Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Edoardo Marraffa - Diciotto (AUT RECORDS October 22, 2018)

If I write and define something, it's just because I can use it while improvising – something that helps me keep the train of thoughts clear and precise. 

Some of these pieces are old, some others are very recent. Many of them have been devised to be played with my bands. But here they have been turned upside-down, so they could fit the way I use to play alone. They should always be turned upside-down, actually, even when they are played with other musicians. 

Some compositions are inspired by Ariosto's “Orlando Furioso”. I wanted to figure out how it would be like swearing and cursing from the dead, singing on a 500-years old Moon, going nuts and tearing off your clothes in the middle of the woods because of a woman. 

There are modest homages to noble saxophone players; dedications to women – the crazy ones as well as the charming ones; colleagues I had a great time with; strange behaviors and attitudes I don't understand; my daughter Alice, to whom I dedicated my oldest composition, performed in so many situations and with many bands over about eighteen years. 

Eighteen (Diciotto) years ago I also recorded my first solo album, and this is the second one. (E.M)

1. Gentilezze
2. Astolfo sulla luna
3. Rodomonte
4. Figurati!
5. Fantasmi di Nadia
6. Franco e Giorgio
7. Alice
8. Red Carpet
9. Scendo
10. Mura sonanti
11. Staccati stàccati lèvati
12. Non credo
13. Golden square
14. Diciotto
15. La gran follia

Edoardo Marraffa - tenor and sopranino sax

All Tracks composed by Edoardo Marraffa, track 12 by E. Marraffa, L. Mosso, M. Sabatini.

Recorded by Andrea Caprara at La Mura San Carlo, San Lazzaro Di Savena (Bo) on 10/03/2018
Mixed by Andrea Caprara and mastered by Alessandro Maffei

Photos by Chiara Tebaldi
Artwork and layout by Sandro Crisafi

Produced by Edoardo Marraffa and Aut Records
Thanks to: Elena Maestrini and Fragolone co-housing.

Mountweazel - Doublethink (AUT RECORDS October 2018)

1. Purity of Essence 10:05
2. Hungry Waves 04:38
3. Apopudobalia 08:19
4. Kaffeemischung 03:19
5. Esrum Hellerup 10:56
6. If, Then 07:53

Federico Eterno – Alto Sax
Davide Lorenzon – Tenor Sax
Antti Virtaranta – Double Bass
Adrian David Krok – Drums

Special guest:
Nicola Guazzaloca on tracks 2 and 5 - piano

Tracks 1 and 3 by Federico Eterno, track 4 by Antti Virtaranta, track 6 by Davide Lorenzon, tracks 2 and 5 are collective improvisations. 
Recorded by Loris Ceroni at Le Dune Recording Studio on May 10th 2017 

Mixed by Michele Pedrazzi at Clockbeats Studio Berlin in January/February 2018 
Mastered by Stefano Moretti at Clockbeats Studio Berlin in March 2018 

Graphics and Layout by Massimiliano Sorrentini 
Produced in 2018 by Mountweazel and Aut Records

PUI4: Viegas, Guazzaloca, Zingaro, Rosso - A Pearl in Dirty Hands (AUT RECORDS 2018)

“João Pedro Viegas, Nicola Guazzaloca, Alvaro Rosso and Carlos “Zíngaro” come together for “A Pearl in Dirty Hands”. A story told by one, two, three or four voices, together and in turn, through trials, questions, answers, thoughts, gestures, signs and impressions, in the moment, in time and in space. Ten concentrated structures that escape towards sound and silence. Music is at the center of each player and each has the same importance, the responsibility of creating and contributing is shared, lived, exchanged. There is no hierarchy." 

