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Sunday, September 26th, 7:30 PM


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Nadje Noordhuis - Gullfoss (September 21, 2021)

What does a person do when confronted with the majesty of the natural world? Trumpeter and composer Nadje Noordhuis considers this question on the album Gullfoss, coming out on September 21, 2021 on Little Mystery Records.

"I took myself to Iceland for a birthday treat four years ago and was just absolutely blown away by the volcanic landscape," Noordhuis said. "One day, after driving for hours through a treeless plain, Google Maps announced 'you have arrived.' From the parking lot, I descended into a canyon with the biggest waterfall I've seen in my life. Standing at the base of the crevasse, the roar of water completely filled my head with sound. The pummeling of the water created enormous clouds of spray that fragmented into misty rainbows. It was overwhelmingly beautiful. When I came back to the US, I was inspired to write a song about this experience. I think Gullfoss is my favorite tune I've ever written. And we always have such fun playing it. It's like I can hear the band smiling behind me as we play it."

The band is composed of a key selection of Noordhuis' favorite players: Maeve Gilchrist (harp), Jesse Lewis (guitar), Ike Sturm (bass), and James Shipp (synthesizers and percussion). They came together in Switzerland over three nights of live performance to record an album for Newvelle Records at the request of Swiss club owner Stephan Diethelm. Gullfoss was originally released on vinyl by Newvelle Records and is now having its digital debut on Little Mystery Records. The album represents a sonic experiment for Noordhuis:

"I've never really been one to be married to traditional jazz instrumentation," Noordhuis said. "I've always liked to mix things up. Some of the albums I've done before have been quite  serene. This was a fun departure from that because I've always loved rock and metal, so Gullfoss delves more into that world, which might be surprising for people who know me for my lyrical work."

Like the Icelandic landscape, the story that Gullfoss tells is rich in depth and musical texture. Certain tracks sound like a rock band with a lead trumpeter rather than a singer, while at other moments the music has the tonal atmosphere of an ECM recording. 

For Noordhuis, the narrative style is intentional: "Because it was originally for vinyl, I was trying to craft it to tell a story as the A-side leads into the B-side. I organized the tracks to feel cinematic: the opening sets the scene, then the music takes people on a journey through different places. There's a high point, a tension moment, all leading to a triumphant ending."

Gullfoss rewards careful listening. Over the course of the album, it reveals itself as a travelogue, a soundscape, a rock concert and a meditation. It is a dramatic and transporting experience from one of this era's most engaging and talented composers. 

1. Migration
2. Indian Pacific
3. Waratah
4. Silverpoint
5. Killarney
6. Seven Miles
7. Laneway
8. Gullfoss

Nadje Noordhuis - trumpet, flugelhorn, electronics, compositions
Maeve Gilchrist - harp
Jesse Lewis - guitar
Ike Sturm - bass
James Shipp - synthesizers, percussion

Recorded live at Musig im Plegidach, Switzerland
Produced by Nadje Noordhuis
Mixed by Marc Urselli
Mastered by David Kowalski

Marilyn Monroe - Greatest Hits (September 2021 Stardust Records)

1. My Heart Belongs To Daddy 05:04
2. Diamonds Are A Girls Best Friend 03:32
3. I'm Thru With Love 02:31
4. When Love Goes Wrong, Nothing Goes Right (with Jane Russell) 03:27
5. Bye Bye Baby (with Jane Russell) 03:25
6. A Fine Romance 02:20
7. She Acts Like A Woman Should 02:46
8. Kiss 03:00
9. Do It Again 03:12
10. After You Get What You Want (You Don't Want It) 03:34
11. You'd Be Surprised 03:03
12. Rivers Of No Return 02:14
13. Happy Birthday Mister President 02:01

John Roebuck - Ex Nihilo (September 2021)

ex ni·​hi·​lo | \ (ˌ)eks-ˈnē-(h)ə-ˌlō : from or out of nothing

All sounds on this album derive from a short recording of a broken guitar being scratched with a broken violin bow. A guitar obtained for free off Craigslist, I played it to death when I was younger. The neck is held together by screws and glue, the strings rusted and untuned, the bow missing most of it's hair. I wanted to give them a second life.

The intent was to take these harsh and broken sounds and digitally bend them into something beautiful. Like a sonic alchemy that seeks to reveal the hidden beauty inside these otherwise unloved sounds.

It is an exercise in extreme sonic manipulation and extreme sentimentality. I wanted to make my old guitar sing again.

If we can't make something beautiful out of imperfect sounds, then what are we to make out of our imperfect lives?

Something from nothing. Ex Nihilo.

…And the clouds will weather away…

To the dawn stars
over dawn starlings

…The first-light
over the first-born

…And all is laid to rest beneath Antares….

What brought you here?

