Saturday, November 20, 2021

Beat Jazz Combo - NYLON SHIMMY (November 2021 KAJA-DISK)

First off, it's not a tribute album. Right? We fell into this space where grooves kept happening and we had this feeling that something was pulling us to say something with them. The Miles thing is Miles Davis, but it could be any cat with that same sense of time that he had. Those seventies albums were so much the seventies but at the same time way beyond now, off into the future somewhere, sometime when the world doesn't even exist anymore. That's what it means to have a sense of time. To know time you gotta be beyond time.

1. Part 1: Miles & Mtume 01:30
2. Part 2: Time of the Bitches 10:12
3. Part 3: The Get-Down 02:07
4. Funk for Getachew 02:46
5. Outside on the Inside Looking Down 03:55
6. Nylon Shimmy 04:55
7. Street People 03:23
8. Holland's Hook 07:10
9. Flamenco Scratches 03:29

Farouk Al Farouk - pocket trumpet, slide trumpet, cornet, alto saxophone
Pablo Chalado - melodica castanets
Gravesend Fats - tenor ukulele, lap steel guitar, slide ukulele
Alfie Cooke - acoustic bass guitar, guembri
Big Blood - conga, cajon, cymbals, claves, doumbek