Wednesday, June 21, 2017

CONCERTOS PORTA-JAZZ: Sábado, 24 jun. - Catarina S. Ribeiro & Hugo Raro

Sábado, 24 junho
19:00 & 22:00 
Sala Porta-Jazz

Catarina S. Ribeiro - piano
Hugo Raro - piano
Um piano para dois pianistas, dois músicos e dois amigos.

Surgiu-nos, já por várias vezes, a vontade de, em duo, nos aventurarmos sem destino pelo piano com tudo a que tem direito - pelas teclas, pelas cordas, pela madeira e o metal. Foi esta a hora que escolhemos para fazer um concerto improvisado em que esperamos viajar pelos nossos desejos sonoros e levar a companhia de quem se queira juntar. Poderá haver canções, pregões ou abanões..


1 julho, 19:00 + 22:00
Eduardo Cardinho & Pedro Branco Group
Eduardo Cardinho - vibrafone
Pedro Branco - guitarra
Demian Cabaud - contrabaixo
Iago Fernandéz - bateria

8 julho, 19:00 + 22:00
Quarteto José Pedro Coelho
José Pedro Coelho - saxofone
João Grilo - piano
Demian Cabaud - contrabaixo
Marcos Cavaleiro - bateria

15 de Julho, 19:00 + 22:00
Weird Beard
Florian Egli - saxofone
Dave Gisler - guitarra
Martina Berther - baixo eléctrico
Rico Baumann - bateria
22 de Julho, 19:00 + 22:00
André Santos "Vitamina D"
André Santos - Guitarra
Tristan Renfrow - Bateria
Matt Adomeit - Contrabaixo

29 de Julho, 19:00 + 22:00
João Guimarães / Travis Reuter / Simon Jermyn / Allan Mednard
João Guimarães - saxofone
Travis Reuter - guitarra
Simon Jermyn - baixo eléctrico
Allan Mednard - bateria

Centro Cultural de Vila das Aves
- entrada livre -

1 julho, 21:30 - Rui Filipe Freitas Sexteto
Rui Filipe Freitas - vibrafone
José Pedro Coelho - saxofone tenor e clarinete-baixo  
João Mortágua - saxofone alto e saxofone soprano
Mané Fernandes - guitarra
Filipe Teixeira - contrabaixo
João Martins - bateria

Denys Baptiste - The Late Trane (EDITION RECORDS 2017)

The Late Trane is the powerful and commanding new album from British saxophonist Denys Baptiste, a giant of the UK jazz scene. Reimagining and reworking ten carefully chosen composition from John Coltrane’s late music (from 1963 - 1967) with a fresh and modern new interpretation, The Late Trane perfectly balances Denys Baptiste’s unique artistic vision with the visceral emotions and cosmic references that encompasses Coltrane’s late music. 

After almost two decades experience at the forefront of the British and European Jazz scene, Denys Baptiste still brims with the confidence of a youthful spirit. With a stellar band that fires on all cylinders and a new home at Edition Records, Denys’ career continues to grow and blossom. This is an album by an artist in total control of his vision, a bandleader flexing his muscles and a musician in his instrumental prime. The Late Trane will fulfil his potential at an international level and bring a new audience to one of the finest instrumentalists and composers on the UK scene - something of a sleeping giant in the last 3 decades, but a giant that is about to wake! 

The later works of John Coltrane, preserved in both studio and enigmatic live recordings were some of the most emotional and spiritually charged music of the 20th Century. Written at a time of tumultuous change in America and the world: the civil rights and anti racism movement, the Vietnam war, the peace movement and space exploration inspired a great flow of creativity of which Coltrane was at the heart. As Denys explains: ‘John Coltrane continues to be one of my most important influences and his late period has always intrigued me and has stimulated my work over many years. To play this music, with these incredible musicians alongside me is hugely inspiring’. 

During the mid to late 60’s, John Coltrane’s music was inspired as much by the spiritual as the cosmic and a series of ground-breaking studio albums marked the last phase of his musical odyssey. Crescent, Ascension, Interstellar Space, Meditations, Om and Sun Ship all exemplified this period of explosive creative growth, where the boundaries of jazz were shifted forever. 

