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Le Coq Records | LIVE in Las Vegas (June 27th, 2021)

Italian American Club
2333 E Sahara Ave., Las Vegas, NV 89104 
Date.  June 27th, 2021 
Time. Dinner 6:30 PM, Show 8 pm
Price of the show. $65.00 (For Dinner and Show)

The Las Vegas based Le Coq Records will present a coterie of celebrated artists who participated in the label’s initial four releases for the first time in a live public setting to be held Sunday, June 27 at the Italian American club. Billed as An Evening with Andy James and John Patitucci, and her All-Star Band, the label showcase will also feature: Chris Potter, Terell Stafford, Alex Acuña, Marcus Gilmore, Michael Dees, Jon Cowherd, Bill Cunliffe, and Jake Langley.

“After a year of lockdown and the vaccine finally circulating, we felt it was time to get moving from a live performance standpoint,” states label Co-President and Founder, Piero Pata. “We will gather in a safe environment under CDC guidelines where we can control and re-enforce public health and safety protocol. We have many recording ideas to envisage on upcoming sessions surrounding the Las Vegas event and are excited to release music from this inspiring group of musicians in the near future” concludes Pata.

If you can’t attend in-person, this event will be recorded live and broadcasted at a later date. Most everything will be produced in house by Le Coq’s management team. Co-President Andy James and John Patitucci will handle the structure and order of the show. CEO Josh Connolly (Studio A Las Vegas) oversees sound and recording with the aid of his Studio A Las Vegas staff, and Digital Marketing Manager Santiago Interiano of Epic Nights Media will handle video, lighting, editing and future broadcast distribution. Backline, such as piano, B3 Organ, Fender Rhodes, keyboards, drums, and percussion will be supplied from Studio A Las Vegas where much of the recorded music from the first four albums was produced.
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Trumpeter/Singer/Songwriter CHRIS SAUNDERS Releases "Dancing With the Widow St. James"

The CHRIS SAUNDERS BAND’s newest album, DANCING WITH THE WIDOW ST. JAMES, is rooted in soul jazz and blues with a subtle reference to pop thrown in for good measure. The CD is the second project from the Chris Saunders Band and follows their 2016 release Outside My Window. Saunders also released three other studio projects of all original music with various combinations of musicians under the name Big Skin, which includes Crazy Memory (2009), Sandancer (2003), and Moon over Tuesday (2000).

Saunders is a cornet/trumpet player, singer, and songwriter. He has a smokey, soulful voice whose timbre and phrasing sound much like his horn. As a singer, he has been heavily influenced by Joe Williams, Tony Bennett, Sarah Vaughan, Lou Rawls, Dr. John, Tom Waits, Howlin’ Wolf and Louis Armstrong, with whom he has an especially strong affinity. A native and current resident of the San Francisco Bay Area, he and his group have been performing together for 10 years and are mainstays on the Bay Area music scene. Saunders is the frontman, but it has always been about the band and the sum of the parts.

After a complicated early life including his parents divorcing, Saunders felt fortunate growing up in a happy, loving household with lots of music. He was particularly close to his grandparents, who were instrumental in shaping his taste in music. He says his first paying gig was when he was 11 years old when his paternal grandmother paid him to sing and play trumpet on “The Darktown Strutters Ball.” His maternal grandfather was a trumpet player in a big band. Growing up, jazz, blues and classical music were always on the turntable.

Saunders started whistling tunes at 11 months old, singing in performances at 9 years old, and playing trumpet at 11. At first, he played by ear, but later learned to read music in high school as a member of the school band and choir. He played in an R&B band during and after high school and shared the stage once with Country Joe and the Fish and Howlin’ Wolf at the Fillmore West. Saunders’ stepfather was an ex-Marine who instilled in him a sense of duty and patriotism, so at 18, he enlisted in the Marines. He spent 13 months in Vietnam at the height of the war. When MLK and then Robert Kennedy were assassinated, he became very aware that there was something wrong. “A new political awareness was in motion, and my experiences in Vietnam certainly gave me a lot of material for my songs, not to mention lifelong sadness.” After his tour of duty, he experienced survival guilt as he had lost countless brothers.

Back in civilian life, Saunders enrolled in college to study music. He also fronted bands and began gigging on the local music scene, where he shared the stage and recording studios with many well-known names in jazz and pop, notable sidemen from famous bands, and top studio musicians. Music has always been central to his life, even after marrying and starting a family. Although he earned money as a musician, he wound up working at various day jobs to support his family while performing several nights a week with his bands. His early experiences taught him the value of a loving family life and the importance of doing the things that bring you joy.

