, clarinet, vocal, reading
Keita Ito : bass, chorus
Akira Sotoyama : drums, chorus

Produced by Akira Sakata
Recorded & Mixed by Yoshiaki Kondo
Recorded at Gok Sound. Tokyo
Recorded on February 24th&25th, 1997
Mastered at Kojima Recordings

Akira Sakata - MOOKO (2021)

1. Nitchimo Satchimo 06:21
2. Hiyashi-bushi 05:54
3. Wann kann ich see wiedersehen 04:42
4. Hitsujikai No Banasan 09:14
5. Kibaminzoku No Odori 07:49
6. Mooko 03:02

Akira Sakata: alto saxophone, bass clarinet, piano, vocalism
Bill Laswell: prepared fretless bass (#4, 6 & 8) 8 string bass, sitar bass, violin, ectar
Ronald Shannon Jackson: drums, percussion, scheollmie

produced by Bill Laswell, Akira Sakata & Ronald Shannon Jackson

recorded at Sorcerer Sound, NYC, December 2 & 3, 1987
mixed at Quad Recording Studio, December 4 & 5, 1987
engineering: Robert Musso
assistant engineer: Shawna Stobie
remastered by James Dellatacoma
at Orange Music, West Orange, NJ

Akira Sakata - MOOKO Japan Concert (2021)

1. Mooko Nitchimo Satchimo 09:42
2. Mooko Hunnahahna-Bushi 07:13
3. Mooko Itai Itai 02:02
4. Mooko Mooko No Ohkami(A Monglian Wolf) 05:21
5. Mooko Ryoshi Ga Kita(A Hunter Is Coming) 14:59

Akira Sakata: saxophone, bass clarinet, vocal
Bill Laswell: bass
Ronald Shannon Jackson: drums
Kiyohiko Semba: percussion

recorded in Nagoya, Ureshino & Tokyo 23, 29 & 31, July 1988
engineering: Fumio Nij & Hidetoshi Mizue
mixed & edited at Platinum Island, NYC engineering: Robert Musso
remastered by James Dellatacoma at Orange Music, West Orange, NJ
design & photo by Thi-Linh Le layout by Dennis Michael Weeden

Akira Sakata - Flying Mijinko Band Central Asian Tour (2021)

1. DISC 1 SECTION 1:Two Fleet Steeds of Genghis Khan + NIIKAWA KODAIJIN 16:36
2. DISC 1 SECTION 2:Tugrug Man Form Texas 16:03
3. DISC 1 SECTION 3:Azim Daryo-UYGURCHA + Kohjoh No Tsuki 13:55
4. DISC 1 SECTION 4:Tsugaru Jongarqa-bushi~Tsugaru Aiya-bushi 14:38
5. DISC 2 SECTION 1:Tsombon Tuuraitai Khuren 10:12
6. DISC 2 SECTION 2:Gepee Busgui~Gooj Nanna+ Leave me 06:17
7. DISC 2 SECTION 3:Morioka Sansa-Odori 10:24
8. DISC 2 SECTION 4:Wica 09:43
9. DISC 2 SECTION 5:Sii Mai Yahlong 07:00
10. DISC 2 SECTION 6:Akita-Ondo + Kelafa 10:44

Akira Sakata (reeds)
Febian Resa Pane (piano, keyboards)
Asuka Kaneko (violin) by courtesy of the BMG Victor
Shozan Tanabe (shakuhachi)
Michihiro Sato (tsugaru-shamisen)
Nicky Skopelitis (electric guitar)
Hiroshi Yoshino (contrabass)
Bill Laswell (electric bass)
Anton Fier (drums)
Aiyb Dieng (percussions)
Foday Musa Suso (vocal, kora, donsongoni
Shigeri Kitsu (vocal, percussion)
Kaori Kitsu (vocal percussion)
Epo (vocal)

Recorded at Ulan Theatre, Hohhot on 21 Sep, 1994 at The Japan Foundation Forum, Tokyo on 25 & 26 September, 1994
Mixed at Greenpoint Studio, New York

John Daversa Jazz Orchestra featuring Justin Morell - All Without Words: Variations Inspired by Loren (April 30, 2021)

Available April 30, 2021
In celebration of Autism Awareness Month

John Daversa Jazz Orchestra featuring Justin Morell
A jazz orchestral trumpet concerto

The theme on which eleven variations are based is built around the spontaneous vocalizations of my nonverbal son, Loren.  One evening, I sat with him and listened to the singing and sounds that he often makes, recording them on my phone.  I quickly returned to the recordings and transcribed two different segments of beautiful melody.  The theme as arranged in this piece features these two phrases slowed down, played by the trumpet, and accompanied by the orchestra.  

In each variation, I use elements of the theme to reflect on my life with my son, the struggles of learning how to connect with a child who has difficulty with the most basic aspects of communication, and the triumph of even the smallest successes.

What began as a mission to celebrate neurodiversity became an opportunity for me to connect with my son and hear his voice in a way I had not before.  The music is born of intense emotion—sometimes painful and sometimes joyful—and of hope for a compassionate future where all people are loved and respected for their humanity. –Justin Morell

Learn the story of how Loren sang the melody that became the inspiration for all of the variations

Meet John Daversa, Justin Morell, and the rest of the performers on the album.

See some of the brilliant visual art created by autistic artists inspired by the music.