…to cross upon Mojave…

…passing northwards into tundra

…to lend your frozen breath
to the frozen air…

…there is an end. But it never comes…

…And there’ll be no more to do
and no more to be done … 

1. one for ms. alvarez 04:26
2. waylayer 04:30
3. one for aiden 01:47
4. way without words 05:50
5. one for ms. marie 02:18
6. wayward 04:18
7. one for ms. maciel 03:37
8. a way that goes away 06:46
9. one for tom waiter 04:23
10. a way you'll never be 03:06
11. one for no one 03:52
12. all ways 05:20

Dan O'Brien & Michael Larocca - (September 2021 Phonoemulsion Records)

1. I 05:53
2. II 12:36
3. III 09:10
4. IV 02:48
5. V 10:54
6. VI 04:04
7. VII 10:10

Dan O’Brien – clarinet, flute, alto, tenor, baritone saxophones
Michael Larocca – drum set and percussion

Recorded July 7, 2021 at Phonoemulsion Studio, South Windsor, CT
© Phonoemulsion Records 2021
Album Photography by Michael Larocca
Engineered, Mixed & Designed by Dan O’Brien
Photo of Dan by Pete Brunelli
Photo of Michael by Michael Rogers

Dan O'Brien & Grant Beale - Labyrinth (September 2021 Phonoemulsion Records)

1. I 11:16
2. II 06:58
3. III 06:58
4. IV 01:57
5. V 07:09
6. VI 10:18
7. VII 04:29
8. VIII 09:28

Dan O’Brien – clarinet, bass clarinet, alto, tenor, baritone saxophones
Grant Beale – guitar

© 2021 Phonoemulsion Records
Recorded June 30 & July 9, 2021 at Phonoemulsion Studio, South Windsor, CT
Engineered, Mixed and Mastered by Dan O’Brien
Cover Photo by Denver Christiansen
Layout and Design by Grant Beale
Photo of Dan O’Brien by Rob Miller
Photo of Grant Beale by Michael Rogers

Dan O'Brien & Silvain Castellano - Verdigris (September 2021 Phonoemulsion Records)

Verdigris is the bluish-green patina that forms on copper surfaces when exposed to atmospheric oxidation or through other similar chemical reactions. The three multi-section pieces on this record reflect the basic stages of verdigris formation, filtered through the lens of two longstanding collaborators navigating their individual and collective musical languages across 5 recording sessions. Among the processes governing the interaction of these musical languages, the most prevalent are juxtaposition, complement, alignment, opposition and synthesis.

Dan O'Brien and Silvain Castellano began playing music together in 2008, starting in modern jazz groups and branching out into all sorts of other settings, including free music ensembles and as a duo. "Verdigris" is their first duo recording and the culmination of a decade of evolving work together.

1. Oxidation: Part 1 05:32
2. Oxidation: Part 2 03:52
3. Oxidation: Part 3 09:17
4. Hydrogenation: Part 1 06:30
5. Hydrogenation: Part 2 01:34
6. Hydrogenation: Part 3 10:45
7. Hydrogenation: Part 4 01:12
8. Hydrogenation: Part 5 12:46
9. Patination: Part 1 07:12
10. Patination: Part 2 09:41
11. Patination: Part 3 05:30

Dan O'Brien - baritone saxophone, clarinet, bass clarinet
Silvain Castellano - viola da gamba

Recorded November 2018 - March 2019 at Phonoemulsion Studio, Palmer, MA
© Phonoemulsion Records 2021
Mixed January 2020 by Dan O'Brien and Silvain Castellano
Album Design by Dan O'Brien

Jens Wendelboe / With A Nordic Sound – An American Orchestra. Against All Odds (September 2021 Losen Records)


Jens has for many years been living in USA. He is best known internationally for playing and touring with “Blood, Sweat and Tears” from 2006 to 2014, playing on two Jeff Lorber releases and being a conductor and arranger for Donna Summer for many years. He has led his own big bands and played latin and fusion with his own quartets.

Jens about the production:

This is the longest and hardest CD production that I have ever ventured into. But as I have always said, it is the process, not necessarily the final product, that is interesting. Composing music can be a very solitary endeavor but writing and arranging the 12 compositions for this band and CD production was an interesting journey in and of itself. As we worked and recorded, re-writing and revisions were a constant part of the process.    And it must be said, that working with the lyricist Kari Iveland, whom I have now had the pleasure of working with on many different projects, was a blast.

Covid 19 played a large role in the naming of the album “Against All Odds.”  We were only able to have one full band rehearsal at a private home, and fatefully managed to get all the rhythm section tracks recorded in just two days in March 2020 right before Covid 19 quarantine measures set in.  Then everything shut down and the policy of not being able gather more than 4 people in one place, made it impossible to work with a 20-piece big band. We tried coming up with a new and safe plan for rehearsals and recordings, but it was not possible. The pandemic proceeded to get worse and grounded everything to a halt.