From the liner notes written by Jean-Michel Van Schouwbourg

João Pedro Viegas: bass clarinet
Nicola Guazzaloca: piano
Carlos "Zingaro": violin
Alvaro Rosso: double bass

1. Underwater 05:24
2. Soon it's late 03:05
3. Reflexes 05:56
4. Underground 03:37
5. By the gale 04:04
6. By the dusk 06:37
7. Down the cave 05:32
8. On the branches 06:51
9. Firestarter 06:55
10. Left clefts 05:09

Recorded by Joaquim Monte at Namouche Studio (Lisbon, PT), November 14, 2017
Cover art: "Autobiography" by Matthias Boss
Cover Photo by Tabitha Sowden
Graphics by Nicola Guazzaloca
Liner notes by Jean-Michel Van Schouwbourg

Atlantis Quartet - Hello Human (SHIFTING PARADIGM RECORDS November 16, 2018)

Hello Human is the fifth album from Minneapolis based Atlantis Quartet, featuring tenor saxophonist Brandon Wozniak, guitarist Zacc Harris, bassist Chris Bates, and drummer Pete Hennig. The album was recorded at the famed Pachyderm Studios in Cannon Falls, MN. Featuring ten new compositions, this album represents Atlantis Quartet's finest work to date.

Brandon Wozniak - tenor saxophone
Zacc Harris - guitars
Chris Bates - bass
Pete Hennig - drums

1. Ligaments
2. Five Corners
3. Hello Human
4. Aggressive Pretender
5. Base Test
6. Meridians
7. Just Ate
8. Ghost Tension
9. Lassitude
10. The Slab

Recorded January 22-24, 2018 at Pachyderm Studios, Cannon Falls, MN
Engineered by Nick Tveitbakk
Mixed by Brett Bullion
Mastered by Huntley Miller of HM Mastering
Designed by Jamie Breiwick of B-Side Graphics
Produced by Atlantis Quartet

"Ligaments", "Meridians", "Ghost Tension" composed by Zacc Harris (crescentmoonmusic ASCAP)
"Five Corners", "Aggressive Pretender", "Lassitude" composed by Pete Hennig (appletoniamusic ASCAP)
"Hello Human", "Just Ate", "The Slab", "Base Test" composed by Chris Bates (chrisbassmusic BMI)

Johannes Wallmann - Day and Night (SHIFTING PARADIGM RECORDS November 2, 2018)

1. Press Briefing
2. Think of One
3. Nocturne
4. Night and Day
5. No Blues For No One
6. What Now?
7. All Or Nothing At All
8. Toddlin'
9. Solitude
10. Bright Mississippi
11. What Now?

Johannes Wallman - piano 
Brian Lynch - trumpet, flugelhorn 
Dayna Stephens - tenor saxophone, baritone saxophone 
Matt Pavolka - bass 
Colin Stranahan - drums 

Recorded at Bunker Studio, Brooklyn, NY 
Engineered by John Davis 
Mixing and Mastering by Mark Whitcomb, DNA Music Labs, Madison, WI 
Photography by Eric Schirtzinger, Bascom Brothers, Madison, WI 
Design by Jamie Breiwick, B-Side Graphics, Milwaukee, WI 
Produced by Johannes Wallmann

Bram Weijters & Chad McCullough Duo - Pendulum (SHIFTING PARADIGM RECORDS November 2, 2018)

1. Opening
2. A Different Light
3. Raindrop
4. The Same Prelude (C minor)
5. The Same Prelude (G minor)
6. Still Dark
7. Suspended Weight
8. Crackle
9. Spiral
10. Escapement
11. The Same but Different
12. The Ratchet Wheel
13. Different Prelude
14. The Same Path
15. Which Way
16. The Same Waltz (part one)
17. Crystals 01:29
18. At Ease
19. The Same Twelve Notes
20. Spiral (part two)
21. The Same Waltz (part two)
22. Different but the Same
23. Pondering
24. A Different Night
25. Closing

Bram Weijters - piano, wurlitzer, rhodes, moog
Chad McCullough - trumpet

Evan Salvacion Levine - Mestizo (SHIFTING PARADIGM RECORDS 2018)

1. Age II 05:54
2. Center of Gravity 07:39
3. Highways 08:58
4. Little Shells 07:39
5. Mestizo 05:36
6. Opposing Forces 05:45
7. The Best Things Never Change 07:03

Evan Salvacion Levine - double bass, electric bass, compositions
Matt Gold - guitar (wurlitzer on track 1)
Andrew Green - drums (percussion on track 4)

