Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Antonio Penn - YO! (2017)

I started studying classical guitar at a very young age in my native Italy but like most kids my age I fell in love with Rock and later with Jazz, had the great fortune to be a teenager during the seventies, the glorious era of Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin and all those larger than life musical icons that inspired and guided me to my musical journey.

Later I embarked for the US to attend Berklee College of Music in Boston to study Jazz, awarded full foreign student scholarship and graduated with honors.

Made Boston my home town for a decade while continuing studying Jazz with the great Charlie Banacos and  played any gig I could get, from clubs to corporate functions to showcases with my Fusion and Rock originals bands, eventually moved to NYC where I continued to pursue music as well as business careers.

Made numerous recordings culminating with my latest Album titled: Yo! Inspired by the great city of New York with its energy, people, sounds and of course extraordinary musicians the like of Mike Stern, Jim Beard, Lincoln Goines Bob Franceschini, Richie Morales and Cliff Almond that were so kind to share their talent on my album. 

Music is the power that drives my life, playing guitar is what I do and love. - Antonio Penn

1 13th Street
2 Yo!
3 BelaLamoti
4 Leaving los Ninos
5 Peak Ticket
6 Lost Son
7 You should, You know...
8 Magnolia (I remeber Charlie)
9 Bluezone
10 Celenia's tears

Mike Stern- Guitar
Lincoln Goines - Bass
Jim Beard - Keys
Bob Franceschini - Sax
Cliff Almond- Drums
Richie Morales - Drums

Trail Magic - Trail Magic (2017)

Trail Magic, a jazz-leaning “jam band” is the creation of violinist Christian Howes and guitarist Joel Newton. The term, popular among Appalachian Trail hikers, means an unexpected act of kindness, something thoughtful or useful left behind by an anonymous fellow traveler.

Howes is an award-winning trail-blazer, having transitioned from classical roots to make huge violin inroads into blues, gospel, rock (he’s often called the “Hendrix of the violin”), and jazz (#1 Rising Star Violinist in the Downbeat Critics Poll). He tours the globe with his own and others’ groups and is widely considered one of the top improvising violinists. He has collaborated with Spyro Gyra, Robben Ford, Frank Vignola, Dafnis Prieto, and many others, and toured for 4 years in Bill Evans’ “Soulgrass” band. Howes has a long, varied discography.

Newton is a bandleader and prolific composer, most notably with his Joel Newton Situation, a funk-fusion group that cut its teeth with long residencies at NYC’s Knitting Factory and went on to garner wide praise for its two recordings, “One” and “Crying and Laughing.” The Village Voice said of “One,” “Improv- and prog-rock nuts no less than jazzbos should get a sharp shock of recognition from this double-guitar quartet, a sort of Medeski, Martin and Mahavishnu thing that cuts loose from tight heads to travel the spaceways." Newton performs regularly with other musicians and bands as well, including The Concentrics, David Budway, Catherine Dail and Steev Richter.

Howes and Newton performed in each other’s groups for years before teaming up to tour and record together. Their debut album, Trail Magic, features original compositions of the two artists. It was recorded immediately following a 3-week Midwest tour with a quartet completed by Walter Fischbacher on keyboards and Aviv Cohen on drums. The music straddles jazz and funk, with driving jams and wide-ranging moods.

1. Catalina 7:39
2. Gone Tubin' 7:44
3. Song for Tony 6:09
4. Caprice, #24 5:29
5. Out of the Blue 8:01
6. Logjam 5:55
7. Ceremony 4:32
8. Trane's Maiden 5:59
9. Bobby's Bad 5:32
10. Trail Magic 5:27
11. Cassiopeia 6:32

Joel Newton- Guitar
Christian Howes- Violin
Walter Fischbacher- Keys, Key bass
Aviv Cohen- Drums

Recorded at Lofish Studios in NYC by Walter Fischbacher
Mastered by Bill Cochran in Kingston, NY
Cover art by Minh Uong

Catalina, Logjam, Gone Tubin', Cassiopeia and Ceremony by Newton, Song for Tony, Out of the Blue, Trail Magic, Trane's Maiden and Bobby's Bad by Howes, Caprice #24 by Paganini arranged by Howes.

Fredrik Kronkvist - On the Move (CONNECTIVE RECORDS 2017)

Alto saxophone star and Swedish Grammy-nominee Fredrik Kronkvist continues his musical journey with a fantastic new international group with Martin Sjöstedt, Ameen Saleem and Gregory Hutchinson. Urban swing, dramatic ballads, Coltrane-influenced jazz, rhythms and harmonies from around the world provide an exciting and soulful experience with improvised music created in the heat of the moment.

