Saturday, November 4, 2017

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CONCERTOS PORTA-JAZZ: Marta Sánchez Quintet apresenta "Danza Imposible" - Sala Porta Jazz este Sábado 4 de Novembro / Agenda do Mês

Sábado 4 - Novembro "Marta Sánchez Quintet apresenta Danza Imposible" - Concerto Sala Porta Jazz 
(Sessões iniciam às 19:00h e às 22:00h)

Marta Sánchez: piano
Ariel Bringuez: saxofone tenor
Caleb Curtis: saxofone alto
Iago Fernandez: bateria
Javier Moreno: contrabaixo

Combinando elementos de rock, pop, jazz, musica clássica e experimental, as composições de Marta Sanchez são ritmicamente complexas e com fortes melodias. É música que conta histórias, integrando elementos de folk com sofisticação harmónica e a espontaneidade do jazz.

O Quinteto vem à sala Porta Jazz apresentar o seu mais recente trabalho "Danza Imposible" editado em Outubro pela renomeada Fresh Sound Records. 

“It’s an ambitious record by a strong new group” Ben Ratliff - New York Times

Agenda de Novembro

FEUP Faculdade de Engenharia da Faculdade do Porto:
8 - Novembro 21.30h
Idiosyncrasies - Alexandre Coelho Quartet - Lançamento de Disco

Sala Porta Jazz:
11 Novembro - Pedro Neves Trio
18 Novembro - Jakob Sacks Trio
25 Novembro - MAP

CHALLENGE RECORDS: Three amazing jazz releases

Today, three amazing jazz releases are released : Marutyri: Creation of the Invisible, Bram Stadhouders Big Barrel Organ and Matteo Pastorino: Suite For Modigliani

Marutyri - Creation of the Invisible
Love is the essence of life. Without it, we wouldn’t be here. Without it, there would be no Creation of the Invisible. We’ve put in all of our love and energy into this album, and we hope that our invisible art will survive for generations to come. In the meantime, we’ll be busy symmetrizing!". Release concert on November 4th in LantarenVenster

Bram Stadhouders - Big Barrel Organ
On this album, Bram Stadhouders & The Big Barrel Organ guitarist Stadhouders plays the biggest transportable dancehall organ in the world, The Rhapsody, using guitar and MIDI, mixing composition and pure improvisation. The musician is the first in the world to do this, which is why he can be called the first dancehall organ guitarist. It is a crazy and adventurous project.

Matteo Pastorino - Suite For Modigliani
Suite for Modigliani is a homage to a passion that clarinetist Matteo Pastorino has felt since childhood, his passion for Amedeo Modigliani.

Matteo Pastorino: "It is an expression of my impressions and emotions about Modi’s art and life. The composed music was inspired by key events in his life, his creative process and his artistic pursuit. The pure, abstract beauty of his work reminds me that the past and present in the art of any era can communicate with each other with intense authenticity and graceful respect. This dimension of Modi’s art has always fascinated me and guided me in my own musical journey. In painting, sculpture, music and other forms of artistic expression, all spontaneous quests for grace and purity echo, equate and ultimately coalesce with one another."

Arnan Raz / New Album: Chains Of Stories

My New Album: Chains Of Stories

I want to share with you the new video we made to promote our new album. I hope you enjoy it and will consider buy the album once it's out.

Friends in Israel, we have a show on November 11th as part of the "International Music Showcase Festival". We are playing at 2:00PM. Here is a link:

I hope you can make it!

Have a great day!