Recorded and mixed at Experimental Sound Studio by Alex Inglizian
Mastered by Chris Pope

Design by Hannah Bess Ross

Devin Drobka's Bell Dance Songs - Amaranth (SHIFTING PARADIGM RECORDS 2018)

1. Skip Skip 08:24
2. Interlude 1 Unfading 01:03
3. Prelude 06:21
4. Interlude 2 Flowering 01:10
5. Jake's Theme 06:16
6. Being You 04:26
7. Interlude 3 Starting 01:19
8. Three Sisters 05:59
9. Bluestown 06:43

Daniel Blake - tenor and soprano saxophones
Patrick Breiner - tenor saxophone, clarinet, bass clarinet
Chris Weller - tenor saxophone and effects pedals
Aaron Darrell - acoustic bass
Devin Drobka - drums and cymbals and compositions

Recorded at The Bunker Studio, Brooklyn, NY
By Aaron Nevezie

Mixed at Wire and Vice, Milwaukee, WI
By Daniel Holter

Mastered at Mystery Room Mastering, Milwaukee, WI
By Justin Perkins

Designed by Jamie Breiwick at BSide Graphics, Milwaukee, WI

All compositions by Devin Drobka (BMI)

Roberto Ottaviano - Eternal Love (DODICILUNE / IRD October 2018)

Prosegue la collaborazione tra l'etichetta discografica salentina Dodicilune, guidata da Gabriele Rampino e Maurizio Bizzochetti, e il sassofonista barese Roberto Ottaviano. Lunedì 15 ottobre, distribuito in Italia e all’estero da Ird e nei migliori store online da Believe Digital, con il sostegno di Puglia Sounds Record 2018, esce "Eternal Love". Il disco - che si apre con la tradizione africana di Uhuru - propone due brani originali di Ottaviano ("Questionable 2" ed "Eternal Love") e le reinterpretazioni di sei pezzi di Abdullah Ibrahim ("African Marketplace"), Charlie Haden ("Chariman Mao"), Dewey Redman ("Mushi Mushi"), Elton Dea ("Oasis"), John Coltrane ("Your Lady") e Don Cherry ("Until the rain comes"). Il compositore e sassofonista è affiancato da Marco Colonna (clarinetto e clarinetto basso), Alexander Hawkins (piano, rhodes, hammond), Giovanni Maier (contrabbasso) e Zeno De Rossi (batteria).

«Quando Françis Bebey, musicista, scrittore e giornalista camerunense, che ho avuto la fortuna e l'onore di conoscere, agitava la sua Mbira lasciando risuonare al suo interno dei frammenti di ossa come dei sonagli, amava dire che quello è il suono dei morti che non sono morti, nel senso che non ci abbandonano ma anzi ci guidano nel peregrinaggio della nostra esistenza. Nella cosmogonia Africana questo è l'Eternal Love», sottolinea Ottaviano. «Come in una preghiera o una evocazione, il suono di questo gruppo come quello della Mbira di Francis, richiama ad una presenza tangibile tutta la bellezza fiera e battagliera della madre terra e delle sue migliori anime per celebrare in questi tempi difficili, la speranza e la voglia di riscatto del genere umano. È la prima volta che sento il bisogno di un "bagno mistico" in cui il Jazz si fa infine Musica Totale, ma sopratutto travalica l'idea fine a sè stessa di fare musica, per scavare a fondo nel nostro ego e per capire se esiste un "noi" universale da cui ripartire».

