Tuesday, July 6, 2021

Wings Of An Angel - Crystalline Coldness Of Bygone Days (2021)

1. Be Careful Not To Trigger Civilizational Collapse With Your Phenomenal Indifference 15:23
2. All Art Is A Pure Deception Of The Unexplainable Propaganda Of Living 13:20
3. Questioning Your Entire Way Of Livelihood Is Like Being A Shepherd Who Cannot Survive On Fish Alone 16:00
4. Mediocre Beauty Is Everything That Normalizes And Stabilizes Regular People 14:40
5. Your Intermediate Existence Must Be An Opaque Illusion, Just Like Guessing Mathematically Improbable Tangential Allocations 12:54

Fabien Mary & Vintage Orchestra: "Too Short" (2021 jazz&people music)

Following "Left Arm Blues", an octet-recording acclaimed by the public and the critics, Fabien Mary continues to deploy his talents by extending them for the first time on the scale of a large orchestra. Drawing on the seasoned Vintage Orchestra, the most Parisian of all big bands, the trumpeter embarked on an impressive writing work from which emerged an entire original repertoire, in the great tradition of large-scale jazz. In "Too Short", the swing never gets the short end of the stick!

1. Too Short 06:01
2. The Fall 05:11
3. Sakura 07:14
4. One For Slide 08:22
5. D.P. (Song for Duke Pearson) 06:03
6. Like Thousands of Butterflies 02:22
7. Don't Look Back 05:57
8. Hell's Kitchen Blues 04:31
9. 402 04:00
10. To The Lighthouse 06:08

Music for Big Band Composed and Arranged by Fabien Mary

Trumpets: Erick Poirier, Julien Ecrepont, Fabien Mary, Malo Mazurié
Saxophones: Dominique Mandin (lead, as, flute), Olivier Zanot (as, cl), Thomas Savy (ts, bcl), Jean-François Devèze (bs,fl, cl)
Trombones: Michaël Ballue/Martin Berlugue, Michaël Joussein, Jerry Edwards, Didier Havet
Piano: Florent Gac
Double bass: Yoni Zelnik
Drums: Andrea Michelutti

Recorded by Bruno Minisimi
Mixed by Christophe Dal Sasso
Mastered by Jérémy Fach

Ein Gschlößl Pöschl mit Cavenati - Un altro, bitte ! (July 2021 Trouble In The East Records)

1. A Harvest of Friends 04:06
2. Otopis 06:58
3. Intuitive Regelung 05:19
4. Grammar III 04:54
5. Mi pequeño ciclón 07:14
6. More Open Form For Society 05:57
7. Eins Versus Zwei 02:21
8. Solo-Selbständiger! 04:35
9. Bull City 04:23

Recorded October, 23rd 2018 by Sebastian Maschat at Butterama Studios, Berlin.
Mixed/Mastered by Christian Betz (berlinaudio.de)
Graphic/Layout Design by Viola Binacchi
Coverartwork by Cristian Boffelli
Produced by Gschlößl, Pöschl, Cavenati

Antonis Anissegos - Free Radicals (July 2021 Trouble In The East Records)

1. Free Radicals 10 02:10
2. Free Radicals 19 04:54
3. Free Radicals 11 03:22
4. Free Radicals 18 01:47
5. Free Radicals 3 03:44
6. Free Radicals 4 01:06
7. Free Radicals 17 02:49
8. Free Radicals 6 01:11
9. Free Radicals 14 05:22
10. Free Radicals 1 01:39
11. Free Radicals 9 01:15
12. Free Radicals 13 03:49
13. Free Radicals 16 03:32
14. Free Radicals 2 09:09
15. Free Radicals 12 01:33
16. Free Radicals 5 01:48
17. Free Radicals 7 04:39
18. Free Radicals 15 01:22
19. Free Radicals 8 02:46

all music by Antonis Anissegos (www.enstase.com)
recorded in KM28, Berlin on june 12th 2020
mixed/mastered by Richard König
artwork/layout by Andreas Karaoulanis
produced by Antonis Anissegos
© 2021 Trouble In The East Records

Soul Supreme - SSR45/003​​004 (July 2021)

The swing hits different. No wonder, when one reinterprets productions by a man whose name also defines a complete “post-Dilla” era. Soul Supreme heads deep into his music. Technically pre-Dilla, even, as five out of six tracks on this double-donut are originally produced as Jay Dee. But let’s not waste this space on nerding over names.

After reworking songs by the likes of A Tribe Called Quest & Madvillain and passing those tests with flying colours, this double-45 feels like Soul Supreme’s ultimate thesis. Dilla revisioned the idea of ‘groove’ like no other. That—naturally—shines through in Soul Supreme’s playing on these records.

It’s the type of heartfelt tribute that puts a smile on your face. A keyboardist’s loose take on how Dilla approached sampling: pushing songs into new frontiers and reimagined compositions, with an exceptional ear for harmony. True to the original yet different.

“Out with the old, in with the new.” —Danny Veekens

1. Let's Ride 04:01
2. Runnin' 04:25
3. Feelin' Good 04:46
4. Officially in Love 02:10
5. Still Shining 01:41

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