Saunders has been writing songs since high school, and his earlier recordings mainly featured his original compositions. He began branching out to perform covers penned by other artists on his previous album, Outside My Window.
On DANCING WITH THE WIDOW ST. JAMES, Saunders includes a mix of covers and originals, which he co-wrote with his collaborator, pianist and group co-founder KEN COOK. Cook is an in-demand pianist, bandleader, recording artist, sideman, and educator. He has performed in Europe, South America, and around much of the USA with various groups, including the legendary New Orleans singer Johnny Adams and Oakland Blues artist Terrie Odabi and cellist Mark Summer (co-founder of the Turtle Island Quartet). Besides leading his own jazz trio, he performs regularly with Brazilian guitarist Ricardo Peixoto, and vocalist Deborah Winters.

Drummer MICHAEL ARAGON has performed in a wide variety of musical venues from R&B to country and jazz and played with many jazz greats. Bassist ROB FORDYCE is a versatile, seasoned veteran of the greater Bay Area scene. Latin percussionist LUIS CARBO was born in Ecuador and raised in San Francisco.

The original songs on DANCING WITH THE WIDOW ST. JAMES by Saunders and Cook reflect Saunders’ poetic nature and political leanings. Saunders calls “Big Man'' a soul jazz cha-cha. The song is a subtle dig at the former resident of the White House. Saunders wrote the lyrics to “Butterflies and Chicken Wings'' with the young environmental activist Greta Thunberg in mind. “Lightning and a Feather'' is about the power and gentleness of nature, but it is also a metaphor about imperialism. The title tune, “Dancing with the Widow St. James,” is a coming-of-age story. “Low Tide Rising on a Devil Wind'' is about climate change that was inspired by the massive fires California has experienced over the last several years.

Saunders along with Cook and Aragon chose to cover several songs written by composers with whom they share a deep affinity. He opens the album with “River’s Invitation” by Percy Mayfield, a bluesy tune where the singer sits on the bank of a river, telling the muddy currents of his despair over a departed lover. “I Wonder” is a beautiful ballad by Cecil Gant, a blues singer who died at a young age but was a major influence on the early development of rock ‘n’ roll. "Am I Blue," written by Harry Akst and Grant Clarke in 1929 has been recorded by many artists and has been used in dozens of movies. Here Saunders updates it by changing the song’s form and re-imagining the intro. “Life is a Struggle” was written in 1960 by Chris Kenner, whose songs were covered by the top rock and blues groups throughout the 1960s. “Lullaby of the Leaves” is a 1932 jazz standard by Bernice Petkere with lyrics by Joe Young. "I Don't Need No Doctor" is an R&B song written by Ashford & Simpson in 1966 and made famous by Ray Charles.

Saunders’ early experiences -- the difficulties posed with an earlier broken family and his experiences at war – have shaped his musical persona. His singing, cornet/trumpet playing, and composing on DANCING WITH THE WIDOW ST. JAMES exude the soulfulness of an artist who has absorbed life’s tough lessons but has transformed them into the joy and solace that making music affords.


CHRIS SAUNDERS vocals, cornet & flugelhorn
KEN COOK piano, organ
ROB FORDYCE electric bass
LUIS CARBO percussion

All songs composed by CHRIS SAUNDERS & KEN COOK except
“Rivers Invitation” by Percy Mayfield; “I Wonder” by Cecil Gant;
“I Don’t Need No Doctor” by Armstead/Ashford/Simpson; “Am I Blue“ by Akst/Clarke; “Life is a Struggle” by Kenner/Douglas; “Lullaby of the Leaves by Petkere/Young

Wojciech Jachna - Conception (June 2021)

CONCEPTION is my second solo album for trumpet, cornet and electronic effects.

"This time it was recorded in the place where I practice and work - at Jarek Hejmann's in MADZONGA Rec. in Bydgoszcz. It was about the feeling of constancy and the effect of lack of tension during the recording. This time I reached for the arsenal of electronic effects, which have accompanied me for a long time - they are a kind of "prosthesis", but also help me in finding a wider perspective in playing and sound exploration.

I like effects, of course in the form of picks, since I started playing the guitar I like to use them and expand my palette of colors. Although the album was recorded in February 2020, and the mixing and working on the album moved to the "pandemic" period, I think that I would also record such an album in "normal" times. Although probably the track titles could be different. References to Dub, Ambient or what I hope you can't call it, is a normal course of things - these fascinations have always been present in my music.

Mastering was done by Marcin Bociński, and he shared with me his personal advice on how this music could look better. Sonically, as usual, he left his mark on the music. I wish you an enjoyable listening experience!"

