Thursday, January 12, 2017

Rob Crozier Stet - Tall Trees (2017)

“Tall Trees” is a music tribute to my late father, musical mentor and sax/clarinter/flute tripler Bill Crozier. Without his strong example of dedication to his musical craft and devotion to his various musical projects I doubt that I would be a full time working musician today. 

I am grateful to: God for everything, my wife, Kelly, for her love and support through this process (she was the inspiration for some of these songs), my parents for the gifts of life and music, my stepdaughter Emma for her great artwork on the cover, my band whose beautiful playing and great instincts added depth and spirit to these songs, graphic designer Joe Judge who’s generosity and talent are humbling to me. This project was recorded live in the studio with minimal overdubs. 

Released January 4, 2017 

01. Reel Blue 02:58
02. Red-winged Blackbird 04:30
03. Song for Kahil 02:49
04. Fukushima Blues 03:26
05. Naked Make Out 04:06
06. Isfahan 03:57
07. Flute Peace 03:43
08. Highway Hypnosis 04:10
09. I've Been Working on the Railroad 04:53
10. Tall Trees 04:56

All songs written by Rob Crozier except "Isfahan” by Ellington/Strayhorn and "I've Been Working on the Railroad" (US folk song)

Rob Crozier - basses, thumb piano, didgeridoo, percussion 
Pete Kahn - sax, clarinet 
Rodney Rich - guitar 
Brian Brill - piano, keyboard 
Sam Genson - drums 
Kelly McDermott - flute on "Flute Peace"

Engineer: Mark Palms @ Mark Palms Studio in Manchester, MI 
Mixed and Produced by Rob Crozier. 
Mastered by Chris Goosman at Baseline Audio 
Recorded: June 11th and August 7th, 2016 
Package Design: Joe Judge 
Cover Art: Emma McDermott

Renato Dias Trio - Suspiro (January 28, 2017)

Nascido na cidade do Porto em 1976. Começou por ser músico auto-didacta e cedo a guitarra se tornou o seu instrumento de eleição. Aos 14 anos formou a sua primeira banda de Rock e desde então participou em diversos projectos musicais tais como os Rockin’eggs, Ergofobia, Sun Spirit, TurboJunkie, Sequoia, Grace, Paulo Praça, Sativa e Souls of Fire. Aos 17 anos ingressou no Instituto Superior de Engenharia do Porto no curso de Engenharia Electrotécnica. Aos 19 anos ingressou na Faculdade de Belas Artes do Porto no curso de Design de Comunicação.

Em 1999 iniciou a sua actividade profissional como músico profissional. Em 2002 grava o disco “High on You” com os Grace. Em 2006 grava o disco “Disco de Cabeceira” com Paulo Praça. Em 2009 grava o disco “Dobro dos Sentidos” com Paulo Praça. Em 2011 grava o disco “Pontas Soltas” com os Souls of Fire. Participou em trabalhos ocasionais de vários géneros musicais, desde a World Music ao Rock, Pop e Jazz. Participou em diversas Masterclasses de Jazz de músicos nacionais e internacionais como Brad Shepik, Ben Molder, Nuno Ferreira, Afonso Pais, Pat Metheny, Alex Cuadrado, Ohad Talmor, Mario Delgado, Mario Laginha e Lee Konitz, entre outros. Licenciado em Jazz pela Escola Superior de Música e das Artes do Espectáculo em 2011. 

Presentemente exerce como professor de guitarra jazz, compositor, produtor e músico profissional em algumas formações do panorama jazzístico português destacando-se o seu Renato Dias Trio.

Born in Oporto in 1976. He started as a self-taught musician and soon guitar became his instrument of choice. At 14, he formed his first rock band and since then participated in several musical projects such as the Rockin’eggs, Ergofobia, Sun Spirit, TurboJunkie, Sequoia, Grace, Paulo Praça, Sativa and Souls of Fire. At 17, he got in the Instituto Superior de Engenharia do Porto on Engenharia Electrotécnica.

At 19, he joined the Faculdade de Belas Artes do Porto on Design de Comunicação. In 1999, he began his career as a professional musician. In 2002, records the High on You album with Grace. In 2006, records the album Disco de Cabeceira with Paulo Praça. In 2009, records the Dobro dos Sentidos album with Paulo Praça. In 2011, records the album Pontas Soltas with the Souls of Fire. He participated in occasional works of various genres, from World Music to Rock, Pop and Jazz. He participated in several Jazz master classes of national and international musicians like Brad Shepik, Ben Molder, Nuno Ferreira, Afonso Pais, Pat Metheny, Alex Cuadrado, Ohad Talmor, Mario Delgado, Mario Laginha and Lee Konitz, among others. Degree in Jazz by the Escola Superior de Música e das Artes do Espectáculo in 2011.

Currently working as a jazz guitar teacher, composer, producer and professional musician in some formations from the portuguese jazz scene such as his Renato Dias Trio.

