Monday, November 29, 2021

Lars Larsson / Anders Berg / Fredrik Lindholm - Underground (November 2021 Simlas produksjoner)

1. Underground 1 06:51
2. Underground 2 05:16
3. Underground 3 07:50
4. Underground 4 03:27
5. Underground 5 07:49

Lars Larsson - baritone saxophone
Anders Berg - bass
Fredrik Lindholm - drums

Recorded June 2020

Mixed and Mastered by Lars Larsson at Hönshuset Studios

Luca Filastro - Don't Blame Me (November 2021)

1. My Monday Date 04:08
2. Fine And Dandy 03:53
3. Gone With The Wind 04:28
4. Never Ending Blues 05:37
5. Morning Air 03:02
6. Don't Blame Me 04:42
7. Finger Buster 02:37
8. Rosetta 06:09
9. Stars Fell On Alabama 03:43
10. Who's Sorry Now? 04:39
11. Polka Dots And Moonbeams 04:57
12. Riverside C Blues 03:55
13. After You've Gone 04:43
14. Makin' Whoopee 03:24
15. Hallelujah 04:34
16. Smoke Gets In Your Eyes 06:12

Luca Filastro, piano

Atsushi Kumagai - 8​.​5 (November 29, 2021)

1. I'm Satisfied 03:36
2. Confirmation 03:21
3. Born To Be Blue 05:04
4. Be There 07:14
5. Passing By 03:40
6. Conception 04:51
7. Pretending To Care 05:46
8. Mountain Greenery 03:26

Atsushi Kumagai (Vo)
Ben Paterson (Pf/Orn)
Nori Naraoka (Bs)
Darrian Douglas (Dr)
Calvin Johnson (Sop/Tnr Sx)

Recorded at Big Orange Sheep in Brooklyn, NY
Engineered by Christopher Benham

at Nori Naraoka Recording Studio in Brooklyn, NY
by Nori Naraoka

Photo by Pazut Wutigornsombatkul/Makito Umekita
Designed by Tomo Tany

Sim Card Hølder - Sim Card Hølder (Blueberry Records)

SIM CARD HØLDER is not a band. It is the hybrid child of Ian Bruner, Drone Operatør and Gajek. Its procreation date is hard to pin down, but it started 2020 with an Insta chat and one of Ian's piano improvisations recorded in his Colorado living room. From there the album grew in separated covid lockdown wombs at three different locations in Germany. Ian's shadowy instrumentation of light piano and heavily layered and long believed to be dead soundscapes were digested, replanted and grown-over by Drone Operatør's and Gajek's uncompromising and individual sense for song structures and sounds. When finally all body parts were assembled in early 2021 the baby was already fluent in different languages.

Sim Card Hølder grows slowly while meandering through dense and open fields. It switches from calm and dreamy moods to wild fractured outbursts without fragmenting into the arbitrary. A raw spiritual power keeps every part connected and in perfect motion. Each song is a portal into multiple universes that suck you in on thick piano carpets, sharp saxophone spikes and buzzing quadcopter wings, warming insect intestines, blasting raw drums and slow healing winds, screeching synth rhymes, dissonant orchestral tales and floating blue melodies. It’s a demanding ride but thoroughly deeply relaxing. The perfect soundtrack to rewind your mind.

1. dronepilot (composed by Drone Operatør & Ian Bruner) 05:46
2. Contrailsnake (composed by Drone Operatør & Ian Bruner) 05:24
3. Dronegød (composed by Drone Operatør & Ian Bruner) 03:02
4. Icaruscomplex_ (composed by Gajek & Ian Bruner) 03:35
5. TVdream (composed by Drone Operatør & Ian Bruner) 10:09
6. fallingasleepwiththedrones (composed by Drone Operatør & Ian Bruner) 04:20
7. ASEGMENTØFSKY (composed by Gajek & Ian Bruner) 05:31
8. Sleepparalysis (composed by Drone Operatør & Ian Bruner) 05:05
9. Boneless (composed by Gajek, Drone Operatør & Ian Bruner) 02:39
10. virtualcopulation (composed by Drone Operatør & Ian Bruner) 05:48
11. Alone_ (rendered altitude) [composed by Drone Operatør & Ian Bruner] 05:31


Artwork by Mario Miron

Mastered by Kevin McPhee (East End Mastering)

Releasing on Blueberry Records, 2021.

Quinn, Schulz and Shakur - Four Standards (November 2021)

1. My Shining Hour 05:43
2. Zero 05:50
3. It Never Entered My Mind 05:49
4. Lonnie's Lament 06:33

Norm Quinn - trumpet, flugelhorn
Guenter Schulz - guitar
D. Shakur - bass

Giuseppe Malinconico - Up for play! (November 2021)

Giuseppe is a modern pianist from Italy.

When he composes he sets no limits and lets himself be contaminated by all his plays ranging from 80s rock, progressive metal and electronic music. The glue between these musical genres is jazz and moments of improvisation are never lacking.

“Up for Play!” is his first album of original music, a first attempt to represent his musical identity.

