Thursday, November 1, 2018

Award-Winning Jazz Pianist and Composer Justin Kauflin On Tour!


NOV 04, 2018 -- Keep On Keepin' On and Q & A, Reading, PA
NOV 04, 2018 -- Justin Kauflin Solo | WCR Center for Arts -- Reading, PA
NOV 15, 2018 -- JK Trio Workshops | Icicle Creek Arts, Leavenworth, WA
NOV 16, 2018  -- JK Trio Workshops | Icicle Creek Arts, Leavenworth, WA
NOV 17, 2018  -- Justin Kauflin Trio | Icicle Creek Arts, Leavenworth, WA
DEC 08, 2018 -- Justin Kauflin Solo | Contrapuntal Hall, Los Angeles, CA
DEC 09, 2018  -- Justin Kauflin Trio | Alvas Showroom, San Pedro, CA

FEB 01, 2019 -- Justin Kauflin | Scullers Jazz Club, Boston, MA
FEB 02, 2019 -  Justin Kauflin Trio | Side Door, Old Lyme, CT
FEB 04, 2019 -- Justin Kauflin Duo | Mezzrow, New York, NY
MAR 5, 2019 -  Justin Kauflin Trio | Pizza Express, London, UK
MAR 6, 2019 - Justin Kauflin Trio | Pizza Express, London, UK
MAR 9, 2019 - Justin Kauflin Trio | Dzintari Concert Hall, Latvia
MAR 13, 2019 - Justin Kauflin Trio | Unterfahrt Jazz, Munich, Germany
MAR 15, 2019 - Justin Kauflin Trio | Sina Brufani, Perugia, Italy
MAR 16, 2019 - Justin Kauflin Trio | Jazz Club Ferrara, Perugia, Italy
MAR 18, 2019 - Justin Kauflin Trio | Catania, Italy
MAR 19, 2019 - Justin Kauflin Trio | Palermo, Italy
MAR 20, 2019 - Justin Kauflin Trio | Teatro Ristora, Verona, Italy
MAR 22, 2019 -- Oscar with Love, San Francisco, CA
MAR 23, 2019 -- Oscar with Love - Walt Disney Hall, Los Angeles, CA

JERRY GONZALEZ's NYC MEMORIAL :: MONDAY, 11.12 at 6PM @ ST PETER'S :: more info coming soon

Jon De Lucia Octet + Ted Brown: Live at the Drawing Room (GUT STRING RECORDS 2018)


“This impassioned group swings…For this gig, the Octet had a great spiritual asset in the gently fervent playing of Ted Brown, a sage of melodic invention. I am grateful that Jon De Lucia has created this group: so delightful in whatever they play.  You’ll hear it too. “
Michael Steinman, JazzLives

Saxophonist Jon De Lucia met the great tenorist Ted Brown in 2014, and got to play with him soon after. He was and is struck by the pure lyricism and honesty in his improvising. One of the original students of forward thinking pianist Lennie Tristano in the 1940s, Brown, along with Lee Konitz, is among the last of this great school of players. Later, when De Lucia discovered some of Jimmy Giuffre’s original scores from the Lee Konitz meets Jimmy Giuffre session of 1959, which Brown and Konitz both participated in, he knew he wanted to put a band together to play this music with Ted.

Thus the Jon De Lucia Octet was formed. A Five Saxophone and Rhythm lineup with unique arrangements by the great clarinetist/saxophonist Jimmy Giuffre. The original charts featured Lee Konitz on every track, and the first step in 2016 was to put a session together reuniting Brown and Konitz on these tunes. An open rehearsal was held at the City College of New York, Lee took the lead and played beautifully while Ted took over the late Warne Marsh’s part. This then led to the concert you have here before you.

De Lucia steps into Lee’s shoes, while the features have been reworked to focus on Brown, including new arrangements of his tunes by De Lucia and daughter Anita Brown. The rest of the band includes a formidable set of young saxophonists, including John Ludlow, who incidentally was a protege of the late Hal McCusick, who also played on the original recording session of Lee Konitz meets Jimmy Giuffre, and plays the alto saxophone, now inherited, used in the session. Jay Rattman and Marc Schwartz round out the tenors, and Andrew Hadro, who can be heard to great effect on Venus De Milo, plays the baritone. In the rhythm section, Ray Gallon, one of NYC’s most swinging veterans on the piano, Aidan O’Donnell on the bass and the other legend in the room, the great Steve Little on the drums.