Attivo sulla scena jazzistica internazionale da quasi quarant’anni, Roberto Ottaviano ha suonato e inciso con alcuni tra i più importanti musicisti americani ed europei a cavallo tra diverse generazioni: D. Gillespie, C. Baker, A. Farmer, M. Waldron, R. Workman, A. Mangelsdorff, G. Gaslini, E. Rava, S. Swallow, F. Koglmann, P. Favre, K. Wheeler, K. Tippett, K. Berger, H. Bennink, A. Andersen, T. Gurtu,  H. Drake, e tantissimi altri. Oltre che dirigere proprie formazioni, tra cui Astrolabio con G. Trovesi, G. Ferris e M. Godard, il QuarkTet con A. Hawkins, M. Formanek e G. Hemingway, ed il Trio Griòts con G. Maier e Z. De Rossi, suona con la Minafric Orchestra e con Canto General di Pino Minafra. Si esibisce in Germania, Austria, Svizzera, Belgio, Francia, Danimarca, Norvegia, Inghilterra, Spagna, Portogallo, Yugoslavia, Albania, Romania, Russia, India, Giappone, Messico, Tailandia, Marocco, Algeria, Costa d’Avorio, Senegal, Cameroun, Stati Uniti, Canada, ed ha inciso per Red, Splasc(h), Soul Note, Dodicilune, Hat Art, Intakt, ECM, DIW ed Ogun. Come didatta ha fondato il corso Musica Jazz nel Conservatorio della sua città e di cui ne è coordinatore da quasi 30 anni. Il precedente disco, sempre prodotto da Dodicilune, Sideralis è stato il disco dell’anno per Top Jazz 2017, referendum indetto dalla rivista Musica Jazz.

Roberto Ottaviano - soprano sax
Marco Colonna - clarinet, bass clarinet
Alexander Hawkins - piano, rhodes, hammond
Giovanni Maier - double bass
Zeno De Rossi - drum set

1 - Uhuru 
2 - African Marketplace 
3 - Chairman Mao 
4 - Mushi Mushi
5 - Oasis
6 - Questionable 2
7 - Eternal Love
8 - Your Lady
9 - Until the rain comes

Total time 55:51 STEREO DDD
p 2018 DODICILUNE (Italy)
c 2018 DODICILUNE (Italy)

Produced by Dodicilune edizioni, Italy (
Label manager Maurizio Bizzochetti
Recorded, mixed and mastered at Artesuono, Cavalicco, (Ud), Italy
Sound engineer Stefano Amerio
Photos by Luca D’Agostino except cover photo*
*Having carried out the procedures for the purchase of image publication rights, the publisher remains available to those who could have claimed the rights to it

Aaron Goldberg - At the Edge of the World (SUNNYSIDE RECORDS November 16, 2018)

For the past two decades pianist Aaron Goldberg has crisscrossed the globe, spreading his music and absorbing local knowledge along the way. True to the jazz mentality, he learned to embrace serendipity as an artistic muse. Five years ago this month, in an historic chateau at the exact geographic center of France, Goldberg was reunited with an early influence. Soon a new project began to take shape. Goldberg’s latest recording, At The Edge of The World, documents this recent collaboration with drummer and percussionist Leon Parker, a brilliant innovator and performer, in a new trio along with the gifted bassist Matt Penman. 

While studying at the New School in the early 1990’s Goldberg was introduced to Parker’s singular playing alongside keyboard icons including Kenny Barron, Brad Mehldau and Jacky Terrasson. Parker was a trailblazer on the kit, intent on developing a distinct language and sound all his own. Goldberg went on to attend Harvard but would return in the summers to the City to make sessions with both innovative peers and big city legends, including a multiyear musical mentorship from Betty Carter and a memorable gig with Parker in 1992. 

In the decade after his return to NYC in 1996, Goldberg made a name for himself in the bands of Joshua Redman, Al Foster, Wynton Marsalis and Kurt Rosenwinkel, all while developing his own highly regarded trio with bassist Reuben Rogers and drummer Eric Harland. Parker, on the other hand, left New York on September 10 2001 for France, where he stopped playing drum set and nearly disappeared from the jazz world altogether. 

Over a decade later Goldberg found himself in France without a drummer and was curious to see if Parker would be interested in playing again. Leon still remembered him well after 20 years, and without any rehearsal the gig became an unexpected triumph as the two experienced an instant musical reconnection. It wasn’t long before Parker expressed his interest in continuing their pairing on a more permanent basis, not as a sub but rather a full-fledged member of Goldberg’s band. Parker had found a musical outlet that he hadn’t fully known that he needed, and soon he was eager to get back into the scene. 