Denys has brought together an extraordinary band that illustrates the parallel journey musicians from London’s multi-cultural music scene have made in discovering and finally making their own the mythic, cultural work of the master sax player. From Jazz Warrior originals Steve Williamson and Gary Crosby, through Denys himself to a new generation typified by Nikki Yeoh, the band is a tribute to the inspiration gained from Coltrane’s work. Producer Jason Yarde adds another layer of deep knowledge and experience as a free jazz saxophonist who has himself explored the outer spaceways. 

With The Late Trane, Denys Baptiste has made a bold statement, a defining marker of his future ambitions and a reverent acknowledgement of this remarkable man and the music that has undoubtedly been a vital influence in his own career. Yet Denys is very much his own man with his own vision, an artist with his own voice and his own sense of destiny. The Late Trane views the work of Coltrane through the prism of this experience, through the global sound of London. It is 50 years since John Coltrane departed from this world and there’s seems no better time to celebrate and pay tribute to one of the great musicians of the 20th Century. 

1. Dusk Dawn 05:45
2. Living Space 06:33
3. Ascent 06:16
4. Peace on Earth 05:51
5. Transition 08:40
6. Neptune 03:08
7. Vigil 08:56
8. Astral Trane 04:45
9. After the Rain 07:51
10. Dear Lord 02:55

Produced by Jason Yarde 
All music by John Coltrane 

DENYS BAPTISTE tenor and soprano saxophones
NIKKI YEOH piano and keyboards

Special Guests:
STEVE WILLIAMSON tenor saxophone

The later works of John Coltrane hold a singular place in jazz - for listeners and musicians alike. 

There must be many a jazz fan - me included - who found their way to Ascension, Kulu Se Mama or Om “too early” in their love affair with the music. Giant Steps - got it, My Favourite Things - wow, Sun Ship - what the? It would take being pointed towards A Love Supreme for sense to be made. Not without reason is Coltrane’s 1965 album considered to be a, even THE, jazz masterpiece - the point at which a brilliant artist began his journey both closer to his God and towards a higher plane which was beyond the realms of most mere musicians. 

Even the players who went on that sonic journey with him were at first baffled by the new sounds they were making. In a 1966 interview in Downbeat Coltrane’s long time drummer Elvin Jones was quoted as saying “ At times I couldn't hear what I was doing—matter of fact, I couldn't hear what anybody was doing. All I could hear was a lot of noise.” So it’s unsurprising that subsequent generations of jazz musicians have approached the post 1965 Coltrane with trepidation and awe in equal measure. It takes a special kind of artist to be prepared to explore this holy canon. 

Deny Baptiste is such an artist. Denys is a measured and considered musician. This is only his fifth album as a leader in 18 years. Each release carries thought, time and hence meaning. Denys likes to do things when he feels he’s ready. 

I can imagine he’s been listening to Coltrane’s late catalogue for decades. I’m sure he’s still trying to understand it. I know he would never presume to emulate it. But what’s evident from the music contained herein is that he “feels” it. He feels it and now feels ready to explore it and to pay tribute to it - and it’s creator - by imbuing it with some of the nuances and personality of his personal journey in jazz.

So this ain’t no JC tribute band. This is the worshipful music of a 20th century american master as celebrated by a 21st Century British artist born of Caribbean parents. Just as ‘Trane drew on the music of the church and the inspiration of his jazz forefathers, so expect to hear hints of the multi cultural flavours of the musical mixing pot so dear to those of us who grew up in the Britain of the last 50 years. Reggae and Funk for sure, but tiny touches of folk too and even a nod at M-BASE, UK style. 

But make no mistake this is a jazz album. And this is a spiritual jazz recording. That’s no surprise when you look at the band that Denys has pulled together to play it. A lineup that boasts both Denys’ mentor - the matchless teacher and bass player Gary Crosby and two of the most moving saxophone players the UK has ever produced - Denys himself and the elusive but incomparable Steve Williamson. Together with pianist Nikki Yeoh, drummer Rod Youngs, second bass player Neil Charles and a third monster sax player, Jason Yarde at the production desk, this is a collection of players with a long shared history and a deep spiritual connection. Warriors all! 

With Late Trane Denys Baptiste has achieved something special and important. He has opened another rare window onto one of the greatest moments in jazz history. He’s made a beautiful and welcoming record that I’m sure will guide others towards those late 60s Impulse masterworks. 

Denys has once again taken his time. But it’s been worth the wait. 

