Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Playlist Summary for Tom Ossana / Dane Brewer – The Thin Edge – June 22, 2016 MST 7:00 to 9:00p.m. ~ Use this link to access the show online

Juan Duran, reading my mind as usual and knowing that I rank Marcin Wasilewski on top of jazz pianists world wide, insisted that I get a copy of the SIMPLE ACOUSTIC TRIO's ~ 20TH GETXO JAZZ FESTIVAL (Hillargi Records 2000. From this live recording we'll hear "Habanera Excéntrica," a tune we've heard often from the group's 2000 Not Two Records of the same name. Cellist Erik Friedlander is next with "Risky Business" from his new SkipStone Records' Rings featuring Shoko Nagai (p) and Satoshi Takeishi (d). Solo pianist Denny Zeitlin covers Wayne Shorter's "E.S.P." from his 2016 Sunnyside Records' Early Wayne - Explorations of Classic Wayne Shorter Compositions. Makiko Hirabayashi & Bob Rockwell's Gong (GATEWAY MUSIC 2016) closes this segment with a cover of Horace Silver's "Peace."

From KZMU's Music Director Serah we get Holland's finest pianist, Wolfert Brederode, anointed by Munich based Manfred Eicher's ECM, kicking off the second half with his "Olive Tree" from his new outing, Black Ice, with help from Gulli Gudmundsson - Double Bass and Jasper van Hulten - Drums. Also coming from Spain's Juan we'll hear an interesting cover of Miles' "Milestones" performed by Arturo Serra's Sextet, also from an earlier Getxo Jazz Festival (1993), Getxo Jazz 93: XVII Festival de Jazz, featuring Arturo's vibes with Albert Bover (p) Matthew Simon (tr) and Jesus Santandreu (reeds). New from Posi-Tone Records, well listen to David Gibson's Inner Agent in a cover of Billy Taylor and Dick Dallas' "I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel To Be Free." David's trombone leads an ensemble including Theo Hill (p) and Freddie Hendrix (tr). Although recorded in 1967/68, Miles' Water Babies spent eight years before being paroled from Columbia's vaults. The recording holds its own with the earlier Miles Smiles and Sorcerer. The lineup is also the same (Miles, Wayne, Herbie, Ron and Tony), taking a shot at Wayne's "Sweet Pea," referring to a tantalizing Italian flower.

Included with several other Republic of Jazz - KZMU recordings, we'll get the third half started with GAB's Stefan Karl Schmid/Philipp Brämswig's Anima (Meta Records 2015) featuring Stefan's reeds, Philipp's guitar in a performance of Brämswig's "Chronos." Next comes Markus Stockhausen [flugelhorn/trumpet] (Composer Karlheinz Stockhausen's son) and Florian Weber [piano] from their new ECM Alba in a duet performance of Weber's "Emergenzen." From one of Italy's finest pianists, Stefano Bollani, we'll hear his "Vicoli" ("Lanes") in Decca Records' 2016 Napoli Trip featuring Jan Bang (d) Daniele Sepe (s) Hamilton de Holanda (mandolin) and Manu Katché (d). Closing this half-hour comes a mid-fifties jewel, 4, 5 and 6 fronted by Jackie McLean (Prestige 1956) with Jackie's alto, Donald Byrd's trumpet, Mal Waldron's piano and Doug Watkins and Art Taylor's propelling a performance of Jackie's often covered, "Contour."

Romance gets us arm in arm with a dazzling performance of the Calderazzo/Elling penned "The Return (Upward Spiral)" from Branford Marsalis' Upward Spiral released by Marsalis Music last month. Included in saxophonist Branford's ensemble are Joey Calderazzo (p), Eric Revis (b), Justin Faulkner (d) and the stunning vocals of Kurt Elling. Tim Withee suggested this next number from guitarist Chris Flory's 1990 Concord outing For All We Know in a cover of Coots and Lewis' title track. 