1. Solo Interludium 02:24
2. Dark Tunnel 04:53
3. Loneliness in the City 03:39
4. This is the End 01:52
5. Repetitive or Not 03:44
6. Repetitive or Not, part 2 00:49
7. Singing Bird 02:52
8. Flying Over the Water 01:49
9. In the Jungle of Sounds 03:13
10. The One Hearing Voices 02:08
11. In the Canyon 01:23
12. Before Time 01:42
13. Out of Time 01:35
14. The Last Movie 02:05
15. Slowly but Persistently 01:34
16. From far Away 01:49

Jeanne Lee - Conspiracy (June 2021)

Jeanne Lee (1939-2000) was an African-American vocalist, poet, composer, improvisor, activist and educator. In her 40 year career she performed with Archie Shep, Marion Brown, Gunter Hampel, Frank Lowe, William Parker, Andrew Cyrille, Anthony Braxton, Ran Blake, Billy Bang, Cecil Taylor, John Cage, Rashsaan Roland Kirk, Pauline Oliveros, Reggie Workman, and many others.

"jazz is a music that combines so many have to fined that balance, then you have a guideline between freedom and discipline, between rhythm and melody, between body and spirit, between mind and instinct" (Jeanne Lee)

This is the first official reissue of "Conspiracy" since its limited release in 1975, it was her first record under her own name as a solo artist. It is a true lost gem, with a unique and beautiful sound. Musician Elaine Mitchener describes "Conspiracy" as "one of greatest free-form albums of the1970s".

"i feel the music like a dance, I think it's an important part of the music, it has to be felt like a dance"
(Jeanne Lee)

1. Sundance 04:46
2. Yeh Come t'be 07:09
3. Jamaica 06:12
4. Subway Couple 02:53
5. The Miracle 02:14
6. Your Ballad 06:42
7. Angel Chile 06:55
8. Conspiracy 11:51

Jeanne Lee - vocal
Gunter Hampel - flute, piano, vibraphone, alto clarinet, bass clarinet
Sam Rivers - soprano saxophone, tenor saxophone, flute
Steve McCall - drums
Alan Praskin - clarinet
Perry Robinson - clarinet
Jack Gregg - Bass
Mark Whitecage - alto clarinet
Marty Cook -trombone

LBT - Make In (June 2021 Yellowbird Records)

MAKE KIN deals with the search for community and overcoming individualism. Those who have experienced this band live know that the magic of LBT lies in the overwhelming energy that Betzl, Hirning and Wolfgruber collectively release with their intense and familiar interplay.

The four new tracks are more consequent and focused than Maximilian Hirning’s earlier techno compositions, yet the band still gives free reign to their passion for improvisation and playfulness with sound: self-designed and self-built instruments expand the exclusively analog sound production. The music has an undertow while simultaneously leaving space; it’s secretive yet familiar. It invites one to go with its resonance. As the feeling for time wanes more and more while listening, one immerses into a feeling of ongoing presence – a condition in which the ego truly seems to play no role.

3. TUBULUM 07:57
4. ASSAY 08:04

Leo Betzl – piano
Maximilian Hirning – double bass
Sebastian Wolfgruber – drums

Manfred Mildenberger

Mats Leichtle

Leonard Schulz

Yellowbird Records

CPT. Kirk and the Devil Horns - Always the Same (Chaka Blackmon Remix)

Kirk Covington  aka Capt. Kirk. is still firing on all cylinders! This is after decades of being a sideman at the forefront of Contemporary Jazz and Fusion music. Performing with legends like Joe Zawinul, Robben Ford and Allan Holdsworth, The Texas native continued to tour the world as a member of Fusion superstars, Tribal Tech. Striking out on his own, the “Capt.” has four solo albums to date, The latest, “Capt. Kirk and the Devil Horns” is a tour-de-force of his immense talent as a singer, pianist, drummer and songwriter. 

The “Devil Horns” project is 1970’s Chicago meets Weather Report, with the Pop sensibilities of a forgone era of classic compositions. With original songs and exciting arrangements of Pop vocal pieces, “Capt. Kirk and the Devil Horns” delivers a solid look at the huge pool of talent that Covington draws upon. 

Cpt Kirk & The Devil Horns release new video for
"Always The Same"
(Chaka Blackmon Remix)

Andy Woodson - Pawpaw (June 2021)

Andy Woodson is one of the most in-demand bassists in the central Ohio area, and has been a vital part of the Columbus music scene since 1985. He was Jazz Bass professor at Ohio State University 2004-2018, and is a member of the band FLIPPO.