Sunday, November 5, 2017

Newvelle Records is Proud to Present: Season Three

Making the Newvelle Records Dream into Reality

After coming up with this concept two years ago and producing two box sets that we are enormously proud of, we are now launching our Third Season.  We are filled with gratitude to the amazing musicians, artists, engineers, photographers, designers, entrepreneurs, enthusiasts, audiophiles, critics, writers, and film-makers who have  helped make this dream come together.  This year we are NOT launching a crowdfunding campaign to launch our Third Season so we are depending on our network (You!) to help spread the word about what we're up to.  Thank you so much for your interest and support of Newvelle Records.

25 Years of Aka Moon: New Constellation Box & Trio Album 'NOW'

New Trio Album
Fabrizio Cassol (sax), Michel Hatzigeorgiou (el.bass) & Stéphane Galland (drums)

In December 2017, Aka Moon will proudly release a new trio album. After 25 years of musical complicity & numerous musical encounters, the trio goes back to its 'roots'. Find out soon more about it!

The Isle of Life: unique cross-over project with De Beren Gieren & Symfonieorkest Vlaanderen

Since Symfonieorkest Vlaanderen kept resident in Muziekcentrum De Bijloke (Ghent) and was looking for a new collaboration, the choice for brand new city composer Fulco Ottervanger was evident. This composer & pianist of De Beren Gieren wrote a new musical piece called 'The Isle of Life', which is an answer to ‘The Isle of Death’ by Rachmaninov. The composition will be performed by Symfonieorkest Vlaanderen - obviously - together with his jazz trio De Beren Gieren.

In his music, Fulco Ottervanger places non judgement, vitality, hope & playfulness opposite to Rachmaninov's dark Judgement Day. This is musically translated in leaving space for improvisation and openness to the unknown. The orchestra will play with uncontrolled situations and unexpected elements, which he calls - pun intended - 'islands' in the orchestra, based on texture, frequency, metre etc. "I didn't want it to be an antithesis, a complete contradiction, since life and death are so intertwined. You'll certainly recognise some references to Rachmaninov in my piece."

‘The Isle of Life’ premieres this month. Expect a classical concert that will charm jazz lovers.

De Beren Gieren & BRZZVLL are smashing it!

De Beren Gieren & BRZZVLL are smashing it! The past months, they received outstanding 4 & 5 stars reviews from De Morgen, Humo, Focus Knack, De Standaard, Trouw, Written in Music, ... But also: 

"Every one of the 10 tracks is a winner!"   Electronic Sound Magazine on Dug Out Skyscrapers

"One of the more idiosyncratic of the current crop of ‘live’ European piano trios, De Beren Gieren have The Bad Plus’ sense of supersized dynamics to add tot heir quirkily ambient electronic effects and offbeat grooves." Jazzwise (****

"BRZZVLL demonstrate on their third album an absorbing collection of instrumental jazz-fusion that evokes the spirit of Herbie Hancock in the 70s but manages to sound original and relevant rather than derivative and hackneyed." Record Collector Magazine (****)

"Named for the capital of Congo, Brazzaville, this seven-piece Belgian jazz outfit turn out to be more than just Afrobeat revivalists, drawing as much on fusion greats such as Herbie Hancock as Central African rhythms." Q Magazine

Jazz is the new hype: conference on Flemish jazz in Bimhuis, Kris Defoort Diving Poet Society release, The Isle of Life & 25 years Aka Moon

Kris Defoort & his 'Diving Poets' presenting their new album Diving Poet Society

One year after their successful creation tour through Slovenia, Hungary, Germany & Belgium, Kris Defoort and his ‘Diving Poet Society’ come out with the self-titled album Kris Defoort Diving Poet Society (WERF Records). They’re excited to present this gem to you in four Belgian cities:

For this album and its Belgian release, Hungarian singer Veronika Harcsa and French saxophone player Guillaume Orti join the Kris Defoort Trio (Nicolas Thys, Lander Gyselinck & Kris himself) to put several magnificent poems by poet Peter Verhelst (Bruges) into music. Balancing between improvisation, composition and instant orchestration, they search for that one magical moment. Or in the words of Kris: “five musical poets communicating the joy of diving into an ocean full of infinite colours, words & sounds.”