1. Epic Takedown 00:05:29
2. Essential 00:07:33
3. Letting Go 00:06:47
4. Laid-Back Move 00:00:38
5. The Healer 00:05:15
6. Tyner's Island 00:03:38
7. Glowing 00:04:08
8. Abstract Move 00:01:00
9. Morning Star 00:04:00
10. Levitation 00:04:10
11. Next Move 00:00:48

Jean-Claude Montredon - Diamant H2o (2017)

Jazzman, batteur et rythmicien français reconnu par ses pairs. Jean-Claude Montredon a, à son actif, de nombreuses collaborations avec de grands musiciens de jazz tels qu'Alain Jean-Marie, Eddy Louis, Chris Mc Gregor, Gonzalo Rubalcabar, Archie Shepp...

50 ans de carrière, 50 ans de rythmes, une mise en lumière pour découvrir ou redécouvrir toute l'étendue et la complexité du génie de ce rythmicien avec la sortie de son premier album en son nom, « Diamant H2o ». 

« Diamant H2o » rend hommage au rocher du Diamant, symbole d'ancrage en Martinique. L'île qui a vu naître Jean-Claude Montredon, là où son histoire a commencé. H2o, symbolise l'eau, la vie, le flux vital artistique. 

A travers des compositions originales aux rythmes de la mazurka, de la samba, de la funk ou de la valse, la musique de Jean-Claude Montredon est profondément Jazz.

1 Diamant h2o
2 Belia Africa
3 Freedom (Intro)
4 Freedom (feat. Stéphane Belmondo)
5 Nanounat
6 Thimothée ma
7 Children (Intro)
8 Children
9 Just for You (feat. Stéphane Belmondo)
10 Quartier la batterie (feat. Stéphane Belmondo)
11 Biguine Holiday (feat. Stéphane Belmondo)
12 Jean ma (Intro)
13 Jean ma
14 RdB 31, pt. 1
15 RdB 31, pt. 2
16 RdB 31, pt. 3
17 Carnaval

Alain Jean-Marie - piano
Michel Alibo - basse
Jon Handelsman - saxophone
Stéphane Belmondo - trompette

Playlist for Tom Ossana – The Thin Edge – April 12, 2017 MST 7:00 to 9:00p.m. ~ Use this link to access the show online.

Tommy Moustache - Ego (2017)

It might have been our fault. We might have led you to believe that it’s easy. We might have led you to believe that it’s for everyone. But it’s not.

So follow us. If you do, if you’re up to it, you will soon find yourself among the lucky few. People will be jealous. Who wouldn’t be? But don’t worry. Those people don’t matter. You don’t even matter. It’s not about you.

1 Hosternokke 00:03:56
2 Brute Force 00:05:03
3 Bax! Baxbax! Bax! 00:05:48
4 Joe's Cameltoe Show 00:05:57
5 Bruno 00:04:49
6 Rio Mantequilla 00:04:24
7 Operation G-Ball 00:04:41
8 Boleratio 00:04:16
9 Monacre 00:04:45
10 Un Hombre de Verdad 00:05:10

Tom Kennedy - Points of View (2017)

Tom Kennedy is very excited to announce his brand new CD entitled "Points of View".

This project features several new compositions, and features some of the best musicians on the planet - Randy Brecker, Bill Evans, Dave Weckl, Mike Stern, Lee Ritenour, Wes Ritenour, Chuck Loeb, Charles Blenzig, Obed Calvaire, Bob Franceschini, Richie Morales, Karla Harris, Bob Malack and Nick Marcione.

I'll Remember You
The Dark
New July
Just Listen
Points of View
I'll See You
Gaslight Square Blues

Tom Kennedy - Electric & Acoustic Bass
Dave Weckl - Drums
Bill Evans - Sorpano & Tenor sax
Chuck Loeb - Guitar
Mike Stern - Guitar
Randy Brecker - Trumpet
Lee Ritenour - Guitar
Bob Franceschini - Soprano & Tenor sax
Charles Blenzig - Piano
Wes Ritenour - Drums
Richie Morales- Drums
Bob Malack -Tenor Sax
Nick Marcione - Trumpet
Obed Calvaire - Drums
Karla Harris - Vocals