Jez Nelson (March 2017)

Jaska Lukkarinen Trio - Origami (WE JAZZ RECORDS 2017)

Recorded at Helsinki's We Jazz Festival, the new LP "Origami" by the Jaska Lukkarinen Trio offer a solid glimpse of the remarkable creative power of one of the best working groups in the vibrant Finnish scene. Drummer Jaska Lukkarinen (of Dalindèo), sax man Jussi Kannaste and bassist Antti Lötjönen (of The Five Corners Quintet) play jazz which relies on the strong dynamic of the group. They swing at times, turn inwards for some deep meditative passaged on occasion, and find their own personal way within the music. Think pianoless small groups in the vein of some of Jimmy Giuffre's best work, for example, and you're in the right mindset. 

On this LP, the Jaska Lukkarinen Trio capture the essence of their music and the innovation in the moment which is at the very core of all great jazz music. They tackle the music of a close collaborator Valtteri Laurell Pöyhönen (of Dalindèo and Ricky-Tick Big band), and deliver a which set brimming with fresh musical ideas, and this music has appeal well outside of the hard core jazz crowd. This music is approachable yet deep with layers at the same time. Recorded on analogue equipment, the set echoes a the classic sonic palette of live jazz recordings, while offering music which looks ahead at all times. The LP release includes an article about the project + a digital download with the bonus track, "Beauty Passing By".

1. Flow On 10:41
2. Origami 05:22
3. Komeda 07:41
4. Pengerkadulla 07:30
5. Beauty Passing By 09:33

Composed by Valtteri Laurell Pöyhönen 
Arranged & performed by Jaska Lukkarinen Trio 
Produced by Jaska Lukkarinen & Matti Nives 
Recorded at We Jazz Festival in Helsinki at Dubrovnik Lounge & Lobby on 11 Dec 2015 by Abdissa Assefa 
Mastered by Jaakko Viitalähde at Virtalähde Mastering Additional mastering by Sami Kantelinen at Timmion Cutting Lab 
Design & liner notes by Matti Nives

Toni Mora Quartet - Beyond Words (UNIT RECORDS 2017)

Toni Mora was born in Madrid (Spain) where he began his musical studies at the young age of 10 learning classical guitar at the Reina Sofía Conservatory in Madrid. Few years later he begins to study Jazz guitar with a private teacher from his town. In 2004 he receives a scolarship to study in Holland, where he completed a 4 years Bachelor Program in Jazz Guitar Performance and Teaching at the Conservatory of Rotterdam (CODARTS) obtaining a grade of 9.5. He had the chance to participate in Masterclasess with some of the greatest musicians in the Jazz World like Kurt Rosenwinkel, John Scofield, Richard Bona, Mike Stern, Jonathan Kreisberg, Jeff Ballard, etc. During those years he has worked with many different projects and performed with musicians such as Hans Van Osterhout, Miguel Rodriguez, Marc Cuevas, Tomás Merlo, Ander García, Gianni Gagliardi, Paco Perera, Santi Colomer, David Gonzalez, Juan Galiardo, Manuel Perfumo, Arturo Serra, Tito Alcedo , Pepa Niebla, Jimmy Weinstein, Jose Manuel León, David León ,Tuur Moens, Sotirys Dnouvas in Clubs and Festivals in Holland, Spain, France, Luxembourg and Slovenia including the North sea Jazz Festival where he played with the Bobby Sanabria's Big Band.

1. People Moving To Mars 11:03
2. The Cave 7:31
3. Luxury 6:04
4. The Hairdresser's Daughter 7:51
5. Vampiros En Marbella 5:35
6. Beyond Words (feat. Pepe Niebla) 4:57
7. Something's Changing 3:17
8. The Theory Of Infinity 9:07
9. A Bird On A Turtle 7:11
10. For Martina 6:39
11. Get Used To It 9:10

Hendrik Lasure - Piano
Alex Gilson - Double Bass
Daniel Jonkers - Drums

New album from MALIJA - Mark Lockheart, Jasper Høiby & Liam Noble


RELEASED 8th September 2017

Malija, the sophisticated genre-bending all-star trio that received phenomenal acclaim for their debut album 'The Day I Had Everything' [2015], returns in September 2017 with Instinct, an album that showcases the sheer brilliance, interplay and depth of musicianship of three of the most celebrated and adhered Jazz musicians in Europe - Mark Lockheart, Jasper Høiby and Liam Noble.