1. Prelude - Get In! 01:04
2. Am I a Bitch? 04:21
3. Interlude - All I Can Do 00:47
4. Polychrome 06:38
5. The Tramp 07:19
6. Interlude - What's the Problem? 01:19
7. Fortitude 05:57
8. Interlude - Get to the Bottom 00:50
9. Moody Games 06:40

Giuseppe Malinconico - Piano
Andrea Elisei - Drums
Matteo Magnatera - Bass
Elena Sbalchiero - Vocals
Claudio Malinconico - Accordion

Various Artists - Pyramid Pieces 2 (November 2021 Roundtable)

Following the critical acclaim of the 2020 compilation Pyramid Pieces, The Roundtable return with a second offering of modernist jazz from Australia. Another vital document further examining the nation’s jazz scene during the late 1960s and 70s. A fertile period that witnessed the birth of an independent movement and the development of a distinct Australian jazz sound. While continuing to focus on the modal forms explored in Volume 1, this second edition shifts direction slightly, this time also surveying other post-bop modes representative of the scene including soul jazz, avant-garde ballet music and Eric Dolphy-inspired free jazz.

Again featuring tracks from the esteemed independent imprints Jazznote and 44 Records, the collection also offers never before published pieces from less obvious Australian jazz groups. Compositions by internationally renowned musicians including Bob Bertles (Nucleus/Neil Ardley), Bruce Cale (The Spontaneous Music Ensemble/Prince Lasha) and Allan Zavod (Frank Zappa) alongside pillars of the local scene, Charlie Munro and Ted Vining plus the lesser-known yet formidable free jazz unit ‘Out To Lunch’. Pyramid Pieces 2 is another timely insight into the evolution of the incredible yet obscured Australian modern jazz movemen

1. Bob Bertles Moontrane - Valley Of The Tweed
2. The Bruce Cale Quintet - Kuri Monga Nuie
3. The Charlie Munro - Whirlpool
4. Allan Zavod - Circles
5. The Ted Vining Trio - Number One
6. Out To Lunch - What The Thunder Said

* A compilation of Australian modern jazz. 1969-1980

* Rare modal, soul-jazz and free jazz from artists including The Charlie Munro Trio, Bob Bertles Moontrane, The Bruce Cale Quintet and The Ted Vining Trio.

* Tip-on sleeve featuring artwork from renowned Australian modernist painter James Meldrum.

Alex Malheiros - Tempos Futuros (November 2021 Far Out Recordings)

Stargazing from the sands of the Niterói beach, Tempos Futuros is low-end-led Brazilian futurism from one of Brazil’s most prolific and influential bassmen. As one third of legendary trio Azymuth, Alex Malheiros has pioneered a unique fusion of space-funk, samba and jazz since the early seventies. His playing can be heard on the records of Jorge Ben, Milton Nascimento, Roberto Carlos, Marcos Valle, and Mark Murphy (to name a few), and he’s performed and toured with everyone from Stevie Wonder to Chick Corea.

Written and recorded in Niterói, Brazil, overlooking Guanabara and the beaches, mountains and forests of Rio de Janeiro, Tempos Futuros has deep roots in Brazilian soil. The rhythms of Malheiros’ homeland have always permeated his music. But just like the Oscar Niemeyer designed Niterói Contemporary Art Museum which stands spaceship-like over the water, Tempos Futuros - while inspired by terrestrial forms, reaches out, deep into the great unknown.

Produced by acclaimed London-based producer Daniel Maunick, who has worked with Marcos Valle, Azymuth, Terry Callier, and Ivan Conti, the funk comes full circle. Daniel’s father Jean-Paul “Bluey” Maunick and Alex Malheiros shared a reciprocal stream of influence throughout the 80s, between London and Rio; Azymuth and Incognito; brit-funk and samba-funk. But just as with Azymuth’s music, you can also hear the influence of stateside jazz-funk masters like Roy Ayers, Weather Report, Lonnie Liston Smith, Mtume and Pleasure.

Tempos Futuros features Alex’s daughter, a Brazilian star in her own right, vocalist Sabrina Malheiros, Brazilian percussion master Sidinho Moreira, London based saxophonist Sean Khan, Marcos Valle’s go-to drummer Massa, and Brazilian keyboard player Dudu Viana. Featuring the late Azymuth keyboard maestro Jose Roberto Bertami on Fender Rhodes, the title track “Tempos Futuros” was originally recorded as a demo in 1995. On this finished version, Alex Malheiros used Bertami’s original keyboard take, explaining the posthumous release.

