Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Playlist for Tom Ossana – The Thin Edge – February 8, 2017 MST 7:00 to 9:00p.m.

http://www.kzmu.org/listen.m3u ~ Use this link to access the show online.

Paul Dunmall Brass Project - Maha Samadhi (SLAM PRODUCTIONS 2017)

With his brass project 'Maha Samadhi' saxophonist/composer Paul Dunmall takes a rare step into the world of composition; the suite is based on episodes from the life of Sri Ramakrishna, 19th century Indian mystic and yogi. The group includes trumpeter Percy Pursglove and drummer Tony Bianco.

Paul's four previous albums on SLAM have defined his Coltrane interests and influences; the choice of the brass project picks up further on his love of everything Coltrane.

Paul writes: "I've been wanting to do a brass project for many years and finally I got the chance. I've enjoyed writing for it and have had some very positive feedback so maybe this will encourage me to do more writing in the future."

1. Ecstatic, Unbearable Love 12:24
2. Temple Of The Mother's Presence 14:04
3. In The Cossipore Garden 12:36
4. Maha Samadhi 14:12
5. Infinite Cry 5:24

Paul Dunmall (tenor saxophone)
Olie Brice (bass)
Tony Bianco (drums)
Percy Pursglove, Aaron Diaz, Alex Astbury (trumpet)
Dave Sear, Josh Tagg (trombone)
Josh Palmer, Jo Sweet (tuba)
Ed Bennett (conductor)

Hugues Mayot What It? - Hugues Mayot What It? (ONJ RECORDS 2017)

In 2015, saxophonist-composer Hugues Mayot decided to form his own group and become the leader of a new quartet, What If?

For the previous ten years, Hugues had played a brilliant part in other projects, either as a committed sideman (with Olivier Benoit’s Orchestre National de Jazz ONJ, with Marc Ducret, André Minvielle, Sylvaine Hélary Spring Roll and the Pierre Durand Roots Quartet), or else co-leading such bands as Radiation 10, La Poche à Sons or GleizKrew.

Mayot’s taste and singular vision of music, together with his concept of working within a group, are derived from his confrontations with other aesthetics and cultures: notably his rich associations with ensembles such as Magma, Le Sacre du Tympan and United Colors of Sodom, and his work with Orlando Poleo, Doctor L, Rover, Mike Ladd, Gustavo Ovalles, Chérif Soumano, Brice Wassy or François Jeanneau.

In his permanent quest for things that are both magic and indescribable at the same time, with this new project Hugues Mayot felt the need to be surrounded by people of a free nature who had a gift for instantly proposing contributions that served the music. The monolithic sound of Joachim Florent’s bass was an obvious factor — they were longstanding partners with Radiation 10 and the collective named Coax —, as was the unique drumming of Franck Vaillant. Together they form a mineral-sounding rhythm ensemble that has a multitude of colours in its palette, and this was the first facet of What If?

Together they transcend an invariable sound to constitute a kind of lunar landscape with an arid, raw beauty, one where the keyboards of Jozef Dumoulin and the saxophone of Hugues Mayot can circulate inventively in their constant search for weightlessness. The album’s repertoire consists entirely of Mayot compositions matching tunes that are ethereal and poetic, close to the songs of post-pop, with a powerful machine generating a hypnotic groove. Both those entities share the ambition of the jubilant trance-like sound that provides them with their raison d’être. What If? oscillates between the written and the improvised, moving from minimalist sound tableaux to baroque, even orgiastic phrases, including a mix of acid riffs inclining towards decadent, live electro.

Album recorded at Studios Midilive in October 2015 – mixed and mastered in September 2016 at Studio des Résistants by Matthieu Metzger.

1. Apollo 8:58
2. Abyssal Borders 6:04
3. We're Fighting 4:23
4. On the Road to Uqbar 7:06
5. A Dream Was Riding the Wave 4:45
6. Half Starved Chords 3:16
7. Attila 6:16
8. Waiting for the Storm 4:25

JOACHIM FLORENT electric basse

Xavier Thollard Trio - Nardis (JAZZ FAMILY 2017)

Après 2 albums en trio et un opus remarqué en solo, le pianiste Xavier Thollard (3ème prix au concours international de piano jazz de Fribourg/Allemagne), revient en trio avec Matyas Szandai à la contrebasse et Simon Bernier à la batterie. 