Little was in Duke Ellington’s band in 1968, recording on the now classic Strayhorn tribute ...and His Mother Called Him Bill, before going on to record all of the original Sesame Street music and much more as a studio musician.

The show was sold out at Brooklyn’s now defunct Drawing Room, operated by Michael Kanan and Stephanie Grieg. Along with the music previously mentioned, De Lucia had recently acquired some of the original parts from Gerry Mulligan’s Songbook session, which featured Konitz, Al Cohn, Zoot Sims and Allen Eager in another great sax section recording, this time arranged by Bill Holman. Here the band plays “Sextet,” and “Venus De Milo” from that session. Brown, here making the band a Nonet, plays beautifully and takes part in every tune, reading parts even when not soloing. Not included in this CD is an extended take of Konitz’s “Cork n’ Bib” and Giuffre’s piece for three clarinets, “Sheepherders.” Possible bonus releases down the line!

Since this concert, the Octet has taken on a life of its own, covering the repertoire of the original Dave Brubeck Octet, more of the Mulligan material, Alec Wilder, and increasingly De Lucia’s own material. De Lucia continues searching for rare and underperformed material, rehearsing regularly in NYC and performing less regularly. One can hope there is much more to come from this talented group!

Ted Brown, Lee Konitz and Jon De Lucia

Jon De Lucia: Bach Shapes Bach to School

Exercises for all instruments to improve your intervals, technique and ears. For those that own the book, if you haven't yet, please do write a review of the book on Amazon or on the saxophone forums. Here is some feedback I recently received from some great players and teachers:

“Jazz musicians have naturally gravitated towards the music of JS Bach for years, so a book like this one has been a long time coming. Jon has done a wonderful job capturing various snapshots of Bach’s seemingly infinite musical language, organizing these shapes in a setting that could be very useful to improvisers. A truly interesting and enjoyable book that will hopefully lead to more volumes in the future.”
–Miguel Zenon, International Touring Artist

“A valuable tool for students who would like a refreshing change from regular forms of scale exercises. The challenging intervals and ranges would give any serious player a good workout! Thank you for this wonderful addition to our study materials!”
– Kenneth Tse, Professor at University of Iowa, President of the Comite International de Saxophone

The book is now also available in store at Virtuosity in Boston, Eble Music (Groth Music) in Minnesota, Performers in Chicago along with Roberto's Woodwinds in Midtown Manhattan,the Buffet Showroom on 35th st. and Music Espresso, Jamey Aebersold's, and Van Cott Music along with my site, where if you use the discount code 'NASA' you will received 15% off on your order. The book is on Amazon as well but I am pulling back from selling it there as the author barely receives anything after Amazon takes their cut, please do purchase directly!

The book is great for interval and ear training practice, and can also really contribute to your motivic improvising. 4 jazz etudes at the end point the way towards using the material improvisationally, but blog posts on the new Bach Shapes sub-blog will go even further.

Our first series has been on the great Paul Desmond, you can read all three entries at will also be a future source of updates on the book.

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The Jon De Lucia Octet performs November 5th in Brooklyn

Monday November 5th, 2018
The Slope Lounge
837 Union St, Park Slope, Brooklyn
No Cover

Jon De Lucia - Alto, Clarinet, Flute
John Ludlow - Alto
Dan Block - Tenor, Clarinet
Adam Schneit -Tenor, Clarinet
Andrew Hadro - Bari, Clarinet
Leonard Thompson - Keyboard
Kevin Thomas - Bass
Steve Little - Drums

Also next week I will put on a Recital at the City College of New York with the great pianist Ray Gallon. We will perform originals by myself and Ray, along with a couple standard tunes.

City College Faculty Recital 

Thursday November 8th, 12:30 pm
Shepard Hall, 259 Convent, Room 95 on basement level.

Jon De Lucia - Sax, Clarinet
Ray Gallon - Piano
Gary Wang - Bass
Doron Tirosh - Drums