Our favorite Italian trumpeter returns with "Short Visit to Malena" (Trejo/Rava) from Enrico's 2006 Question Marks featuring Jack DeJohnette, John Abercrombie, David Horowitz and others. Next we'll hear Elmer Berstein's "Some other Time" from Bill Evans, Scotty LaFaro and Paul Motian in Evans' Waltz for Debby released by Riverside in 1962. This was Bill Evans' first trio. "The album was the fourth and final effort from the unit—LaFaro died in a car accident just ten days after the live date at the Village Vanguard from which Waltz for Debby and its predecessor, Sunday at the Village Vanguard were taken." ~ Wiki. It just makes sense to end this love-fest with the national anthem of modern jazz, "How High the Moon" joined at the hip with Parker's "Ornithology" (a "How High the Moon" contrafact, BTW) performed by the unique stylings of Karrin Allyson from her 1999 Concord Jazz, Azure-Té. As we heard Milton Suggs' "Lady Bird) in June 8's Thin Edge, Karrin will also scat the Charlie Parker solo from his circa 1947 "Ornithology." Now it's time to kiss and make up (or out).

Let's have some fun!

A special thanks to KZMU's Music Director, Serah Mead and the troops @ RoJ for their help putting the show together: Agenor (BRA), Chris do Brasil (BRA), Domi & Victor (SPA), GAB (BEL), JR (SPA), Javi (SPA), Juan/Jazzzz61 (SPA), Lira (BRA), Luisa, Menos Que un Perro (ARG), Marcos (BRA), Melokan (VEN), Raz (ISR) and Sonia (SPA). Also friend, Raul Boeira, the Brazilian based in Passo Fundo and Spain's Javier Carrete.


Esta canción está inspirada en el río Betis , el Guadalquivir , y es también un homenaje a un gran bluesman J.B.Lenoir de Mississippi, compositor e intérprete de la famosa Down in Mississippi. 

Junto con esta tributo a JB Lenoir hacemos un paralelismo entre el gran río norteamericano y el gran río andaluz , que es el río Betis. 

This song is inspired in the Betis River, Guadalquivir, and it' s also a tribute to a great bluesman J.B.Lenoir from Mississippi, composer and player of the famous Down in Mississippi. 

Around this tribute to JB Lenoir we make a paralelism between the largest northamerican river and the largest andalusian river, which is the Betis River.

1. BETIS RIVER 03:21
2. DOWN IN A HOLE 02:18
3. VERANITO (Summertime) 03:43
6. LA PÍCARA MiNNiE 02:20
7. YO MYSELF 02:14
9. FISHERMAN 03:30

Released June 21, 2016 

WiLLiE SANCHEZ: Voz + Drums. Letras Lyrics 
ICO ROCHA: Guitarra acústica + Kazoo. Arreglos Arrangements


Kevin Quinn - Live at Suny New Paltz (2016)

1. Countdown 08:52
2. Ray's Awareness/Paramedic 21:06
3. Hallelujah I Love Her So 07:00
4. Dark Mziuba 09:02

From Suny New Paltz 

Guitar: Kevin Quinn 
Vocals: Maddie Chilton 
Tenor Saxophone: Kyle Lashley 
Alto Saxophone: Josh Kinney 
Trumpet: Nick Summers 
Piano: Ben Saldinger 
Bass: Jon Francke 
Drums: John Luther

Released June 20, 2016 

Music Credits go to John Menegon. Ray Charles and John Coltrane 

Photo Credits go to Morgan Maloney 

Kevin Quinn - Live at the ShapeShifter Lab (2016)

1. And I Just Keep Waiting 10:04
2. Beatrice 08:01
3. Southward 08:51
4. One by One 05:51
5. Paramedic 08:38
6. I Mean You 06:25

Theses are live Rough Recordings 

Kevin Quinn - Guitar 
Kyle Lashley - Tenor Saxophone 
Tariq Allen - Trumpet 
Jon Francke - Bass 
John Luther - Drums

Released June 20, 2016 

Credits for music go to Wayne Shorter, Sam Rivers, Thelonius Monk, Jon Francke and John Luther 

The photo was taken by Morgan Maloney