In late spring 2020 several new attempts were made to hold the horn section rehearsals, but to no avail.  We even started a trumpet section rehearsal but called it off after a few minutes because it did not feel safe.  In the meantime, Jason Polise my co-producer/magician/mixer/editor and musician edited and mixed the rhythm section tracks and recorded the baritone sax alone. Finally, by June it was warm enough for us to do a safe-distance rehearsal outside – to my neighbors’ delight. We pulled it off with the saxophone section, and the next day we recorded the 4 saxophones in the studio by placing people in booths, more than 10 feet apart and with masks, open windows, and doors.

We repeated this procedure separately with the trombone and trumpet sections and were able to get most of the sections recorded by July. Jason and I also made rhythm section tracks for the different musicians to use for overdubbing their solos, and some people recorded tracks at home.  Just to collect and organize all the loose takes and versions of all the recordings, was a very tedious and long process. With all this in place, we began the process of editing and rough mixing the arrangements   – and were nostalgic for the days of live recordings…ha-ha!

Now on a roll, we secured a record company who was interested in releasing the production internationally from Norway. They too had their wishes regarding this production and further adjustments were made.   We are grateful for their positivity and help in the process of getting this all finalized.

In conclusion, a band consisting of more than two people is a potential problem – so there were of course additional obstacles happening along the way –   but we kept pushing on and are proud to present “Against All Odds” which we hope you will enjoy.

1 After the Snow
2 Triplet Whisky
3 Chasing Rainbows
4 Geriatric Gymnastics
5 In The Beginning
6 Decaffeinado Again
7 Return From Forever
8 Frank´s Funky World
9 A Weekend in Oslo
10 Erobreren (The Conqueror)
11 Inside Out
12 Sulla-Tulla

Stephanie Harrison vocal
Jens Wendelboe solo trombone
Jon Saxon (lead), Keith Gurland alto saxophone
Ken Nigro, Fred Scerbo tenor saxophone
Jason Polise baritone saxophone
Per Onnerud (lead), Louise Baranger, Andrew Willmott, Larry Nissman trumpet 1,2,3,4
Joe Letizia (lead), Erick Storckman, Howard Levy trombone 1,2,3
Walter Barrett bass trombone-tuba
Paul Mariconda keys
Ryan Parrino guitar
Michael Nunno bass
Tyger MacNeal drums

Special guests:
Stephanie Harrison vocal
Jens Wendelboe solo trombone

All compositions by Jens Wendelboe
Conducted and produced by Jens Wendelboe
Co-producer Jason Polise
Recorded and mixed January 2020 through August 2021 by Jason Polise at Jason Polise Studio, Connecticut, USA,
Mastered July 2021 by Morten Lund at Lund´s Lyd, Oslo, Norway
Front cover drawing by Tone Vestøl

Per Mathisen / Jan Gunnar Hoff / Gary Novak - Gladiator (September 2021 Losen Records)

Dear listener

Thank you very much for picking up a copy of our, “GLADIATOR”, CD release. We hope you will enjoy the music just as much as we did making it, and you’ll use it now and then as a stress relief from all the insanity that the world, and we as human beings, are going through in these darkest hours.

In this release, Hoff and yours truly, have used the rise and fall of the Roman empire as a metaphor and link to todays events. We’re starting with the uprising of hostility and fearmongering, where freedom of speech, freedom of movement, freedom of gatherings, even rights to decide over our own body, all taken away in a higher speed than ever in the history of our civilization.

If you follow the tracks and titles from start to end, this recording has a curve of starting with the tune, “Turn the tide”. It has an uneasy A section which gives the feeling of something worrying in the air, but when the very optimistic B part comes the fear and anxiety disappears. It tells us that everything is fine but actually is a cover-up for what’s coming. Then we are performing our way through the times of war with battles, but also having quieter moments knowing that the sun comes up every day, even in the most devastating periods. We are of course optimistic by nature so we end with peace, love and “Good News”, believing that those virtues once again will prevail, we just don’t see it in the horizon yet when these words are written, July 25th, 2021.

Yours truly, Per Mathisen

1 Turn The Tide
2 Alchimia
3 Equinox
4 Fighting For A Reason
5 The One
6 Now We Are Free
7 Colosseum Nights
8 Good News

Per Mathisen bass
Jan Gunnar Hoff piano, keyboards
Gary Novak drums

Olga Konkova Trio - Open Secret

This album is a listener’s journey. Imagine a kaleidoscope for the ears. Forms, colors and patterns gently and constantly evolving towards something yet unheard. Cohesive, unpredictable, delicate, intimate, extroverted, somber and playful.

