Friday, November 19, 2021

"ACROBAT", Single release with Scandinavian fusion group PARADISE LEAGUE (November 19, 2021)

Paradise League is a Swedish /Finnish jazz fusion band. Inspired by western and Japanese groups from the 70's and 80's, their music is created within the realm of contemporary jazz with a touch of modern pop. Their latest song 'Acrobat' is now available for streaming and digital download.

The song comes with a high quality video on YouTube, from a live session recording the band did in April earlier this year. There will be a total of six videos released on the platform. After the final video, all songs will be released as a live album. Therefore, 'Acrobat' is much more than "just" a single, marking the starting point of this live session project. 

Joel Nyman - "After acquiring an "EVI" (Electric Valve Instrument) I wrote Acrobat with my new instrument in mind. The song is a high energy joyride inspired by the Japanese 80s jazz fusion scene. It strongly hints at video game music, in the realm of Nintendos Mario Kart- series. Also, it is a tribute to Japanese sax player Masato Honda and his song Athlete."

"Acrobat" written by Joel Nyman

"Acrobat" Personel
Gabriel Dahl - bass
Oscar Olsén - guitar
Ludwig Sievert - keyboards
Aleksi Ylimäki - drums
Jakob Stenberg Kain - percussion
Joel Nyman - EVI