Monday, August 9, 2021

Gergely Ittzés & Szilárd Mezei - Jungle (August 2021)

1. Szentimentális krokodilok / Sentimental Crocodiles 07:50
2. Kígyónász / Snake Love 08:43
3. Odu / Den 04:18
4. A kolibri és az orrszarvú / The Colibri and the Rhinoceros 04:30
5. Ébredő esőerdő / Awakening Rainforest 06:01
6. Majompanasz / Monkey Lament 07:35
7. Hűsölő hiúz / Linx in the Shade 05:24
8. Részeg elefántok / Drunken Elephants 08:08

All compositions by Gergely Ittzés (ARTISJUS) and Szilárd Mezei (SOKOJ/STIM) except track 3. by Szilárd Mezei (SOKOJ/STIM), track 5. by Gergely Ittzés (ARTISJUS), Szilárd Mezei (SOKOJ/STIM) and Dóra Szabó (ARTISJUS) and track 6. by Gergely Ittzés (ARTISJUS)

Gergely Ittzés – bass-, alto-, piccolo-, C-flute, and C-flute with Dick glissando head joint
Szilárd Mezei - double bass
Dóra Szabó - alto flute (on track 5)

Recorded live 07.07.2021 in Zenta, Serbia, by LVA
Mixed and mastered by Szilárd Mezei.
Edited and produced by Gergely Ittzés and Szilárd Mezei.
Graphic work: Erzsébet Mezei

Natalie Rungan - Jazz Standards Volume 1 (August 9, 2021)

Natalie Rungan, an experienced jazz vocal teacher wanted to create a graded syllabus of jazz standards for students to begin their journey with. With an emphasis on melodies sung as written on score and basic improvisation, the songbird wanted students to grow by learning the language of jazz step by step. Partnering with engineer Talent Mbatha, Natalie thought of none other than the phenomenal Melvin Peters to accompany her on piano. Joining the duo is Shaun Johannes on bass and Bruce Baker on drums. This is the first of three albums of the series.

1. Centerpiece 04:20
2. The Girl from Ipanema 03:17
3. All of me 04:29
4. My Romance 03:33
5. Someday my prince will come 03:09
6. Four 02:08
7. Somewhere over the rainbow 04:46
8. Lakhushon Illanga 05:13
9. I got rhythm 02:50

Natalie Rungan: Vocals
Melvin Peters: Piano
Shaun Johannes: Bass
Bruce Baker: Drums

Recorded by: Talent Mbatha
Mixed and Mastered by: Richard Mitchell

William Wood - Renewal Axis (August 2021)

The EP 'Renewal Axis' is a musical snapshot of moving to Michigan, and the many developments- personal, spiritual and professional- that occurred.

This could not happen as it did without having such a wonderful team. Thanks to the band: Emma, Vincent, Aidan and Eliza for working hard with the composed material; thanks to Geoff and Josef for capturing the music in the best detail possible; thanks to the mentors who have challenged me and helped me develop my craft; and thanks to all the friends and family who offered and gave support for this undertaking.

1. Exertion 05:23
2. Styx 05:55
3. Ultraviolet 08:44
4. Vernal Trance 05:30

Emma Aboukasm- Vocals
William Wood- Saxophone
Vincent Chandler- Trombone
Aidan Cafferty- Double Bass
Eliza Salem- Drum Set

All compositions by William Wood

copyright William Wood (ASCAP), all rights reserved.

Recorded on June 1st 2021 by Geoffrey Brown at the University of Michigan Campus Chapel, Ann Arbor, MI

Mixed and Mastered by Josef Deas at Big Sky Studios, Ann Arbor, MI

Artwork by Abby Clemens