There is a very internal aspect to this music, and the playing of these performers. We don’t hear a musical conversation between the musicians so much as we hear an exchange of thoughts, dreams, and half-forgotten memories. This is not music for spectators. The listener can’t stand outside of the music and watch it go by. We are invited inside. The interplay between the musicians insists that we come and be a part of it.

The material spans the spectrum from quiet introspection, drawing the listener in close, to a driving intensity that challenges the sonic limits of the trio. Sometimes the music is sparse and aesthetic, creating immense weight and value for each individual note. At other times, the sounds come in a seemingly endless cascade to engulf, inundate and overwhelm the listener.

The trio format has always been a challenging one. The sound is open and transparent, unmercifully exposing any flaw, uncertainty or hesitation. Approached too simply, the format stiffens. The bass, piano and drums relegated to their expected functions of melody, harmony and rhythm become ultimately predictable. It would be easy and comfortable to fall back on these traditional roles. But here, every contribution can stand on its own musical merits. This trio playing more closely resembles three soloists united in a common cause. Three distinct and individual voices creating a unique commentary. In this respect, the trio format fits perfectly, showcasing the nuance, depth, sensitivity and imagination of the performers that might otherwise be covered up in a larger ensemble.

This is a listener’s album. Get your best pair of headphones ready, and enjoy the ride.

Scott Pierson Rogers

1 Hymn For My Brother
2 Loved Before
3 All Sorts of Weird and Wonderful
4 Rest in Motion
5 Darwin´s Point
6 No Rules
7 The Man with the Van
8 Les Hommes des Sables
9 Open Secret
10 Grande Capitano
11 Discovering the Truth
12 Triste Realidad

Olga Konkova piano, Fender Rhodes
Per Mathisen upright bass
Gary Husband drums

Christian Jormin Trio - See The Unseen (September 2021 Losen Records)

Christian Jormin (born 1962 in Sweden and the brother of Anders Jormin) has been active as a freelance pianist, drummer/percussionist, composer and arranger in genres such as jazz, improvisation, folk/world music and contemporary dance art. In addition to his own trio, Christian is playing with Eva Kruse Quintet, Anders & Christian Jormin Duo and others. For a short while he was playing drums with Bobo Stenson Trio. He has composed/improvised music for more than 25 dance performances and various ensembles for choir and symphonies. He has toured internationally for more than 30 years in countries like Japan, USA, Canada, India, France, Germany, Hungary ao. and participated on more than 50 recordings. He is a trained teacher in Kundalini yoga and Gong therapy.  This is however only his second trio release.  The first one «Sol Salutis» was released in 2004.

Here is Christian´s own word about this new release:

This record consists of my own compositions, most of them newly written specifically for the trio. The music was recorded during two days at the inspirational venue of Concert Hall Sjöströmsalen at Artisten in Gothenburg, Sweden.  After playing together for many years in various constellations with bass player Magnus Bergström, we met drummer Adam Ross and the trio was formed.

We collectively felt a special musical chemistry eventually leading to a strong urge of recording an album. This particular recording session was made in the middle of the pandemic lockdown, during a period where tinged by isolation, ”hold your distance” was the prevailing mantra. However – seen from a musical point of view, a distance that needed to be bridged.

In musical nearness, with the ears open at wide end, aiming for complete presence of perception, reacting to each others ideas whether they be of rhythmic or melodic kind. Through spontaneous interaction, approaching the music with playful minds in a humble form of communication, free from fear. Dependent on the character of a composition, sometimes navigating through neat passages, at other times creating more freely, by intuition. Thus creating music in the moment by opening up instead of closing down.

The album is named after one of the tunes ”See the Unseen” and points to the ability of understanding things which are outside of normal human perception, symbolizing the possibilities of inner growth and expansion of mankind. I hope you enjoy the music.

Christian Jormin

1 Mola Mola
2 See The Unseen
3 Io
4 Sibilance
5 Lätta, sväva, inåt
6 Swan of Snow
7 Pantanal
8 Oceanos
9 Omsorg
10 In A Distance

Christian Jormin piano
Magnus Bergström double bass
Adam Ross drums

Leo Lindberg Trio & Jazzagenturen - Swedish Songbook Series vol​.​1 (October 13, 2021 Jazzagenturen)

Young talent Leo Lindberg was born in Stockholm in 1993 and raised in a musical environment with a bassist father and a harpist mother. Deeply into jazz since an early age, he excels at piano and organ and has worked with many of the local heavies, such as Bernt Rosengren, Krister Andersson, Max Schultz and Håkan Broström. 

1. Märk hur vår skugga 04:23
2. Jag vet ett litet hotell
3. Jag vill nå dig (Längtans Samba) 03:44
4. Att angöra en brygga
5. Så skimrande var aldrig havet 04:16
6. Den sista jäntan
7. Nu tändas åter ljusen i vår lilla stad
8. Regntunga skyar
9. Lars meets Jeff
10. Underbart är kort