Autour de nouvelles compositions et standards revisités, le répertoire se développe et s'enrichit à l’occasion de concerts parisiens, et aboutit au projet de cet album titré « Nardis » en référence à la célèbre composition de Miles Davis.

L’originalité et la modernité de ce trio réside à la fois dans l’écriture musicale  (développement d’ostinatos avec des métriques dansantes et complexes, travestissement harmonique et rythmique des standards), mais également dans le son même du trio avec ses interactions et nombreuses variations, en alternant les moments improvisés très aérés avec des parties écrites plus denses. Mais le fil conducteur de cet album reste avant tout le moteur rythmique, presque inépuisable, mis au service par la solidité de la contrebasse de Matyas Szandai, et la finesse sonore des cymbales de Simon Bernier.

L’interprétation audacieuse du grand standard de Miles Davis « Nardis », titre donné également à l’album, représente bien le parti pris tout au long de ce disque : un goût immodéré pour le développement de rythmiques presque jubilatoires, tout en restant dans une parfaite maîtrise sonore.

1. Vibrations, part. 3 5’27
2. Stable au funk 5’01
3. Cocktail 4’54
4. Stella by starlight 5´34
5. It could happen to you 4’41
6. OG 3’52
7. We see 3’07
8. Mila 5’11
9. Condate 4’17
10. Nardis 5’33

Mátyás Szandai contrebasse
Simon Bernier batterie

Ben Schachter - EnTranement (2017)

EnTranement is the new release from Philadelphia “underground jazz heavy” Ben Schachter.
Ben’s new band QuadraPhilya features the legendary John Swana on Electronic Valve Instrument, and two of the most compelling younger voices in jazz - Leon Boykins on bass and Matt Scarano on drums. Acclaimed pianist Bruce Barth guests on the title track. The recording is an homage to the great John Coltrane, yet is fresh and unique in sound and presentation.

Ben Schachter is a powerful and original saxophonist and composer who has recorded and performed with Tim Hagans, Conrad Herwig, John Zorn, Gary Bartz, Sam Rivers, Dave Holland, Jeff "Tain" Watts, Kurt Rosenwinkel, George Garzone, Jamaaladeen Tacuma, James Genus, Jef Lee Johnson, etc., etc. He has been awarded grants from the American Composers Forum, Pennsylvania Council on the Arts, and the Pew Fellowships in the Arts, and has been cited in Phialdelphia press as "Best Jazz Artist" and "Best Saxophonist". EnTranement is Ben’s seventh release as a leader, and the first from new band QuadraPhilya. (A second QuadraPhilya release is scheduled for Fall 2017.) Ben is also a dedicated educator, having taught at Berklee College of Music, The University of the Arts, and numerous other colleges. He is currently an Assistant Professor in Temple University's renowned Jazz Studies department.

About Ben Schachter...

“...the power of...Dave Holland...or Steve Coleman...the authority of Joe Lovano...”
Jason Bivins, Cadence

“...Schachter fired up his heavy tenor to display some serious monster chops...he could be 
king of the mountain.”
Ken Weiss, Cadence

“...advanced harmonic capabilities and fluid, sure-fire rhythmic drive....a personal and
present-tense sound.” 
Nate Chinen, Philadelphia CityPaper

“...Schachter writes peppery tunes that tapdance on the subconscious before his searing
saxophone takes over to blow down the house.”
Karl Stark, Philadelphia Inquirer

“...a highly personalized style...beautifully arranged interludes offset by passages of
boundless improvising...something special is happening here.”
Michael Mellia, JazzImprov

“...has a fire in his soul that he vents through angular, topsy-turvy modified bop 
Brian Howard, Philadelphia CityPaper

“…plays with a tone like a fine carving knife - buffed and burnished and sharpened to a fine 
David Dupont, All Music Guide

01. Lush Life (Excerpt) 1:26
02. Countdown 4:12
03. Entranement 8:25
04. Welcome 3:54
05. Three Tiers 7:02
06. Homebody 6:52
07. Body and Soul 4:37
08. Epistrophy 4:48
09. Satellite 5:14
10. Leavin' Country 9:57