Monday, July 5, 2021

Futari: Taiko Saito / Satoko Fujii - Underground (July 2021)

Taiko Saito’s solo tracks are recorded by Volker Meitz, at his studio in Berlin, Germany 2018. Satoko Fujii’s solo tracks are recorded by Satoko Fujii at her home in Kobe, Japan in June, 2021.
Mixed by Satoko Fujii, and mastered by Taiko Saito.

1. Underground 04:52
2. Break in the Clouds 04:37
3. Memory Illusion 03:24
4. Frost Stirring 02:53
5. Asayake 04:38

Taiko Saito - vibraphone, marimba
Satoko Fujii - piano

Valerie Troutt - Lean on Me: Unpolished Mixtape 2021

The music from this mixtape was written, recorded, and produced by Valerie. it's unpolished and untouched by a professional sound person's ears. It's important to me to complete a work here and there that just comes directly from the source ūüíĮ ... and this is it. So are you ready to lean in?

1. Lean on Love 03:02 video
2. "I am" Mantra 00:28
3. Black Like Me 03:33
4. Black Woman featuring Audacious IAM 03:28
5. In the light of love 03:57
6. We are here an RJ song 04:42

bojack - Here Me Now (2021)

Here Me Now is the first instalment of tracks from the back catalogue of Bojack jam sessions late 2020. Spontaneous concoctions in origin, adumbrating future compositions or simply chance digressions.

1. Superspreader 04:59
2. Diminishing Returns pt.1 01:39
3. Pili Pili 02:11
4. Metamodule 00:54
5. 924 02:23

Sax, Flute: Isaac Robertson
Drums: Ben Grose
Guitar: Omar Hirani
Keys: Jack Elliot Barton
Bass: Indigo Pearce

Ashley Wey - Hummingbird (July 7, 2021)

With three critically acclaimed albums to her credit, this will be Ashley Wey’s first album of primarily original music. Hummingbird is a genre bending album melding Jazz, Pop, Drum ‘n’ Bass, and Hip Hop. Wey seamlessly blends her roots in acoustic music and the jazz tradition with electronic influences, pop writing, and a modern edge.

This album brings together material written over a 15 year period including songs that have been waiting for the right combination of performers to bring them to life.

The album and title track’s namesake came from a backstage conversation with Lisa Fisher (Rolling Stones, 20 Feet From Stardom) when the Ashley Wey Trio opened for her in Victoria in 2018.
Ashley wrote a song inspired by the great Lisa Fischer for this show, and it was titled by Lisa Fischer herself! The title track Hummingbird was Ashley’s reflection of Lisa Fischer’s essence in her eyes.

Wey now continues to see Hummingbirds everyday from her studio window and pulls inspiration from this incredible strong little beautiful bird.

While Ashley continues to earn respect in the jazz world, her unique genre-bending sound is what sets her apart as she masterfully mixes jazz and pop, bringing virtuosity and unpredictability to songs that are concise and catchy. True expression.

Stay tuned for more from Ashley Wey coming soon.

2. Hummingbird
3. One More Day
4. Sunrise
5. Sterioso
6. Just Squeeze Me
7. Initially and Finally
8. Destiny
9. A Gift 08:20
10. A Definite Maybe

Ashley Wey - Piano, Rhodes, Synthesizers, Organ, Vocals, Producer, Album cover design
Louis Rudner - Upright Bass, Electric Bass, Co-Producer
Nicholas Bracewell - Drums and Cymbals

Joby Baker - Mixing and Mastering Engineer
Recorded September 2020
Mixed October 2020
Mastered November 2020

Michael A. Justice - Paths and Perspectives (July 2021)

Michael A. Justice, Multi-Genre Musician/Producer. Jazz, Hip-Hop, Funk, Blues, Trap, Lo-fi, Ambient, and Underground. All music written and recorded by yours truly. Follow me on Social and other Streaming Platforms Here
1. Little Things 05:02
2. Jet Stream 03:00
3. Left Drifting(Loose Ties) 06:24
4. The Mystery Remains 03:46
5. Blocks 03:01
6. Soul Coast 04:57
7. Night Shift Blues 04:28
8. Raku Sprites 03:49
9. BottleNecked 06:33
10. Ice Cold 03:48
11. Regrowth 04:36