01. Breathe In 02:36
02. The Dreamaker 04:07
03. And Then Comes Hope 05:41
04. Red Hair 06:04
05. Mariana ( And Bunny, The Cat ) 08:49
06. Flamenco Moves 10:05
07. A Lovers Dance 06:27
08. Next Exit 05:58
09. Suspiro 07:25
10. Breathe Out 02:10

Releases January 28, 2017

Filipe Teixeira, doublebass 
Filipe Monteiro, drums

Recorded and Mixed by Sérgio Valmont @ Sá da Bandeira Estúdios 
Mastered by Miguel Marques @ SDB Mastering. 
Artwork by

Adam Berenson - Nothingness (2017)

Classically-influenced jazz pianist/composer Adam Berenson has been described by author and Juilliard professor David Dubal as:

"what is needed in our over specialized society-- a true polyartist-- Pianist, Playwright, Composer, Teacher, Humanist, and a man to get to know because in his smooth, respectful style, Mr. Berenson has a lot to show and tell us about art, behavior, and the ability to survive with humor in a harsh and rough time where we have decided art is not of utmost importance."

01. Rainer Maria Rilke 5:19
02. The Imprecation 2:23
03. Nothingness 6:07
04. Love as Fable 6:10
05. Rothko's Feelings 3:42
06. The Secret Heart of a Familiar Stranger 7:21
07. The Apothecary Shop 5:31
08. The Chamber of Light 5:12
09. There's Something You Don't Know 4:19
10. A Mysterious Past with Dark Secrets 6:12
11. Goya's Dog 2:33
12. Patience 4:23
13. An Archetype of Absolute Lonliness 5:20

Zvjezdan Ružić - The Knightingale Cabaret (2017)

Zvjezdan released his album called "The Knightingale Cabaret" which was nominated in 2016 for the biggest Croatian discography Porin Award in even two categories; for The Best Jazz Album and for The Best Jazz Composition called "Moreška", which also brought him the prestigious music award! "The Knightingale Cabaret" project gathers great jazz musicians from Croatia and Slovenia; Adriano Bernobić, Luka Veselinović, Tomaž Gajšt, Vojkan Jocić, Alba Nacinovich and Lenart Krečič. 

While composing, Zvjezdan Ružić is led by the idea of interweaving music and culture from this region with elements of American jazz.  Welcome to the Knightingale Cabaret!

1. Moreška 08:37
2. he Knightingale Cabaret 08:14
3. Bigot Land 10:33
4. Alkar Salko 11:31
5. Linđo 09:27
6. End Of Act I 09:43

Released January 10, 2017 

piano - Zvjezdan Ružić 
trumpet - Tomaž Gajšt 
sopran sax - Vojkan Jocić 
tenor sax - Lenart Krečič 
bass - Luka Veselinović 
drums - Adriano Bernobić 
vocal - Alba Nacinovich 

all songs written by Zvjezdan Ružić 
mix & mastering by Miro VIdović

Scott Hamilton - The Shadow of Your Smile (2017)

In December 2015, Scott Hamilton had a superb concert in Benicassim (Spain) and released as ‘La Rosita’. It was a demonstration of the talent and sensitivity of Hamilton and the musician’s ability to make new and beautiful versions of classic tunes from the great jazz repertoire. Joined by New Yorker Dena DeRose on piano, Ignasi Gonzalez on bass and Jo Krause on drums, The Shadow of Your Smile are 5 more tracks from the same gig and all of them are rendered with the same natural and warm sound.

The last track is, again, a very fine and beautiful rendition of La Rosita but this time with a tango air which evolves differently but equally captivating. These two “Rositas” performed the same night just highlight Hamilton’s versatility as a musician in his long career. His is an unquestionable talent indeed.

DENA DeROSE, piano
IGNASI GONZÁLEZ, double bass
JO KRAUSE, drums

Recorded live at Espai de la Música Mestre Vila, Benicassim, Spain, December 7, 2015

01. Blue Hodge
02. The Shadow of Your Smile
03. How Deep Is the Ocean
04. Summer Wind
05. La Rosita II

Scott Hamilton - La Rosita (2016)

When Scott Hamilton appeared in the mid-’70s fully formed with an appealing swing style on tenor, mixing together Zoot Sims and Ben Webster but yet with a very personal sound, he caused a minor sensation, for few other young players during the fusion era were exploring pre-bop jazz at his high level. He was a nonexistent species at the time. Today he is one of the living legends of contemporary jazz and one of the best saxophonists which we can enjoy live.

Just as it to prove that affirmation this new album, with an extraordinary natural and warm sound, was recorded live on December 7th, 2015 in Benicásim, Spain. The great New York pianist Dena DeRose, Catalan bass player Ignasi Gonzalez and German drummer Jo Krause join Scott to play a great set of our favourite music. Lady Bird, Willow Weep For Me, Garota de Ipanema, The Way You Look Tonight and, closing the disc, an off the beat but fun and wonderful interpretation of La Rosita.

Dupont & Stuart wrote the piece to be played by the pianists accompanying Ernst Lubistch (first) silent movie in the big cinemas of the 1920’s. A Bolero model of Hawkins and Webster’s but making it more nostalgic and with a blatant vitality, Hamilton leaves us a rare jewel even within his consistently high playing standards

DENA DeROSE, piano
JO KRAUSE, drums

Live in Espai de la Música Mestre Vila. Benicassim, July 12, 2015

01. Ladybyrd
02. Willow Weep For Me
03. The Girl from Ipanema
04. The Way You Look Tonight
05. La Rosita