By the fall of 2015 the duo was dialed in to tour but there were still significant logistical and financial hurdles to overcome. So Aaron applied for a French-American Jazz Exchange Grant to support this new trio project. Fortunately both the French and American governments were smiling down on them from above, and the duo received both the FAJE grant and a new passport for Parker just in time for the first gig of their tour. The grant also provided enough resources to partially fund two recording sessions: one became Goldberg’s At The Edge of the World, and another led to a co-produced Leon Parker album. Together these developments allowed for the re-ignition of Parker’s musical career, and he dove back into playing upon his return to NYC. 

Goldberg’s longstanding appreciation for the drummer’s highly conversational style continued to grow as they had ever more fun on the bandstand with each tour. The joy in their shared swing and united groove was infectious and their interaction organic. Night by night Parker began to incorporate more of his singular vocal percussion as well as EmbodiRhythm, his personal body percussion techniques, into the music. The collaboration evolved from an exploratory project into a partnership. 

After touring with several great bassists, the exceptional Matt Penman became their ultimate choice. Penman and Goldberg shared a long musical friendship, and the bassist provided a well-honed rhythmic foundation that the picky Parker could gel with. As this album attests, Penman’s propulsive feel, harmonic precision and well-honed lyricism serve as both complement and soulful glue for the trio. Together the three aim to engage the audience with spontaneous musical dialogues based around uncomplicated source material. To this end Goldberg allowed the band’s repertoire to develop in a natural way, aiming to build something inspired out of something simple. 

The recording begins with Simon and Bernier’s “Poinciana.” Made famous by Ahmad Jamal, the trio intentionally puts it in a pocket as far away as possible from the original, featuring Parker’s unique vocal and body percussion. Goldberg’s poignant “Luaty” is dedicated to the Angolan political activist and rapper Luaty Beirão, arrested and held for a year without trial by former dictator José Eduardo dos Santos. While in prison Beirão captured the world’s attention by holding a 36-day hunger strike, which helped lead to a political shift ultimately resulting in dos Santos’s retirement. After admiring his courage and penning this piece, Goldberg met Beirão in Lisbon and they began an ongoing correspondence. 

Both “Isn’t This My Sound Around Me” and “When You Are Near” are originals by the late vibraphone legend Bobby Hutcherson. Long a fan of Hutcherson’s work, Goldberg fell for both of these songs while performing in a Hutcherson tribute concert soon after the vibist’s death, and realized quickly that they would work perfectly as soulful vehicles for the trio. In a similar vein Goldberg chose to reapproach one of his favorite tunes, McCoy Tyner’s “Effendi” (fittingly, Turkish for ‘master’), in hopes of striking the jazzman’s classic balance between originality and respect for lineage. 

Years after being first moved by the song’s melody and harmony, it was the Octavio Paz-inspired lyrics to Martin Rojas’s “En La Orilla Del Mundo” (translated “At The Edge of the World”) which began to resonate recently in Goldberg, with their swirling metaphors of mortality and potential change. For the album he thus opted to interpret this emotive melody alone at the piano. Goldberg transforms Guillermo Klein’s arrangement of Bonfá’s “Black Orpheus” (from their co-led album Bienestan) from its first incarnation into a piece that belongs to this trio. Finally the recording concludes with “Tokyo Dream,” an altered original blues that came to the pianist in the early morning hours in a jetlagged dream, which after a potent coffee he was able to assemble into a perfect vehicle for Parker’s swinging flair. 

Two individuals were able to learn much about themselves on the fortuitous path that led to At The Edge of the World. Goldberg’s introspection into possible futures as well as his early passions led to his reunion with Parker, who was in turn looking for a spark to ignite his return to music. Fortunately for all, their collaboration turned into a momentous occasion for both in their musical maturation, making this album both a first testament and a celebration. 

Matt Penman - bass
Leon Parker - drums, vocal percussion & EmbodiRhythm

1. Poinciana
2. Luaty
3. Isn't This My Sound Around Me
4. When You Are Near
5. Effendi
6. En La Orilla Del Mundo
7. Black Orpheus (Manha de Carnaval)
8. Tokyo Dream

Playlist for Tom Ossana – The Thin Edge – October 17, 2018 MST 7:00 to 9:00p.m. ~ Use this link to access the show online.