Tempos Futuros will be released via Far Out Recordings on vinyl LP, CD and digitally on the 26th November 2021 

1. The Razor's Edge
2. Telegramas Para Arp
3. Retrato (feat. Sean Khan)
4. Prece (feat. Sabrina Malheiros)
5. Nikiti
6. Kuarup
7. O Temporal
8. Alto Verão (feat. Sabrina Malheiros)
9. Sereno
10. Marcinha
11. Tempos Futuros (feat. Jose Roberto Bertrami)
12. Requiem For A Storm

Alex Malheiros: Electric Bass, Fretless Bass, Acoustic Bass, Acoustic Guitar, Keyboards, Percussion & Vocals
Daniel Maunick: Organ, Synths & Effects, Additional Keyboards, Drums & Percussion
Sidinho & Ian Moreira: Percussion
Sabrina Malheiros: Vocals
Sean Khan: Saxophone
Victor Bertrami: Drums
Renato Massa: Drums
Dudu Viana: Keyboards

Produced & Arranged By Daniel Maunick
Co-Produced By Alex Malheiros

Mixed By Daniel Maunick @ The Sugar Shack, Carluke, Scotland
Recorded & Engineered By:
Daniel Maunick & Heber Ribeiro @ Castelo Studio, Niteroi, Brazil
Daniel Maunick & Dudu Viana @ DV Estudio, Rio, Brazil
Daniel Maunick & Alex Malheiros @ Estudio Dos Calangos, Niteroi, Brazil

Executive Producer: Joe Davis
Recording Co-ordinator: Livia Malheiros
Artwork: Noopur Choksi

The Westerlies - Fireside Brass: A Westerlies Holiday (November 2021)

Fireside Brass is a collection of our favorite holiday music: cherished songs from our childhoods, recent musical discoveries, and old standbys from the annual holiday house concerts we’d host in the living room of our Harlem apartment in our earliest days as a band. Some of the pieces we left relatively unadorned, while others were abstracted and personalized with a unique Westerlies touch. All of the music here was captured with a meticulous attention to detail and a spirit of spontaneity and improvisation. We hope this album brings you a sense of warmth, intimacy, and joy from our fireside to yours.

1. Angels We Have Heard on High
2. Christmas Time Is Here
3. Deck the Hall
4. O Holy Night
5. Es ist ein Ros' entsprungen
6. Carol of the Bells
7. Still, Still, Still
8. Some Children See Him
9. Ma’oz Tzur
10. It’s Love, It’s Christmas
11. Oh Tannenbaum
12. A Merrier Christmas
13. A Ceremony of Carols, Op. 28: Procession
14. A Ceremony of Carols, Op. 28: Wolcum Yole!
15. A Ceremony of Carols, Op. 28: There is no rose

The Westerlies:
Riley Mulherkar - Trumpet
Chloe Rowlands - Trumpet
Andy Clausen - Trombone
Willem de Koch - Trombone

All arrangements by The Westerlies
Recorded June 14-18, 2021 at Atterbury House, New York, NY
Produced, Mixed, and Mastered by Andy Clausen
Additional Engineering by Willem de Koch
Cover Design & Layout by Jack Dunnington

Karl Naegelen / Sylvain Darrifourcq / Toma Gouband - Cartographie de rythmes #1 (November 2021 Umlaut Records)

Cartographie de rythmes - Vitesses approchantes [Cartography of rhythms - Approximating speeds] is a startling duo comprised of two drummers following their own respective rhythmic paths.

Toma Gouband’s path is littered with stones, plants and traditional drum elements, all leading him into a complex and direct polyphonic world.

Sylvain Darrifourcq’s instrumental exploration is rife with machine esthetics and questions on temporality, space and rupture.

In uniting these two singular yet complementary musicians, composer Karl Naegelen brings them to collaborate on a written object of rhythmical invention that stems from extended shifts in interval and phasing.

1. Impacts
2. Vitesses approchantes
3. Déphasage circulaire
4. Minimal
5. Continuum - filtrage

Karl Naegelen: composition
Sylvain Darrifourcq: drums, percussions, objects
Toma Gouband : drums, percussions, vegetal lithophones

Recorded in July 2021 at Athénor - Centre National de Création Musicale (Saint-Nazaire)
Engineering, mix and mastering : Ananda Cherer
Design : copyright atelier informationCare / Ronan Le Régent
Produced by Athénor scène nomade - CNCM with the support of Centre National de la Musique.

Aseo Trio - Muddy Water (November 2021)

The Aseo Trio is striving for a unique musical direction. The music can hardly be put in a box but is definitely influenced by jazz, rock and flamenco. Additional Aseo brings his cultural background into his art.

1. Oblivion 06:26
2. Transformation 04:55
3. Muddy Water 05:15
4. Japanese Song 04:25
5. Starlights 06:04
6. Nargit 08:20
7. Silence 06:38

Aseo Friesacher - Piano
Dean Montanaro - E-Bass
Manu Pinzon - Drums
Andrea Leone - Tenor Saxophone (Track 6 & 7)
Beatrice Milanese - Vocals (Track 6 & 7)
Tarang Poddar - Tabla (Track 7)

Orri - Crépuscule (November 2021)

Quartet de Jazz moderne nourri par de nombreuses esthétiques, de la Folk au Rock en passant par la musique ambiante, Orri explore les textures musicales avec une curiosité sans limites.

Dans cet espace sonore qui laisse place à l’imagination, chaque composition tire le portrait d’un moment ou d’un lieu, vécu ou rêvé, et partage les émotions qui les accompagnent.

1. Zozio
2. Phares
3. Oeuf au Riz
4. Joseph's Dream
5. Crépuscule

Jérémie Lucchese : Saxophone
Paul Couvreur : Guitare
George Storey : Contrebasse
Malo Évrard : Batterie