Saturday, April 30, 2016

Organik Vibe Trio - Things We Did Last Summer (2016)


Source: Ron Oswanski

A Trio of Swinging Maynard Ferguson Alumnus complete the Organik Vibe Trio’s second release entitled “Things We Did Last Summer”.
An all star Hammond B3 project featuring the trio of Ron Oswanski, Joel Frahm, and Marko Marcinko with special guests Dave Samuels and Vic Juris.
The Organik Vibe Trio features a unique array of sonic characteristics from a jazz trio and guests. The combination of a tenor saxophone in conjunction with the Hammond B3, drum set, and percussion create rich layers of endless possibilities. With a trio of creative players plus a vibraphone virtuoso, a jazz guitar giant and choice repertoire, you’ll be sure to enjoy!
“Things We Did Last Summer” returns the trio back to its original core roots of sax, organ and drums. With the addition of guests on vibraphone and guitar, the Organik Vibe Trio creates a fabulous new shape and sound. Please enjoy the musical journey this recording offers.

01 Ecaroh
02 On A Misty Night
03 Waltz For Dave
04 De Molen
05 Picture Frame
06 Take The Coltrane
07 First Song
08 Things We Did Last Summer
09 What Now
10 Minor Blues  

Ron Oswanksi - b3 organ
Joel Frahm - tenor saxophone
Marko Marcinko - drums
VIc Juris - guitar
Dave Samuels - vibraphone