Caleb Wheeler Curtis - Ain't No Storm (2021 Imani Records)

This recording would not have been possible without the support and tremendous positive energy from everyone involved. Thank you Orrin, you’re a lighthouse. The area you have illuminated helps us all enjoy the music, the process, and life. Thank you to Josh, Chet, Luques, Mark and Julius for having fun and bringing life and vitality to the music. Thank you to Sarah, my great friend and collaborator, for joining us. Collaboration is music. To Ben Rubin, for being involved all the way through the recording; from conversations, producing, and mixing, thank you for making it sound great. And last, but certainly not least, thank you to Marta Sánchez for her love, her support, and for inspiring me to reach past my goals.
Caleb Wheeler Curtis

1. La Tortuga 03:08
2. Day 3 04:55
3. Torrential 04:00
4. The Importance of Abstraction 04:37
5. Ain't No Storm 04:38
6. The Others 05:50
7. Failure is an Option 03:48
8. A Cautionary Tale in Two Parts 02:34
9. That Which Cannot Be Replaced 05:27
10. Dystopia 02:38 video
11. Portrait 06:19

All songs and lyrics by Caleb Wheeler Curtis (BMI)

Caleb Wheeler Curtis – alto saxophone
Josh Lawrence – trumpet
Chet Doxas – tenor saxophone
Luques Curtis – double bass
Mark Whitfield Jr. – drums

Julius Rodriguez – piano (1, 6, 11)
Sarah Elizabeth Charles – voice (4, 5)
Orrin Evans – piano (4)

Produced by Orrin Evans and Ben Rubin
Mixed by Ben Rubin at the House of Cha Cha, Brooklyn, NY
Mastered by Katsuhiko Naito
Recorded by Katsuhiko Naito with assistance from Teng Chen and Ben Rubin at Samurai Hotel, Astoria, NY on March 18, 2019

Caleb Wheeler Curtis / Rashaan Carter / Mark Ferber - CURTIS CARTER FERBER (2021 Imani Records)

1. Doing Nothing Is Hard Business 35:15

Caleb Wheeler Curtis – alto saxophone
Rashaan Carter – bass
Mark Ferber – drums

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Rashaan Carter
Recorded May 16, 2019 at Studiocho, Brooklyn, NY

Luke Carlos O'Reilly - I Too Sing America: A Black Man's Diary (2021 Imani Records)


My intention with this album is to convey the pain, the hurt and heartache that one goes through as a black man or woman living in America today. We are all too familiar with news stories of black individuals that have been verbally, emotionally and physically abused by the police. This physical abuse too often leads to an unwarranted death. The tragedy continues when those who are responsible are left unpunished, leaving families and communities without justice. My hope is that this music reminds us all that black lives really do matter.
Luke Carlos O'Reilly

1. Black Lives Matter 04:06
2. Amerikka 06:24
3. Brotherman (In Blue) 03:55
4. Letter to the Mothers 04:43
5. Good Trouble 04:12
6. Justice Delayed is Justice Denied 02:57
7. Loss of Innocence 04:55
8. Stop n Frisk 05:06
9. Can't Breathe (A Fight Song) 06:51
10. Say Her Name 03:27
11. Justice Delayed is Justice Denied (Interlude) 01:13
12. Runnin 05:29
13. Raise Them Up 03:20

Luke Carlos O'Reilly – Piano/Rhodes/Organ
Nimrod Elab Speaks – Acoustic Bass
Anwar Marshall – Drums
Chris McBride – Alto Saxophone/Tamborine (1,3,5,8,10,12,13)
Caleb Wheeler Curtis – Alto Saxophone (2,6,7,9,11)
Stacy Dillard – Soprano Sax (4)
Lee Hogans – Trumpet/Flugelhorn (1,3,5,8,10,12,13)
Josh Evans – Trumpet (2,6,7,9,11)
Corey Wallace – Trombone (1,5,12,13)
David Gibson – Trombone (6,7,9,11)
Shenel Johns – Lyrics/Vocals (6)
Irv Washington – Additional Keys (6)
Khemist – Lyrics (6)

Orrin Evans – Executive Producer
Katsuhiko Naito – Recording Engineer
Matthew Evans – Production Assistant

JHQ - Prisoner (April 2, 2021)

JHQ plays original music by Jussi Hovilainen. His compositions are inspired by the great composers of past decades

1. Rush 04:36
2. Confusion 06:35
3. Prisoner 05:38
4. Interlude I 00:41
5. Silent Echo 05:46
6. Stranger 04:21
7. Rainy Day 06:56
8. Interlude II 01:16
9. Drive 03:54

Severi Hietala - Tenor and Soprano Saxophone
Tiitus Wargelin - Piano and Fender Rhodes
Jussi Hovilainen - Double Bass
Riku Sonkkanen - Drums

Recorded at Arabia studiot 12/2020
Recorded and Mixed by Mikko Aaltio
Mastered by Topi Nykänen
Cover Art by Jussi Hovilainen
Compositions by Jussi Hovilainen
Produced by Jussi Hovilainen
All Songs Arranged by JHQ

Andrew Easley - Jazz Scarf (April 9, 2021)

1. Jazz Scarf 06:36
2. Patagonia 06:24
3. In Spite Of Everything, Beauty Prevails 04:13
4. PickPocket 06:15

Andrew Easley - piano
Nelson González Barreto - Acoustic Bass
David Bowen - Drumset, Recording Engineer
Sam Vaughn - Tenor Sax